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With all of these asks you're getting I'm so sorry to bother you but I'm absolutely in love with Elsewhere University and oh man, I gotta know... School mascot/mascots and mascott-ing in general? I'd almost headcannon it being as being sort of a discontinued tradition? Something like the last charge began sleeping/attending classes in the costume and just stopped talking until they accidentally stub their toe in class and roar/croak/hiss far too realistically for anyone to be comfortable with

I don’t know why but this one just creeped me right the hell out. Tt’s canon i love it i love you. this is horrifying.

I Told You So

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count: 2383

Warnings: injury, swearing, minor angst 

A/N: Based on anon request: What if reader gets injured or sick in some way and Bones has to treat them but he’s mad that they’re hurt (because he hates to see them hurt) and he’s kind of rude about it? And reader is anxious and doesn’t like doctors/being yelled at and he goes to apologize after but reader isn’t ready to accept and says they need some time to think about it?? Surprisingly not as angsty as I originally intended, but I hope you still enjoy it!!

“Told you so,” Bones gloated, running a dermal regenerator over the burns of your hand.

“I wouldn't’ve gotten hurt if Keenser could’ve held his sneeze two more goddamn minutes,” you grumbled. “‘It’s the last time you’ll see me for a week. Promise.”

Bones snorted. “You’ll be back in two days tops.”

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For UF, SF, HT, and MT skelebros, how would they react if their s/o liked being in contact with them a lot. Walking together down the street, they hold his hand. Laying down on the couch or in bed, they go to bury themselves in his arms. When asked about why they do this they reply, "Because I feel safe when I'm with you. I can fully relax and know that no harm will ever come to me as long as you're here."

* Also, sorry bae I don’t do Horrortale
* If any one of y’all imagine hoes out there wanna pick that up for me, you’re welcome to!!

Context: Early stages of their relationship.


He gets flustered very easily by casual affection, but as long as it isn’t too smothering or dramatic, he’ll accept it silently even as blush creeps up his face. He’s not one for actively initiating physical affection even as he actively craves it so he secretly really enjoys the fact that his S/O does this. It takes a long while for him to actually ask because he’s afraid that if he mentions it, he’ll make things awkward and they’ll stop doing it. So for a long while, he just silently reciprocates whenever his S/O initiates affection. He only eventually asks because he was spiralling one night and wondering why the hell they’re even with him and why they seem to like his company so much. What do they want from him? It’s after their response that their relationship moves to another level of closeness. His S/O trusts him, feels safe around him. Holy shit. If that doesn’t make him more protective than ever, I don’t know what will. He gets more touchy, slowly initiating more and more physical affection himself because he wants to keep them close. He knows he’s not the most ideal romantic partner, but keeping that safe? That he can do.


He adores the way they openly show affection to him, pulling them close whenever they snuggle up. But like his brother, he won’t actively initiate physical affection and in fact rarely ever will even in later stages of the relationship. In a relationship with Boss, he will automatically try to take care of his S/O and having them be affectionate in this way really immerses him in the role of the protector, making him feel wanted and important. Their response only further cements this mentality. He will take care of his S/O like no other, being firm but loving as he tries to tend to all their needs, wants and obligations. He’s the kind of boyfriend to memorise your schedules and try to make it easier for you in any way he can. It will come out pretty loud and angry but he’ll make you keep to any meds you have, food, sleep, etc.


He is very flattered by the way they so openly show their affection for him. It gives him quite an ego boost, thinking that their affection for him is so strong that they can’t resist showing it so frequently. He pretends to be above their gentle affection but reciprocates in small but obvious ways to show that he really does appreciate it. When he finds out the reason, he drops the holier than thou act somewhat. He is very genuinely touched by their blatant trust in him and his abilities. Their response initiates a closer level of understanding and gentleness towards his S/O and is the beginning of Sans opening up and being more sincere with his S/O rather than focusing on his imagine in front of them. He gets very protective and defensive of his S/O, especially because now he thinks he is expected to be.


