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Monsta X as Werewolves

Pace yourself with the scenarios and reactions okay? But i want to request Monsta X as werewolves, 🐕 since you have a lot of vampires. 🦇

I will, thank you for the concern! This is my first werewolf!au and I LOVE au’s so this was so much fun to write :D I hope you enjoy this and have a lovely day, anon! ~


  • You were convinced he hated you at first,, He would often stare you down, or avoid you, or leave if you entered a room. As the newest to the group, you often wondered why you were let in when the leader didn’t even like you
  • Frustrated, you vented your feelings to Minhyuk while you were partnered up for a task. He laughed at your worries; “He doesn’t hate you! It’s actually the opposite - He thinks you’re so beautiful that he can’t stand to be around you!”
  • With this new info in mind, you start to test Minhyuk’s confession. You showed more skin, would frequently corner Shownu to “ask” him something, often brushing against him
  • While working with Minhyuk, he vented about you. “I’m loosing my mind! I can’t think straight anymore!” and with a meek voice, Minhyuk admitted that he might have told you about his crush
  • Now aware of your game, Shownu teased you back
  • And this back and forth flirtation resulted in a relationship … after a night of passion
  • With mating season drawing near, the leader had locked himself away, afraid of loosing all control and taking you on the ground, with everyone around
  • But knowing his reason, you “visited” him and helped relieve his stress
  • So yeah,, basically, he’s the pack Dad and you’re the pack Mom (regardless of the gender you identify with)

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  • Kind of a fuckboy but a nice one, does that make sense?? He has a big heart and wants to share it with everyone, male or female, human or werewolf
  • That’s why it’s no surprise when he ends up in your bed one night, not caring that you were human. What is surprising, however, is when he wakes up to see you gone, a note stuck to his forehead: ‘I’m out. Be gone before I’m back.’ The cold tone cracks his heart. He’s not used to being left, usually being the one to leave
  • He can’t get you out of his mind so after a few weeks, he tracks you down again
  • “I’m that good that you sniffed me out again?” you tease but he doesn’t laugh
  • He looks very serious, stood on your doorstep with a single rose in hand. “That’s not why I came back. I want to know … Can I take you out to dinner?”
  • You humour him, more so looking for a casual fling. But Hoseok surprises you that under that handsome man, is the biggest sweetheart you’ve ever met
  • Although neither of you make it official, you know your hearts belong to each other 

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  • Not really a werewolf, more of a werepuppy
  • He’s in charge of easing newbies into the pack and entertaining the kiddies while the adults do work
  • It was when he was younger, only a teen, that an orphaned wolf was put into his care. You weren’t much younger than him, so the bond never became anything fatherly. And he was too playful to be taken seriously anyway. He was more of like a close best friend, who also happened to be your guardian
  • Minhyuk took care of you diligently, often bringing you back pretty stones or other things he’d found while hunting. An almost perfect condition wrist watch was one of his greatest finds and you treasured it
  • So when you got into a fight with a fellow wolf, who smashed it, you saw red. After nearly killing her, Shownu was on bad terms with you. You almost were kicked out of the pack. But when Minhyuk found out why you had flipped, he fought to keep you
  • And now you were even more indebted to him
  • Minhyuk felt bad about the incident, often bringing the girl you fought medicine to help her recover. This annoyed you to no end and you often tried to stop him visiting her
  • “Why??” he asked eventually. “Don’t you want her to live?”
  • “No,” you admit, the blood rushing to your cheeks. “She broke my second most precious thing and is going to take my most precious thing away.”
  • “Your second most precious thing is that pocket watch I found you, right? So what’s your most important thing?”
  • Shyly, you buried your blushing face into his chest. And he grinned from ear to ear
  • “So cute!! You love me?! Why didn’t you tell me before?! I love you too!”

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  • Was sent on a task to track down a human. He was told that they held important information about the wolf world that they shouldn’t know
  • Eventually he found you, working at a bookstore in town. You looked harmless, stacking books, but an order was an order
  • He kidnapped you as you walked home that night, done with your shift. And interrogated you. Except it wasn’t much of an interrogation. You were terrified, shaking like a leaf; “I don’t know anything! I seen a boy turn into a wolf and that’s it!” Your heart doesn’t falter so he knows it’s the truth
  • But he can’t let you leave. You didn’t know as much as Shownu thought, but knowing was all it took to warrant an execution. Except he couldn’t; it felt like trying to slaughter a baby lamb
  • Instead, he brought you pack to the pack. It took months until you felt comfortable around them, having been afraid they might snap and kill you
  • Kihyun took charge of you, making sure no wolf messed with you, and sometimes breaking rules to make you happy. You weren’t allowed to return home, but he would let you write your family letters to assure them you’re safe and alive
  • One morning, a female wolf started to pick a fight with you, threatening your life; “If it weren’t for Kihyuns protection, you’d be dead long ago.”
  • “Why does he protect me?”
  • “He loves you, dumbass. Luckily for you”
  • Kihyun bursts in suddenly, scaring her off and wrapping you in a hug: “Are you okay? Did she hurt you?” He scanned your face for any sign of fear, instead he found you smiling. “What’s so funny?”
  • Reaching up, you press a kiss to his lips; “I love you too, idiot”

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  • Your first impression of him was rather negative. As a new pack member, you worked hard to fit in and impress your leader,, yet someone so high up like Hyungwon did nothing but sleep all the time. And if he wasn’t sleeping, he had this bitchy look on his face
  • It wasn’t until a neighbouring pack tried to start something, that you understood the real Hyungwon
  • A beta from the rival pack attacked you, both of you in wolf form, and your shoulder was badly injured
  • Hyungwon snapped that beta’s neck, nursing you back to health, and fussing over the others that were injured. He had a gentle, warm touch as he tended to your injury. And you even seen him sing one of the youngest to sleep, a 9 year old girl that lost her mother in the fight with the rival pack
  • Once better, you kind of just followed him around?? You wanted to repay him so you would fetch whatever herbs he wanted, or a rabbit if he was hungry, and for his birthday, you bought him the fluffiest pillows you could find
  • Hyungwon immediately fell for you
  • One evening, as the sun was setting, you returned to him with a basket of flowers he’d asked you to pick; “What are they for, Wonnie?”
  • “You’ll see,” he promised, arranging the flowers into a bouquet before handing them to you. “They’re for you. I wanted you to pick the prettiest flowers because my eyes don’t see beauty like yours do. That’s one of the reasons I love you.”
  • “That’s cute but be honest,, you made me pick them so you wouldn’t have to get out of bed, right??”
  • *avoiding the q* “So are you free tonight?”

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  • Either or aggressive or soft, so he can be unpredictable. This is made worse during the full moon or mating season
  • Usually, newbies to the pack are assigned to keep watch on him, mainly cause no one actually wants to deal with Jooheon when he’s mad or acting clingy and cute
  • As the newest member, you’re given this job
  • Only you don’t react like everyone else has
  • You humour his cute side, scratching behind his ear (just how he likes it) when he’s in wolf form, smiling at his aegyo, bringing him extra food when he’s hungry even tho the other wolves call him chubby but he’s not leave him alone
  • And you listen when he’s mad or frustrated, helping him control his aggression until after a few months, Jooheon learns how to be calm, even during a full moon
  • He grows to realize that his aggression was misunderstood sadness; he was lonely, wanting a companion to love him and maybe have a litter with
  • Although he realizes this, it takes him another long year before he actually confesses. He had been too afraid of loosing you or getting rejected. His pack hated seeing him hold back like that so they eventually pushed him to confess
  • “Do you, uh, wanna go running in our wolf forms?? I mean, like, not just running. But as a … date??”

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  • Generally in control of himself,, although he hates humans, he never kills one unless they deserve it
  • Only looses control during mating season
  • Driven by lust, he breaks away from the pack, searching for someone to ease his carnal hunger
  • He stumbles upon an omega, you, wandering through the forest alone. You had smelled him coming from miles away, knowing what he was hunting for
  • You stayed,, wanting to feed your desire too
  • The morning after, he turns shy and soft. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to be so forceful last night.” Although he knows your bruises will heal quickly, that doesn’t make him feel any less bad
  • “That’s okay. I like a man who takes control. So do you wanna get breakfast or something?”
  • Tbh he didn’t know you, but the night before was pretty damn good so hell yeah, let’s get some f*cking eggs and bacon
  • “My treat,” he offers

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Lucifer x Reader

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A/N: My Mick fic seemed to get more attention than I thought it would, so I thought I’d post some more of my stuff and see what you guys think. If there’s anything specific you guys want to see, my ask box is open! I didn’t edit this, so I apologise for any incorrect spelling and/or grammar.

Warnings: none. 

Word count: 1,644.


If there was anything you loved most in the world, it was stars. When you were much younger, you’d found a way onto the roof from your attic bedroom and it wasn’t uncommon to find you in a blanket staring into the sky when you should’ve been sleeping.

Even years later, the fascination you held never went away. Sam and Dean never truly understood your love for the night sky, but they found themselves grateful that for all you’d seen in the world, you could still appreciate something so simple as stars.

It had become routine now for you to wander off to bed for a nap in the early evening. Sam would grab a thick blanket for you and Dean would slip some snacks into a small basket for you before they woke you and you would either sneak back to bed when the sun had risen or they would find you asleep outside.

They’d all joined you at some point or other. Sam and Dean sat with you when sleep was scarce. Castiel taught you all you know about stars and the constellations and even Chuck had sat with you, admiring your love for one of his favourite creations.

Arriving home from a hunt, you allowed yourself a full night’s sleep whilst you avoided your most recent house guest.

