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Wow... Peter Parker X Reader cont.

Summary: Once Peter left you after the kiss you had shared things start to go down hill for Y/n Stark. With homecoming coming up Peter is questioning if he should ask either Liz or Y/n to the dance.Liz and Y/n go dress shopping with Mj and a couple of other friends.Peter tells Y/n to back off, making Y/n worried about Peter.

Warnings:Angst,Cringe,Highschool drama,Depression,Slight fluff,language

A/n: Oki so im typing this the same exact day as i wrote the cont. for “You know he might kill you…?” Its currently 12:17am as im writing the a/n so this might be a weird fan fic. Also this is kind of based off of the song “Check yes juliet” by we are the kings.This is a continuation of “I think I dont deserve you..” So ye also this might be really cringey lmao ;) Soooo lets get on with this!

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(Not my gif, but also even tho its not in the tag list for Peter parker it still matches the theme!)


It had finally stopped raining, you were still pissed off about Peter leaving you after your first kiss.But you shouldn’t be worrying about that,I mean for gods sake your dad would kill him if he found out about ANY of this! You had quickly hurried out of the guest restroom and left your school, you found your friend and walked home with them instead of Peter,Ned,Liz or even Mj. You and your friend had talked about literally talked about everything, from tv show drama to gossip.Once you got to the tower were you lived you said your good byes to your friend.You walked into the main entrance and was greeted by Tony, your dad.”So um Y/n…One of your friends, I think her name was Lex or something…But she called me asking me where you were because of this fight..” Tony confronted you. You had to tell him what happened with Peter and Flash, but you didn’t to. Like what if Peter had walked in on you telling your dad about this fight! “Oh…Um yeah.These kids got into a fight about..Food…” You lied to your dad, you didn’t to rat out the fact that Peter got into a fight about you. “Yeah right” You heard Clint say with a scoff, you scoffed back at him. “Okay I don’t know whats going on here but it needs to stop, Y/n go get something to eat” You nodded and walked to the elevator which took you to the kitchen.You plugged in your earbuds to your phone and put on your ear buds. You turned on your favorite music artist as you went to go find some food in the kitchen.

                   Once you finished eating you went to the elevator which took you to the lounge. You found out where Peter was, you sighed  which caught Bruce’s attention. “Hey kiddo” he said smiling, “Tough day?” You nodded and headed to one of the couches.Tonight was friday night, Which meant movie night at the Avengers tower. This was always you and Peters favorite day, for Peter it was mainly because you guys could cuddle in some way.But for you it was because you and everyone else could spend time as a ‘Family’. Peter got up and left the room giving you a frown. Natasha had a smirk on her face as she walked in with the rest of the Avengers, you looked over to see her re-directing Peter into the room “Your not going to leave us on Movie night Parker”

                    (Monday) You woke up and looked at your phone to turn off your alarm, “WAKE UP!” You heard Clint practically yell to get your attention. “And turn off that annoying ass alarm while your at it!” you got up out of your bed and yelled back at him “Yeah yeah what ever”. You grabbed a towel and some fresh clothes and walked to the bathroom in your room, you turned on your shower and got in. After almost 20 minutes you finally got out, you changed into a pair of light denime jeans and a slight over sized grey sweater. You put your hair in double dutch braids as usual and left your room.”Don’t forget your shoes” You heard Bruce say as he was in a hurry to meet Tony in the lab. You smirked as you walked back into your room to put on a pair of black converse and your back pack,along with other school stuff, then you finally left your room.”Im skipping breakfast!” you called out to your dad and you walked to the elevator. You found Peter. “Hey” you muttered to him, “Hi, you taking the bus? Or do you want to walk” he asked you politely.”Im walking….” You responded then left the elevator when it opened up, leaving him alone in the elevator. It was a total bitchy move to leave him like that, but he did the same to you! He deserved it…But then the thoughts got to you. What if he was told by Flash that he doesnt deserve me!? That is a load of b.s is he was told that! Just..what ever…

