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y'all…….last night there was some mold on my cephalotus pot (a normal thing that’s especially common in plants where you need to keep them wet) so i got a q tip with alcohol ready and got rid of the stuff far away from the plant and then got up to the plant herself and y'all……..it wasn’t mold…..it turns out she’s putting out a ton of new shoots, leaves, and pitchers around her base and they just look like mold bc they’re covered in her little baby hair fuzz………

12 REQUESTS ´ω`ミ


-  black and white sketches without background!

-Not accepting requests via chat ;) only inbox!!

-First 12 request will be made, after receiving 12, I’ll close the inbox for some time!

- Please make it one, max two characters interacting, can be OC or not! No gore or porn! But can be bloody or sexy >.<

-Might repeat this some other day, depending on speed and spare time!


  • Show Stans: Alec was so biphobic in the books!!1 Just read City of Fallen Angels!!1!!11
  • Book Stans: No we wasn't *take proof from the book that shows he was just being insecure about his boyfriend having so much more experience than him, not biphobic*
  • Show Stans: suddenly I can't read

Happy Tuesday Lovelies 💜🤘🏼

Tuesday is my favorite day of the week. & I know you all can agree! I know this Tuesday feels are a little different, & lately our vibes have been a little different. But we have to remember to not let all these dark, negative thoughts consume us. I know it’s hard seeing them down, & I know it’s even harder knowing that we can’t physically do anything to help them. But what we can do is smile & keep reaching for the positives, just like the boys have taught us. Even though things may seem bad right now, our boys are strong. & I have no doubt that they will overcome this & come back stronger than ever. After every storm, there’s a rainbow, & there’s always a light at the end of every tunnel.

I’m truly so thankful for these boys. They’ve turned my bad days into good days, & helped me get through my worst ones. They make me smile, just by a simple tweet, or a silly snapchat video. They make me laugh so hard, to the point where I start wheezing, just from watching their videos. They’ve helped me meet so many amazing people, & because of them I have some the greatest friends. Because of that I will always be grateful. 

Is it crazy that my 23 year old ass find so much comfort, & joy in watching 2 goofy 17 year olds through my phone screen? Probably. But I don’t care! These boys help me change my views on so many things. I use to let negative thoughts consume me on a daily basis. Thinking the worst of every situation, stressing myself out over things that were so simple. I use to take life & everything so seriously. Worrying so much about little things, to the point where I drive myself insane. They taught me to take life day by day. & whatever happens, happens. Everything in life has its reasons. Although you might not know the reason sometimes, those things teach you a lesson & make you into a better person. I love them for everything that they’ve done. They’re only 17 years old & they’ve accomplished so much. They touched so many hearts, & it warms my heart to know that there’s still good people like them around. We’re lucky to have them. They’re lucky to have us. & we’re lucky to have each other. Even if we never met each other before, even if some of us ever even talked before. We Are A Family. & we will ALWAYS be here for each other. 

If the boy do decide not to post today, we will still remain supportive. & we will respect them, & give them the time they need! They will get better! They will be okay! 

The boys will always be there for us, & we will always here for them! 

I love you all & I’m truly grateful for every single one of you! I hope everyone has an amazing day. You are all beautiful, & you are all worth it! Remember to smile, because you deserve to! 💜

Thank you for 100!

Its only been four weeks and i’ve gotten over a 100 followers… im really grateful for this; this wasnt something that i thought i wld achieve really fast considering that im still pretty new here… i must say that @markleetrashh played a major role in helping my start up and supporting my blog;;;; but wow its just been four weeks :“) also to @nctimagery and @megan1tuan and @renjunsrealm who have been constantly chatting with me and giving me some emotional support of some sort,,, senk you guys i love yall ehehehhe

dear diary i am never ever ever ever going to get over how shou just decided he was ritsu’s best friend and ritsu just kinda. he kinda ended up rolling with it