Lucifer had been returned to Nick’s vessel by Chuck after the threat of the Darkness was resolved. Not wanting to put him back in the cage, he limited Lucifer’s powers and asked you and the Winchester’s to essentially babysit the fallen angel.

He’d been incredibly hostile the first few weeks until eventually his situation seemed to sink in. Now he sat quietly, reading mostly and only breaking his silence to give snarky comments.

That lead you to now, as the clock struck 7pm you closed the book on blood drinking creatures and stood, stretching slightly.

“Alright, I’m gonna head to bed,” you mentioned to the group. Sam gave you a smile whilst Dean set his watch to beep at the next hour so he could wake you up. You kissed Sam on the head and Dean and Cas on the cheek before saying goodnight.

Lucifer didn’t even bat an eye as you walked out, the Winchester’s and his little brother echoing a goodnight to you.

By now, he’d learned that you always left around this time to sleep and then you would be woken up and you would spend the rest of your night outside for whatever ridiculous reason.

He often caught you sneaking in after the sun had risen or one of the Winchester’s would carry you to your bed.

He ignored the curiosity niggling at him and resumed reading in the quiet of the library.

Eventually Dean’s watch began to beep and suddenly everyone was in motion. Sam stood and walked into the hallway with Dean whilst Castiel walked towards the stairs and the door.

Lucifer watched them all leave, once again ignoring his curiosity.

You were shaken awake gently.

“Hey, c’mon sweetheart, time to get up,” Dean muttered to you as he slowly helped you sit up. The tiredness was clear in your eyes and as strong shelled as Dean usually came off, he felt himself soften and he ran a hand through your hair.

“Why don’t you sleep a bit longer,” he insisted but you shook your head and shakily stood from his grasp. He chuckled and stood with you.

“I’ll probably fall asleep outside again,” you told him honestly.

Dean crossed to your dresser and pulled open a drawer, rooting around for the fluffiest pair of socks you owned.

“Not without these you’re not,” he said, handing them to you. You laughed and thanked him before walking through the bunker into the war room.

Sam looked up from his book and shook his head as you tiredly stumbled into the room. You smiled sleepily at him as he stood from his chair, taking over from Dean.

“Thanks, Sammy.”

At the top of the stairs stood your basket, filled with blankets and 2 pillows on top.

“It’s not so cold out tonight, but if it gets too much, come inside,” Sam told you, trying to be stern about it but the smile on your face told him you wouldn’t listen either way.

You gave him a quick hug and wished him a good night before closing the door behind you. The crisp, cool air felt nice and you took a deep breath.

The sky was just beginning to go dark and you crossed the gravel quickly before hopping the fence into the field opposite the bunker.

When Lucifer next looked up from the book in front of him, the Winchester’s had long since gone to bed and Castiel had disappeared to wherever he went to. He was more than content to keep reading but the urge to know just what it was the Winchester’s pet did during the late hours became overwhelming.

He sighed and stood, swiftly making his way to the bunker door. Stepping out and closing it behind him, he walked up the steps into the open space. Lucifer’s eyes picked up the glow of a light a bit further off in the distance. The faint sound of wings was unmissable in the silence of the night but you didn’t seem to notice him appear close to you.

Instead, your head was against a pillow, eyes staring up into the night sky and a cozy blanket covered you. Lucifer took a moment to watch you, to see you in what looked to be your safe place.

There was a small, unconscious smile on your face and the stars in the sky seemed to reflect in your eyes and for a second, Lucifer was overcome with an emotion he wasn’t familiar with.

“You know they’re just burning planets, don’t you.”

You barely flinched, but the flicker of panic in your eyes told him you were unaware of his presence. You pushed yourself to sit up and you frowned.

“Yes, I know. That doesn’t mean I can’t look at them,” you replied before asking the question you desperately wanted the answer to.

“Lucifer, what are you doing out here?”

The archangel maintained his standing position and folded his arms and if you didn’t know any better, you’d have said it was protective mechanism.

“I just wondered what ridiculous human hobby you were partaking in.”

You sighed and moved over on your multitude of blankets and patted the space next to you. He narrowed his eyes at you and then decided to accept your unspoken offer.

The closer he came, the colder it seemed but you didn’t mind so much. You’d always been more partial to the cold.

He sat next to you stiffly and you shook your head before scooting down and laying your head on a pillow. You raised an eyebrow, challenging him to do the same.

Lucifer scowled and hesitantly matched your form.

“It’s not a ridiculous human hobby. At least, not to me. I just-” you struggled for words.

“I just like to watch, to see. Maybe it’s because it’s pretty or maybe sometimes I feel the need to remind myself just how peaceful and beautiful this world can be.”

Lucifer had always had an unseen soft spot for you. You’d been one of the only people who actually tried to understand him and watching you fumble for your words in this moment made him feel the need to understand you.

“I see awful things most days, I fight monsters. Sometimes I just want the peace and tranquillity that comes with this view.”

Lucifer was quiet and that scared you.

“I watched my father create the stars, a process that other than Gabriel and myself, no others witnessed. No doubt you would have liked it.”

You stared at the archangel next to you, your mouth agape in the shock that he was willingly sharing something so intimate with you.

“Some people believe that stars are actually windows into heaven,” you mentioned to him.

He laughed a little and you felt a pull in your chest at the sound.

“That’s a ridiculous notion,” he turned his head to look at you and for a moment you found yourself more enraptured with those cerulean blue eyes that seemed to shine brighter than any star.

“It’s a nice thought though.”

The two of you were mostly silent as the darkness in the sky slowly dripped away and the morning light began to bleed through.

You cupped your hands around the mug in your hands. It was filled with warm coffee from a thermos that Castiel had slipped into the basket, if the bee stickers were anything to go by.

Lucifer’s intimidating exterior had melted away as had the hours. He looked more peaceful now than you had ever seen him.

“Why do you suppose that is?” he questioned when you mentioned that to him.

“Well perhaps it was the company,” you joked. “But I suppose there’s a reason they call you ‘Morning Star’ and ‘Light-bringer’ isn’t there?”

Lucifer smiled and nodded, turning his eyes back to the oncoming sunset.

“Many people forget those names for me. Sometimes even I forget,” he confided to you.

You placed your cup to the side and hesitantly settled closer to him.

“I won’t let you forget,” the promise left your lips without a thought from your brain but any negative thought was removed when a cold hand slide around your waist and pulled you closer.

The two of you watched the stars fade from the sky and the orange light of dawn lit up the world before you.

You don’t remember falling asleep and you don’t remember getting to your bed, but you do remember the lingering feeling of cool lips on your forehead and you hoped that Lucifer would join you again. 

The Fluffiest of Fluff that ever Fluffed

(Because I love baby Felix so god damn much, more fluff. Let me know if my writings start to annoy you.)

Hard to believe really. It seemed only yesterday that Felix fell into their lives and they became the unexpected but happy parents that they were. Now Felix was nine months and healthy and happy as can be. Nine months already! Time just seemed to fly by. And it didn’t help that Dorian only mostly saw him in the evenings, since most of his time was taken by the Magisterium. But whatever time he had with their son was all the more precious. It was impossible to say how much Dorian loved Felix and his other father Vaxus. He never thought in a million years he would have such a perfect family. He didn’t care what anyone said.

Fortunately the Maker was smiling on him that day. The meeting ended early and Dorian was allowed to go home in the afternoon rather then late in the evening. Dorian couldn’t get out of the Magisterium fast enough. Mea later said how adorable it was when Dorian rushed off to go back to his boys.

That afternoon Vaxus and Felix were in the garden. It was a warm afternoon and Vaxus was laying back on the bench swing, a pillow behind his head and Felix laying on his chest, fast asleep. It was so adorable that Dorian couldn’t help but smile as he approached. Vaxus looked up and smiled, but held in his gasp of surprise so was not to wake their baby.

“Hey,” said Vaxus. “You’re home early.”

“I’m just as surprised as you are, Amatus.” said Dorian.

Dorian kneeled down and kissed Vaxus softly on the lips. They smiled at each other before they turned to the baby on Vaxus’s chest, Dorian taking his tiny hand in his.

“So, how’s our little prince been?” asked Dorian.

“He was fighting his sleep earlier,” said Vaxus. “But as you can see, I turned out victorious.”

“Yes, yes, you won against a baby boy. Clearly the stuff of legend, Amatus.”

“Hey now, I did save the world three or four times. Remember?”

“How can I forget? I nearly had a heart attack each time.”

“Aw, that’s sweet. Anyway, give me some credit where it’s due. You know how the little one won’t go down without a fight. Just like me.”

Dorian sighed and rolled his eyes. He loved him, but Maker’s breath did he drive him up the wall sometimes. It was then that Felix let out a wide yawn. He opened his eyes and lifted his head, smiling when he saw his parents.

“Hi Felix,” smiled Vaxus. “Look, it’s Daddy. Daddy’s home early. Can you say Daddy? Daddy? Daaaadddddyyyyy?”

Not this again. For the last few weeks Vaxus had been on a mission to get little Felix’s first word out. He had tried it all. Carrot? Can you say carrot? Ca-rrot? Or Look at the ducks, Felix. Can you say duck? Duck? Duuuuuuck? and of course Papa loves you, Felix. Can you say Papa? Papa? Paaaaapa? Still the child refused to talk. The closest thing to a word Vaxus had got him to say was blah and that didn’t really count. But if Vaxus’s was anything, it was determined.

“Still torturing our poor boy, I see, Amatus.” said Dorian.

