if they release a video later i might do better ones

  • Meet Park Jimin. born on October 13, 1995, in Busan. He is the main vocalist and dancer of BTS. 

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  • Before becoming this celestial creature who inspires youth to pursue their dreams, he was a child with none but a will to become either a chef or a police officer. 

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  • His dream will come to shape when he sees a south Korean artist named Rain. At the time he would laugh if he heard that years later he will have to dance to one of his songs in front of the world.

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  • He falls in love at 8th grade with dancing. A love he will keep dear … a love that will change his path forever.

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  • He will work hard for his dream and get into Busan High School of Arts as the top student in modern dance, but will later transfer to Korea Arts High School where he will meet one of the 6 guys that will share his destiny: Kim Taehyung (V). 

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  • None of them knew at the time how valuable one will become to the other, that they will share smiles and pains and call each other soulmates.

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  • Seasons pass and Jimin will audition to BigHit, Sweaty palms and shaky voice, this shy guy will sing … was someone that scared and timid made for the stage? People who didn’t know of his duality will mock even the idea of it.  After a poor start caused by stress, fear will fade when it’s time to dance along with the judges' hesitation: he was a raw diamond. 

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  • Jimin will get accepted into this small company, full of trainees with more experience and chances to debut than him. He said only later “as a trainee, I really didn’t know if I’d ever get to debut”. He used to be perceived as talented and showered with compliments by both his professors and parents in his hometown, arriving at Seoul. Negative thoughts will start to build up: “Why is everyone better than me? Do I have no talent? … Am I no good? Should I give up? Is this worth it”. Being a guy who hates losing he will ignore the hardship and just work harder.

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  • And indeed, hard work paid off. Jimin with only one year of training will join Big Hit’s first group: Bangtan Seonyondan. During BTS first year, he will have the chance to write a letter and read it to ARMYs. His face will carry his signature smile at first but word after word, memories of that harsh year will start to hit him … and tears will fall. He will say that he thought of giving up endless times and that he is thankful he did not.

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  • During BTS first years, they were hated and belittled by many. Jimin who though debuting was the hardest thing will come to laugh at his naive past self. He will recall what made him come through that harsh year: “hard work”. Even if he is known to be the boy who helps and supports every member, he is the kind who tries to solve his own problems … He blames no one but himself. 

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  • He didn’t know at the time that he was feeding a complex he kept from the past that will lead to a dangerous situation: He will start viewing himself as “fat” and be more self-conscious about his appearance than ever. And so … *sigh* … 

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  • he will start starving himself in a middle of a busy schedule where even sleep is a luxury, to shortly after fall into a big depression. Smiling during the day to cameras and …

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  •  wiping sweat and tears training with all his might for hours. 

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  • Jimin called having abs a “homework”. ARMYs loved his abs … but no one knew the price the poor boy paid for the screams of the crowd.

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  • Receiving hate from others is hard, yet imagine hating your own self? we can hide from people yet we can’t run away from our thoughts.
  • Jimin is also the kind to help everyone but solves his own problems. A workaholic who hates losing and get veeery stubborn. The members even said, he is the scariest when he gets angry. 

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  • But Jin couldn’t stand seeing Jimin in constant pain so he got him out of it. It took Seokjin time and effort but it was worth it as his junior started to eat regularly and accept that he too can have flaws. 

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  • All of this situation made Jimin grow not only as an artist but also as a person, to become idolized by many. People tend to think Jimin was naturally good at all he does. Jungkook’s words when he described JM will quickly tell you otherwise “He tries the hardest! He watches music videos all day long … When I watch him, he looks cool”

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  • He is the protégé of both BTS, the managers and the whole fandom so no one can refuse him a favor. 

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  • Have you ever thought why did Jimin not release any cover song alone? Most people learn from their mistakes but there are some that prefer to not allow any. As Jimin stated in both Bon Voyage S2 and BTS Wings concept book, he is still not pleased by his singing. 

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  • People mostly say “I like Jimin’s voice” when he worked so hard he wants to hear “Jimin sang well” because a good voice is something you are born with, singing well is something you learn and work hard to achieve. 

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  • There is no way we can change Jimin’s way of thinking, but maybe we can choose better words and simply stand by him the way Jin and the members did in the past.

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  • Jimin is like a moon reflecting all the light he gathers on us with a smile. Yet where we stand no matter what, we will never see his dark side. Neitherless, we still know it’s there. 

