if this even qualifies as art

who actually qualifies as the worst defense against the dark arts teacher harry potter ever had? because we have:

quirrell - probably an average teacher, was also literally voldemort
lockhart - taught them nothing but more for vanity reasons than anything?
lupin - obviously the best, no contest
moody - literally a death eater who used people’s fears against them and once turned a kid into a ferret but i mean nobody complained so?
umbridge - taught them nothing but for evil reasons, torture and abuse
snape - i mean i’m not even digging into that minefield of moral complexities; he wasn’t the best teacher generally but also that was more cos he treated 90% of students like shit rather than not teaching them so idk


The BAFTAs have new diversity rules. Would any Oscar movies pass?

  • The BAFTAs have new diversity mandates. To be eligible, films must meet one of the following 4 criteria:
    • On-screen representation, themes and narratives
    • Project leadership and creative practitioners
    • Industry access and opportunities
    • Opportunities for diversity in audience development
  • But how would recent and likely future Oscar nominees for best picture fare using these criteria? 
  • Among this year’s Oscar hopefuls,  42% might not even qualify under BAFTA’s new rules. Read more

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I got people asking for a female body tutorial, so here it is. I’m by no means an expert, this is just how I draw girls. Sorry my writing is awful and I can’t explain too well, my biggest suggestion is to just watch how clothes move on your own body, eventually you start to understand how they fold. Also dont suction cup the boobs, why… just stop.

A lot of people have been telling entertainers to shut up and dance for them, basically telling them outright or by implication that somehow they aren’t .. what? qualified? to comment on politics that personally affects them?

Like, what exactly qualifies YOU, asswipe on the internet who can’t handle criticism.

Oddly, the WaPo for once, put it in a way I agree with:

If you’re so vulnerable that you can’t tolerate any opinion or action in your cultural idols that doesn’t conform exactly to your preferences, then your relationship to art is fundamentally brittle anyway.

And I maintain that you’ve also fundamentally misunderstood the place of arts and entertainment in our society. (And absolutely NO ONE reply with the bottom dregs of it b/c you absolutely KNOW how you’re willfully misinterpreting what I’m saying.)

Harry Potter Follow Train!!

So here’s the thing: I’ve found a few HP follow trains floating around, and I’ve reblogged them/followed several other rebloggers. The thing is, most of the blogs I check out in the notes reblog almost NO Harry Potter, even though you are commonly supposed to reblog at least 80% to qualify. So It’s really tough finding true HP blogs, despite the follow train idea. My fix? I’m creating my own follow train! 

Here are the guidelines: 

  • Follow me? 100% HP. It isn’t mandatory, but it would be nice since my blog is guaranteed to be all HP/cast and I always follow back other HP blogs. I NEVER have a follow limit. <3
  • You must reblog at least 90% Harry Potter (or marauders/related art/fanfic/etc) to qualify. (However, you don’t have freak out that your blog might not quite be fully 90%. If you reblogmostly HP, you quality. :) We just have to aim high.)
  • Likes do not count, as they do not help promote the follow train. :)
  • Followat least 5 of the blogs in the notes. Preferably more! We’re ALL Harry Potter fans here, so no loss!

Perks of the follow train:

  • You have a bunch of new HP on your dash! Surely you can never get enough of that. :)
  • Everyone gains a LOT of new followers. And because of the stricter guidelines, you should get even more more followers than usual because everyone here reblogs mostly Harry Potter posts. Seriously, I usually gain between 20-30 new followers from regular follow trains.
  • I WILL FOLLOW YOU. I don’t care how many notes this gets. I will follow every single HP blog (hence the minimum of 90%) that reblogs this post. I don’t have time to check likes, so remember to reblog!


Ginny’s engagement ring

I am kind of obsessed with the idea that Mike gets Ginny an emerald, art deco, antique ring. It’s smaller than most celebrity blingy rings, but it’s beautiful, intricate, and something she can comfortably wear when she isn’t on the field. He picked it because he likes the history behind it. Everything in his life is so new- his car is always the latest year, his house was built less than three years ago, even Ginny qualifies. He doesn’t have old family mementos to pass on to kids or a box of childhood memories. But he’s ready to settle down and plant roots. The ring is symbolic of that in more ways than one. 

Best Godzilla merch of 2016?

I think it’s funny that the Godzilla Collectors’ Group on Facebook is poised to select the X-Plus Giant ‘62 is collectible of the year. Really, it just reveals the level of X-Plus adoration there. If we’re comparing everything coming out regardless of price point, is there any doubt the Shin Godzilla maquette replica would deserve top honors? (Or if it is even “out” and qualifies, the human-size Heisei statue!) But collectors there cannot afford/could not purchase that incredible replica–or they just don’t like Shin. The low level of support for other outstanding products (The Art of Shin Godzilla, virtually any of the Eva crossover merch, theater exclusives, and more) is another topic of concern. For now, my point is basically limited to figures and the like.

Personally, I find it boring to simply vote for whatever big, expensive X-Plus came out as collectible of the year. It’s almost just as boring to give it to the maquette replica, as its price point puts it far out of reach for most collectors. “Best” in some way? Sure, but for me “collectible of the year” isn’t just whatever the most incredible item was regardless of price point, number produced, availability, or nature of the product. I usually lean toward something with charm, novelty, excitement, or some other factor in addition to superiority at its price point.

I think the Banpresto Shin Godzilla was the overall best of the year, but I admit my bias–I was able to be part of the event that distributed them and didn’t have to play my odds on the aftermarket.

Still, it was an excellent figure available (initially) at reasonable prices on average, released in a fun and novel way, and really captured the spirit of the character. Arguably the best Shin Godzilla under $200 (usually) with three sweet new variants on the way. Prices are coming down, and many more people will have a chance at this fabulous figure soon.

In a year in which Shin Godzilla completely revitalized the Godzilla franchise in Japan, how can we not give “collectible of the year” to the item that, more than any other, seemed to energize figure collectors beyond the usual X-Plus fanatics?

Follow Hasegawa’s lead.

I loved this idea so much that I had to draw some too!

I’ve actually done another one that I was thinking of turning into a print for society6 but I thought I’d better check with uovoc if that was okay? is, is that okay I don’t know what the rules even are here I

de-preston  asked:

My favourite card is Geist of Saint Traft! I love everything, the power, the flavour and lore, and all three of the arts are great in their own way. My favourite art is the WMC Qualifier one in my cube!

I didn’t even know there was a promo version. Yeah, as you said, Geist is, frankly, incredible. Even just a 2/2 for 3 with hexproof is great, but a prepeatable 4/4 flyer on attacks i bonkers.

people who say hip hop isn’t real music or electronic music isn’t real music or sampling is just stealing should go back to listening to gregorian chants or something, because that’s the closest they’re going to get to true “real music” if all we’re going to go by for what qualifies something as a real art is this concept of “original thought”; even though no thought is original anyway

i dont even have a good caption for this. just fuccking take this johndavenep

(dave isnt a genderbend by the way)