“It’s hardly torture,” said Vaxus. “The baby book said that babies are supposed to be talking at about nine months. I’m just helping him along.”

“The book also said that not all babies are the same, Amatus. It might take Felix a little longer to say his first word then other children.”

“I know. But I really, really want him to say something. First words are really special, you know?”

“I know, Amatus.”

Dorian smiled and kissed Vaxus’s cheek. That’s when a little voice came to their ears.


Dorian and Vaxus’s eye grew wide and they spun their head towards their son. Felix was looking at them with a cheeky smile, laying his head on Vaxus’s chest.

“D-Did he just-?” asked Dorian in shock.

“I-I think he did,” said Vaxus. “Felix. Can you say Amatus again? Amatus?”

“Amtos.” said Felix.

Dorian and Vaxus gasped and stared at each other. Unbelievable right? Vaxus spent weeks trying to get a word out of their son and Dorian does it without even trying. But that hardly matter right now, not to them. They turned back to Felix and smiled widely.

“That’s right!” beamed Vaxus. “That’s my boy! Maker, his first word!”

“And it’s in Tevene!” beamed Dorian. “I’m so proud!”

Dorian and Vaxus kissed their son, Felix laughing while chirping Amtos! Amtos! It was a good day to be home early.

submitted by wonderful @writterinthetophat <3 I love it still so much, thank you! I feel like it’s time to share a baby Felix fluff with the rest of tumblr ;3

Soft (Request)

I got this prompt from mizluv, and I decided to expand on it a bit. Hope you like!

Could you do a one shot where harry loves putting his head on your chest because they’re ‘comfy pillows’


Harry Styles was a cuddler. You knew that the moment you started dating him and actually even before that. When you were just friends, he would still make any excuse he could to rest a head on your shoulder, an arm on your knee, a leg on your lap. When you finally became on official couple, Harry would barely let you go. Every night was spent tucked into his lanky frame as his arms encircled your waist, except on nights when he insisted on being the little spoon and then you had to stretch your tiny body around his.

You always felt bad about being so small, claiming that you couldn’t even reach around his body the full way and that you were the worst big spoon ever. But Harry was having none of that. He insisted that you were the most amazing big spoon he had ever met and wouldn’t trade you for anyone else.

You came to learn that Harry had several different types of cuddles that he needed on different occasions:

1. The sleepy cuddle.

With being on the road so much, Harry often came home completely exhausted. He would hobble through the door after a long day of interviews or performances or rehearsals and look like he was about to collapse. Typically, he would find you on the couch and plop down on top of you with no regard for anything else that was currently occupying that space. It didn’t matter if you were reading a book or on your laptop, as soon as you saw him coming you would have to drop all objects to be sure that he didn’t squish them. The cat had also learned this lesson the hard way.

He would usually curl his arms around your waist and lay his head on your chest. The first time he did this, you laughed because you couldn’t imagine he was comfortable with his head trying to rest in between your boobs.

“Harry, do you want me to get you a proper pillow?”

“Don’t need a real pillow. These are much more comfy.”

After that, he would fall asleep almost instantly as you ran your fingers through his hair.

2. The morning cuddle.

As much of a morning person as Harry was, he had the hardest time actually getting out of bed. You would hear the alarm go off and make a move to roll over and get up, but before you could you would feel the familiar pull of two strong arms coaxing you to lay back down. Harry would completely throw his body over yours and snuggle his head into your shoulder, legs twisting around yours to make sure you didn’t go anywhere.

“Don’t leave me, peanut.” He would mumble. “Just a few more minutes.”

He had made you late for things on more than one occasion, but you just couldn’t bring yourself to be mad about it. You had a very hard time saying no to him when you would look up at you with those sleepy, puppy dog eyes and beg you to stay in bed with him.

3. The “I’m sorry” cuddle.

You and Harry rarely had a fight but, just like every couple, you experienced a spat every now and again. It was usually over something stupid and culminated in Harry getting frustrated with you and you giving him the silent treatment for the rest of the evening before going to bed.

He would always sneak into the bed next to you after he was sure you had had enough time to cool off. You would feel his arms snake around your waist gently and feel soft, tiny kisses being peppered over the skin of your jawline and neck.

“M’so sorry, baby.” He would whisper.

After that, you turned to putty in his arms. You couldn’t stay mad at him; not with the way his voice went all low and raspy as he kissed you and apologized over and over again for how stupid he was. Apology cuddles usually led into something else…

4. The post-sex cuddle.

You weren’t one to brag about how good Harry was in bed, but Harry was really good in bed. He treated you like a queen and made you feel absolutely incredible every single time whether it was a quickie in the morning, a nightly marathon or an adventurous encounter. But the thing that made all that lovin’ so much better were the cuddles he gave you afterwards.

Despite all the sweat and mess that came with the event, Harry would always - without fail - wrap himself around you, pressing kisses to your shoulders and chest before finally resting his head on the pillow and pulling you to him so you were laying your head on his chest.

“Love you so much, angel.” He would say. “You’re so amazing.”

You would fall asleep feeling his chest rise and fall with each breath and the subtle feeling of his fingers tracing lines on your back.

5. The sad cuddle

You always knew when something was bothering Harry. His brow would furrow and his mouth would be set in a line. He wouldn’t be his typical happy-go-lucky self. When this happened, it was up to you to make him feel better. You would see him sitting there on the couch, staring off at nothing. Maybe the TV would be on but he wouldn’t be watching it. You would go over to him, plop down on the couch next to him and start running your hand through his hair.

“Cheer up, mister.” You would say. “I love you.”

With that, Harry would collapse himself on to your lap, resting his head on your thighs and absentmindedly running his hand over your knee.

“Love you.” He would mumble.

After a while, you would re-position yourself so you were laying behind him, and take that opportunity to be the big spoon. As soon as he felt your arms around him, you would hear him sigh contentedly as he grabbed hold of your hands and brought them to his lips.

Even if your cuddles didn’t completely cure his sadness, they certainly helped in the moment.

6. The sick cuddle.

Whenever you got sick, Harry would wait on you hand and foot, which included cuddles. However, whenever Harry got sick, he not only needed cuddles but he needed LOTS of cuddles. Sick Harry was also clingy Harry, and it was sometimes almost too much for you. You had no issue taking care of him, but you had finally resigned yourself to the fact that when Harry was sick, you weren’t getting anything else done.

He would be curled up in the fetal position on the bed and grab on to you whenever you came close to him.

“You’re supposed to be sleeping, Harry.”

“Cannn’t.” He would whine. “M’cold. Need you.”

With a sigh, you would get into bed against your better judgement and curl your body into his chest, allowing him to rest his chin on the top of your head as his arms went around your back and pulled you as close to him as physically possible.

You were a sucker for these cuddles because Harry just looked so miserable. And you were never surprised when you would wake up a few days later having caught whatever it was he had been carrying.

7. The “I-love-you-more-than-anything-and-I-just-can’t-let-go” cuddle.

Your absolute favorite type of Harry cuddle - and the one that you pushed for more often than not - were the kind that didn’t even really need a reason. Nobody was sick, nobody was sad and nobody was tired. This type of cuddle was one that Harry provided just because he felt like it.

He would sneak up on you when you were reading or taking a shower or doing the dishes and pull you close to his body without warning. His head would land in your hair as you felt him breathe you in and rest his chin on your shoulder.

“Hi, love.” You would say with a laugh, snaking your hand around to run it through his hair, affectionately.

“Hi baby.”

“What’s all this for?”

You would feel his shoulders shrug as he continued to hold on to you.

“Just wanted to. Love you.”

“I love you too, Harry.”

There would then come a point where you realized you weren’t going to finish whatever it was that you were doing before he grabbed on to you. So you would put down your book, leave the dishes or stop washing your hair and just let him hold you.

But truthfully, you didn’t mind one bit.


This is probably the fluffiest thing I’ve ever written and I’m not even sorry. I live for cuddly Harry!

Blackout [Requested]

Original request: … a scenario where your on a business trip with your stuck-up coworker Jin? One day a storm hits the city causing a blackout, only to have something unexpected happen between the two of you.

You and Jin glared at each other in front of the single bed. Both of your duffle bags had already been dropped in frustration.

“It’s not my fault that we got stuck with this room,” Jin said, hooking his thumbs angrily in his jeans.

“That doesn’t mean you have to force a lady to sleep on the floor,” you hissed back, crossing your arms.

The hotel had messed up your rooms; instead of getting two rooms, you got one room with one bed. The staff couldn’t even fix the problem because the rest of the hotel had been booked.

“You’re hardly a lady,” Jin scoffed. He looked you up and down with a condescending expression, and it pissed you off.

“Why don’t you take the bed then, Princess?” you growled indignantly, pointedly kicking his luggage before snatching the comforter off of the bed. You grabbed the fluffiest-looking pillow and tossed it on the ground. This was fine. You could sleep on the floor if Jin felt like acting like a spoiled brat.

“Why did I have to come with you?” he grumbled under his breath.

“Because I’m better than you at your job,” you said without emphasis. The phone started to ring, and you both moved to answer it. You unconsciously tried to walk faster to beat him there, but he had the same idea. You punched each other’s hands on accident when you reached for the receiver. He grabbed the phone before you could, listening intently to the message. He sighed when it finished.

“There’s been a storm warning. Everyone’s being advised to get water in their rooms in case of a power outage.”

“Oh, perfect,” you muttered. The two of you heard shuffling and a crescendo of noise as the other guests followed the advice sent to them. You didn’t think that anything would really happen, but a part of you just didn’t want to be stuck in the dark, especially in a place that you were unfamiliar with.

