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Why are L stans on a Normani centered blog trolling? You wouldn't be doing that if you're so secure in your fave's talent. The fandom has been much more united this era and we don't need the negativity of pitting the girls against each other.

The chickens are bored. I haven’t said much about the performance or the girls in general so it wasn’t in response to that. They just wanted to pick a fight. What they don’t know is that I ain’t got the time bc I’m still celebrating the fact that my girl finally got to perform in her hometown


Wyatt ‘I HATE ROLEPLAY’ Logan [except ‘Undercover Lovers’ with Lucy]


Sleep time

Big plus of being a drawin person is that u can draw yourself whatever you want to see atm. I wanted to draw this scene.

I put Cassandra in a dress
(now I run for my life)


Pocky Game, 3rd Years OT3 Edition ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

can we please get rid of the idea that you have to play hockey in order to know the game because that’d be nice

can we all just appreciate how b99 avoided both desexualising and hypersexualising Holt’s and Kevin’s relationship

queer relationships in fiction tend to either be completely desexualised to make them ~less threathening~ (Modern Family is a great example of this) or hypersexualised either for titillation or because that’s what society believes being queer is all about

and b99 just casually mentioned that Holt and Kevin had sex, in the same vein they tend to do for other couples, foregoing both of the usual portrayals (see also the “magical genitalia” comment in the prior ep)


friendly reminder that Bambam is more than just “the meme king”. he’s also extremely talented.

I’m in love with this expensive cat


a humble homage to my favourite painting

like wtf is this painting i bust out laughign every time i look at it

a young actor not rejecting a role just because he would be playing a (for him, from the start) gay character (even though it’s not ~confirmed~ until s3)  and doing his absolute best to portray this character’s journey and struggles and feelings throughout those 3 seasons honestly has me so emo y’all like i talked about this in my tarjei/henrik friendship post, but they’re not the kind of people who say “no homo” after any interaction with each other or homosexuality outside of the show. and this is so nice bc he’s helping to normalize more boys being like s3 isak and learning that being gay isn’t all stereotypes and negative connotations and helping them embrace it i’m :’)

Done Chapter 1: Not a Joke

Langst fic based off this idea here

to read it on a03

chapter 2

He couldn’t even remember the final words that did it. They were just like the others he’d heard over and over for months, he hardly thought it mattered. Lance didn’t care anymore anyways. What did it matter, he got the point he wasn’t a part of them, how they said it didn’t change that.

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