if this doesnt make you wanna cry

Some 2005 p&p things that make me die:

- lizzie roasting darcy everytime they meet
- the whole room ceasing to exist when they dance
- “i love you… most ardently.”
- the whole rain scene and darcy’s EYES and how bad they wanna kiss omdmfmf
- the letter
- “i’m very fond of walking.”
“yes! yes, i know.”
-“my brother has told me so mUCH ABOUT YOU.”
- the one time darcy smiles and it’s sunshine
- when elizabeth is crying bc her sister ran off with a creep and darcy doesnt know what to do and u can tell he want to comfort her so bad tf
- darcy pining and being so awkward and not knowing what to do with his hands ever
- “you must know, SURELY YOU MUST KNOW, it was all for you.”
- everything else


but every time the music dies the lights come on
something deep inside is screaming out

Jin Akanishi - Baby Girl

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gerards voice in 2017 is so different it makes me wanna cry i watched an interview from wondercon and he sounds so???? i dont even know the word he just sounds different

he actually doesnt. in the one interview he has a weird voice (i guess its from talking so much) but otherwise i dont think his voice is different. even when you watch other videos from WonderCon his voice sounds normal

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the feeling is mutual m8!! it’s so hard to read ACOMAF without wanting to just dive into Velaris :’))

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Right so. Ur moirails p great huh? An awesome dude. Sooooooo. Whats he doing with a trashbag like you? I guess maybe he doesnt wanna be lonely? Waiting for that better troll to come along. Bet he cant wait to leave u fal!

>Oh. That one really hurt. 



“I never knew that love had a sound, until I heard you laugh.” Since you got scouted at age 17, you probably haven’t had the time to spend your birthday back in L.A. despite this, I hope wherever you are, you’re surrounded by people who love and care for you. Even if we are unable to meet one day, the fact that you and I exist under the same sky is enough for me. Instead of making a graphic, I decided to gif clips of your laugh/smile, because all I want for your birthday is your happiness. Thank you for working hard for us~ Happy Birthday to my favorite boy, Joshua Hong ♡ #가장_위험한_세븐틴_교회오빠_탄신일

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SO i know i said i’d talk about terushira shenanigans but i just realized that,, we’re actually more like gamer(but still alien obsessed)oikawa and space-obsessed(but still games)kenma???? and im just,, brain why,,, you have enough rarepairs why this,,,,,, so instead have some oiken hc i guess:

  • when they first meet they don’t really care much about each other. oikawa just thinks kenmas a good but largely boring setter, kenma thinks oikawas too much of a drama queen and stuff
  • so kenma here isnt just a gamer, hes a full on geek- reads webcomics, etc.. and theres this one thing (sort of like homestuck i guess???) anyway its rlly good and kenma loves it but also tHERE ARE ALIENS???? LIKE RLLY COOL ALIENS W RLLY INTERESTING SCIENCE AND BG INFO AND SHIT AND JUST,, REALLY WELL THOUGHT OUT ALIENS so oikawa loves it too
  • so one day they end up meeting somehow (idk how yet, kenma was visiting miyagi for shoyo and ended up meeting him? oikawa went to tokyo for an alien event or smth and met kenma?? CONS??? met up in college when kenma visited kuroo (who oikawa goes to the same college as) and got left alone w just oikawa and oikawa saw him looking at fanart/info abt it on the net?????) and oIKAWA FINDS OUT KENMA LIKES IT TOO???
  • and at first hes p aggressive abt it, like immediately asking questions and ranting n shit bc hes just never met anyone who likes it too n noone will listen to him like iwachan used to, and even end up scaring kenma off
  • and kenma starts avoiding him and oikawa r e g r e t s bc the fandom is So Small why and kuroo, when he finds out, is like “i guess oikawa isnt that bad… but more importantly u need friends and LOOK heres a nerd have fun” (oiks calls iwa and is like “iWA-CHAN i found someone to talk w abt aLIENS but i scared them off :(”)
  • but EVENTUALLY oikawa corners him while hes at their uni and apologizes and gives kenma merch or smth and they start talking indepth theory and analyses
  • at the end they give each other e-mails or smth and kenma regrets but then oikawa ends up being a decent geek convo partner and they have good convos abt theories and shit
  • (kenma thinks most of the conspiracy theories are dumb but listens to oikawa talk abt them anyway and iwaizumi is So Happy to finally be free of the alien talk that he buys kenma so many games n merch and is like ‘if u keep talking to him ill give u more stuff’ so ofc kenma keeps listening n they get closer)
  • also here comes my own personal hc abt oikawa: he’s really intense abt vb but hes fine w his friend not being as intense- his main problem rlly is that other ppl who aren’t as intense can’t relate to him (see: the gf who broke up w him bc he ‘only paid attention to vb’)
  • but kenmas used to kuroo and hinata and hes not v clingy himself so hes v fine with oikawa spending most of his time w vb but being a clingy and doting friend in the few times theyre together and oikawas So Happy that finally someone accepts that part of him
  • the vb obsessed part
  • that he tries to always be as supportive as possible back (which flusters kenma bc oikawas a lot more vocal and aggressive abt supporting him than kuroo is)
  • (iwa’s happy oikawa has someone who lets him be himself and kuroos happy kenma has someone supporting him like a dad. dadkuroo and sonkenma. dadroo n sonma. im sorry its midnight here)
  • and theyre just. so good for each other here idec if this is ooc rn its making me cry. my bbs being good for each other
  • AND THEN like theres a con or smth in tokyo or somewhere close and usually kenma wouldnt go (bc he hates crowds) but he knows oikawa would wanna go so hes like. 'hey you wanna go w me’ and oikawa is sO HAPPY bc iwa never goes w him (or he does but hes not the greatest to go with cuz hes not rlly into it) and he knows kenma doesnt like crowds so he is Doubly Touched
  • and just. oikawa likes knowing ppl care abt him ok. and kenma likes being taken cared of i guess but also he likes knowing for sure that ppl like him
  • like kenmas usually so antisocial so when oikawa does this sort of thing its like when a usually antisocial cat suddenly lets u pet it and oikawa feels rlly special and validated
  • but also oikawa would be so supportive and affectionate (after kenma lets him work the vb out of his system lol) but also respect boundaries n shit and kenma would def know he was appreciated
  • and just. supportive bf oikawa and cute cat kenma
  • im sorry its midnight rn and i just typed out whatever i could think of tbh (idek if theyre still in chara?? i mean ive got a lot of hcs abt oikawas and kenmas personailities) but. oiken. think abt it and weep with me pls


Newt Comforting You Headcannons

Because i’m an emo piece of shit. Here we are.

•Newt noticing something off when he sees you retreating to your room or to his case with the animals.
•Him wanting to talk to you but he didnt want to make you more upset.
•Eventually he finds you crying in the bathroom. He immediately rushes to you and hugs you. Not asking you whats wrong and just letting you cry
•When you stop crying, he softly asks you whats wrong. He strokes your back as you tell him whats wrong
•He hold you tight and doesn’t say a word. At first it worries you but he leans down and kisses your head softly
•He makes you tea and gives you his jacket. He makes sure your warm and comfortable after you stop crying. He doesnt want to go back to his creatures but you insist. So he picks you up bridal style in to his case. which was difficult
•He still wraps a blanket around you and he brings some of his creatures to try to cheer you up. The Niffler even brings you a coin as a gift. This makes you smile which makes Newt smile too
•He also makes you dinner and almost destroys the kitchen. so he went to Jacobs bakery and bought some pastries
•The night ends with cuddles and soft kisses in bed and warm cocoa too
Boi i wanna cry rn. any good feels fics yall know of?
nct dream without mark+donghyuck



-tries to be the leader

-tries to stay calm and reassure everyone that they’d be perfectly fine without their hyung!! 

-”guys haha… im your hyung now!! #leader!renjun!! yes!! nono jeno please dont cry”


-he probably pats jeno’s back awkwardly while he sobs

-he attempts to handle everything by himself but he ends up calling the cops and his mom

-at one point he just gives up on handling the children and lays down on the floor face down

-he probably has sunglasses to hide the fact he’s crying bYE

-there’s probably a single tear running down his cheek 24/7


-has the ‘why has everybody forsaken me’ face on the entire time

-he probably has ptsd now



-I N S A N E

-he cracks bYE

-”lol… what do you mean my number 1 bby completely and fully capable mark lee lee minhyung isnt here….”