He’s pretty jumpy from their casual affection at first because um??? the person he likes???? keeps?? showing??? him???? affection????? He shyly returns their affections when they do so, trying to work up the nerves to initiate the affection first as well. He honestly still can’t believe they’re actually dating, definitely doubting their feelings for him. Not because he thinks they’re lying, no. He just has a hard time believing it. That is why he asks. And their response completely blows him out of the water. On one hand, he has an even harder time digesting that and letting it sit. On the other hand, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He feels so wanted and trusted and loved and just slightly overwhelmed with how much he wants to return their affection. He promises them and himself then, that he won’t let them down. He’s willing to throw everything he’s got away to keep them safe and happy.


He loves their quiet and affectionate nature. Thinks it’s really cute and a lovely peaceful change of pace from the rest of his lifestyle. In fact, it’s exactly the relationship he felt he had been looking for all this time. He’ll practically drown himself in his S/O’s affection, returning it full force and then some. He thinks that if someone can be so affectionate with him like this, he probably isn’t that bad a guy, right? When he finds out the reason for their affections, he gets pretty emotional. After all the things he’s done, everything that he still does, they still trust him this much? He’s always considered their safety when he goes on jobs. After this, it’s pretty much ensured because knowing they put so much faith in him, he absolutely can never ever no matter what let them down. He’d dust everyone in the area and then himself before he lets anyone come close to them. They’ll never come to harm, not someone so wonderful, not someone who makes him feel clean again. He gets even more careful with covering his tracks so as to not lead back to his S/O. He also gets twice as touchy, and tries to treat them extra cheesy romantically for awhile. Unfortunately, his energy runs out at some point and he reverts back to normal lazy romantic with occasional bursts of cheesy romance when he has the energy to.


This actual literal cinnamon roll loves every ounce of affection he recieves from anyone, especially the person he loves. Start of the relationship or not, the intensity and blatantness of his affection never wavers. People tend to see him as scary and intimidating because of his job so he loves the fact that his S/O has no qualms about snuggling up to him. He goes completely starry eyed at their confession, physical affection increasing in frequency and intensity by 9999999. He already loves showing off in front of his S/O as a display of strength. The fact that they think of him so highly, to be able to protect them, really bolsters his self confidence in his capabilities. But it also gives him some pressure and anxiety. What if he’s not good enough? What if he can’t keep them safe all the time? What if something really happens? He ends up enlisting his entire gang to help keep his S/O safe. 

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I really don't want to do this, but I don't have anyone to talk to? My parents have a friend over and I feel so unsafe with him around, he really creeps me out. He's a grown man and I'm sixteen. He tried to hold my hand and he keeps coming into my room and moving my things around. He wants to take me out on a walk. To the forest. I'm honestly so freaked out even though it's kinda irrational, isn't it? I'm really sorry to bother you, I just needed to get it off my chest.

I don’t think that’s irrational whatsoever. I’d mention it to your parents.

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I am an identical twin and when I found out you had twins in your books I was so happy. But then I saw the way they acted, and I feel like you think all twins are annoying and weird. I just left the whole thing feeling as if you didn't really do a whole lot of research on twins. P.S I'm sorry if I offended you. I just felt bad that you didn't really do anything to deviate from the whole 'come play with us' type of creeps...

Are you talking about Rash and Tahir? I’m very sorry if their portrayal of their ability reflected poorly on twins. That wasn’t my intent but obviously it caused harm and I’m very sorry for it.

Naruto Questions Anyone?

1. If you were a ninja, what village would you be from?

2. Top 3 favorite moments in Naruto ( Part 1 / Shippuden )?

3. Character with the best fashion sense?

4. Character with the worst fashion sense?

5. Most underrated character in the manga?

6. Top 5 characters you would marry?

7. What character are you offering a free ass whooping to?

8. Who would you be trained by?

9. Character that you identify with the most?

Character you’d share a dysfunctional bond with?

10. Out of the given teams in the manga, what team would you chose to be on?

11. What character would be your best friend for life?

12. One thing you learned from watching Naruto?

13. 3 things you love about Naruto Uzumaki?

14. Which female character stands out to you the most?

15. Top 3 moments you hated the most?

16. Character you would NEVER date even for a million bucks?

17. 2 characters you could see yourself chilling with?