“Why don’t we wait until there’s less people?” Jin suggested. He flopped on the bed and left you standing. You paced around the room, still a little bitter towards the small argument you’d had.

“Could you settle down? Why don’t you get the water if you’re so restless?” he snapped after a minute of silence and your pacing.

“Why are you such an ass?”

He smirked in response. “Because it makes you angry.”

You stared at him disbelievingly. “I really don’t like you.”

“You’re just jealous because I’m prettier than you.”

“Fuck off.” You stormed out of the room, hearing the silence from the hallway. You made it to the vending machines at the end of the hall before you realized that you forgot to grab your cash. You cursed, and as you backed up, you bumped into Jin, who had followed you.

“You’re totally hopeless without me,” he smirked triumphantly. You glowered at him as he held out some money for you.

“I swear, I’m going to quit this job to get away from you,” you grumbled as you almost attacked the vending machine with the money. You didn’t really want to quit, but you wanted to make him feel guilty for teasing you all the time.

“Oh?” His voice held only amusement.

“Yeah. I got a job offer that would take me overseas. It seems nice; it pays well,” you bluffed coolly as you grabbed the water bottles. He seemed to believe you this time; he paused for a moment. You heard him start to say something, but there was a loud slamming noise. The lights went out everywhere, and the darkness swallowed your vision. A violent clap of thunder lightly shook the ground, completely taking over your senses. You felt your throat constricting as a mild panic started to settle in. Your eyes tried desperately to see something, and you backed into the wall to keep upright.

Where exactly were you? Could you make it to the room? You dropped the water bottles, and you fought for control over your breathing. What if something came after you in the dark? What if something was already there? Was that thing watching you? You were losing your battle badly.

Where was Jin?

“What the hell?” Jin’s voice broke through your thoughts like a splash of cool water. “Damn, I didn’t think this would actually happen… Let’s get back. You can move on your own, right? You’re a big girl.” You wanted to respond, but all that came out was a whimper.

“Wait, [F/N]? Talk to me.” You heard his fingers tap the wall; he was looking for you. He touched your shoulder and, once he realized it was you, tightened his grip with more certainty. His other hand tapped its way up to your face and cupped your cheek.

“Are you afraid?” he asked with uncharacteristic softness. You nodded in response, expecting him to laugh or sigh out of irritation, but he didn’t. “I’m going to let go of you for a second, okay?” You nodded again, and you heard him fish around for the water bottles. You felt the dark threatening to crush you again; you closed your eyes, and it helped a little bit. Jin’s hand touched you again, pulling you back into reality.

“Take my hand; I’ll lead us back to the room,” he said quietly. You reached out for him, accidentally touching his chest. His hand curled around yours securely. He led you back slowly, making sure you could keep up with his pace.

The only thing that was breaking through your fear was shock; why was he being so nice to you? Was it even possible for him to be this considerate of someone else? Your skepticism was helping to soothe your frayed nerves.

Before you even noticed it, you’d made it back to the room; your breathing had settled quite a bit at this point. Jin led you into the room and to the bed, where he sat you down. He handed you a water bottle.

“You really are hopeless without me,” he murmured. You normally would have bristled at the comment, but he didn’t sound mean at all. You heard him stand and shuffle around the covers on the floor while you took a calming sip of water. Was he even letting you have the bed?

“If you’re feeling better, get on the floor. I’m tired.”


“I don’t believe you!” you spluttered.

“I’m kidding, [F/N]. I was trying to get you back to normal,” he chuckled. You just huffed grumpily. You had to admit, though—it worked.

“So you actually know my name?” you grumbled. Your eyes widened as you felt pressure on the opposite end of the bed.

“Of course I do. Are you going to lay down at all?” he asked, clearly getting comfortable under the covers. You really wished you could see his face; maybe then, you’d be able to understand what he was thinking. “I mean,” he continued, “unless you actually want to sleep on the floor.”

You frowned, hesitantly playing with the covers. Another clap of thunder resounded loudly, making you jump from surprise. You removed some layers, leaving you in your underwear and camisole. It was a bit… risqué, but you didn’t want to sleep in your clothes. You got under the blankets and tried to orient yourself so you were as far away from Jin as possible. Your hands brushed up against his warm, bare shoulders. When did he strip?

“Jesus!” He twitched away from you. “Your hands are freezing!” You smirked wickedly, pressing your hands flush against him. “Cut that out!” he hissed, gripping your wrists. You struggled against his hold. His fingers bit into your skin, and after seeing that you weren’t giving up, he rolled on top of you, pinning your arms above your head. You could feel his breath against your lips; he was really close.

“Are you done playing?” he grumbled, seemingly unfazed by the proximity. Your cheeks were flushed, and Jin could feel the heat radiating from them. “Are you nervous, [F/N]?”

You could perfectly envision the smirk he had in your head. “N-no, I’m not.”

“You’re breathing weirdly. Are you sure?” he teased. Damn, you hadn’t even noticed that. You didn’t say anything back. You were surprised to hear his voice come back without teasing.

“Are you really trying to get away from me?”

The emergency lights finally started to flicker on, allowing you to see Jin’s injured face before they shorted out.

“Don’t go.”

And then his lips pressed against yours. You froze momentarily before giving in to the kiss, your body melting underneath him. A fire seemed to rocket through the both of you in that moment; you kissed each other with growing intensity. He released your wrists, running his hands almost roughly down your sides. Your own hands followed suit and traced his surprisingly sculpted back. You inhaled deeply when his lips released yours, ravishing the skin on your neck. You urged him forward by fisting a hand in his hair.

“W…wait,” you panted, stopping yourself. “What are we doing?” You felt Jin’s heavy breathing against your cheek.

“I don’t know,” he answered honestly.

“Fair enough.” You decided not to fight it anymore, pulling him back in for more fevered kissing. He pulled your camisole up; he was surprised to find that you weren’t wearing a bra. He brushed over your nipples with his thumbs, earning him a moan. You could feel his erection pressing into your leg; he was only wearing underwear.

“You were planning this, weren’t you?” you joked breathlessly. He bit your earlobe in response.

“Not at all.”

You couldn’t tell if he was kidding, but you didn’t really care at that moment; his fingers had found your still-covered clit. You gasped lightly, and you felt him smirk against your skin. His mouth trailed down your chest until it found your nipples. He flicked his teasing tongue across one of them, and you made a noise of pleasure. He pinched your clit lightly; your body twitched in response.

“Right here?” Jin asked in a low, sensual voice, rubbing your nub in an achingly slow circle.

“Yes…” you gasped, angling your hips toward him.


You squirmed your legs. “I’m not begging you.” You tried to go for a stubborn tone of voice, but it came out more aroused than you intended it to.

“You’re not?”


Jin pulled off your underwear, which were noticeably damp, and discarded them. He teased your slit relentlessly, circling around it without entering you. Two of the fingers on his other hand rubbed your outer lips. You rocked your hips against him, but he wouldn’t give in. You moaned in frustration.

“Please,” you gasped as he tapped your clit tauntingly. The word came out without your permission.

“I thought you weren’t begging.” He tapped your nub once again.

“Please, Seokjin!” you moaned. You felt his weight on the bed shift, and then a warm, extremely pleasant sensation as he licked your folds. You could only muster an “oh” as he flattened his tongue against your clit in between gentle flicks. He kept flicking until you were humping against him, and then he pulled away. You whined at the loss. You heard his heavy breathing as he pulled down his underwear. He leaned back over you, and your knees found his sides.

There was no ceremony as Jin plunged into you—just the sound of the two of you gasping and moaning. He grunted lightly as he pumped into you with an increasing rhythm. His lips somehow found yours in the blackness, but it was a welcome feeling. His kisses and fucks grew more feverish, and you mirrored them equally.

Jin wrapped his arms around your waist tightly, pulling the both of you into a sitting position with you on top of him. Your hips moved with his instinctually. He ground into you, completely controlling everything. He thrust into you even deeper, making you moan again. Your hands fisted in his hair as he sucked the skin on your neck; you knew it was going to leave a mark. He fucked you hard and slow, building your core with a fiery feeling.

You chanted his name like a prayer, your legs tightening around him. Your core released itself, and you came around him, your body shuddering rhythmically. He gripped your hips and slammed you down on him, coming inside of you and muttering your name.

As if on cue, the emergency lights kicked in. They stayed on this time, casting a dim light into the room. Jin was staring at you and brushing your hair out of your face. His cheeks shined like he had been sweating. You climbed off of him, still panting lightly, and collapsed onto the bed after removing your camisole completely. He laid next to you, tracing a pattern on your ribs.

“You’re not really leaving, are you?” he asked quietly.

“Of course not,” you replied just as quietly.

“Good. I need someone around to keep teasing.”

You rolled your eyes in exasperation.

“I’d miss you,” he added. “So stay.”

“I will.”

Sorry, this was a bit long ^^;

<3 Admin Bibi

Master Post 

summerdayspring-blog  asked:

Can you make a fluff/ romantic one for Ciel? Maybe a cuddle under the blankets? X3 I really love your blog btw your a really amazing writer.

Thank you, it means so much for me!(*´▽`*)

I’ve got few similiar requests so I’m gonna mix them. Enjoy your fluffness~

It was your idea to build a blanket fort. Of course, at first you had to listen countless complainings about useless efforts, lack of free time and daily shedule from your beloved Ciel. Nevertheless, it didn’t stop you from realizing your plan for that rainy sunday.