-see jeno handles all of this by crying hysterically

-but jaemin handles it by wrecking havoc omg

-”YOU CANT CONTAIN ME YOURE NOT MARK HYUNG” -jaemin as he starts climbing the waLLS

-”if i take this stage light no one will be mad at me right”

-”of course im an angel im only an angel for leE MINHYUNG DONT TOUCH ME RENJUN”

-at one point of his trip to insanity he stops and asks “lol where’s that dweeb donghyuck” before continuing iM

-jaemin basically turns into a demon child

-poor renjun oh my goddd

-he probably pops up behind renjun and tacKLES HIM 


-stops blinking probably

-”how long has it been since mark hyung and donghyuck the dweeb has abandoned us”

-”jaemin, they’ll be back soon-” “H O W L O N G H A S I T B E E N-”

-the most triggered fuckin kid ever

-”ok jaemin do you wanna go outside or something??” “MARK HYUNG LIKED GOING OUTSIDE ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY SOMETHING”

-the only way he’ll calm down is if renjun lets him stare at a picture of mark and donghyuck



-he loses all the water in his body from crying

-he just sits on the couch and cries

-he doesnt do anything else

-i mean, at least jaemin is moving 

-jeno’s just sitting there in despair

-”jeno i promise theyll be back soon!! we’re going home after this show!!” -renjun trying to comfort him

-”DONT LOOK AT ME” -jeno, screeching (it makes jisung screech louder oMG)

-”what if mark hyung never comes back to me… what if donghyuck never comes back to me… who will insult my fashion now….“

-even after he stops crying he’s crying on the inside

-wont stop crying until someone knocks him out

-ends up crying on the floor

-probably has to sleep in mark’s bed when they go back home

-when he gets back to the dorms he’s fuRIOUS

-”*grabs mark by the collar* *shoves him against the door* HOW D A R E Y O U L E A V E M E” 


-rocking back and forth in the corner

-”i didnt leave china for this bullshit”

-renjun tried comforting him once and onLY ONCE

-ren came near him and chenle jumped forward and wouldnt let go of his arm

-this kid probably doesnt blink either

-jisung’s screeching soothes him

-doesnt look up often but when he does he just looks lost lmfao

-”chenle? u ok buddy?”

-“am i dead? mark hyung is that you??”

-“omg you arent dead youre just…” “crazy?” “dONGHYUCK NO”

-he probably shakily sings donghyuck and mark’s parts in chewing gum to keep himself somewhat sane

-heavy breathing omg



-it’s like a little kid lost in a huge ass grocery store

-”mom? mom? mom? mom? mom?”

-he doesnt know why he’s screaming and running around but it just feels right so why not amirite

-probably has tears in his eyes as he runs bc holy shIT MY PARENTS ARE GONE AND I’LL NEVER GO HOME AT THIS POINT

-this will haunt him forever

-the only way you can stop him is if you tackle him down and sit on him

-that doesnt stop him from screaming tho lmAO

-he stops to take a breath for one second and renjun mistakes it as him giving up so he stops sitting on him

-worst mistake ever smh

-jaemin and jisung have probably ran into each other like 5 times by now

-he ends up like passing out bc no air is making it into his body

-he’s probably just screaming for fun now

-he contemplates whether or not he should help renjun out and be the most perfect maknae anyone has ever seen!! perfect and pure and angelic!!!

-syke he doesnt have time to be good

-he has to show everyone who the trUE DEVIL IS

-probably screeches louder to one-up jaemin

-”jaemin thinks he’s the bad one?? i’LL SHOW HIM!!!!!!!!!!”

-accidentally kicks the wall while running around, doesnt know how

they did a great job by themselves and im so proud of my baby boys even tho i joke around a lot support nct dream bye

hey i wanna share something that my therapist said to me in one of our first sessions many years ago. it has helped reassure me many times since she first said it to me and i hope it will help u also.