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  • You may probably already adore Jimin the singer, dancer, and performer but please don’t forget the one who needs more love: Jimin the human. 

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Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations, I am happy destiny led him our way so we can open even better paths for not only Jimin but all BTS.
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Reputation Theory by alltooalex

As November 10th is getting closer and more information is being shared each day about the songs on Reputation, I can’t stop thinking about the theory that the fifteen Taylor’s present at the end of the Look What You Made Me Do video are representations of the fifteen tracks on the album. Because of this, I have decided to compile all my own theories on Reputation into one big post to share with everyone here on Tumblr…

Track 1: The Birdcage Taylor / Ready For It
This Taylor is clad in orange and depicted inside a giant gold cage, referencing a prisoner. We already know that this track is ‘Ready For It’. The three lyrics of ‘me I was a robber first time that he saw me’, ‘but if I’m a thief then he can join the heist’, and ‘he can be my jailer, Burton to this Taylor’ all perfectly fit this image. This song is asking ‘are you ready for it?’ as in ‘are you ready for the intense media scrutiny that comes along with being in a relationship with me?’.

Track 2: Snake Taylor
Hiss hiss bitch, this Taylor has taken reclaiming her image to a whole new level by presenting herself as the queen of snakes. You think Taylor Swift is a snake? Watch Taylor Swift be the biggest snake you’ve ever seen! This look is pretty self-explanatory in my eyes. I think this will be the ultimate diss song to everyone who has ever wronged her. All the haters better watch their back, because we all know that all Taylor thinks about is karma.

Track 3: Shake It Off Taylor
This Taylor is the ballerina of the Shake It Off music video. Both the Shake It Off song and music video send the message that in spite of hate you should never stop being yourself. This Taylor says “yeah, you can’t possibly be that surprised all the time” recognising that Taylor is aware of the things people say about her, just like she was when she wrote Shake It Off. It’s hard to say what this track will be about because I think this album focuses on confronting hate rather than ignoring it, but it could be a song about Taylor being happy with her life right now. Shake It Off in its essence is about embracing life and enjoying yourself, and Taylor really has been glowing in the rare glimpses we’ve seen of her this era.

Track 4: Zombie Taylor
The Old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now… Why? Oh, cause she’s dead. I know this Taylor has a lot of links to the Kimye drama, but I think the most important part of Zombie Taylor is that she is the death of Out of the Woods Taylor. Out of the Woods Taylor represented a Taylor who had found herself outside of a relationship and was happy within her own right. I think the Kimye situation, as well as her breakup with Calvin and short-lived relationship with Tom, may have left Taylor feeling as if she had lost who she was. Similar to how she describes feeling All Too Well, I think this will be a song about finding herself again (or bringing herself back from the dead).

Track 5: Junior Jewels Taylor
This Taylor is a replica of Junior Jewels Taylor from her 2008 You Belong with Me video, except this shirt sports all the names of her current day friends! On Taylor’s past albums Track 5 has been the sad song™, however, I think Reputation might break this tradition and this will be a song about Taylor and her friends (think ‘22’ 2.0). Could the candids of Taylor’s upcoming music video (x), in which she is hanging out in London with some friends, be more evidence to support this?

Track 6: Dance Sequence Taylor / Look What You Made Me Do
This Taylor reflects the dark image she projected leading up to the announcement of Reputation. We already know that this track is ‘Look What You Made Me Do’. Through this track, Taylor is recognising the hate she received in 2016 and taking back her narrative through Reputation (‘maybe I got mine, but you’ll all get yours’). This song has loose ties to her Kimye fued, with this Taylor saying ‘what’s with that bitch?’ in reference to The Old Taylor and the lyric ‘I don’t like your titled stage’.

Track 7: Met Gala Taylor
This Taylor was super dramatic and over the top, gasping and holding a hand to her head. For some reason this Taylor gives me strong Wildest Dreams vibes, so I think this will be a love song about Joe. The fact that this Taylor was buried by Zombie Taylor could also hint at this being a love song, since the most popular criticism of Taylor in the past has been that she only writes songs about romance and relationships.

Track 8: 2009 VMAs Taylor
This Taylor is the iconic 2009 VMAs Taylor, referencing the night that started her eight-year long Kanye feud. Ironically, this Taylor says the quote that ended this same feud, ‘I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative’. I think this will be the Kanye song we all expect from Reputation, expect it will not be a repeat of Innocent because Taylor is not going to forgive and forget this time. Rumours out of the secret sessions say that there is a definite Kanye mention on Reputation – this is it.

