if this doesn't get all the notes i don't know what will

beedva  asked:

so glad you discovered the adventure zone, its amazing!!

so far I’m about halfway into the first episode and honestly, I have to agree with that statement

I mean.

There is a character named Taako.

Doesn’t get much better than that.


“Be a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher", they say. But there’s one thing they can’t hear: the silent beat of creativity within you - that calling beckoning you to trust your gut, follow your heart, and do what your soul demands. You can never articulate to others what you feel in your bones because you rarely understand it yourself. Do you know how many times I get a bomb-ass idea but can’t explain it to anyone? All. The. Time. They can’t see it, but I can - and that’s all that matters. They will see it when I bring my idea to life.”


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