if this can be called that


etc stands for “et cetera”. Cetera is Latin, and this saying basically means “and other similar things”. So when writing this say “etc” not “ect”

Mortified is not the same thing as horrified!!! To be mortified means to be terribly embarrassed, not to be really shocked. These two words are not interchangeable even though they sound similar
“When my pants fell down in public I was mortified”

Who’s = who is
Whose = belonging to or associated with a person or thing
“Who’s that?” vs. “Whose friend is that?”

“To add” is to make an addition to something.
“Ad” is the abbreviation of advertisement

things would be so different if people formed opinions on their own instead of trying to find out what’s socially acceptable to think first

The nursing home staff thought that I was a terrible liar

“You knew the actress Angie Martinelli?”
“Yes, she was one of my best friends. We were roommates for awhile.”
“Oh really?”
“Yes. We lived at one of Howard Stark’s houses.”
“Uh-huh. And was this before or after you served with Captain America?”
“After, obviously”
“Oh of course Ms. Carter”
“It’s Agent Carter actually.”

can i just say?? im so happy the mcelroy brothers call clint daddy? its so pure and so cute and also i grew up thinking that men should never call their dads daddy and only call them dad or something. and like ive always called my dad daddy but bc i felt kinda ashamed of it being not masculine enough, for the past year and a half ive straight up been calling him “father” which is prob even more awkward and distancing. so like im just glad that they do that and it makes me feel a whole lot better abt myself

Sneak peek of my mini-comic? Sneak peek of my mini comic.

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i’ve seen a lot of theories about where in the zelda timeline breath of the wild takes place and i started thinking, what if it’s in another sort of time split? one where in wind waker ganon succeeded in draining the sea?