Track 9: Receipts Taylor
This Taylor is full of sass and is ‘getting receipts, I’m gonna edit this later’. I think the most important part of this Taylor is the line ‘I’m gonna edit this later’. Leading up to her break, Taylor’s life was constantly documented, be it through paparazzi shots, excerpts from interviews, or even fan videos at her concerts. A lot of the things she did and often twisted into something they weren’t (such as Kim Kardashian editing her phone call with Kanye on snapchat, hence the ‘I’m gonna edit this later’). I think this will be a song about how Taylor is tired of being portrayed as something she is not.

Track 10: Fearless Taylor
This Taylor is a homage to the Fearless era, equip with her bedazzled guitar and all. I think this will be the sad song™ of Reputation. We have been told by those who attended the secret sessions that there is one track in particular that ‘made everyone sob’ (Fearless Taylor cries in the LWYMMD music video) and ‘has better lyrics than All Too Well’ (Taylor writes her best lyrics when it is just her and her guitar) – this is it. I also think this track could be about her breakup with Adam (Calvin), since that fits the sad song™ idea and Taylor wrote the country song Better Man about him (Fearless Taylor was country).

Track 11: We are Never Getting Back Together Red Tour Taylor
This Taylor is the only old Taylor from the Red era and she chose her We are Never Getting Back Together tour look for a reason. I think this will be a song about the moment she realised her and Adam are never ever getting back together, perhaps after he attacked her regarding ‘Nils Sjolberg’ on Twitter. This Taylor says ‘oh stop acting like you’re all nice, you are so fake’ in the LWYMMD video – could this be a hint that he portrayed the Nils Sjolberg incident as it was all her idea and she was to blame, when in fact that wasn’t the case?

Track 12: Reputation Taylor
I don’t give a damn about my reputation – or do I? This Taylor is the Reputation Taylor the mountain of old Taylor’s a striving to reach. This image demonstrates how she has worked so hard to be successful and build a career she is proud of, yet her achievements are constantly overshadowed by the negative image that is portrayed of her by the media. I have no doubt that the hate Taylor receives gets to her as she is only human, so I think this will be a song about what brought Taylor to write the Reputation album.

Track 13: Stream Co. Taylor
This Taylor references the drama that followed her after releasing the apple music letter and how everyone presented her as greedy despite the fact that she was just standing up for others. I don’t think this song will be about that, though. This Taylor is ‘blind for love’ so I think this will be a song about how Joe stole her heart / how they fell in love. I think Taylor would have been scared to fall in love after how her relationship with Tom was played out in the media, but her connection with Joe was strong enough to overcome that. There is a wedding ring open in this scene of the LWYMMD video, possibly hinting that Joe is the one for her? After all, this is track 13.  

Track 14: Biker Taylor
This Taylor is one bad ass bitch. Not only is she dressed head to toe in leather and rhinestones, she literally lifts up two motorcycles with her bare hands. Along with this, biker Taylor is quoted as saying ‘there she goes, playing the victim, again’, recognising one of the biggest insult Taylor receives. Because of all of this, I think this will be a song about how strong Taylor is now and how she is anything but the victim.  

Track 15: The Real Taylor
Finally, this Taylor is the real Taylor who cuts off the wings of her Reputation plane in order for it to stay grounded. I think this song will be the real heartbreaker of Reputation, and is quite possibly the song that made everyone cry from the secret sessions (if I am wrong about Track 10). I think this will be about how no matter what Taylor does and no matter how hard she tries, she will never be perfect. Similar to the idea of Clean, once she has this realisation she feels free and much happier. It is evident in this era more than ever that Taylor loves her fans and feels as if she can trust us. This is because not including her family and friends, we alone know who she really is.

~From Sour to Sweet~

When you find a new friend in the strangest way.

cat hybrid!yoongi/reader

Word Count: 5,704

What were you thinking?

You don’t know what possessed you to go to a hybrid adoption facility and want to pick out a hybrid of your own. You felt bad that you could only choose one of the many hybrids presented before you. All were of various species accentuated with different colors, shapes, and sizes.

“You can go in if you want.” The employee next to you responds, having spotted you looking at the hybrids through the glass window.

The room was pretty spacious but you were afraid that if you went inside you would try and take them all home with you. It looked like a cross between a playground and recreational room. There were beds for them to sleep, a TV off to the side, and lots of blankets and pillows.