You started from collecting about ten the warmest and the fluffiest blankets from all around the manor in which Mey Rin gladly, but confusedly helped you to do. The next point included many, many pillows, few chairs and some smartness so the handmade construction wouldn’t fall on your heads. And last, but not least, sweets. Eventually, you were sitting in your most comfortable outfit, covered with soft blanket and staring at the huge window, observing droplets flowing on the glass. On the outside, it was almost dark although it was the middle of the day. Heavy clouds handed on the sky not letting even the tiniest sunshines went through them, copletely ruling the weather.

You smiled to yourself and covered the entrance to your fort, turning around to face Ciel who was obviously trying to show his displeasure by the most grumpy face he could manage to make. How great it contrasted with a slight blush on his cheeks, chocolate cookie in hands and throne of pillows surrounding him. It was cozy in your fort, dimness escaping to the corners of the shelter from the light of two little lampions you placed inside, keeping an eye on them to stay safe.

“I knew you will like it,” you said, trying to encourage him to do not be afraid to enjoy this plain fun.

“Who said I-“

He suddenly cut off in the middle of sentence when you layed net to him, hugging tightly to his arm and placing your head on his shoulder. Ciel was surprised, especially when he looked at you from the above and realized you were staring at him with such a pretty glint in your eyes. This view made his heart melt, knowing how much it all must have meant to you. The way you neatly you build this childish fort with such a big amount of energy, how well you prepared everything (you even found his favourite book and bring it there in case he would get bored) and how happy you looked right now couldn’t be simply disregarded by him.

Wrapping an arm around you and embracing you slightly to his body, Ciel pouts in an attempt to hide his redden cheeks and rested his head on yours. He could immediatelly feel your hands on his stomach and then hear you breath deeply, as in relief.

The young earl carefully reached for the book laying the nearest to him and opened it, remembering that fortunately he didn’t have an occasion to read this one yet. Dim light of the candles was enough to make the letters clearly visible so he just started reading, still hugging you with his right arm, feeling your heartbeat and hearing beautiful melody played on the windows by heavy rain.

However, two hours later you were both found sleeping in the fort side by side on the little pillow mountain, covered with blankets, holding hands and slight smiles on your lips’.


Ethan flopped face down on his bed, barely missing his laptop that was peacefully resting beside him. Groaning into his pillow, he struggled to take off his shoes, ignoring the piercing confused stares Mark was throwing him.

He had tripped and fallen when going up to ask his professor a question, and even though everybody saw and didn’t care, he still felt humiliated. He wasn’t even supposed to get up, yet he did and made a fool of himself.

Sighing loudly, he turning onto his back, staring up at the ceiling. Mark looked at him from his bed, stopping from typing up an essay that was due in a few days. He simply raised an eyebrow, saving his work before closing his laptop, going to join Ethan on his bed.

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A sequel to one of my AU: Past things from last klarolineauweek. Basically the fluffiest trash romance porn imaginable. Sorrynotsorry. Hopefully makes up for the evil cliffhangers from my other drabbles today…

An Afternoon’s Discoveries (Part Two) Initial drabble here.

She brought a book with her, upstairs to the room she and Klaus have claimed for their trysts. Caroline is unsure of exactly when Klaus will be able to sneak away. He was set to be in meetings with his father’s solicitors, had promised that he would do his best to hurry them along. They were just coming to check that he had not burnt the property to the ground, Klaus had said. Joked, with a casualness that made Caroline hate the Duke, despite the fact that she had never set eyes on the man, that his father would probably gladly sacrifice the estate, if he got rid of his least favored son in return.

Caroline sprawls across the bed, and settles in to read. But she cannot focus, her ears perking up at the smallest creaks and groans. It is very new, this anticipation, and she has come to adore it. The tension that builds, the way she longs for Klaus’ touch. How eagerly he satisfies her wants. It has only been a week, since Klaus began teaching her of pleasure and he has wrung more from her then Caroline had ever imagined possible.

And yet he promises that there is still much he can show her.

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Help Me Forget | Yugyeom Smut | MEGA LONG

Originally posted by yugyeom

Author - Admin Levi

Characters - YugyeomxReader (ft. Mark and if you squint hard enough you can read about the others too!)

Word Count - 3036 words

Summary - Mark, your boyfriend, cheats on you and Yugyeom helps you forget

So when I started writing this a few days ago, in no way did I originally plan for it to be Yugyeom, but badabing badaboom, it happened and now I have officially written my first Yugyeom smut. It started out with an angst prompt that just said “You’re everything to me, but I’m nothing to you.” And I just kind of took it and ran with it. Now that Yugyeom is legal (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABS) I don’t feel weird about posting it! yay! So yeah, enjoy and let me know your thoughts??

I may make a part two but it only depends on if people actually like this or not lol

“I hate you. Your everything to me, and yet I’m nothing to you. How dare you treat me like this, like i’m not worth it.” You snap, sounding a lot more vicious than you had originally planned, but when your boyfriend cheats on you just days before your birthday, there isn’t much that you can do to help your tone of voice. Mark’s gaze quickly darts from the video game he was playing up to your face, and his eyes widen. The rest of the guys, who had all been hanging out for the past hour and a half we’re staring at you as well, but you didn’t care. All you cared about was the texts that you had found on Mark’s phone, and the obvious apologetic look he was giving you which automatically confirmed your belief.

“We’re you going through my phone?” he asked you and you glared at him, white knuckling his phone in your hand. You hadn’t even noticed the guys left, the minute you began yelling, and you we’re grateful that they had. It was already embarrassing enough reading the texts on your own, let alone what you we’re about to do right now.

“Why with her? Her of ALL people to cheat on me with, why fucking her?” You growled, raising the phone to show him the texts he had participated in with your best friend… well… ex best friend. Mark opened his mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Of course. Of course he doesn’t have anything to say. He already knows that an apology won’t fix this.

“Good,” You begin, stepping forward and dropping his phone in his lap, “Sorry won’t help you anyway.” and then you’re off to yours and Marks shared bedroom. Mark follows you closely, watching as you curl up into a ball on the bed, burying your face into your pillow.

“Y/n I-”

“Get out Mark.” You say, your voice muffled but still audible. You can feel the tears beginning to fall now, but you would rather break a leg than let him see you in pain, so you keep your face in your pillow, allowing it to soak up your tears. “Find somewhere else to sleep.”

“I’ll just sleep on the couch then-”

“No I mean out of this apartment. I don’t want you here, and you obviously don’t want to be here either.”

“Y/n I don’t want to go. I’m sorry it was a mistake please let me explain-” He tries, suddenly stopping when you can hold back a muffled sob. Your body shakes and you desperately bring your knees up to your chest in an attempt to console yourself.

“Please just go Mark. You already hurt me enough, please don’t make me suffer…” You sob, just barely loud enough to be heard. Mark swallows harshly, takes a bag and a few shirts and eventually leave the apartment. Only when you hear the front door close do you let yourself cry out. The shock of finding out that he cheated was finally gone, and now it was time to cry it out until you either had nothing to cry anymore, or you cried so hard that you threw up. You changed into something comfortable, a tank top and your favorite PJ pants, and grab a bottle of whiskey from the liquor cabinet and take a swig, cringing as the alcohol burnt your throat. You found your way back to your room through blurry eyes and forced yourself to watch a movie to try and get your mind off of Mark, but it made no difference. After a good twenty minutes of crying as hard as you could, you finally got up the nerve to call over a friend. Through blurry eyes, your drunk fingers lazily dialed the number of your closest friend you could think of. Yugyeom. It was strange, you always thought, that your best friend and your boyfriend we’re both the oldest and youngest members of the group. Yugyeom was your closest friend, next to your boyfriend, and has been from the beginning. It was hard to picture your life without him anymore, and in this moment you needed him more than ever.

“Y/n?” Yugyeom said sleepily from the other line. You scrunched up your brows and sat up a little bit. What time is it? you thought to yourself. You hadn’t even bothered to look at the time before calling him. A quick glance told you that it was 11:47, and you cursed at yourself internally for bothering Yugyeom on a night that you knew for a fact he would really need his sleep for. You had memorized the guys schedules and tomorrow they had practice for nearly 9 hours, including breaks and things, all beginning at 11:00 in the morning. His whole day would be booked.

“Yugyeom,” You managed to say, your voice cracking, “I’m really sorry for calling so late. Could you maybe… sleep over tonight?”

“What happened? Are you crying?” He asked. Truthfully, you had stopped briefly to talk to him, but the minute he mentioned it again you couldn’t help but choke out a sob and break down all over again. “Shhh Y/n, don’t cry. I’ll be over in five okay?” He said, and then hung up. You grabbed your fluffiest blanket you could find and wrapped it around your shoulders before walking over to your closet to grab his donut hoodie, your favorite one, and hugged it close to your chest, breathing him in. When Yugyeom finally arrived, he found you sitting in the corner part of the sectional on the ground, crying everytime Marks smell reached your nose. he wasted no time rushing over to you and bringing you into his arms while you cried into his chest. You took note of the fact that he was wearing his PJ’s still and sighed, leaning your face into the crook of his neck until you couldn’t see anything but darkness and took the opportunity to breath him in instead. He smelt sweeter than Mark, more like Vanilla and strawberries than anyone else in the group, and you appreciated the change of scents. Mark smelt like cologne and aftershave, and while you LOVED the smell of his aftershave, the smell didn’t fancy you so much right now.

“Y/n what’s wrong?” Yugyeom said, breaking the silence after pulling you comfortably in his lap, just enough to be able to wrap the blanket tighter around you and make it easier to hug. You took in a shaky breath and slowly pulled away to look at him, your eyes puffy and swollen, and your breath reeking of the alcohol you consumed.

