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@people complaining about possible sex scene in HSS: You clearly live under a rock, and I'm sorry if im being harsh, but kids over 15 and under 18 have already lost their virginity (either under the effects of alcohol or not), to be honest I wouldn't be surprised. It doesn't mean it's ok, but also it doesn't mean the PB workers are pedophiles because they are writing what's normal this days. So suck it up and if you don't like it then sorry but it is how it is.


Last for this topic because it involves the writers. Thanks Laura.

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My therapist is so straight ™ she doesn't understand any of my gay problems and is even confused when I'm excited about representation (quote: I thought sexuality doesn't matter to you.)

Fuuuuck cishet therapists can be so clueless I’m so sorry anon. I had one who’d get vaguely annoyed anytime I brought how being gay effected my life and it was just………wow…….

What They're Like With Your Child (Kissed By The Baddest Bidder Headcanon)
  • Eusike: Tolerant. He's incredibly tired, but you can't help but feel like he still looks so perfect. You're child, who is still an infant, is cradled in his arm. Slim pale fingers holding the bottle for him to drink from. "Mommy is tired, so I'll have to do for now."
  • Baba: Affectionate. He keeps pressing kisses to your two year old daughters face. Though it's clear she's quite annoyed that someone is coming in between her and her favorite cartoon. He doesn't seem to understand, until she pushes him away. "I'm sorry, I just can't help it when you look so cute."
  • Soryu: Careful. He treats her how he treats you, with the utmost care. His hand is soft, and feels like a feather as it brushes against her forehead. He presses a soft kiss to he forehead. "It looks like you have a fever, let me get your mother."
  • Mamoru: Sweet. Though family members and friends held doubts about his ability to nurture effectively, you always knew he would be brilliant. And you were right, it's the dead of night and your son is cradled in his arms as he puts him to sleep. "Don't wake Mommy up."
  • Ota: Childish. Sometimes you swear, it's like you have two children, not one. You've made dinner, and it's ordinary to see your son make a mess, his hands covered in carrot sauce. Your husband laughs, hardly even recognizing his own face has rice on it. "Will you clean it off for me, my beloved wife?"
  • -SKY

like I even need to post pictures. You all have this movie memorized

On Hiccup’s Arm Movements

This has probably been seen and analyzed before but I’m gonna bring it up again.

I see a lot of posts about Hiccup’s flailing arms but I don’t really see many analyzing why he does it. This particular habit is very familiar to me because I do it and some of my family and friends do it quite a bit. So when I watched this in the movie, that instantly jumped out at me and helped me understand Hiccup’s character.

Have you ever seen someone with limited English try to explain something to you? When words aren’t enough, many of us will resort to describing things with our hands in an effort to bridge that gap in understanding. You can see this very clearly in those screencaps. Hiccup is not trying to be funny, he is not hyper, and he is not trying to call attention to himself. Hiccup is trying (very hard) to connect with his father and help him understand what he is saying. This is not because he does not know enough English (Norse, I suppose) but because their viewpoints are so different from each other that Hiccup has to use every resource he has to help people understand him.

Hiccup knows what he wants to say, he sees it in his mind, visually (hiccup is very very very visual–that’s another problem. translating from visuals to words is pretty challenging), and now he just has to explain it to his father. When he explains that he does not want to fight dragons so he moves his hands like he’s punching something. He then mentions bread-making vikings and makes kneading motions with his fingers. Finally, he talks about maybe having insufficient small home repair vikings and he pretends to be repairing some imaginary object. 

His “flailing arms” habit sticks around even after the movie is over. He is still hiccup and thus is overly visual and overly strange which makes it hard for others to understand him. In fact, years of doing it has probably ingrained it in his personality.

