if they show the pilot at comic con i will literally pass out in my seat

agentpaxieamor  asked:

Fic prompt: Foodieverse, Steve is going to be taking his truck to NY ComicCon, Tony decides he has to have a truck there too. His truck is... Interesting.

So, I also got an Ask from @katisatotalnerd in this vein:
I was walking over to Powell’s City of Books today, and I got caught up in the Portland Rose Festival parade. There were lots of food trucks around. Which got me thinking, are there any parades in the Foodieverse? Does Steve drag Tony to the parades? Do Steve and Sam set up their trucks along the parade path? Does Steve badger Tony to set up some sort of promotional table for TOBRU?

I don’t often go to parades or conventions so I’ve never truly encountered food trucks at them, but I was intrigued by the idea of a TOBRU food truck. BEHOLD THE RESULT.


“Tadaa!” Tony repeated, when his first tadaa! elicited no reaction.

Steve was standing in the parking lot of TOBRU, hand over his mouth. Sam, next to him, had his thumb pressed to his mouth with his knuckles tucked under his nostrils, eyes wide. Bucky, who had weaseled one of the new experimental “hot dog croquettes” out of Sam, was chewing industriously, seemingly indifferent to the monstrosity before them.

“Is that an RV?” Steve finally asked.

“It was an RV. Now it is TRUCKBRU, the mobile eatery,” Tony said proudly.

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