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When Lightning Strikes (Auston Matthews)


Word Count: 1523

Team: Toronto Maple Leafs

Warning/s: forbidden? kissing

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How did you end up on the couch, leaning into your brother’s best friend? Auston had an arm draped around your shoulders and he was absentmindedly playing with your hair.

“I don’t like storms. But I think they are beautiful.”, you mumbled, watching another bolt of lightning cross the sky. 

Mitch was still trapped at the Airport and Auston had refused to leave you alone during the storm, after he came to check up on you. 

Which he did every day since Mitch had gone to London to visit Steph. You guessed Mitch had asked him to do it, but Auston didn’t seem to mind. 

And now he was also trapped. His Apartment might be ten minutes away, but with that weather, he was trapped like everyone else.

“They are.”, Auston approved. 

You turned your head to look at him, and you were surprised at how close you actually were. You didn’t say anything, just watched his eyes flicker from the glass slider to your face. When he realized you were looking at him, his gaze locked with yours permanently.

“Why the frown?”

You didn’t even know why you were frowning. Your face softened up and you shrugged. Maybe it was still about the check-ups.

“Dunno.”, you muttered. You bit your bottom lip lightly and turned back to the window, noticing the tension in the room. You had noticed it before, but never this intense.

“No. Tell me.”, he insisted, still looking at you.

“It’s nothing. It’s just… I was wondering if Mitch set you up to check on me.”, you admitted quietly. 

You thought that at the mention of Mitch the tension would disappear. You imagined it to ruin the moment, but nothing happened. Instead, you locked eyes again, your gaze flickering to his lips as Auston opened his mouth to speak.

“No. He didn’t.”, was his simple reply, his voice low.

You wanted to look back to the window, but you couldn’t take your eyes from his. You were captured in the moment. Auston wasn’t breaking eye contact either. He was too busy staring into your beautiful eyes, very aware that he still had his arm around you.

It felt too good to be true. He knew he should probably go, or bring some distance between the two of you. But it felt so good to sit there with you, that he almost forgot that it was wrong.

Another bolt of lightning crossed the sky, lighting up the room for a split second. You could see it reflect in Auston’s eyes, but you didn’t turn to the window to look at it. 

“So why did you come over then?”, you asked.

“I wanted to see you.”, he whispered.

Blood was rushing through your ears as your heart was beating twice as fast as it should.
The loud roar of thunder took you by surprise, sending a light shiver through your body. A smile tugged at the corner of Auston’s mouth.
It was time. He should really move away now. You should move away now.
But both of you didn’t.

Next thing you know, Auston is leaning forward. You don’t do anything. You just close your eyes and wait, ready for the tension to be released.

The touch of Auston’s lips on yours was like one of those lightning bolts that were still racing over the city. At first, he only moved his lips slowly, waiting for your response. But when you leaned in yourself and deepened the kiss, he allowed himself to move a little quicker. 

Auston brought his hand up to cup your cheek, causing goosebumps to erupt on your skin. You brought both of your hands to his neck, pulling him closer to you. Your lips moved in Sync, almost like a little dance. It wasn’t long until Auston gently bit your bottom lip, asking for more. 

You opened your mouth for him, as you felt his tongue slide into your mouth to collide with yours.

Your stomach was clenching as you felt your lungs, slowly running out of air. Like an hour glass that didn’t have any sand left to fall down. Auston held the kiss for a little longer, before he pulled away, resting his forehead against yours.
Both of you were gasping for air, hands still in place. 

From your position, you stared down, trying to catch your breath. A few seconds flew by. Only then did you allow yourself to look up, to find that Auston was already looking at you.

“Y/n.”, he whispered.

Was he trying to tell you that you shouldn’t be doing this? Did he really think you didn’t already know?

You wanted to say something, but before you could do that, Auston had already put his lips on yours again. This kiss was much faster, skipping the part where you had to get used to it. You shifted your legs so you were kneeling on the couch, closer to Auston’s height. 

Auston put his arms on your waist, letting them trail up and down your sides before he pulled you closer to him. With your bodies touching, Auston effortlessly shifted you forwards, away from your spot on the couch. He had his back leaned against the backrest, with you in his lap.

But like the first kiss, the second one had to end too, before it went too far. You knew you wanted more. And you could tell by the way he looked at you that he wanted the exact same, but that was something that you would definitly regret. So instead of kissing you again - the risk of the both of you giving in to what you wanted too big - Auston pulled you into his chest and repositioned himself so he was lying down. 

