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I’ve been watching and analyzing Gilmore Girls for so many years it’s hard to even imagine, but one thing that always struck me is that this show has more in common with SciFi shows I love like Farscape or BSG than it does normal family dramas. Maybe that sounds silly, but the world ASP created has overarching themes that play out over & over again, characters that fit into specific archetypes & roles that serve specific purposes rather than just fumbling through life. ASP uses parallels, circular stories and other devices to tell these stories over and over again, to write herself into messes and then back out again. But while she writes about the same themes over and over again, she never quite tells the same story twice.

What am I trying to say? Well, that the revival story of Rory & Logan fits very nicely into the overarching themes that ASP has been mining since she introduced Logan in 2004. Rory wasn’t ruined, honestly, her hairbrained ideas about things remaining hers long after she should be considering other people’s feelings is a character trait that dates back to s3 & Shane. Once she decides something is hers it always is. Once she realized she still loved Logan she doesn’t care about anyone else’s feelings. It might not be the greatest character trait and might make you scratch your head wondering why she doesn’t just go for it again with Logan when she clearly still loves him…well that ties to something I’ll talk about in a few.

Rory’s story has always been one about leaving Stars Hollow, being a bridge between Lorelai-Richard & Emily, both literally and figuratively. She’s not supposed to be one or the other, but all three, not a carbon copy of Lorelai ever. Which is why the thing I found most disturbing during the revival is not her being pregnant or them cheating on two characters I have zero investment in, but her landing back in the Hollow professionally. It’s where she started, not where she belongs or where she’s supposed to end up. It’s her launching pad.

But I’ve also long said that the way Lorelai brought up Rory made her codependent. Rory needs a partner in life. Someone with a stronger personality - Lorelai/Logan - to push her to be the person she can be. To be her sounding board and cheerleader. Otherwise she tends to flounder. Or if that person is floundering, she does too. Her greatest moments come when linked with a partner - FNAFF which directly leads to her getting the editorship of YDN or the activities of YJIJJ which are related to Logan. Then her getting into Chiton - Lorelai pushes this and it leads to Yale and the opportunities Yale represents. Rory is at her most lost and unhappy when she doesn’t have a partner, look at S4.

That’s not to say Rory’s not a strong person, she is. But she’s got a quieter strength than Lorelai or even Logan, who both are openly stubborn and revel in defying expectations. Rory is more of a pleaser. Also, she learned her lesson the hard way about defying Lorelai’s wishes in S6 - Lorelai cutting her out of her life when Rory was at her lowest & not getting back in her good graces till Rory was back on the Lorelai approved Yale track. My personal feelings have always been that Rory never really fully recovers from that shunning and decisions she makes subsequently and that she’s still making are influenced by what happened then. To anyone that thinks I’m being too hard on Lorelai - she was the parent, the adult and she was not the one that was having the massive crisis of confidence. That was Rory.

Also, while Jess might’ve given her the idea for the book, it’s Logan’s support to defy Lorelai’s not wanting her to write it that ultimately pushes her to begin writing - at Richard & Emily’s home. Lorelai’s prison once again becoming Rory’s refuge. It also ties into the ‘lucky dress’ which comes up again & again. It’s what she was wearing when she meets Logan in Hamburg - for what’s implied is the first time in probably years. Logan is tied to her being ‘lucky.’ He gives her confidence to do things she would otherwise not believe she could do - hasn’t he always?

Logan’s story has always been a good look into the life Lorelai would’ve had had she not left Hartford. Expectation, obligation, and a horrible home life married to someone you don’t love. That’s still his life when we meet him again. If you don’t believe me, rewatch their first phone call in Summer & final convo in Fall. They are him either begging Rory to change things or a redo of their couch convo in Partings - him asking her to not let him go into his predestined life and her not stopping him. In Partings I loved it. Here, I think she’s so self doubtful - perhaps thinking she has nothing to truly offer him - that she can’t make a leap with him again. We’re dealing with a late S5, early s6 self doubting Rory in the revival, IMO.