“just because you cant fix problems that you didnt start doesnt make you a bad friend.”

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can u do head cannons of what it would be like being romantically involved with tim??

  • ok honestly he is so emotionally unstable and has blocked every emotion besides anger from his mind so he’d probably try to push you away a LOT but u just gotta have tough skin and be persistent
  • he’d have his arm around you all the time
  • all the guys in the gang are basically ur brothers now
  • curly most likely has a crush on you
  • getting to see his semi-soft side that actually shows that he cares about you
  • hes a sucker for back rubs esp when hes stressed about the gang and so he’d probably just come into the room and strip his shirt off and lay on his stomach and just wait for u to get the message (bc over his dead body is he gonna ask for a backrub)
  • drunk!tim would lov laying down with you tucked against him
  • his hand on your thigh when hes driving you somewhere
  • him running his fingers through ur hair when ur kissing
  • wearing his ring when yall become #official
  • “can i wear your jacket?” “get yer own” (he gives it to you anyway)
  • accepting that he has to spend time with his gang and that he is never gonna tell u everything thats going on (mostly bc he doesnt wanna get you mixed up in the mess)
  • hes super blunt and never beats around the bush so you cannot be sensitive if you date him or youll cry
  • making out in his car
  • getting to be one of the few people he lets through his walls
  • diner dates !!! all the time !!!!
  • also just driving out of tulsa where the stress of the gang cant bother him
  • him showing you that he cares about you in small ways (like waiting until youre safe inside your house before driving away, asking about your day and actually listening, remembering small things about you)
  • play wrestling (where he lets u win and then when you get mouthy he flips yall around so hes on top)
  • “i got this for ya” “is it stolen” “does it fuckin matter”

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i can't stop crying. do u have any tips on how to feel better? 💞

yeah i do.
you keep on crying until u dont need to cry anymore. this is honestly the only way.
but listen, while you cry, i recommend that you do something distracting.

what i mean is this -
when i am sobbing so so so hard and cant stop & desperately wanna stop, if i try to make myself stop, my tears get worse or they get internalized & i get a headache & hate myself or some shit idk.
SO, usually i will call my therapist first & leave voicemails if she doesnt answer. (doesnt have to be a therapist, just someone comforting to you.) then if im still very upset & cant stop crying, i cry whilst distracting myself with something comforting. so, i will scroll through tumblr as i cry. or i watch tv. or i journal. or i do anything distracting that doesnt harm me. eventually, i stop crying .
and eventually you will stop crying too. & if you dont, if u cry and cry and u try everything & you cant stop, that’s okay. cry until u fall asleep. then in the morning or after a nap or whatever, u wont be crying anymore.
something thats so cliche and lame but so intensely true about life is that EVERYTHING is temporary. everything. there is not one thing that lasts forever.
so just cry. and take care of yourself when you cry. dont hurt yourself. think of yourself as a friend. if your friend was crying, how would you comfort them? do the same for yourself. take care!!!!!

Million reasons

“if you love something set it free. If it comes back It’s yours. If not, it was never meant to be.”

Request:  hi!! i saw that you take requests and i though that maybe you would do one where harry had to brekup with y/n because of his manager and date someone else, at first he did not wanted but at the end he doit , and it hurt him so bad because he loves her and they been   4 years in the relationship , then its past some months and y/n is trying to be happy again , and they avoid echother for a long time because y/n was hurt and angry and harry because he didnt wanna saw her hurt because it makes him sad  but then a meeting or something come up and they see eachother  and y/n finally spit out everything for him and cry and scream and harry at first he is quiet but then try to explain her everything because he doesnt wanna see her hurt because of him and that she means theworld to him still , you can finish it however you want (i know is alittle ong but please)

A/N: I listened to Lady Gaga’s song Million reasons while writing this so I decided to name the story after the song. Also remember to tell me what you think and enjoy!

P.O.V Harry 

How was I gonna get around this?

Why did this have to happen?

How was I gonna tell her?

