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Eric Kripke’s plea to Timeless fans (I’m one, so I’m posting this!) and Jensen’s retweet calling out to all Timeless fans (and SPN Family) to watch the show live on Mondays at 10 p.m. to keep the show afloat.  Click for full letter. (x) (x)

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Do you think that they will film the malec kiss/ love scenes from the shoulders up like they did with the wedding kiss so matt and harry dont have to touch each other I wonder if freeform has separate rules for the straight couples and the same sex couples well see when luke and jocelyn have a kiss/ love scene

I have actually no idea how they are gonna film these scenes i.e how “explicit” it might get. Tbh, I haven’t really thought about it because it still feels so …. wild? Like… we will actually see Malec making out??? Very soon? In the near future? (I am still trying to not lose my mind when Matt talked about “hard and fast”….I mean….what the hell???) I dunno…my brain just can’t comprehend this somehow.

Sure, we won’t see an explicit sex scene like on f.e. Spartacus; this is Freeform we are talking about and not HBO. And I haven’t watched “Pretty Little Liars” yet so I dunno how “far” they are going when showing a love making/sex scene/heavy make out scene, no matter if it is an lgbt couple or a straight one.

But from what I have seen so far, especially watching all these interviews and how much both Matt and Harry love Malec and how important it is to them to portray them in a real and honest way, I think we don’t have to worry about them being “weird” about touching each other or whatever. First, they are actors, second they knew what they were getting themselves into when accepting the roles and third they are friends and comfortable around each other.

That being said, I personally don’t even need an explicit sex scene to begin with. (I would totally lose my mind when there would be some heavy making out against a wall…uhm…yes.) I would be already happy with them simply lying in bed, probably both being shirtless, smiling stupidly at each other while their fingers are entwined. No words needed. Just silence and the constant beating of their hearts while looking each other in the eyes. Maybe some kisses from time to time. But mostly, just them, enjoying the presence of feeling of each other.


What I drew and what I sacrificed QvQ…I tried to make it detailed but my pencil was 6B which was too dark, still proud of this Q3Q…

So I was bored and this happened

I still don’t remember how I got here
Though there were flashing lights
And ladies dressed in white…


I can taste the iron from my tongue
And silent scream fills up my lungs

I can feel glass cut up my face
And then I hear how the radio plays.

I remember I thought of you just then
Right before we crashed and ended up in hell.

Remember your skin…It tasted like whiskey
And I got drunk from the moments we spend …

my face when I see high school students touring the engineering department on campus and looking at their hopeful faces knowing that all my face can reflect is the ghost of someone I once was

6x01 & 6x02

So thanks to all the recent season 6 talky-talks from @elizabethrobertajones​ and @mittensmorgul​, I decided to go ahead and do a full re-watch of the seasons that kinda… killed my love for the show the first time around: seasons 6 and 7. 

I watched all of season 6 as it aired, and the first half of S7 mostly as it aired (I was generally a few weeks behind when it was airing; this is around the same time when I was laid off and my life kind of started to spiral, and the depression that was season 7 was too hard for me to deal with on top of everything else). I’ve never really fully appreciated those seasons, so I’m gonna give them a fair shot, now with the benefit of knowing what comes after.

This will be the first time I’ve watched season 6 straight through in… 5 years, maybe? And it’ll be the first time EVER that I’ve watched season 7 straight through. (I’ve seen all of the eps, but I haven’t ever binge-watched them in order.) 

I can’t guarantee that this will be all positive, but it will be honest. (I’m generally a pretty positive person, though.)

I’m not gonna do this in any kind of organized fashion. I’ll just take notes while I watch and I’ll throw the post up whenever it gets long-ish.

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also the first thing I did when I landed on australian soil was to go to a newstand and flip through the weeklies because they would be the golden globes issues and THE DAMN NERVE of them not to have a single picture of sophie turner in her louis vuitton dress

ok my meds are working and its wild to not be having intrusive thoughts running 24/7 in my head. most ppl dont understand how awful and debilitating ocd can be which sucks. its ruined my life but ya know. ocd just means ur clean!!

like my brain feels different i feel like i can actually think and talk about things
people on here and other places shittalk medicine or claim its all a placebo effect and sometimes i start thinking that too but like its not. im just noticing after taking them for three months how much better i feel. as my psychiatrist once said “im not giving you sugar pills ashley. they do affect your brain chemistry”


• You have colored my life with something I didn’t think I could ever deserve •


Small gems like her are as easy to lose as a cell phone, but instead of just getting a new one from the store you have to snatch it out of the air, lock it in your bathroom, and re-indoctrinate its entire system of beliefs