if they win i'm getting paid

What I wish I knew in High School:

Adult here. Write this down. If you have a weird hobby and your parents have said that you should quit because it’s not “marketable,” consider that there are real people, some of whom I know personally, with the following jobs that make real cash money:

Science writer (me)
Cosplay and prop maker
Stuffed animal designer
Dog artist
Political activist for LGBTQ rights
Political activist for affordable housing
Music licenser
Fan video mixer
Bone cleaner
Sports photographer
Digital hat maker

me @ the writers: please! can !this! time! be!krypto!in! the pod! give! kara! a dog! let melissa play with a puppy for work!

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Something that it seems like the right understands better than the left: if you want to come out of a negotiation on top, you have to start from a more extreme position than what you really want. If your starting offer is already a compromise, then you're going to end up in an even more compromised position. It would be really nice if that wasn't how it worked, but it would also be really nice if Republicans actually cared for their constituents. I'm not holding my breath for either.

Absolutely, I think the thing that most people don’t think about is the fact that many members of the Democratic Party are paid to be weak.  

Think about it, if you are a corporate donor looking for the best bang for the buck you want the “left-leaning” party to be weak. You want them to make a compromise before they ever reach the bargaining table. That way, even when they are in power, they only get minor wins, while further strengthening the corporatist agenda. 

Obamacare is a perfect example. We were promised a Public Option, a progressive policy, although not as progressive as single payer. By October 2009 we were told that the public option would likely be scrapped so that the bill could attract Republican Support

Republican Support never came with Obamacare passing with Democratic Support only.

So why did the most progressive part of the law, a part of healthcare reform that Obama Campaigned on, get tossed aside?

Could it be because over $2 million was given to Obama by the Healthcare industry for his inauguration?

Or that 26 of his appointees to Health and Human Services were a part of the “revolving door” from the Healthcare industry? 

The Democrats are paid to be weak, they are paid to bow down to corporate interest. This means allowing the Republicans to rake them over the coals when it comes to almost any negotiations. 

- @theliberaltony

lol i got offered a mechanic job which entails like fixing cars/engines and making them look fly. i know shit all about cars but i’m hoping to be a vehicular aficionado in some time :-DD

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Should I be worried that my summer so far has consisted of eating, sleeping, and DWTS.

Depends, are you young enough that you are a student and you have nothing else to do?  If so…..that’s what summer is all about.  However, if you are a grown ass adult (like me), you should probably add getting up and going to work in that mix. 

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The Boston Pride won the 1st game of the Isobel Cup Finals off a penalty shot from Hilary Knight in OT!

someone: vixx are the seniors of course they will win
me: uhm if it’s true then tell me why vixx won over yesung last week considering he’s a 7-year senior?
someone: vixx have more fans
me: explain to me how the other groups are still charting so well and that our views couldn’t make it to 2M yet ( no shade here ⭐ dun get me wrong)
someone: they paid for that win
me: coz you can. you can pay for tokens on tudou and you can pay through laifeng.
someone: coz it’s The Show
me: what do you even mean exactly
someone: starlights hacked into the system
me: lol ok

The Bet
  • Phasma: Hux, I don't care who you sleep with as long as it doesn't get in the way of your job.
  • Hux: Good. You're well aware it won't.
  • Phasma: I do. I trust in your professionalism.
  • ....A week later....
  • Hux: -irritated-
  • Officer: Sir what is wrong?
  • Hux: Nothing. I'm just opposed to the lack of professionalism shown by my troops, flirting so outrageously with a Knight of Ren the moment they see his face.
  • Officer: Well Sir, Captain Phasma did place a bet with several other officers interested in Ren that they couldn't get him to go out with them. Not sure how she plans to win, a lot of people would like the force users favor.
  • Hux: ... Excuse me.
  • ........
  • Hux: PHASMA!
  • Phasma: Yes Captain?
  • Hux: You're well aware I'm seeing Ren, that no one else knows, and that he won't agree to see anyone else. So why, exactly are you convincing your officers to grope him in front of me? You are well aware I could dispose of them in a moment?
  • Phasma: Well Sir, I do not get paid nearly well enough to deal with your shit. My winnings should cover it nicely, especially since I'm aware you won't reveal yourself and ruin it.
  • Hux: ....
  • Phasma: Only twenty more to go, then I'll stop betting people to hit on your lover. Well, some will still try. But I trust in your professionalism General.
  • -walks off, cape flowing fabulously-
  • Hux: ....I regret a number of my life decisions.
  • Ren: Hey Hux? Why Did Phasma just tell me to enjoy the next two weeks of jealousy sex?
  • Hux: ....Possibly not that one.