My point is, Hiccup’s mannerisms are much more than just a weird quirk. They are a tool, a crutch, and evidence of his effort to try to communicate with others. Whether he realizes it or not, he spends a lot of energy trying to communicate effectively. Heh, no wonder he’s introverted.

that is all. thank you for reading

  • Shepard: You know, for a bunch of cheap, touristy crap, your prices are pretty high.
  • Daleia Sanassi: I'm sorry you feel that way. There are other stores on the Citadel. Perhaps another would be more within your price range.
  • Shepard: So you're saying I'm poor? Just because I'm not as well off as you doesn't mean you get to hold yourself above me.
  • Daleia Sanassi: What? No, I—
  • Shepard: Hey! Everyone! This store discriminates against the poor!
  • Daleia Sanassi: Please, calm down. As an apology, I could give you my station employee discount. Is that acceptable?
  • Shepard: Well, all right. But you still hurt my feelings.

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so, I'm a cis and kind of stupid but I have a legitimate question??in the post where you said that "Or how a dentist refused to treat me because he was ~concerned~ that novocaine and estrogen would have ~adverse interactions~" doesn't it make sense for a dentist to be worried about certain meds mixing? If he's a dentist he probably doesn't know enough about estrogen and the effects it has w/ Novocaine, idk I'm probably wrong just wanted to know if you thought of that or??sorry if I'm wrong.

No, it does not make any sense.

Estrogen isn’t this weird unusual chemical that trans women put in our bodies but otherwise does not exist in nature. Estrogen is naturally produced in human bodies. Cis women are routinely prescribed various estrogen formulations for HRT and birth control.

Here are some analogous statements. “I can’t treat your tooth because novocaine might interact with:

  • testosterone
  • blood
  • lymphatic fluid
  • bile
  • stomach acid
  • saliva
  • mucus
  • neurotransmitters
  • emotions
  • opinions
  • beliefs
  • knowledge
  • skills
  • clothes
  • relatives
  • cars
  • a job
  • sarcasm
  • neighbors
  • pets
  • a shadow
  • a blog
  • a skeleton
  • limbs
  • eyes
  • ears

There are literally two explanations for the dentist refusing to treat my tooth:

  • Said dentist is completely incompetent to be a dentist
  • Said dentist didn’t want to treat a trans woman

These aren’t mutually exclusive.

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Hello! :3 Could I ask your favourite James Potter characterisations? I'm sorry if that doesn't really make sense!

I’m going to interpret this as my favourite James Potter’s. If that’s not what you meant I’m sorry, feel free to send in another ask :) 

These (in no real order) are some of my favourite James’. I’m probably forgetting about a few but, seriously, these are all fab.

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So I'm a little over a week post op from top surgery and saw my chest for the first time yesterday. When I did I had a long panic attack and nothing feels right. My body doesn't feel like mine. How did you guys deal with the emotional/mental effects of surgery? I really need some advice.

*Content warning, surgery, stitches*

Adrian: I’m sorry I let this sit for so long, it brought up a lot of old feelings for me. My top surgery experience feels similar to yours. I was set on going to a surgeon that not a lot of people go to (people still go to him for sure, but he doesn’t have the clout that Garramone, Fischer, or Medalie do) and I was hell bent on having the peri-areolar procedure rather than the double incision. I thought I had all my ducks in a row, I got my insurance to cover it, I counted down the days, made videos, made Facebook status updates, journaled about it, brought my family into the process to help me heal, everything. The surgery went off without a hitch, my care was great, my family was great - it all seemed pretty great! That was until I was able to take off my surgical binder for the first time and take a bath with my mother’s help. She helped me slip out of the binder and dressings and I turned to look in the mirror - it was the “Big Reveal!” that a lot of guys experience back in the surgeon’s office a week later - but I was lucky! I got to be at home! I was horrified at what I saw. I was bruised and swollen, like….really really swollen. I was actually larger-chested coming out of surgery than I was going in. I was absolutely terrified. I immediately started  crying and second guessing all of my decisions, all of my hard work, everything that had led me to that point. I began thinking about other surgeons to contact to have a revision, I was so pissed at my doctor! I felt mutilated, and worse off. I literally wept in the bathtub as my mother helped me scrub my back and shoulders. Nothing felt right, I wanted to take it all back.