“Mark cheated on me. With Nari. His phone was left on the table and it buzzed and when I picked it up… that’s when I found out. He cheated on me Yugy.” Tears streamed down your face, and you struggled to contain them.

“Shh it’s okay. He’s stupid to realize what he’s throwing away. Noona were you drinking?” he asked, wiping your tears off your face and into your hair. You nodded softly at him, averting your gaze.

“Can you smell my breath?”

“Yes but that’s not the only reason why I asked.” He said, smiling softly up at you.

“What’s the other reason?” You asked, sniffling.

“Your getting really touchy feely right now” He grinned at you, gesturing you your hand which was running instinctively up and down his chest, while the other was around his neck, running through the back of his hair. You pulled back quickly, embarrassed. You had forgotten how you got when you we’re drunk. You weren’t one to opening put out for guys when you we’re drunk, it was just a habit to touch whenever you came into contact with someone. Even with your gal friends, you we’re constantly playing with their hair, or fingers or something. You just had to do something.

“Oh, Yugyeom I’m sorry.” You said, but before you knew it, your hands we’re doing their thing all over again, and this time Yugyeom didn’t protest. You buried your face into his neck again, breathing him in, and without thinking you kissed his neck gently. He groaned softly, and his grip around you tightened in surprise.

“Y/n~ah, think about what your doing here.” Yugyeom said, pulled away to look at you. You looked his face over and cocked your head to the side. Whether it was the alcohol, the fact that your relationship was currently in the pits, or maybe it was just you, but Yugyeom looked extra cute tonight. He had always looked cute to you, and you admired him from a distance the entire time that you had known him. But after Mark confessed his feelings for you, you never once imagined being in any sort of relationship with the Maknae, nor would you have imagined yourself leaning back down to kiss him. Yugyeom didn’t kiss back right away, probably to give you an opportunity to rethink what you we’re doing, but when you pushed into him more, he kissed back harder, one hand going for the back of your neck. Your lips fit together perfectly, moving in sync while he rocked you in his arms, all thoughts of Mark leaving your mind. All there was now was you and Yugyeom, and that’s all you wanted in this very moment.

Yugyeom’s tongue traced the bottom of your lips and you opened your mouth slightly, granting his tongue the entrance that it wished. Your tongues clashed for a minute or so, before you finally gave up and let him do as he pleased. His hands ran up and down your sides, and you repositioned yourself on top of him, straddling his waist and placing your hands on his shoulders. He gently peppered kisses from your jaw down to your neck and kissed until he found your sweet spot, to which you moaned softly. You felt him smile against your neck while he placed a hickey.

“God Yugyeom” You groaned, burying your face in his neck while he pulled the straps of your tank top down and kissed your shoulders, making you shudder. You could feel him growing hard beneath you and you ground into him, smirking when a guttural moan escaped his perfect lips.

“Shit Y/n what are you doing to me?” He chuckled, pulling you back to look into your eyes. Your heart fluttered when you looked at him, and all you could see was love looking back. Yugyeom really was a piece of work.

“Yugyeom, do me a favor?” You said, breathless. He raised his brows in response. “Make me forget.”

“Are you sure?”

“Please. Make me forget about him Yugy.” You said, and with that he was lifting you up, placing kisses on your neck and bringing you up into your room before he dropped you on the bed, much to your surprise. He pulled off his shirt and your own with ease, and stood before you, letting your eyes soak up every drop you could before he was back on top of you, engulfing your mouth with his own in a delicious kiss that left you breathless while he kissed in the dip between your breasts. He unclasped your bra and you watched as his confidence wavered a bit while staring at your bare chest. Your mouth dropped open at the sight. Never had it even crossed your mind that he may be inexperienced. In the few years that you had known him, his sexual life had never been the main topic of the discussion. Mainly because you figured it was because he had actually done stuff and just never thought much of it. Little did you know it was because there was nothing to discuss.

“Yugyeom, I’m sorry.” You said, suddenly feeling self conscious. He looked up at you, surprised and swallowed.

“For what?” he asked.

“I-I… I didn’t know that you… I mean you we’re just so confident that I just thought… Oh wow I’m so sorry.” You said, covering your face in your hands. Yugyeom quickly removed your hands and kissed your lips softly.

“Y/n, stop it. It’s okay. I still want this. I’d rather it be you than anyone else, honest.” He said, and you blushed, kissing him again. “Could you just maybe… talk me through it? So that I don’t mess up? I don’t want you to be entirely disappointed…” he said, smirking softly. You giggled at how cute he was and nodded, pushing him gently back down and taking his hand, placing it on your left breast. You inhaled sharply and looked at him through your eyelashes. You didn’t have to say anything for him to get the idea, and he began to massage your breast while he took the other into his mouth, swirling his tongue around the nipple. You moaned softly and ran your hand through his hair, while he swapped to the other breast, giving it equal attention. His fingers hooked around the waistband of your PJ pants and dragged them down your legs and to the floor. Yugyeom looked up at you through his eyelashes making you smile.

“You don’t have to eat me out Yugyeom.” You said, knowing that was exactly what he was thinking. Yugyeom must have had the biggest weight lifted off of his shoulders, because his shoulders dropped slightly in relief and smiled softly at you.

“Next time. I promise.” He said, leaning down to kiss you. You pulled his PJ’s down and palmed his erection through his boxers, earning a groan to escape his lips, only to be muffled by your mouth on his. Next thing you knew his boxers were off and next to your panties on the ground while Yugyeom placed himself at your entrance. You reached down between your thighs and grabbed his length, helping him slide into with ease. You winced in pain and held Yugyeom close to you while you tried to adjust.

“Fuck.” he said, burying his face into your neck. You could tell it was difficult for him to stay still so you held on tighter, for fear that he would move before you we’re ready.

“Always wait for her to tell you when to go. You could hurt her.” He said softly in his ear. You hadn’t had to talk him through anything until now.

“Am I hurting you?” he asked, kissing your neck.

“Not anymore. You can go n-” You started, but we’re cut off when his hips suddenly pulled away and slammed back into yours. You couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure when he repeated the same movement, admiring the way that he groaned into your neck every time he made contact. His thrusts we’re rushed, almost sloppy, but the minute he hit that special spot, making you cry out his name so he would know, his thrusts became more precise and a wave of confidence seemed to wash over him.

“Fuck Yugyeom.” You groaned, enjoying the feeling of him inside of you. You couldn’t lie, he was good, even for being so inexperienced.

“Shit I’m fucking my hyungs girlfriend. Damn y/n you feel so good, so fucking good.” He gasped, gripping your waist for dear life. There we’re bound to be bruises when you woke up, but you didn’t care. “Fuck you keep tightening around me. Don’t stop, don’t fucking stop it feels too good.”

You smirked, and clenched around him on purpose this time, loving the way he yelped in pleasure. You could tell by the way that his thrust we’re becoming that he was going to finish soon and your hand whipped between your thighs to rub against your clit in a desperate attempt to catch up. You bit your lip and gasped when you felt the familiar knot begin in the bottom of your stomach.

“Yugyeom I’m-” You gasped, only stopping when you realized you could only see white and your orgasm was ripping through your body. You screamed Yugyeom’s name over and over, as well as a few other questionable words, sending him spiraling over the edge with you. His cum coated your walls as he rode out the both of your highs before collapsing on top of you, panting. You both we’re quiet for a bit before he pulled out and fell beside you, still trying to catch his breath.

“Thank you.” You finally said after what seemed like forever. Yugyeom looked over at you sleepily, and you smiled at how cute he looked with his hair sticking to his forehead from the sweat, and the slight blush that had formed on his cheeks.

“For?” He asked, standing up to go clean himself off in the bathroom. You followed him close behind, still smiling, and tired as fuck with all the alcohol in your system.

“For being you. For being my best friend.”

After cleaning up, Yugyeom helped you back into your night clothes and slipped into his own, not bothering to put his shirt back on before pulling you into his chest under the covers.


“Yes Yugyeom?”

“You love Mark don’t you?”

You flinched at his name and sighed in response. You did love Mark. And the more you thought about what you just did, the more you wish it had never happened. But it did, and there was nothing you could do about it now. Mark had cheated on you with your best friend, and now you had cheated on him with his.

“I do.” You finally said. Yugyeom took a deep breath and sighed. You looked up at him from where you we’re placed against his chest, and gently kissed his chin. “But I don’t regret this Yugyeom. I’ll never regret this.” You whispered. Yugyeom looked down at you and pecked your lips softly.

“I know. But if there is a next time, I don’t want it to be when you belong to someone else.” He said, kissing your temple and then going silent until the only thing you heard from him we’re gentle snores. You smiled to yourself, content with his words and then followed him close behind as you too drifted off to sleep.

~sweet dreams

Hey there @ichoosedestiel you said you like schmoopy fluff, and this was the schmoopiest fluffiest thing I could think of to write for your birthday. Sorry it’s a couple hours late love. <3

@aria-lerendeair @synergysam @synergygabriel @gabe-trash thought you guys might like to see cute sabriel too.


Gabriel always wishes Sam ‘sweet dreams’.

It’s joking at first, almost sarcastic. When Gabriel first moves into the bunker and he’s still not completely comfortable around Sam and Dean, getting defensive over the smallest things or brushing them off as a joke - that’s when he starts saying it.

Sam yawns and closes his offensively large and old book from the bunker library, being sure not to disrupt any of the pages that are so, so close to falling out, and stands up. “I think I’m gonna head to bed,” he mumbles to the room at large, almost slurring his words with how sleepy he is.