18. Who would win in a ramen eating contest? You or Naruto?

19. What male character would look good in a bikini…and why (sorry *sweatdrop*)?

20. What character would you do an ultimate jutsu with?

21. Who are you twerking with on your birthday…and why (sorry *sweatdrop*)?

22. What character are you reviving?

23. What character would you do a photo shoot with?

24. What character would you lose to in a 3 round game of rock, paper, scissors?

25. A character you would twerk for…and why (sorry *sweatdrop*)?

26. A character that gives you the creeps?

27. If you could talk to any character right now, who would it be and what would you say?

28. If Gai Sensei and Lee asked you to work out with them, what would you say/do?

29. Would you be effected by Naruto’s sexy jutsu/ Reverse Harem jutsu?

30. Who is the funniest character and why?

“You’re not pure”

Sorry I wasn’t but then ppl who hate aces started to say that to me in this mess and I got purer every time.

It’s a secret trait I possess as someone commonly sexualized by society. I am now purely annoyed by you all and hope anyone who’d throw that shit at me or condone it steps on lego

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Hi Emily! I'm looking for a Wikipedia page that I once read but can't seem to find again. It's about a lady (possibly dancer or artist) who was murdered, and her Wikipedia page was altered; calling her names and the like. It creeped me out reading cause it was written so aggressively! Did I dream this, really read it, or was it maybe a creepypasta? Hope you can help, you rock!

I’m not too sure, sorry! Maybe a follower of mine knows?

Lucewood/Locklyle 10

Lucy: I have a feeling you like me… 

Lockwood: *laid across the table lavishly with the first two buttons of his shirt unbuttoned* *rose between his teeth* *a banner hanging across the top spelling out: LOVE ME, LUCY* 

Lockwood: Oh you WISH I liked you

Going back to writing a 10k word chapter after doing a bunch of shortfic be like:

Send one of the following to see how my muse responds:
  • "I'm not saying you're an idiot, I'm just saying a smarter person would have seen that coming."
  • "I took a blood oath that I wouldn't tell you what she said about you, but if you bring me some tequila and nachos, I might be inclined to break that oath."
  • "If I told you I took a picture of you sleeping last night, would that be creepy or romantic?"
  • "I was trying to teach myself how to knit and, long story short, I'm in the ER now."
  • "I don't actually know what I've done to make you hate me so much, but I don't care anymore, so either get over it or fuck off."
  • "I love you, but the fact that you don't like ice cream creeps me out a little."
  • "If you're going to McDonald's and you don't at least bring me back fries, I'll never forgive you."
  • "I dropped your phone in the toilet, and I'm really sorry, but I'm not reaching in to get it out, so it's just... it's gonna stay there until you or someone else gets it out."
  • "If you pray for someone to meet an untimely demise, and then they do, are you karmically responsible for their death?"
  • "I've always thought that Harry Potter was overrated."
  • "I'm not saying you're evil or anything, but I'm pretty sure if you crossed a church threshold you would burst into flames."
  • "We should have a Disney movie marathon this weekend."
  • "I just really need you to shut the hell up right now."
  • "I'm a better kisser than you are; you're just going to have to accept that as a fact of life."
  • "Would you rather die by drowning or strangulation? I'm just curious, not, like, plotting your death or anything, I swear."
  • "I would do any number of borderline illegal things to get tickets to that show."
  • "We should play strip poker tonight."
Sleepless Nights Pt 7(Newt x Reader)

Chapter 7

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 8

a/n: I’m so sorry this took so long. PS. I feel like this chapter is crappy. Anyway, should I do another chapter? Or should I end it here? Pps new chapter =fluff and smut. Also props to this chick @thesniffler she’s awesome

Word count: 2400+
Warnings: mentioning of suicide, swearing


You woke up with your hand still on his head, resting in messy curls. You took your free hand and rubbed eyes, yawning a little.

When the door creaked open, you flinched slightly, although you were careful to not wake up Newt. A head full of onyx locks peeked through, wincing at the sight of you and Newt. You felt a whirlwind of emotions at the sight of her; you didn’t know how to react.