For the next few weeks I tried to focus on healing, both from the surgery and mentally. I wasn’t convinced that my results were my end-results, but I kept on focusing on healing. Now I’m almost four years post-op (without the revision I could have sworn I was going to need) and I’ve settled into my chest. It took a lot of patience (I had surgery in November and the first time I didn’t wear the binder the whole day through was at my college graduation in May the following spring). I spent hours messaging cocoa butter into my scars and the scar tissue that developed, I pulled stitches out of my incisions and my nipples, it definitely was a process.

The instant gratification that I thought I would get being post-op never came, instead some serious post-op depression was on my plate instead. I felt isolated and selfish and needy even just wanting to talk about it. Luckily I had an amazing support system who reassured me over and over and over that it was all going to be okay. I learned a lot from that experience; that healing takes time and energy, that patience was key, that quick change can be jarring but that I can come to be at peace with it eventually, that I couldn’t do it all by myself, that it was okay to be sad about it.

We’ve tried to start a dialogue here at AOT about the very real issue of post-op depression. Sometimes we are not satisfied with our bodies even after we pour thousands of dollars into it, and that’s okay. What I can’t stress enough is to give yourself time to settle back in. So much can change in the weeks and months following surgery, sometimes it’s hard to even try and keep up with it all. Reach out to others when you are in need, don’t be afraid to share how you’re feeling, and definitely don’t feel like you’re alone in this.

I encourage anyone who has any words of advice for this person to comment on this post and share. Any tips or stories of experience are welcome.