“Sweet dreams,” Gabriel replies with a mock salute and a smirk, and Sam would scowl back at him, but he’s too tired even for that.


Later on, it’s bored, almost like he’s just saying it out of habit. He’s settled down into a routine now. Doesn’t feel the need to snark at Sam and Dean and Cas quite as often as he used to, and instead, mostly just exists comfortably with the three of them. He’s still quiet about his feelings and freezes up when the conversation turns to his past, but when it’s just talk of what case they’re going into next or what they’re all watching on TV, Gabriel participates, and he doesn’t even insult them very often.

They finish the movie they’ve all been watching together, and Sam has been half asleep the whole way through, only kept upright by the arm of the high backed chair he’s sitting in, so as soon as the credits roll, he announces, “Alright, I’m beat. I’ll see you all in the morning,” and stumbles out of the room.

“Sweet dreams,” Gabriel calls after him without even thinking about it, and Sam barely acknowledges it, because he’s so used to it by now.


Third, it becomes teasing, and it’s a shared inside joke between the two of them. Gabriel is accompanying the three of them on hunts by this point, and he’s clearly feeling better, more useful. Sam doesn’t know for sure, but he thinks Gabriel maybe feels like he’s allowed to have inside jokes with them all now, like he’s contributed enough to earn that right. It makes Sam a little sad to think that Gabriel didn’t think he had that automatically.

They’re in a motel on a hunt and they have a room with two double beds. Dean and Cas are together now, so it’s obvious that they’d share, curled up around each other to the point where nobody can tell where one ends and the other begins. Sam offers to sleep on the floor the first night and give Gabriel the bed to himself, but Gabriel won’t hear of it. “Get in the bed, Sam,” he insists with a roll of his eyes.

Sam grumbles a bit more, but he does so, the two of them sure to keep to their own sides. “Night, Gabriel,” Sam smiles in the half light.

“Sweet dreams,” Gabriel shoots back, giving him a grin and a wink before burrowing into his own pillow. Sam does likewise.


Then, it becomes almost… affectionate. Caring.

They’re back in the bunker and this time it’s just the two of them. Dean and Cas announced that they were getting an early night, and Sam and Gabriel both wordlessly retreated to the kitchen, which is the furthest room away from Dean and Cas’ bedroom, and neither of them wants to overhear anything. Sam reads. Not a research book, but a book for fun, something he read during his time at Stanford and has been wanting to reread ever since. Gabriel licks his way through seven different colored lollipops and plays some game to do with cats on his phone.

It’s a nice, peaceful moment between the two of them, and they don’t even have to say anything to each other to enjoy the proximity, and Sam reads until the words are blurring in front of him on the page, just because he doesn’t want the night to end. But finally he stands, and stretches. “I’m exhausted, I gotta sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Gabriel looks up from his phone and smiles, a small, tentative smile unlike any Sam has seen from the usually so lively archangel before. “Sweet dreams,” he whispers, barely loud enough to hear. But Sam does hear, because he knows it’s coming, because he doesn’t remember the last time Gabriel didn’t say it.

And that’s when Sam asks.

“Why do you always wish me sweet dreams? I don’t mind at all, I’m just curious…”

He expects Gabriel to laugh, or deflect, or bullshit something. He definitely doesn’t expect Gabriel to blush bright red and cast his eyes to the floor.

“Gabriel?” Sam asks, jogging back over to his side, concerned.

“I…” Gabriel stammers, and Sam is completely convinced that he’s never seen Gabriel lost for words in his life. Finally, he manages to say, “I wish you sweet dreams because I don’t want you to have good dreams, or nice dreams, or happy dreams. I want you to have sweet dreams.”

Sam tries to decode the message, but Gabriel has always kind of spoken a language of his own. “I don’t understand,” he admits.

Gabriel pulls a face as though explaining his point is the hardest thing he’s ever had to do, and then he pulls yet another lollipop. “Sweet dreams. It means I want you to dream about me. Because I like sweet things.”

“Oh,” Sam gasps, and suddenly everything makes sense. Why Gabriel wanted to move into the bunker in the first place. Why he tried his best to help out and make things easier for Sam. Why he always gravitated towards Sam and tried to make time for him. And why he’s sitting here now hiding his fact and acting like… well, like a kid with a crush.

Sam steps closer to him, a tiny smile hovering at the corner of his lips. “And why do you want me to dream about you, Gabriel?”

Gabriel’s eyes snap to Sam’s, and there’s actual terror in them now, because he still doesn’t do relationships or feelings ever, and Sam knows that, so he takes pity on him. He takes Gabriel’s hand and pulls him upright so they’re standing, face to face, looking into each other’s eyes. With his other hand, he cups Gabriel’s cheek, and quietly says, “I do, you know.”

“Do what?” Gabriel squeaks.

“Have sweet dreams. In both senses. I used to have a lot of nightmares, but they stopped, around the time you moved in. And, yes, sometimes those dreams are about you. Because I can’t stop thinking about you. Even when I’m asleep, apparently.”

Gabriel can’t even say anything this time. He just stares up at Sam, his eyes wide and vulnerable.

“And because of that… I really hope it’s okay with you if I do this.”

Sam ducks his head down to Gabriel’s height and captures his lips in a soft kiss. It’s not rushed and there’s no purpose to it other than the two of them getting used to how it feels, learning how it feels to have their lips touching each other after such a long time of just wondering about it.

Gabriel’s smiling when they pull apart, less nervous now. “Of course it’s okay. You can do that any time you want to.”

“Oh, I plan to. And when you least expect it, too.”

Gabriel raises an eyebrow. “I’m several billion years old. You can’t take me by surprise.”

“I can’t?” Sam asks, and sweeps Gabriel off his feet, picking him up and carrying him through the hallways to Sam’s bedroom. Gabriel squeals and clings onto Sam, laughing, until the two of them tumble together onto the bed. “I win,” Sam manages to say through his giggles.

“I’ll admit that if you let me sleep here tonight,” Gabriel bargains.

Sam leans in and kisses him again, just as gentle as the first one, because they have so much time to work up to anything else that they can afford to just savor this for now. “Why else would I have brought you here?”


Gabriel pillows his head on Sam’s chest and closes his eyes.

Before settling down to sleep himself, Sam breathes, “Sweet dreams, Gabriel.”

Never-Wed Newlyweds

From this request: Sam x Reader where newlywed couples are ending up mysteriously missing, so Sam and the Reader go undercover as a “newlywed couple” …. And maybe kind of like it? But the hotel is always noisy, and that’s a bit distracting from the hunt sometimes!!



“So, what’ve we got today?” you asked, walking into the library of the bunker.

“A string of mysterious disappearances and deaths at a new resort for newlyweds,” Sam said, eyes trained on the screen of his laptop.

“How many?”

“Over a dozen in the past two months.”

“What the hell? How is this place still open for business?”

“It’s got demon written all over it,” Dean said.

“How are they dying?”

Sam shook his head. “No one can figure out. There’s no sign of foul play. They just… wake up dead.”

“Quite the honeymoon. So, when are we heading out?”

“There’s no way in Hell I’m going to a honeymoon resort,” Dean said. “Demons and ghosts be damned. Besides, Bobby called. Wants our help with a vamp nest.”

“Then we split up.” You looked at Sam. “Make a reservation. I’ll go start packing, husband-dear.”

Sam’s brow crinkled slightly as he watched you walk off.

Dean snorted. “Congrats, man. I’m just sorry I didn’t have time to throw you a bachelor party.”

“Shut up,” Sam said, trailing down the hall after you.


Sam pulled the car up in front of the resort, a tall, pink building. The modern building only looked slightly out of place among the historical buildings and plantation homes of the deep South.

You stepped out of the car and walked to the trunk to grab the bags. Sam placed a hand on your wrist just as you reached for the strap of your duffle.

“Don’t,” he said. “Let me.” He gave you a tiny smile. “It’s the least I could do for my wife.”

You smiled back at him. “But how on earth are you going to carry the bags and your wife into the building?”

You couldn’t help but laugh at Sam’s face, shock raising his brow and dropping his jaw.

“I’m kidding.”

Sam smiled once more before reaching down and grabbing the bags. “Oh, I almost forgot.” You watched him slip his hand into his pocket. When he pulled it out, two rings sat in his palm. “Gotta make this look convincing.”

You took the ring and slipped it onto your finger. The sun glinted off the metal and strangely… your hand didn’t look half-bad with a ring on it.

Sam slipped his hand into yours and the two of you headed for the entrance of the building. You walked up to the front desk where a red-headed woman smiled brightly at you.

“Welcome to the Honeymooner’s Resort,” the woman said, her heavy Alabama drawl drawing the vowels out. “Last name?”

“Winchester,” Sam said.

The woman typed something into the computer. “All right, we’ve got you set up in room 312.” She slid a key card across the counter. A thick brochure followed. “We’ve got you down for a week. All our activities and events can be found in this packet. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.”

“Thanks,” Sam said, gathering the things up.

“The minibar in the room is completely complimentary, as is room service. Help yourselves as much as you want.” The woman leaned across the counter. “And don’t you worry– all the rooms are soundproofed, so y’all feel free to enjoy your big night without worrying about anyone hearing.”

You had to bite your lip to keep from laughing, both at the sincerity of the woman and the stiffness you felt in Sam’s hand.

“Thank you,” Sam finally said, finding his voice. You glanced up and saw a shade of crimson creeping up his neck. He turned and led you down the hall toward the elevator.

Once inside, he muttered, “Oh, my God.”

You couldn’t stifle your giggles any longer. “Well, it’s quite thoughtful of them to do that.”