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Can you do hcs with Josuke, Giorno, and Rohan reacting to their s/o catching them under a mistletoe? (I'm sorry I just love romantic Christmas vibes agh)



Josuke’s eyes would go big and a light blush will start to creep it’s way to his face and ears when his s/o pointed out the mistletoe above them. He would scratch the back of his neck and will let out a big, toothy grin “ Well , i think i know what this means! Come here! “ He  puts his arms around their hips and gives them a sweet, gentle kiss. After breaking the kiss, he looks at them, pure adoration in his eyes. “ Merry Christmas, babe. “

It wasn’t coincidence that they caught Giorno under the mistletoe. This sneaky boy probably turned a fly in the room into a mistletoe, and when his partner pointed it out he would act surprised. “ Oh? I didn’t realize, amore. Would you like a kiss? “ He cups their face gently with his hands, and gives them a long, passionate kiss, that would most likely let them out of breath. After the kiss he looks at them and gives them a cocky smile. “ Merry Chirstmas, my love. “

When Rohan’s partner tell him about the mistletoe, he looks at it, then back at his partner. “ So? “ they cross their arms and give him a look. “ Just give me my stupid kiss, Rohan. “ He rolls his eyes and sighs, “ You can ask for it directly instead of using pity excuses. “ He stands there, not even leaning for the kiss, expecting them to do all the work. After they give him a peck on the lips and hug him, he blushes slighltly and awkwardly puts an arm around them. “ I hope you give me a nice Christmas gift at least. “


Fuck you Rohan

Jk i love you


When Another Man Hits On You (Be My Princess 2)
  • Hayden: Fake. He's practically sparkling with the fake smile he only has when he's so upset that he doesn't want anyone to notice. The minute you see it, you immediately know something is wrong. "Nothing's wrong darling, but prepare yourself, I'm not letting you sleep tonight."
  • Kuon: Mad. He's practically seething in rage as he stomps over to the man keeping you from him. A strong hand rests on the frazzled mans shoulder, as his eyes glow red. "I think, you should get away from my girl."
  • Oliver: Pouting. It's not like he can do anything when a king from a neighboring nation is flirting with you. Especially when Altaria needs a positive relation with them. Of course the straw is broken when he actually touches your arm. "I'm sorry, but my princess and I have a prior appointment to reach."
  • Sieg: Over Protective. Afterwords, he won't let you out of his sight. He can't believe he let some creep actually touch your arm, it don't matter that the bar was crowded or that you were on your way back from the ladies room. He should have protected you. "Wait I'll come with you!"
  • Ivan: Silent. He's completely silent as the diplomat continues to make lewd comments about your body. Even though he knows that the diplomat is only speaking freely because he doesn't know he's listening, his knuckles can't help but itch. When he finally catches the diplomat, he flashes him a smile and says: "I don't think you should worry about my princesses, as you said, 'perky ass' because her taste is far too exquisite for someone of your caliber."
  • Aslan: Calm. He minds a little, but as you approach him, cheeks bright red carrying a scrap of blue paper, he can't help but smile. He can't even begin to imagine how beautiful you must feel right now. He doesn't like the idea of another man making you feel that way. But seeing how flattered you are, makes him happy. "You look so beautiful, my princess."
  • A/N: sorry if this kind of sucks, most of these are set in a bar.
  • -SKY

↳ prompt: who are you?

you look familiar.

Luke the guy who charms the heck out of your grandma, joking and laughing and making her blush so when you’re leaving her house she packs him extra leftovers and hugs him a little longer than she hugs you and he throws an arm around you as you walk out and grins ‘think she’s got a new favourite’ and you’re just like 'stop flirting with my grandmother you creep.’