Finn, Colin & Robert aren’t just irresponsible friends of Logan’s he needs to grow up and leave behind - they’re a physical manifestation of his rebellion to his predestined life. They show the audience that while he might be working for Mitchum & might be planning on marrying the new Fallon - his Huntzberger approved wife - Mitchum’s bit still does not quite fit. Mitchum’s long glance at Rory in his one scene tells me he knows this & he knows as long as Rory’s part of Logan’s life, Mitchum’s not won this game yet. He knows Rory’s a threat - that Logan’s only true out is Rory, who Logan practically begs to push the escape hatch button for him. [This is one area that ASP does need to further explain what she took from S7 & what she didn’t. Because why IS Logan back with HPG to being with? Did he ever even leave?]

Where does Lorelai fit in all this? Well, they’re all named Lorelai for a reason. She may be the Reigning Lorelai, but here she plays the role of Lorelai I disapproving of Richard’s choice of Emily, championing the fiancée he chose to leave behind for the woman he loved and the life he chose. Rory turned Logan down not just because she didn’t want to get married so young. To have a wide open future. She also turned Logan down because she didn’t want to disappoint Lorelai - go back to the schism. Lorelai didn’t have to expressly voice her disapproval of Logan - she’d been doing it for three years already and Rory had heard her many sermons on similar subjects since infancy. Harvard, not Yale, Rory doesn’t make the final decision to go to Yale though it’s obvious that’s what she wants & the blue/grey/white theme has been around since the pilot, till Lorelai lets her know it’s okay, she’s okay with it. At some point Lorelai has to stop telling Rory she’s going to find someone who she’ll be happy with and realize - Rory already has.

Does a baby solve anything? No, not really. What it does is make everyone take another look at what they’ve done & the choices they’ve made. Why is the girl that had a CHOICE poster on her wall in college keeping this baby? Is a 34 year old man going to make the same choices as a 16 year old boy? Does an adult Logan who keeps trying to choose Rory over and over again really have the lack of commitment that a 16 year old Christopher had? What I do know is that ASP has talked about there being more story to tell since she started talking about the revival. Rory’s journey to happiness is that final piece of the puzzle and I have no doubt that it won’t be the same as Lorelai’s. Lorelai’s experience with bringing up Rory as a single mom is where we start, not necessarily where we end.

What this portion of the revival did was fit into themes that tie back to the pilot and weave throughout the show - as Rory and logan’s story always has. It’s about more than two people that have loved one another for 12 years having an affair. It’s even about more than the fact that they clearly adore one another and are one another’s best friends and touchstones - they know EVERYTHING going on in the others lives and he’s the one she can’t quit subconsciously calling when things are starting to get out of sorts with Lorelai. Those are the things that the Sophie since 2004 in me loved, but the fan of the show that’s been analyzing it for 16 years also sees the themes revisited, the through lines of their story that’s been part of them since WITS and especially YJIJJ. This all fits within those stories that have been told before or calls back to them, waiting for their twist and turn to make the outcome uniquely theirs.

To me Gilmore Girls has ultimately been not about Rory being Lorelai or not being Lorelai or Emily approving of or understanding Lorelai’s choices or not. It’s about these people ultimately accepting that they’re not just carbon copies of one another - Trix again - and being okay with the choices they each make for their own happiness. Emily has done that with Lorelai, it’s now Lorelai’s turn to do that for Rory. That’s the true completion of the circle and a story I’m eager to see.


This has always been one of my favorite Mary and EJo interviews. Incase you haven’t seen it before you must.

I love in how the first question EJo turns into the Adama/Roslin shipper that he is :)

When asked how what Adama’s biggest strength is and what his biggest weakness is ? (This interview seems to have been done around the post Hub era)

He responds saying that his biggest strength has been Laura and up until now (referring to Sine Qua Non) he didn’t realize his biggest weakness is also Laura.

And that is so true about his relationship with Laura. It is like fate had tied them together and the way their relationship had progressed over the season was beautiful. It was an emotional journey and the fact that Mary and EJo had an amazing chemistry just showed onscreen.