The elevator dinged and the two of you stepped out into a plush red-carpeted hallway. The two of you wandered down until you found your room. Sam slipped the keycard into the slot and opened the door.

A large bed took up most of the room, covered in red silk sheets. Pictures of angels and flowers were hung on the walls. The room smelled like vanilla. A scattering of unused candles sat on the bedside table, next to…

“A Bible?” you asked, picking the book up.

“Well, they’re in every other motel,” Sam said, setting the bags on the floor. “And we are in the heart of the Bible belt…”

You supposed that was a true enough statement. But you still couldn’t help but feel that something was… strange about this. You shoved the book into the drawer.


You turned at the sound of Sam’s voice. You walked over to where he was standing and peered into the bathroom.

A large, heart-shaped tub was the central focus of the room. Bottles upon bottles of bubble bath and bath salts lined the sink. A pile of the fluffiest looking towels sat on a small shelf above two bathrobes hanging on hooks. You pulled one of the robes aside, studying it. “Wait, what’s this?”

You pulled the robe completely off the hook. The letters S.W. were embroidered on the front of the robe. You pulled the other robe off the hook. It, too, was embroidered– with the initial of your first name, followed by a W.

“They certainly know how to spoil their guests,” Sam said, studying the monograms.

“You don’t think it’s a little… weird?”

Sam shrugged. “Well, they knew our names from the reservation.”

Your fingers worked the material of the robe. It was really soft. “How harshly would you judge me for actually wearing this?”


You and Sam grabbed a few things from your bags before heading out to explore the rest of the resort. It was a huge building and pretty much any and everything you could ever want was here– swimming pools, massage rooms, tennis courts, art classes, wine tastings, cooking classes, ten different restaurants, a movie theater, a small stage used for plays and karaoke, horseback riding, hot air balloon rides, a casino…

“There’s no way you could do all of this on one trip,” you said.

“Tell me about it,” Sam said. “This is like an adult version of Disneyland– bright colors and sugary smells.”

“I’d rather be at Disneyland.”

Sam chuckled. “We’ll go there on our second honeymoon.”

“I’m going to hold you to that.” You glanced down before slipping your hand into Sam’s. He looked down at you, a strange look on his face. “For appearances,” you merely said.


Was it your imagination, or was there a tinge of sadness in Sam’s eyes?


That night, you and Sam stood in your pajamas, looking at the bed.

‘It’s totally fine,’ you said. ‘There’s plenty of room for both of us.’

“After you,” Sam finally said.

You slid into bed– the sheets were so soft, just like everything else in this place. You settled against the pillow as Sam clicked off the light and slid in next to you.

The two of you laid in the quiet dark for a few moments. You rolled onto your side, back to Sam, and were just starting to drift off when Sam spoke.

“You wanna see how soundproof these walls really are?”

You laughed and reached behind you to smack Sam in the chest. He caught your hand in his.

“Are you still wearing the ring?” he asked, his fingers tracing over yours.

“Oh. Yeah. I guess I forgot about it.” You pulled your hand from his as if to indicate that you were going to take it off and put it on the bedside table. But you twisted the ring around your finger.

You enjoyed the feeling of it there, and the fact that Sam gave it to you made it even better.


The next morning, you woke up early enough to see a worker pulling what looked like a body bag down the hall. You woke Sam up and the two of you hurriedly got dressed and headed downstairs.

A small commotion of people was standing by the front desk.

“Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I understand that you’re all concerned,” the red-headed woman from the day before said. “But please, I promise you that no danger will come to you.”


The woman next to you turned around slightly. “A dead body was found in room 305. Her husband is nowhere to be seen.”


“Now, ladies and gentlemen, I know that it’s really no consolation for any mental trauma you may be suffering, but please, I’d like to direct you all to our Crystal Dining Room and enjoy a full complimentary breakfast, courtesy of the Honeymooner’s Resort.”

You and Sam shared a look– you knew you needed to go investigate before the trail grew cold. But the red-headed woman was watching the guests like a hawk and the two of you knew you couldn’t slip away unnoticed.

So you followed the crowd to a dining room and were shown to a table. The waitress came over and handed you menus.

“I just want to tell you, y’all are just the cutest couple I’ve seen in this place!”

Sam smiled up at the woman. Once she was gone, he leaned across the table. “You wanna kick this up a notch?”

“What’d you have in mind?”

“Every stereotypical gross romantic thing from every romantic comedy ever.”

“Oh, hell yeah. Let’s give everyone diabetes with our sweetness.”

Sam reached over and held his hand out. You slipped your palm into his, finding it very warm.

The waitress came back over. “Are y’all ready to order?”

Sam nodded and ordered for the both of you. He even threw in a pet name for you. You had to bite your lip to keep from laughing.

The waitress walked off to place your order and you leaned back across the table. “‘Schnookums’? Really?”

“You said–”

“Yeah, but I thought you were gonna go for a more 21st-century feel. I didn’t realize I married a grandma.”

Sam chuckled. “Shut up, sugar bear.”

“Two can play this game, Pookie.”

Prompt: Dragons

this is the fluffiest hurt/comfort I have ever written, goodbye world.

cross-posted on ao3

Characters: Jae-ha, Kija, mentions of the other dragons.
Pairings: RyouHaku (whoa what a shocker)
Word count: 2,081
Warnings: If you have an arm-kissing kink, then I am so sorry that no actual genitalia gets touched.  There’s also spoilers for Zeno & Jae-ha’s pasts.  Plus, Kija doesn’t know the term “boyfriend.”
Summary: After the four dragons had been gathered, and all their histories had been revealed, Kija makes it a point to not speak of the past.  He is not perfect, though.

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Happy Birthday

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 1,531

Warnings: N/A

Author: Jena @i4z-0892-imagines

A/N:  This is for my Anon who’s Birthday is today! And they wanted some Fluff ReaderxDean I’m sure this isn’t quite what you were wanting, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless. Happy Birthday, love! I hope it was awesome! Sorry this is a bit late!

Birthdays weren’t an exceptionally big deal in the Winchester household. You and Sam would celebrate Dean’s with a pie and a skin mag. And you didn’t celebrate Sam’s at all.

Before you were in the life you always had big lavish parties with mountains of cake, and friends, and booze and you’d party till day broke the next day and do it all over again. It was always a big deal, and usually a several day long affair. But things were different now, your life had changed dramatically and now you lived with Dean and Sam hunting things, saving people the Winchester family business. It’d been years since the last time you’d done any celebrating, but every year when that fateful day rolled around you couldn’t help the pang of longing that would strike you in the chest. You tried your best to keep your nostalgia to yourself on the days leading up to it but, you couldn’t help but let it out every now and then with a smile, remembering better days fondly.

You stretched your arms over your head and as far back as they would go with a long satisfying yawn, you let them flop at your side and you stared bleary eyed at the book in front of you, the words had turned to nothing but barely legible fuzzy pictures that made little sense in your exhausted sleep. Begrudgingly you stood up, and waved good night to Sam who sat across from you, and trudged to bed.

You landed face first in the bed not bothering to move to the pillows or under the covers, far too content to be smothered by the blankets you’d face planted, as you sunk into the mattress, you grinned and let out a chuckle at the idea of how stupid you must have looked starfished over the bed. You wiggled your toes, pulling another giggle from your lips, you were dangerously close to crossing over the threshold of tired, to a giddy hallucinating mess. A yawn cued you to settled down and cave into sleep.

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vintagxx  asked:

Mileven 12

In which Mike gets braces and El gets worried. (I didn’t proofread this, I’m sorry!) Please enjoy! 

“Ways You Said I Love You” Prompt #12: When we lay together on the fresh spring grass

El wakes early on Saturday morning and, with a chocolate-coloured blanket wrapped loosely around her shoulders, watches two episodes of The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries, humming along to the familiar theme song over a bowl of Fruit Loops. She had taken advantage of Jim still being asleep, using the opportunity to float the bright red box of sugary cereal down from the highest cupboard in their small kitchen, glad to be free (for one morning, at least) of the bland taste of Cheerios. Throughout the cartoon, as she crunches happily on her cereal, El’s mind wanders to Mike; to his frighteningly accurate impression of Scooby that never fails to make her laugh and is, in her opinion, much better than his attempts at Yoda.

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So we both kind of freaked out when seeing this and decided that we were going to split up the workload so as to not overload ourselves with emotion

~ Admin Jaye (Haru, Rin, Sousuke, Nitori)

Alright, here’s my contribution. Now excuse me while I go cry into a pillow about dad emotions.

~ Admin Tee (Makoto, Rei, Nagisa, Momo)

Haru is definitely the quiet, stoic father, I mean come on. It might not seem like he’s really invested in his child because of this, and during their adolescent/teenage years, his kid actually has some trouble getting along with him because they think he doesn’t care enough. However, Haru is always there at every game, match, recital, whatever they’re into doing, because he will always support his child in finding their dream. After all, even he needed a little bit of guidance in doing just that.

Makoto is basically super dad. If there was ever a father who would give up everything to see his children smile, it’s Makoto. He gets along great with his children, no doubt due to years of practice with the twins, but he also knows where to draw the line. He’s the dad who would tell his children that he’s “not mad at them, just disappointed”, and damn, is it ever effective in getting them to toe the line more carefully. Still, he dotes generously upon them, to the point where his partner might have to step in before he ends up spoiling them. On more than one occasion, he’s fallen asleep on the couch, with his kids asleep on various limbs, and his partner can really only smile, scoop up the kids, and nudge him back to his own bed.

(Nagisa, Rei, and Samezuka under the cut)

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