Just, y’all. 

If you’re applying or appealing a disability case, do yourself a favor and hire an attorney. If you want to be taken seriously. Because there’s a 90% chance you’re going to be denied without them even really looking at your file. Even if you “look disabled”, there’s a chance of them denying you. 

My therapist told me that one of her other clients recently lost a leg and was denied disability because “his old job consisted of sitting and he’s still capable of sitting”. They don’t care about the emotional stress or whether or not you can get to work. That’s how fucked up the system is. 

It’s fucking dirty but that’s the name of the game.

And honestly, you can hire an attorney for free through legal aid. Most don’t get paid unless you win the case. Even then, it’s ssi that pays them.

If you’re appealing though, going through legal aid is a much easier choice and it’s very important that you mention that you’re continuing benefits. In general, most private attorneys don’t take on continuing benefits cases. 

there isn’t a baby. 

this has been proven (however inadvertently) over and over again by briana’s own family (and fizzy and ashley’s twitter thing certainly didn’t help their case) so that leaves us with a certificate for a child that doesn’t actually exist. how does that work? 

to awkwardly quote myself from a post last week: you pay off this random county clerk’s office to distribute fake copies as though they’re real only to those who come and request a copy (because the kid isn’t real, they know the only people who would bother trying to get one are people in the fandom). it’s not doing anyone any harm (well it’s causing the fandom emotional duress but that’s a whole other thing) and if they’re being paid off by syco who’s going to sue them? and they get a nice chunk of change out of it. win/win. 

Honestly it should not be this hard to convince me there is a baby they have truly failed in every imaginable way.

  • Jeremy Corbyn: poverty isn't inevitable! we all deserve equal rights! racism is still an issue!
  • Opposition: omg this is way too left we are like MIDDLE LEFT at best
  • Jeremy Corbyn: look i wasn't even going to run i'm just doing what i think is best
  • Opposition: if he gets in i'm LEAVING!!!
  • Jeremy Corbyn: *doesn't dodge questions and talks in plain English not political jargon*
  • Opposition: OMG like he doesn't EVEN WEAR SUITS!!!
  • Opposition: why is anyone voting for him? look these must all be TORY INFILTRATORS!! THE ONLY POSSIBLE EXPLANATION!!!!
  • Opposition: look guys if he gets in it'll be the death of this party because he's TOO LEFT!!! i mean... people said the same thing about margret thatcher and she was in for 12 years, but.... that's irrelevant!
  • Jeremy Corbyn: *wins by democratic vote largely supported by ordinary people who only paid £3*
  • Opposition: THAT'S IT!!! I'M LEAVING!!
  • Jeremy Corbyn: I'm going to invite everyone in the labour party including "middle left" people to work with me! :)

I make $9.50 an hour, 25 cents over minimum wage, and I’m part-time and can’t work more than 28 hours a week. I work around 21/22 hours a week, about $200 a week

If I worked every week of the year, at this rate, I will make $10,000. That will be my annual income. That is nowhere near liveable.

Now assuming I worked full time for the same pay rate, let’s say $9.50 an hour, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, 52 weeks a year, my annual salary would be $19,760. Which is, guess what, still barely liveable.

How is anyone expected to pay bills, buy food, pay car insurance, house insurance, rent, buy clothes, necessities, get money taken from their paychecks every two weeks for taxes, and still be able to live comfortably? Even with coupons and food stamps and living in a $500 a month studio apartment in a bad part of town, buying clothes only from the thrift shop, cutting nearly every corner, it is not possible to live comfortably.

And that’s not fucking fair. Why do people like me not deserve a liveable wage? Why is it expected of us to do a full day of work on our feet for next to nothing? I’m grateful for my job and my paycheck and to even be making money at all, but I don’t think I’m asking a lot when I asked to be paid enough to live.

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Hey! I'm looking for a Phanfic when Dan writes his number on a bathroom wall during school and he gets a message from the 'Cute Creative Writing Dude' about what entry he should write for a competition which he wins. They also become smoking buddies, but they don't know that they are the people they are messaging anonymously. Thanks!

A Friend Of A Friend, These Strangers At The Party Never Paid - “I left phone number on the bathroom stall wall and you text me about your day and your frustrations for a month & it’s really nice and cute but I still don’t know who you are” AU.