I was recently informed by my managers that y/n and I have to break it off. They suggested that it would be the very best for my future and for my career and after I break it off with her then most likely be paired up with some other A-list model. I mean when I was first told that I had to do this I was very shocked and raging with anger, that they even thought about crossing that line containing y/n and I’s relationship is such a low blow. But I have worked so hard for what I have today and wanna work on it even more and become better and better each day. Ever since y/n and I have been dating I have worried about her and wanted to make her happy everyday but some days are not like that. She gets a lot of hate for being my girlfriend and cries about it more than i wish that she would. I know she can get down on herself and i just know deep down she has thought about “What would my life be like if we never had gotten together?”

So maybe letting her go is the best for us.


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Shits INFPs say
  1. Hmm? Sorry, what? I was lost in my thoughts
  2. *dark mode on* Well, we are all gonna die anyway so it’s not like it makes any sens. Whataver..
  3. Oh my.. it looks so.. magical and.. mistical, you know?
  4. Wanna hear my new poem/song/any work of art actually? *does is regardless to the answer*
  5. There is no justice in this word *says with poker face and later goes to cry in corner”
  6. Strange.. I like it
  7. I feel like writing/playing/drawing…*start to does it* Hmm.. I think I am hungry.. Yep.
  8. World doesnt love me
  9. Omg guys, no, please, love and peace, no , dont fight, staph it, ima going to cry
  10. But I want to believe in people you know
  11. Haha, no it’s okay, I undersatnd that it was a joke, I am fine, you didnt hurt me or anything *internally crying*
  12. What should I create today?
  13. Books > Most people >>> Generally reality

Inspired by @linellin

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How would 17 react if they offer to to piggy back u. At first u decline but then you accept and jump on their back, clinging onto them cus yr scared of falling? Thanks! Love youuuu😍😍😍💕💕💕

laughs and teases you, pretends to drop you again and again even after you start crying: Seungcheol, Jun, Mingyu, Seokmin

chuckles but then stops bc they dont wanna hurt your feelings… reassures you its alright and doesnt try anything that will make you feel unsafe: Dino, Jeonghan, Soonyoung, Minghao

drops you in surprise bc.. yoURE HUGGING THEM?!?: WONWOO, Vernon, Joshua

you on his back?? pls he has better things to do: WOOZI, Seungkwan

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ok so headcanon that gabriel always eats sweets in class & the teachers tell him to stop but he does it in every single class anyway & he can't concentrate on schoolwork without it. but then he finds out that his friend sam's parents can't afford food a lot & sam often doesn't get to eat so gabriel starts sneaking all his candy to sam under the table & bringing extra snacks for him bc sam eating is more important to him than focusing on maths & he loves the smile he gets from sam in return -rose

omg rose my HEART

he only finds out through a mistake, he and sam are just friends and they were just talking about the play happening next month at the school that gabriels the lead in and sam mentions he wants to go but cant afford the ticket even though it’s like £2 (GO AWAY I DONT KNOW AMERICAN CURRENCY) and gabriels like ?? ill pay if you wanna come hey if you wanna come out with us at the weekend (us being gabe ash garth charlie jo) then youre more than welcome and sam blows it off like dude we can barely afford food sometimes and gabriel realises exactly whats going on

so he just

reaches over and takes sams hand and gives it a little squeeze when he realises how upset sam is over the situation and sam pulls /gabriel into a hug for being so understanding over it and not making fun of him? 

and yeah it starts off with sweets, but then he finds out from dean what sams /favourite sweets are, so he brings those instead, and then he decides actually sam needs more than a few jelly snakes here and there and gabriel takes him aside because he doesnt know who else knows and he doesnt wanna make sam bad and hes  fucking brougt him a lunchbox with an actual lunch in yknow sandwich fruit the whole thing and sams like w o a h gabriel i cant? and gabriel just pats him on the arm like sam

sam bro its fine, you cant afford a proper lunch and no its nothing to be ashamed of but at the end of the day you gotta eat /something and sam can see gabriels deadly serious about this and he thinks hes about to fucking cry because gabriel ///cares about him and all that

and the smile sam gives gabriel in return is just

its the brightest thing gabriels ever seen