“If there’s one you want to interact with personally, we have rooms available for you, if you’re not comfortable going inside with all of them. It can get overwhelming sometimes.”

You watched all the hybrids for a bit. There were a couple of rabbits running around in a game of chase, bounding through the other hybrids as well as hopping over stray toys and scattered furniture pieces. The foxes were playing with a soccer ball, rolling it back and forth and a few of them even went to mess with the other hybrids nearby. Literally all of the dog hybrids were play wrestling each other and you could see tufts of fur flying through the air. Most of the cats were either asleep or lazily tossing balls of yarn here and there.

You notice a small white cat hybrid tucked away from everyone else, including the other cats, curled up in a ball high on top of one of the shelves. He wasn’t sleeping, rather he was lying there and observing all the other hybrids with a smidge of boredom adorning his features, white tail flicking lazily back and forth like a pendulum. His white ears contrasted the black locks of his hair as they twitched to each of the sounds. You noticed that he looked…lonely, yet there was a hint of sadness somewhat hidden in his eyes, and your heart ached at the sight.

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'Can Conscious K-Pop Cross Over? BTS & BigHit Entertainment CEO 'Hitman' Bang on Taking America (Interview by Jeff Benjamin)'

On April 2, BTS played the fifth and final date of a sold-out U.S. arena run, performing to the shrieking fans who helped the group’s second full-length album, Wings, become the first K-pop project to crack the top 40 of the Billboard 200 in 2016. Since debuting in 2013, the seven-piece boy band has become a commercial behemoth in its native South Korea while continuing to make inroads within American pop culture. “Change,” an English-language hip-hop collaboration between BTS member Rap Monster and U.S. star Wale, was released three days before the kickoff of the stateside run.

“Change” touches on topics like voting rights and online harassment, while some of BTS’ biggest hits have addressed mental health. “Worldwide, our young generation shares the same issues socially and politically,” says BTS member Suga. Although K-pop music generally steers away from controversy, Rap Monster says that remaining outspoken “is important to us. And the bigger the voice we get, the more powerful our words become.”

A new BTS album is already underway and more U.S. dates might be on the way later this year. Bang Si Hyuk, the CEO and Executive Producer of label/management agency BigHit Entertainment who is better known as “Hitman” Bang, hints at “special features” designed for international listeners but thinks BTS will continue playing to its base.

“I’m not a believer in releasing full English songs to the U.S. market, like many K-pop artists have,” Bang tells Billboard in his first-ever interview with American press. “We must focus on what we do best as K-pop artists and producers and maybe add some special features to which international or U.S. music fans can feel attached. That is the best way for me to put K-pop into the mainstream U.S. music market and, in that regard, BTS will participate and perform in a way that is not much different from what they have been doing in the last three years. We’re adjusting and improving the way we do shows on the tour to meet the international or global level and expectations so that anyone, regardless of their culture and background, can enjoy BTS music and performances.”

Bang is sure to add that the group will be “very active and responsive in releasing new songs that would come out of collaborations with international artists, like ‘Change.’” And, looking ahead, both the CEO and band see their most recent accomplishments as inspiration to achieve even more in the future.

“I’m so excited and thrilled at the response to the U.S. tour,” Bang says. “It’s still overwhelming and unbelievable at some point. I even further feel responsible for producing better music and production for fans around the world and I’d definitely think harder on what makes fans enthusiastic and passionate about BTS music and the band.” Meanwhile, the ambition within the group is perhaps best felt when member V winks that the group has “grander goals”; as if arena shows are just the beginning of what he and his band mates plan to accomplish around the world.

With five arena shows, this tour is so huge and I think the main reason for that and why you guys are doing so well in America is because you sing about personal topics. Why is that so important to talk about in your music?

​Suga: Worldwide, our young generation shares the same issues socially and politically. I think that young people feel the same way about similar issues and BTS wants to cheer them up with our songs and talk about our feelings and social issues.

Rap Monster: These topics, like you said, they’re important, right? They should be told by someone. Someone should talk about it. And if someone should talk about it, then it feels like we have to talk about it. It’s very much an honor that we get power and attention from our fans them when we use our voices more. It’s important to us and the bigger the voice that we get, the more powerful that our words become.

These topics – loneliness, mental health, bullying – you don’t hear about in K-pop or even Korean culture much. Or, really, in American pop music either. Have you ever worried it might get a negative or opposite response?