                     While you were walking to school you were stopped by Liz yelling out your name, “Y/n!”, You stopped so she could catch up.”Are we still going dress shopping after school?” she asked you,”Yeah..Totally!” you agreed and smiled. For the rest of the walk to school you were just talking about home coming.”Ugh…” You said as you closed your locker, Liz had looked at you worried.”You okay?” She asked, “Liz…Peter and I kissed! It was…perfect….But you wanna know what he said after it! He said he thinks he doesnt deserve me! It was horrible!” You practically cried out. “Y/n its okay, he was probably just not prepared…I mean he did get in a fight over you with Flash…But thats none of my business” Liz replied. “Well anyways I need to get to class Liz we can talk about this when we go shopping” She nodded as you walked off to go to your last class, Gym class. Everything was going fine until Peter had pulled you aside over by a ally. (The gif is a perfect example of whats happening) “What now…Are you gonna tell me you love me?” You said teasingly.”Y/n this is going to sound rude but I need you to stop talking to me, or even talking about me! Just back off…” Peter hissed, Your tiny little heart just broke into a million pieces.”P-peter why? We have been best friends for like ever! You cant just do this to me!” You said as you tried to fight back some of the tears. You looked at the ground and kicked the dirt with your foot. “Just…back off Y/n…” Peter said one last time then he walked away leaving you alone.

                  Finally the class had ended, you walked over near the football field and spotted your actual crush, (Not peter) He was playing football. You waved at him and he waved back, but suddenly Liz had ruined the moment by pulling her convertible over and made a Mean Girls refrence “Get in loser were going shopping!” She called out to you making you snap back into reality. You quickly got into her car and she drove to the fancy store you her and Mj were going shopping at.

                 Once you all were out of the car you went to find the perfect dress. You all had tried on almost all of them until you spotted Peter looking at tuxedo’s. Your heart skipped a beat and it felt like there was butterflies in your stomach. You just continued through and you found the perfect dress for homecoming!

To be continued…

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TELL ME ABOUT ARTHUR whhat is hi s deal what happen

okay let me preface this by saying i have watched this video about 20 times now at least„ so hopefully i can pull enough stuff to clear things up for people

first things first, the song (ghost) initially seems like its more about lewis, because, you know, hes kind of literally a ghost? and some of the lines definitely are more focused on him but a lot of the song focuses on arthur as well, so ill try to grab both screencaps and lyrics to help clarify

im gonna start at the flashback for the sake of chronological order and getting the motives and whatnot out of the way

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That’s all thanks to you guys for supporting me for so long and being cool people in general!! I’ve gotta share the love for all those that have stuck by me through my months-long hiatuses and all my complaining and ranting about Sid, so here’s to you guys! I don’t where I would be, and I don’t know how I would’ve coped without this wonderfully safe haven that I have here on Sid’s blog. My dash is full of inspiring writers and the nicest people I’ve met in my life, and I am honestly!!! so glad!!! to be here with everyone!!! 

You inspire me every day to be a better writer, a better friend, and a better person!! I appreciate every one of you and I hope that maybe?? maybe, this will brighten up your day a lil!! I mean look @ those Siddos. They’re so cute they’re so fluffy, imagine them all of ‘em sliding on you and just being warm and fuzzy, like how GREAT IS THAT? I love Sid and I’m glad you guys love him too!!!!!

Anyway, under the cut will be..as usual, me being sentimental and gushy about some people that I really really really love in my life!! And tbh I hope they stay in my life as well, but EVERYONE !! I HOPE EVERYONE INTERACTS W/ ME AND BECOMES MY FRIEND!! I want everyone to feel loved and welcomed, especially if you’re interacting with me!! So!! 

Without further ado,,,,

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This ain't reblogging and I'm actually pissed now so

@anti-feminism-pro-cats and everyone else who decided to get all offended and shit without even bothering to see WHY I’m saying what I’m saying and just wanna assume I’m up here trying to be an asshole:

Go ahead and unfollow bro, no fucks given. This has nothing to do with how strong I am or not, it’s that every 5 seconds someone on this site is crying suicide over the tiniest thing, and then tumblr has a fit for a while until it’s no longer trendy and they all move on to the next. Which is fucking disgusting to watch how y'all treat this like a hot new trend, like vultures who just wanna seem oh so caring. Sorry, i call bullshit, yall say whatever the fuck needs to be said at the time because it’s “what you’re spost to say”, therefore its FORCED, GENERIC, AND FAKE. That to me is fucking sick, that people on this site can become over- night sensations by saying they’ll kill themselves. I will not be a part of the mob who fucking pats people on the back for that, I’m not gonna sit here and become a bleeding heart for the same old shit over and over, it’s called being desensatized and oh boy am I. Like fucking newsflash, everyone on this damn site is apparently suicidal, SO HOW THE FUCK ARE YOU HELPING ANYONE BY TURNING THE IDEA INTO SOMETHING WE SHOULD FLOCK TO WITH OPEN ARMS? DO YOU SEE THE MESSAGE YOU SEND EVERY FUCKING TIME THIS HAPPENS? THATS WHY IT KEEPS HAPPENING? YOU PEOPLE MAKE IT SEEM LIKE SOMETHING COOL, TO BE “SO LOVED BY TUMBLR” THAT YOU CAN GET ANONS TO TELL YOU YOURE SPECIAL WHENEVER SHIT DOESNT GO YOUR WAY. I DONT CARE, IVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT. I said the SITUATION is dramatic. I didn’t bash the kid at all, unless you consider “he’s doing the panic attack thing now” as some shit when it’s quite literally just what’s happening. How is this different from everything fucking else? Oh, Zamii drew something and got met with hate she no deserve. Oh, this person made #selfieweek a thing and now they’re getting hate they no deserve. Oh this person fucking farted and got met with hate they no deserve. THAT IS FUCKING TUMBLR IN A NUTSHELL, and yes you people look fucking desperate to seem so caring when you’re sitting there making a fucking spectacle out of someone’s possible suicide, I see y'all blowing that tag up. You can honestly think whatever the fuck you want about me, go right ahead, but don’t come at me sideways about some shit just because I’m not over here sobbing my eyes out about it like you are. I’m tired of people trending on here because they threatened suicide, I will not contribute to that sort of message uncritically, you do not get to become a star for something like that and I won’t pretend overwise. Fuck off if you have a problem with it. Do you even know the kid? But you gonna act like you go way back to 1st grade right? You people are so twisted up in “being helpful” that you can’t see when you’re doing the opposite. Fuck off, don’t assume to know shit about why I said this, has nothing to do with “being strong” and everything to do with what’s wrong with tumblr culture, THE ENTIRE POINT OF THIS BLOG SO IF YOU’RE ONLY NOW UNDERSTANDING THAT THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE FOLLOWED IN THE FIRST PLACE? You can try and comfort someone without making it a fucking show for us all to watch, and that’s why the fuck I won’t get behind this. Another fucking crusade over fictional characters? 3 words lazily slapped on a t- shirt in ms paint? You’re kidding me. I’m literally unable to sit here and cry about it like y'all seem to want to do all the time, I JUST GOT DONE DOING IT FOR SOMEONE ELSE. AND RIGHT BEFORE THAT, SOMEONE ELSE. I’M SORRY, I DON’T HAVE IT IN ME TO DO IT EVERYDAY and yknow what, if you think this is the first time that I’ve said something like this, then you ain’t paying attention. I quite literally say it every time a story like this goes big, I DON’T think this is a good way to handle the situation, it looks like a publicity stunt and worse it looks like one that works, I do not want some shit like that circulating in some kids head cause “oh my god I could get a hashtag if I kill myself?” Big suicide scandals temporarily spike the rate of suicide, esp when y'all sit up here making hashtags trend, fan art, tagging everyone you know to spam “nice messages” like for fucks sake, no, I won’t do it. Fuck you, don’t pretend to know a fucking thing about me if I ain’t say the shit myself. Reading in between some lines that ain’t even there, I ain’t say shit about being strong so please, fuck right off for this bullshit assumption. Don’t pretend to know my motivations, would have been easier to just fucking ask me, right? “As strong as me” you stupid fuck I’ve been fighting off the desire to die for weeks now, just got done carving up my damn thighs like oh boy, yes im so fucking strong, yes you nailed it, how did you know? You actually don’t know a fucking thing about me or what I’m going through so how about you don’t talk on some shit you know nothing about, don’t fucking insult me just because we don’t see eye to eye on this. Go back to pretending to care about suicidal people with your little hashtags, cause some shit like this is exactly what I fucking mean. The kid cries about it and you all come running, CAUSE IT’S TRENDING, but then you wanna say some shit like this about me just because I don’t broadcast it for the world? Yeah buddy, you’re really showing how much you care about this…or is it you only care because it’s popular? Fucking seems so. Go fuck yourself, don’t pretend to know a thing about my life or what I’m going through. Which, funnily enough, I made a huge post about the day after thanksgiving? Where’s my parade of love and support? Oh right. I didn’t make it a fucking huge dramatic scene so I don’t get one. But you care right? Lmfao, shut your fucking mouth and get the fuck outa here with this mess. -Billy