You left your arms around his neck, his around your waist, as you rested your head on against his chest.

The slam of the front door was what woke you up. You didn’t even notice that you had fallen asleep. The steady noise of the rain had disappeared and there was no trace of thunder to be heard. The storms must’ve passed. You opened your tired eyes to see Auston’s black shirt, against which you had rested your head.

You were still cuddling on the couch.

Oh oh.

A feeling of utter panic spread in your body, as your jaw dropped open.
What did you do? You had to think of something! 

“Y/n? The storm’s over. I’m home.”, Mitch exclaimed in the foyer. 

You scooted back, staring at sleeping Auston in shock. Your hand found its way to your lips. You had kissed him. If Mitch found out… oh god. Auston didn’t notice anything as you pushed yourself out of his arms and stood up, frantically looking around. The armchair!

You hurried over to the armchair as fast as possible, curling up with your back facing Auston. The beating of your heart was all you could hear. It was way too fast.
What did you do? You knew this would end badly. What if Mitch found out? What would he do? How were you supposed to act around Auston? How was he going to act around you?
You pressed your eyes shut tightly as you heard footsteps approaching. A muffled groan from Auston was the next thing you could hear. 

“Mats? What the hell are you doing here?”, Mitch giggled.

“Marns!”, was the only thing Auston gulped out in shock before he caught himself. 

“Uh… I was here last evening. I thought you were back. But the storm trapped me so Y/n said I should sleep on the couch.”, he lied. 

You could hear the slightly guilty tone in his voice, which wasn’t exactly easing your panic. Oh god. You ruined everything.
Mitch’s long fingers closed around your arm gently, shoving you.

“Y/N/N, wake up. I’m home.”, he whispered. 

Out of an instinct, you groaned, opening your eyes slightly, rubbing them. You gave your best impression of a yawn, sitting up in the armchair.

“When did you come back, Mitchy?”, you asked. 

“Two minutes ago. I texted you, but I figured you’d still be asleep.”, Mitch explained. You opened your eyes fully, avoiding any eye contact with Auston, focusing on your brother instead. 

“I was going to text Mats and wake you. But now that you’re already here, how ‘bout we go to that pancake house? I’m hungry.”, Mitch grinned. 

“Uhuh.”, you gulped, sounding like you were approving.

“Sure. But I gotta stop at my Apartment first.”, Auston yawned.

“Cool.”, Mitch smirked, leaving the room to get rid of his duffle bag.

The second he was gone, you and Auston locked eyes. With wide eyes you motioned to where Mitch had disappeared, mildly freaking out. But Auston was looking more guilty than helpless, shrugging as he was totally unable to cope with the situation.

Both of you had no idea what to do.
You were so screwed.

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I was at the symphony a few nights ago listening to Peter and the Wolf. Every time the Wolf's part came up I was struck with the image in my head of Kylo Ren and realized the wolf's theme and kylo's theme sounded similar right down to, I assume, the french horns. Has there been any other notice or conversation about this and/or intentionality & what it could mean for Kylo Ren as a character?

I haven’t seen this comparison brought up before, but it’s certainly an interesting one. I can’t comment on this too much since I’m not especially familiar with Peter and the Wolf, but I would say that John Williams was very careful to create very specific musical motifs for both Kylo and Rey, so I think it’s to be expected that they’re both represented by particular instruments, just as the characters in Peter and the Wolf are. And since Kylo is presented as rather predatory and animalistic (especially in relation to his pursuit of Rey), it makes sense that the instruments used for his motif would recall a wolf.

life lessons: let go & walk away

When I was in my mid-20s, I was dating someone who was a BNF in a fandom. I was also pretty well-known in the fandom. She dumped me. Later, I found out she’d been falling in love with a man behind my back and 2 weeks after we broke up, she started dating him. 

I was so upset. I was heartbroken, and I was really angry. I kept going back to her Facebook, kept trawling the forums we frequented, for signs they’d broken up, or signs that she was unhappy. I was nice to her (of course), but secretly, I wanted her to hurt as much as she’d hurt me. It was kind of sick, really. 

Of course, I never found evidence of her being miserable, because she was happy without me. That knowledge made me cry all the time, and every time a message came up in my Facebook feed from her (we stayed friends), and every time she posted on LJ or on the forums, all the sorrow started again. I couldn’t deal with it. It was so unfair! She’d been effectively cheating on me behind my back!

One night, in one big impulsive knee-jerk reaction to my feelings, I just disabled and deleted all my accounts and made new ones. I blocked her. I unfriended her. I removed every possible way I could get any news about her life from my life. 