I’m hit by spaceparents feels again.

Outlander Paleyfest 2015 Panel

I liveblogged this like it’s an episode on tv. And it was hilarious!

Sam don’t do things with your mouth.

And definitely don’t look Cait up and down like that while she’s getting wired up. Lol.

Cait gets all excited when Kristin mentions drinking game, lol. And says NO when she says they can choose to use water…or OUTLANDER WHISKEY! I WANT SOME! Kristin is asking the men to open it, she should have asked Cait, Sam says just give her a straw, Kristin ask if she wants the bottle. AHAHAHA THIS IS GREAT.

“I have never worn a kilt, off the show.” -

Sam - “Do we drink? Or not?” He doesn’t understand the game. “I’m still confused.” LMAO.

He’s just sitting there, unsure what he’s supposed to do, lol, making faces. AHAHAHAHA.

They mention skinny dipping, which apparently Sam has done, and it’s part of a spoiler.


“Never gotten the giggles during a sex scene.” Kristin put that in knowing Sam and Cait had to drink, to which they toasted.

Cait - “I’m almost done.”

Sam - “Like I said.”


When they first chemistry tested, Sam at one point tried to bear hug Cait there was face punching, lol.

Diana called Sam “grotesque” and then just proceeds to dig herself in a bigger whole. Lol.

“Tobias you are SOOO GOOD, in both roles.” YESSSSSSS, Agreed. I don’t really like Frank and I loathe Mad Bastard but Tobias does such an incredible job with both.

I love how this panel is not awkward at all, it’s funny and precious and clearly this group gets along very well.

Ron talking about the finale going places you didn’t expect, and Sam and Cait share a knowing nod. Hmmmmmm.

Diana continues to pick on Sam. This is all she ever does to him, lol. I think it’s hilarious.

Tobias joking that he probably wouldn’t have signed on if he had known where his Black Jack character was going, especially with his relationship with Jamie. Lol.

Sam saying that the place where the three of their characters end up in the end is…“Satisfying.” and then rethinks it and drinks, lol.

Newlyweds Game! “Trans-century”. AHAHAHA LOVE IT.

Sam and Tobias teaming up against Cait.

Sam gives his board to Tobias and says “You better rub me out” and Cait hides behind the whiteboard. AHAHAHAHAHA

I’m so glad they got got liquored up for this.

Cait saying she knows the bad words that she say all the time…She says “Shit”, Sam says “Make me a double.” AHAHAHAHA

Asking when’s the hardest that they’ve ever laughed together and Sam says there’s so many…she says she’s cried and he says she’s actually wet herself once. LMAO.

They both said the thing about Sam trying to put the puffy white shirt on in Episode 4. I’ve heard about that one.

Favorite scene….Oooooo…..Sam and Cait are so cute omg. She said “The Boat” must be from the new episodes, and Sam said ALL OF THEM.


They almost cut the “Need not be scared of me…” line but Diana said we’d miss it, and it got put back in.

Ron says how he tries to stay as true to the books as they can, but it’s tricky. He wants to please the fans who have read the book, but give fans who’ve only read the book the ability to follow it on their own too without the book knowledge. To which he references Game of Thrones and how he hasn’t read the books but likes the show on it’s own.

Ron’s wife does the costumes and Tobias and Ron were saying how just in the difference in costumes it helps set the character tone.

KILL MARRY SCREW! “No offense Frank, but I’d probably have to screw Jamie.” SAM BITING HIS LIP WHEN SHE SAID THAT. GOOD LORD.

Kristin wants this group to get ALL THE AWARDS! Same! Of course it’s not what’s important, but it’s nice to get that recognition.

Ron worked on BSG and he’s proud of that without any awards. Nice.

“I trust that what we’ve done is bigger than that. And it matters to the people that watch the show.” And Cait points to the crowd and says that “This, this is the award.” AWEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Who would they want to play for 1 day….Sam/Cait…BLACK JACK!