Your personality according to your favorite costume at Girls's Costume Warehouse
  • Sexy Witch: You are a traditionalist, who sees no need to disrupt the natural order of things, such as our interpretation of pagan rituals or orthodox gender roles. You hear the setup for a joke, and see no need for a punch line.
  • Sexy Devil: You are an independent thinker, willing to explore controversial ideas. You're also not afraid to have fun with those ideas, turning them around into exciting ribaldry.
  • Sexy Cat: Furry.
  • Sexy Pharmacist: You are a healer, who cares greatly for other people's comfort. In times of need, you are always there for those in pain, but you also need to get away sometimes and be alone for a while. You are very disappointed you got one of the "serious" answers.
  • Sexy Construction Worker: You are INFJ, Gryffindor, Rainbow Dash, and that one War Boy with the guitar.
  • Sexy Fireman: You liked that you can kind of see up the girl's skirt in this one. Yeah, you're gonna go back and check the video, to see if I'm lying, aren't you? You sick creep.
  • Sexy Referee: You prefer to remain above a conflict, choosing to help both sides find common ground to resolve--look, I'm sorry, but what the HELL were you thinking with that last call? The left foot was CLEARLY out of bounds before he made contact with the ball!
  • Sexy Nun: Your first impulse upon discovering something innocent is to search for fan art of it depicting swollen, glistening genitals.
  • Sexy Detective: Your dedication to Benedict Cumberbatch is all-consuming, and must be expressed in all things.
  • Sexy Mustard: You're kind of hard to read. I'm sorry, Karen, but that's the way it goes. We can't all be reduced to a fifty-word blurb in a personality quiz. Maybe you should try turning yourself up to eleven. Like, you could invent your own catchphrase, or play up how much you like your favorite beverage! You just need to give me something to work with here, Karen.
  • Sexy Palace Guard: Your appreciation for the trappings of monarchy reveals your interest in the Dark Enlightenment movement, which opposes social progress by advocating for the restoration of medieval institutions.
  • Sexy Jesus: You laughed at this one because you forgot it was actually in the original video, so you thought I made it up as a joke. You remembered Sexy Nun and Sexy Pope, so you just sort of assumed they wouldn't do the same basic gag a third time. Well, you thought wrong, friend. This is especially embarrassing because you pride yourself on keeping track of "memes," dating all the way back to 2001, so your failure to remember this basic fact would undermine your credibility in all your social circles. Luckily, no one will ever find out. I mean, unless I tell them. I think you'll find I can be persuaded to maintain my silence...for the right price.
  • Sexy Wolverine: You are openly fearful that Marvel is conspiring to shut down the X-Men franchise, but this is only to mask your anxiety about the increasing distance from the 1990s, and your youth.
  • Sexy Abe Lincoln: You just liked that "four score with me" joke.
  • Sexy Pope: You thought this was an oblique shout-out to your favorite anime OAV.
  • Sexy Lobster: You scanned this list three times looking for something close enough to "Scorpio." Forget it, pal. I don't have to play by your rules. Stop thinking about astrology for five frigging seconds.
  • Sexy Mental Patient: You only read this because someone told you it was funny, but you're nearly to the end and there's no sign of a John Cena joke, and you're incredibly bitter about that.
  • Sexy 1900s Steel Conglomerate Tycoon: You kind of want to jerk it to Andrew Carnegie.
  • Sexy Sexy: You have a compulsive need to assert your inscrutability, even as you participate in activities designed to categorize you, prompting you to subvert the premise with absurdist, non-sequitur responses.
  • And Frog: You pride yourself on changing all the questions rather than disclosing the answers, and chuckle self-importantly at those phonies who think "Sexy Sexy" is clever.
"Winter is the winter maiden" Qrowin angst so that I feel even worse about the new episode
  • Qrow: Winter... How did you Attack that Creep? How'd you kill it? It wasn't dust.
  • Winter: I don't know... Was it... Not my glyphs?
  • Qrow: I didn't see a glyph, Winter
  • Winter: Perhaps you missed it
  • Qrow: ...No. No I didn't...
  • Winter: ...I'm sure you did—
  • Qrow: ...Not you
  • Winter: I'm sorry?
  • Qrow: God, I'm going to lose you too
  • Winter: Qrow, what in the world?!
  • Qrow: They'll come after you if anyone saw. You're too important I... I can't let—
  • Winter: QROW! Snap out of it! What are you going on about you drunk?! What is this danger that I am supposedly in?!
  • Qrow: ...
  • Winter: Qrow?
  • Qrow: ...Do you know the story of the Seasons?