I expected to sink into some deep despair about how life was unfair and people never get what they deserve, yadda, yadda, but the opposite happened. 

Immediately, I started to feel better. Without that constant reminder of how she’d hurt me, I slowly, surely forgot to remember that she had. 

I didn’t actually leave the fandom; I just didn’t hang out in places that I knew she’d be. I made new friends. I wrote new things. And slowly, I started to get over her. 

This experience and my learning from it keeps being relevant in online stuff these days, and I’d like to share it with you:

If there is one piece of advice I can give you today, it’s don’t deliberately expose yourself to shit you know is going to make you angry and upset. It doesn’t matter how unfair it is. It doesn’t matter if you feel like the person is wrong or that they should be told they are wrong and suffer for it. The only person who suffers when you do this is yourself. 

Don’t read the comments section on contentious news articles or on Youtube.

Don’t go to alt-right blogs and expose yourself to that bullshit.

It doesn’t help, it just hurts you. 

I have people following me now, checking my blog regularly, for reasons to send me hate. For evidence my all followers are leaving me (they aren’t), for anything that justifies their hatred for me and ‘sets the universe right’ for the punishment they feel like I deserve. Who want to see me suffer.

Guys, you’re just hurting yourselves. Honestly, do yourself a favour, make the healthy, mature choice and unfollow me. Block me. Put aside all your feelings of righteous fury, accept you may not get to see me suffer like you think I should, and get on with your lives <3

The recent media narrative that Moana is the “anti-Princess” and thus feminist really grinds my gears. We’ve gotten this same damn narrative for Judy Hopps and Elsa and Anna (lesser degrees with them since they are princesses, but still very much there).

It’s been the same damn thing every time. Denigrating the princesses that came before to prop up the new one. There’s already so much cool and interesting stuff about Anna and Elsa and Judy and probably will be about Moana that I have to roll my eyes at the media still going with “not like the other girls!” over and over again.

I’ve seen a Judy Hopps article that derides princess dresses as “silly.” I saw an article that rated Elsa and Anna as “more feminist” than any princess that came before (how did they beat Mulan, the old usual title holder, you might ask? the article bashed her for “forgiving Shang for leaving her on that mountain” aka when he spared her life against protocol. yep–tons of reaching, just like today). It was a big part of Merida’s marketing too!

And now they’re doing it again with Moana and…what’s so feminist about bashing other female heroines again? About bashing feminine qualities a lot of little girls do honestly hold, like liking dresses or wanting romance or just generally being girly?

I’m not saying you can’t celebrate Moana not having a romance subplot or love interest, can’t celebrate her being actiony as hell, can’t celebrate her awesomeness because she looks freaking awesome…but why bash other heroines to do it? She’s cool enough to stand on her own without trying to tear others down to make her look better.

Anyone else wonder why no one at the Garrison was like “Hey, you look like Matt Holt from the Kerberos mission…” when Pidge got there… Like I’m sure that everyone had seen pictures of him and the rest of the crew after they were assumed dead so like… Plus Pidge getting defensive every time it came up? Idk where I’m going with this

Fantasy vs. Reality

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2100

Warning: This is an AU, slight language, fluff.

Summary: Dean was your ultimate fantasy in school but you felt like he would never notice you. Years later you run into one another again and he is covered in tattoos and a completely gorgeous bar owner.

AN: If this gets a good reception from you all then I plan to make this a mini series where I will write out certain moments in their lives. If this is something you would be interested in, please let me know.


There’s things in life that you never really expect. You never expected to graduate from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing. You never expected to move back to your old neighborhood to help your father after your mother died. You most certainly didn’t expect for your school girl crush to still be in full force after seeing him years later.

Dean Winchester was every girl’s fantasy when you were growing up. He always came across as that popular badass that seemed so unattainable unless you were dreaming. The fantasy only grew once you had all reached high school. Dean had always been attractive but he really grew into his features the older he got. His lips were full, pouty, and the perfect shade of pink. His eyes were one of his more prominent features; a beautiful mossy green color that almost looked like whiskey if the light hit them just right. His light brown hair could always be found styled into a faux hawk. He was tall and broad, fairly muscular for a teenager. By the time 18 hit, he had started to get tattoos and wore a leather jacket religiously. He was the bad boy that every girl wanted and their parents didn’t want him anywhere near their daughters. You were the quiet girl in school. You had friends, you were involved in school functions, and you always ended up with good grades. Dean may have played in most of your fantasies back then, but you were fairly certain he barely knew who you were. He could have any girl he wanted, he most certainly got plenty of action and you kept to yourself.