What show would Ron work on for 1 day….Vikings. YESSSSSSS. I was literally just watching that before this.

“The stories not over so they don’t know how it works yet.” Diana on the time-traveling science fiction.



“Does anybody need more whiskey.” Cait - YES! Lol.

Diana about how long she meant it to go on…“There’s more.”

Sam asked if anybody’s ever weighed them all together, Diana said the publisher weighed the first one and said…“It’s a boy.” And Cait gestures to Sam and says…“And look how he’s grown.” AHAHAHAHA THAT WAS GREAT.

Kristin asks for possibility of a blooper reel and Ron says…possible, Sam said there was a wrap party where basically it’s just Cait swearing, when she’s drunk.

Question on possible commentaries and theirs talks of putting Ron’s PODCASTS on it when the entire series is released.

Diana did a nursing side job and taught Anatomy and Physiology and that was where her knowledge to make Claire a nurse came from, thought that didn’t happen till after she realized the character was a time traveler.

Sam being called a sex symbol, and just basically blushing his way through it. Lol.

“Do you have a butt double.” Kristin “lil shit” Dos Santos to Sam. LOL.

“I didn’t actually know if my father had seen them or not.” Cait on her Dad seeing the show. “He’d seen them.” Sam nods, and her parents visited and apparently her father has a hand crushing hand shake, lol.

Episode 7 - written and directed by a women. They never intended it to be about the feminist part of it, just to make it true, about the situation that was happening between these two characters. And it was great and ironically when they end up doing something truthful, it becomes about a women’s point of view. LOL.

It’s probably an understatement of the year to say that many of us were hurt and disappointed by how Lexa died on The 100. And I’ve been thinking a lot about potential scenarios for the rest of the season/show that could maybe soften the blow of that loss for me. Here are a few I’ve considered:

1.  Clarke and Murphy steal the Flame, with or without the help of Roan and/or Emori, and escape from Polis. They get caught up in the ALIE plot (I’m going to ignore Pike and that nonsense). Clarke, in an attempt to save her people from the City of Light, implants the Flame in her own neck – which allows her to interact with the part of Lexa’s consciousness that was downloaded into the Flame upon her death. While in the City of Light, Clarke can touch, see, and hear this Lexa, who continues to love and protect Clarke. 

I think this would bring about several interesting questions: what is life? what is existence? what is sentience? what does it mean to be human? (all questions posed and explored by other science fiction stories – Star Trek: TNG with Data, BSG with the Cylons, FFX with Tidus/Auron. It’s a toss up whether The 100 writers are capable of sufficiently exploring those issues). 

Anyhow, with Flame!Lexa’s help, Clarke takes down ALIE/destroys the City of Light. But since Clarke isn’t a nightblood – meaning she doesn’t have the proper neural interface for an AI – her body starts rejecting the Flame. In the end, she has to remove the Flame, which will probably then be implanted in the 8th nightblood that Lexa refused to talk about post-coitus. I’m gonna go ahead and spec that nightblood is Luna. Dun dun dunnnn.

Bonus: If Lexa remains only in the Flame for the rest of the series and the Flame isn’t destroyed, I would love it if somehow Clarke began having the gene therapy to turn her into a nightblood. So that in the end, Clarke once again receives the Flame and a part of Lexa would literally be with her until the day Clarke dies. And then a part of both of them would live forever in the Flame together.

2. After fighting to bring about peace for their people, Clarke eventually dies in the series finale and is reunited with Lexa in the afterlife, in true Bitanic (and/or LOST) style. lol

3. Cloning or Cylon-esque technology is introduced to The 100′s mythology, thereby allowing Lexa’s consciousness to be downloaded from the Flame into a new body. This would never happen on the show, but it can happen in FANFIC! hahaha

4. Stealing from one of my favorite tragic sci-fi anime movies (Gall Force: Eternal Story), everyone dies but then are reincarnated in the distant future where they lead happy and productive lives, including Lexa and Clarke.

And there you have it. I think too much. Anyone else have any ideas?