#i had such high hopes for this show #the only way they fix this is if they kill Finn tbh #and not make him a martyr while doing it

#finn should suffer for the ones he caused

ive seen a ton of shit like this in general but especially since i posted that quote from 1x05 (i might delete it honestly i posted it with love and i dont want to contribute to the finn hate)

LOOK idk how you think tv works but they dont have to “fix” anything! personally, i dont think they could even if they wanted to. whats done is done. but its not about fixing it! when tv is at its best, like any work of fiction, it reflects real life. and unfortunately life is not one big perfectly balanced karmic scale

and EVEN if it was, in what world would taking finns life make everything okay? that kind of eye-for-an-eye logic is what got murphy banished. if anything, to “fix” things, finn as a character would have to repent and dedicate his life to helping the grounder community he destroyed with his actions however he can. what would killing him do for them? nothing.

unless your fave is monty, your fave has done something that would be despicable in real life. thats what makes this show great! it is literally about 100 teenage delinquents from space who get dropped into the middle of a war, would you even watch if no one did anything shitty??

there is more than just redemption arcs and punitive death. what a quality character can do is only limited by what humans can do, and humans do everything you could imagine them doing and more, for better or worse

(and a fuckload of humans get ptsd and do shitty things, especially those at war)

just because a character (who up until recently has always been kind and just, especially when other fan favourites i could mention have not been) is in the midst of a dark, interesting arc doesnt mean he is a “fucking wast of human skin” or any of the other gross and hateful things people have tagged my post as 

i repeat: its not about fixing it. its about telling a good goddamn story

do you love breaking bad? got? mad men? twd? why dont you apply the same tenants you would to those shows to the 100? bc despite its network, it is a quality show with an incredible amount of potential. please dont limit it wth your narrow ideals of right and wrong, bc the writers sure dont

and honestly, i would care a lot less if the fandom was so harsh on everyone, but theyre not. it is and always has been finn who gets the bulk of the judgement and hate (i would say all but murphy gets some too, just not nearly as much. love ya murphy u keep me young)

the obvious explanation is that he “gets in the way” of bellarke, which is horrible and dumb and not something i want to dwell on. clarke is not some brainless waif whos just gonna swoon for the first cute boy who gives her a two headed deer figurine. she makes her own decisions

(ps, you know who doesnt think this way? bellamy. even if he is in love with clarke, finn is his friend and he defends him on a regular basis, both from enemies and to his friends. how gross would it be if he hated finn for “getting in the way” of clarke? like, so gross)

i personally lean toward thinking the fandom is still subconsciously punishing him for cheating on the girlfriend he thought hed never see again. as a person who believes monogamy is not necessarily possible or healthy for everyone, i could rant about this one particular issue 5ever. but ill stick to saying that if on this fucking show, that is the one thing you cant forgive, you need to look inside yourself and examine your priorities.

ive also heard the theory that people hate him because he is the most flawed, human character. i like that one much better, but it makes me so sad. love yourselves, love finn, love everyone on this goddamn show. lord knows they need it and if you have so much hate in you for an idealist who was been crushed under the weight of a war, you probably do too.

as a last note: if you are disgusted by finns recent actions but felt good or neutral about him before and are waiting to see how this arc plays out, if finn has always irked you so you stayed away from his side of the fandom, even if you hate him deeply but dont post that hate in his tag and are respectful of his fans, i am not talking about you. i appreciate you, genuinely.

and if youre sick of seeing my finn rants, trust me, im more sick of writing them

just be cool guys

dont tag your hate (dont worry, the finn tag is full of it anyway), blacklist if you need, whatever

(and oh gosh if you think ur a special snowflake bc youve hated finn from the beginning, i roll my eyes particularly hard at you. hes always been the punching bag. always. we dont need to your posts bragging about it in the tag i mean jfc)

just be cool

and as always, thanks for reading