You were currently trying to get some grocery shopping done for your Dad, refusing to let him live off of Hungry-Man frozen dinners any longer. Ever since your Mom had passed he hadn’t taken the best care of himself. He still went to work and came home everyday, but he was eating complete junk and drinking more than usual. When you mentioned coming back home to help out, he was reluctant to accept stating he didn’t want to disrupt your life. You ended up getting your way though and now here you were.

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Lip Gallagher Marriage Headcanons

Prompt: Hello! Could you write something about being married to Lip Gallagher, pretty please? Thank you! 💗
A/N: a I know you didn’t ask for headcanons and I know these are shit but you asked for something with being married to Lip so this is what happened I’m so sorry if you don’t like it, but I hope you enjoy!

-the proposal was so spontaneous, you guys were walking the streets of Chicago and he stopped walking, looking at you and said “let’s get married”
-of course you said yes!
-he saved up every last dime he came in contact with to get you a ring almost as beautiful as you
-his words not mine!

-he’s shocked you “settled for him”
-his family is more shocked then him because they never thought he’d settle down with one girl
-they all make jokes and he yells at them but you just blush
-Debbie is so happy to have you as a sister the girl idolizes you
-Ian is so his best man
-I’d like to think Mandy comes back and even though her and Lip’s past y'all are besties and she’s your maid of honor
-you so got Liam to carry the rings that moment was the purest thing around
-handwritten vows with lots of tears

-Lip moved in with you after the wedding and Liam is at your house almost everyday
-Liam has slept over multiple times and loves to sleep between the two of you
-this isn’t even a joke Liam is like your child
-Lip basically raised Liam so it makes sense, you don’t mind
-you have the kid talk at least once every other month
-Lip wants to have kids with you so bad but is waiting until you two are stable when it comes to money.
-Lip wants nothing more than a family with you please give this boy kids
-for now y'all have Liam
-ok I’ll stop mentioning Liam sorry

-Lip is hell bent on providing for you
-you have a job he just really wants to make sure you are the happiest healthiest person in the south side
-Lip can make a mean packet of ramen but also makes some lovely French toast if you ask
-this boy’s life goal is to make you happy
-he just loves you so much and you love his equally as much your marriage is beautiful and honestly goals for everyone


Tedwards be shoppin'

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A few years ago, when I was struggling with my writing abilities and questioning every single word, phrase, and plot I came up with; I emailed a very talented woman. I knew that the chances of such a famous author such as Lois Lowry emailing me back were slim to none, but I still tried. And with my surprise, she emailed me back merely a week after my initial email. And she gave me her words of wisdom that have stuck me till this day and allowed me to go forward with my writing and grow as a person. 

“  The truth is if you are a writer, you will write.  Your writing may never see the light of day, but if you are a writer, you will write.  You won’t write for money or fame (although those can be a nice side effect of your work).  You write because you must write.  I am afraid it really is that simple.

Best of luck,

Lois Lowry “

That wasn’t the entire email, but it was the one part that I have treasured ever since. And it is entirely true. I don’t write for anyone but myself, and it has been the most rewarding. I’ve gotten multiple questions of how to get out there with your writing, but the truth is that it doesn’t matter. And it never will if the things you write are the things you want to read. 


-S. Renea

Tales from a Summer at an Amusement Park Food Line

- While attempting to close on my very first shift, I accidentally dropped an entire container of Italian dressing on the floor. Most of it went into my socks. It made for a very unpleasant ride home.

- The line I worked in served personal pan pizzas, club wraps, carved turkey sandwiches, salads (side salads as well as Mediterranean salads), very large pickles, and a variety of desserts made in store. We were allowed to alter recipes as people requested, within reason. One person requested a pizza without sauce. I respected her decision. A surprising number of people requested pizzas without cheese. I questioned theirs, especially since they got pepperoni.

- We offered a gluten-free pizza that took twenty minutes to cook (ordinary pizzas took five). There was one man I came to recognize who showed up at least every other week to order a gluten-free pizza. I very much hope that he had a season’s pass, or he was spending upwards of $70 a week for the privilege of waiting on a pizza.