one direction // preference // a step too far
  • harry: the fight wasn't even over anything reasonable, but the stress of his work and the stress that his work brought onto you, had put an obvious tension between the two of you. he'd gotten home from a promotional meeting and during that time, rumors of him and another girl were flying around. you were beyond pissed off, even though usually you'd ignore the rumors, but something inside of you snapped. it didn't take long for the two of you to be screaming at each other, not really resolving anything until harry backed you into a corner, 'for the hundreth fucking time, don't fucking believe any of the shit those magazines come out with!' he said with an anger you'd never seen in him before. it had terrified you, and it was so obvious on your features. instantly harry fell silent, shaking his head as he hung his head, 'i'm so sorry.' he whispered before meeting with your eyes again and pulling you into a hug, 'that was so wrong of me to do. i'm so sorry. i didn't mean to scare you like that.'
  • zayn: he'd been grumpy and moody ever since the tour ending, and a huge part of you had just been blaming yourself for it. clearly he wasn't happy to be home with you. and it sucked. he hardly talked, and when he did it was short and snappy, usually with a bit of a growl. there'd even been a couple of times when you thought about just packing your bags and leaving him. so you did, you gathered your stuff into a suitcase and handbag before making your way downstairs and to the front door. zayn moved from the living room at the noise, eyes taking in the scene before he shook his head, 'what the fuck? you're leaving me? are you joking?' he snapped and finally you fought back. 'don't fucking start on me zayn! clearly you don't fucking want me here!' you yelled, tears spilling onto your cheeks. zayn pressed his lips together, balling his hands into fists as he stepped forwards and completely lost it, 'how dare you accuse me of not wanting you here! how fucking dare you!' you shrunk back as he yelled, cowering and shielding yourself from him, which immediately made him step back and rub his jaw, 'oh my god, shit.. shit i'm so sorry.'
  • louis: after he'd gone out with the boys and gotten rather drunk, even though it was supposed to be an night in for you two, you couldn't help but get angry. you'd gotten everything set up, a movie, made something for dinner, and bought him a little 14 months anniversary present, only for him not to turn up. he stumbled through the door smelling of alcohol, at around midnight, and you had fallen asleep on the couch. the sound of him making an absolute mess of the kitchen woke you up however, and you made your way towards the source of the noise. you crossed your arms over your chest as he caught sight of you, suddenly seeming to remember what he'd missed. 'shit babe i'm so sorry.' he said, although he had a grin on his face. you shook your head, promising yourself you wouldn't cry as you spoke, 'how could you?! we had planned this for weeks lou. fucking weeks. i was looking forwards to it and then you just don't fucking show up? you have every other night to spend with your friends, why couldn't you just spend it with me!' you were growing desperate, the words coming out loudly. louis shook his head, yelling right back, 'well fucking sorry!' he yelled before throwing his glass of water into the sink which made you jump. he paused as he realised he was the one in the wrong, turning to you with a soft sigh, 'god i'm such an idiot. fuck. babe, i'm so sorry.'
  • niall: it was the stupidest argument, the two of you debating about whether distance could work in a relationship, when it got a little more personal. you'd definitely been feeling as though there was a huge gap between you two - and it wasn't the distance between countries. as niall mumbled that distance doesn't effect anything, you furrowed your brow and raised your voice, 'are you fucking kidding?! you think that the distance between us whenever you go on tour hasn't hurt this relationship? do you fucking think that we're fine at the moment?' niall laughed bitterly before shaking his head, 'don't start fucking blaming me for this! don't you dare fucking start bashing my career because it's a little bit hard on you! toughen up for fucks sakes!' he yelled, hands on your upper arms as he shook you out of anger. you were absolutely terrified, never having seen niall like this seriously. sure you'd seen him get pissed off at other things, but he'd never gotten in your face like that. and instantly he regretted it, stepping back as he shook his head, 'oh my god.. i'm sorry.'
  • liam: you were sitting in the living room when he said a bit of a subtle comment, mentioning how you'd gotten a little too drunk on the weekend. immediately you snapped, sick of him holding this little grudge against you just because you'd gotten a little more drunk than planned. you turned around to him, furrowing your brow as you yelled, 'can you fucking drop it? how many times have you walked in this house, so fucked that you can't even see, so i have to take you to the bedroom and get you dressed!?' there was a moment of silence before liam laughed dryly and stood, making his way over to you. he pushed your shoulders back so you fell back against the sofa, before he poked his finger to your chest, 'how about you don't fucking talk to me like that. you were the idiot that i had to look after. you were so fucking embarrassing!' he yelled before he stopped and stepped back, covering his mouth in disgust at what he had done. you bit back tears as he sat on the coffee table, head in his hands as he apologised over and over again.
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‘carmilla are you kidding me you’re a vampire you don’t NEED THESE BLANKETS. it’s like 4 degrees and i’m freezing my ankles off over here’

'sorry cutie but just because i’m a vampire doesn’t mean i don’t feel the effects of the temperature’

'ugh for christmas i’m asking for a space heater’

'why is my cuddling not enough for you?’

'you have an average body temperature of 72 degrees of course it’s not enough’

'gee hollis, way to kick a girl when she’s down’

'oh shut it…..but really learn to share the covers because this is ridiculous’

'i think we need a bigger comforter’

'we wouldn’t if you would stop being such a blanket hog’

'maybe we should just sleep closer together. it would solve a lot of our problems’


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You know what I think? I think you're an asshole. People come here not even being rude and you're all sassy like "thanks for telling me how I should live my life." that anon wasn't even rude, but I am and I'm telling you, having a "little famous" account doesn't make you nothing more than a fan who thinks she's an god. So quit the sass uh?

I’m sorry, this person came to my blog and told me not to stop watching the show because they considered the issues not important enough to have any effect on me. Also, they accused me, again, of watching for a ship which I have specifically stated I don’t do

Personally, I think telling another person what to do or think is exceptionally rude  and I’m not even British.

I don’t think I’m famous. I don’t think I’m a God. I’ve never gone to other blogs telling them on anon whether to watch a show or not, or whether to ship soemthing or not, whether to be offended at something or not, or how to live their goddamn life. I think people should do and think whatever the hell they want to, but don’t tell other people what to do or think, and guess what, I’m not obligated to be nice to people like that, or people who call me an asshole. 

By the way, the unfollow button is in the top right corner.