- A child came in with his parents one day and they began asking about the ingredients in all our food. As my coworker began to answer, I stopped him and asked if this were an allergy question; when told yes, I asked them to wait and went to hunt down a manager, as company policy stated that only managers or higher could answer questions regarding allergies. My coworkers did not understand why I was wasting people’s time like this. I attempted to explain to them that I had no desire to kill a seven-year-old because I thought I knew better than the allergen manual. They continued to ridicule me. The mother made a point of thanking me in front of my supervisor when she arrived for apparently being the only person who was concerned about the well-being of her child, who was evidently allergic to everything.

- This was far from the only argument I had with my coworkers about allergen safety. I fear for the customers.

- A man came into my line one afternoon, looked at me, looked at the salads, looked at me, looked at the salads again, looked at me, pointed directly at the salads, and said, “You sell salads?” I expended every ounce of willpower I had left not to respond, “No, sir, those are small ornamental shrubbery.”

- Victoria Justice came to give a concert at our park one afternoon. I have never heard any of her music, but between the fact that she was apparently an elitist bully to the ride attendants (and other guests) when she was enjoying her day at the park and the fact that the park was sold out that day with mostly girls under the age of twelve, all of whom wanted pizza for lunch, I have decided that I hate her.

- A couple came through my line. We recognized each other. They were parishioners at the church I had worked for prior to the amusement park. I left the church because I was fired in a very underhanded and unprofessional manner. I cheerfully told them to say hello to everybody for me. They left very quickly.

- Part of our job was to engage any guests waiting in line in conversation, especially the children. I was exceptionally good at this part of my job. My coworkers were either in awe or jealous.

- The number of people who did not understand that I did not have their special orders ready before they thought to order them was mind-boggling.

- A toddler came into my line and began chattering with me. This would not have been unusual, except that his parents were nowhere in sight, nor was any other adult, as they were all in the other room watching the show. I leaned as far over the counter as I could to keep the little guy talking and in sight until an adult came to take responsibility for him. To this day, I sincerely hope that the adult who came for him was actually his mother.

- While attempting to close down our second line, I used one of the four doors to the small refrigerator cases to support myself as I pushed myself from a squatting position to a standing one. I ripped the door off its top hinge.

- My coworker made a joke one night about something she would like to do. I explained how it would be possible. Her eyes filled with fear. I had to explain that I am a writer and had done research for a mystery novel and that I have not, in fact, ever cut someone’s feet off at the ankles with a cake knife.

- I became somewhat well-known among my coworkers for knowing all the words to the songs in the shows that went on in the dining area while we were cooking/serving. Strangely enough, my coworkers were less confused as to how I, a 23-year-old, knew ‘80s pop songs than they were as to how I, a 23-year-old, knew German drinking songs.

- Three days before the end of the summer, having been friends with one particular colleague for nearly five months, I had to pull out my ID to prove to her that I was in my twenties and not, in fact, nineteen.

  • Soldier 76/Reaper: [sitting at a table, eating soup that Reaper made]
  • Soldier 76: This soup is quite thick, for your first try. Very nice.
  • Reaper: Hmm. You know what else is thick?
  • Soldier 76: [eyes widen in horror] DON'T-
  • Reaper: [slams his leg on the table, cracking it and sending the bowls of soup flying] THESE THIIIIIIIIIGHS.
Your insecurities show.

This is cliche, but confidence is key. I get a lot of questions asking- what do guys like/how do I keep him interested? I hate saying this, but you should be confident being the person you are (fake it till you make it). I remember those weekends that I’d go out with my SDBF (developer- I posted pics when I had IG: JXSB_), we would always take his limo. We went to all the lounges/restaurants in Toronto, and EVERY SINGLE TIME when the chauffeur came to pick us up, girls right BESIDE me would be hating. These girls legit said- why is he with her? He should be with me instead/he could do so much better! These were some orange Oompa Loompas. My SDBF said- did you just hear what they said, don’t you feel so lucky that I love you? I replied: no, if you want them, you can have them. Go get em!

He was in fucking shock! I made it obvious that I am not scared to lose him, there are a sea of men who can provide me with what he did. We were together for almost two years, and I finally broke it off December 2016 (day before his birthday). He begged but his attitude isn’t worth the money (he came back every time I dumped him). He was a multimillionaire, sure that’s great, but I had also found someone who is worth a whole lot more than that… he has watches that are worth millions.

Don’t allow these men to take advantage of you. Don’t allow him to have power over you. You are a luxury, you are a Goddess, and you already know that. There are plenty more where he came from. Ps- men also want what they cannot have, especially wealthy men. Why? Because they think their money can buy them anything, it’s nice to give them a reality check.