​Suga: There are people who think negatively and there have been people who react negatively towards BTS’ music. But I think it’s way more important to make music with those issues because I think it’s important to encourage people to fight for those issues and, through the music, have a resolution for those issues. But I’m going to continue to talk about those issues through the music anyway. [Laughs]

Do you think K-pop needs to get more personal to gain a wider audience? Would you like to see that more in future?

Rap Monster: We still need some party songs, we still need some light love songs. I love to listen to them and feel the vibe from that. Everyone has their luggage and their shadows, but it’s up to everyone’s own [devices]. But we’re us. I think if we talk about it and if it gets more voice and attention, then maybe there are a lot of people in the world that accept us start to talk about those issues. I think that’s the change.

I thought “Spring Day” was a really big musical moment for you guys. Not only did it do really well on the charts, but this time you were showing a progression in thinking and a message of hope. The idea of recovering and winter moving to spring. Was that a conscious decision?

Rap Monster: It’s just like what you said, that was one step further. We’re always talking about the crises, the sorrows and youth’s feelings of getting lost. In many [television] programs, when we’d introduce our new album, I’d always talk about the word “recovery.” Like you said, it’s all about the recovery. Winter going to spring. The middle of the winter going to the spring. You got that.

​Suga: In addition to being what we are as BTS, we wanted to bring some changes and we actually wanted to evolve as a group. We wanted to show our many colors, but we still want to console others and give hope to others.

Something that was unique was all the solo songs on the Wings album. You’ve done mixtapes, but instead of full-fledged solo or unit releases, you got to show your different sides of yourselves. Why was that necessary?

Jin: The solo tracks were important because it was personal, an individual story and it was represented in the way that we are good at it. We worked a lot on each track and that’s why it was important to each of us.

Rap Monster: When I get questions about why is K-pop is so popular; I always tell them K-pop is like a great mix of music, videos, visuals, choreography, social media and real-life contents. Making the solo tracks on the album was quite a venture, but it’s connected to the concept. Like, when you watch the “I Need U” video, everyone has their own crises and characters. It’s kind of connected to our real personalities and characters, but the solo songs have their own characters and personalities. It’s all connected. It’s a mixture and that’s why people get interested in the concepts.

Speaking of solo songs, “Change” recently came out. Rap Monster, you and Wale are talking about different-but-similar issues when South Korea and America are both having interesting political times. Did you guys have a chance to discuss your different viewpoints?

Rap Monster: We didn’t have the time to get into it deeply, but I’m always watching the news about Trump and America; I always watch. When he first suggested a collaboration, I was like, “What should we do?” We could just do you know, a common hip-hop song, but I wanted to do a little more special. We have our political situation in Korea and the students are very angry. So, I think, if we talked about what’s going on, then we’ll have a real special collaboration. I think my guess was right and it became special.

Do you see or feel your influence among other groups in the industry?

​Jungkook: When we debuted back in 2013, we were influenced by our sunbaenim [Korean word for “senior”]. Over the years, as we watched other younger groups, we know they talk about us, they cover us and they follow us. I think they’re saying in interviews that they learned a lot from us and that makes us feel great. Being a sunbaenim, we want to be a good influence and be a better role model to other groups.

Last question, are you happy?

V: For now, we are very happy as we are, as a group, together. And I think we are happy because we are walking on the same path, walking the same direction. We wanted to get Daesang [Best of the Year award], but we have it already so our goal is to make great music, to share it with our fans.

Rap Monster: And a worldwide, stadium tour. That’s the goal.

V: We have grander goals.

tite: blue
rating: t
word count: 750
summary: sometimes dan gets sad

[read on ao3]

He knows right away. He can feel it the moment he opens his eyes– it’s going to be one of those days. He lowers his eyelids again and digs his head further into the pillow, pulling the soft grey sheets tighter around his shoulder. Maybe he can just stay here and sleep it off and he won’t have to feel it today. Maybe it’ll go away.

But really, he knows it won’t. That’s not how it works. The heaviness settles in his chest, dragging him down into the mattress, dulling the late summer sunlight that filters in through the curtained window. Phil stirs beside him. He lifts his head and looks at the clock. It’s hardly morning anymore, already later than they’d planned on sleeping today. They need to get their schedule back on track, after all.

Phil is better at this stuff. He yawns, stretches, reaches out and ruffles Dan’s fluffy curls. “We need to get up.”

Dan keeps his face hidden as he nods. This is going to be the day he hides it. This is going to be the time he doesn’t drag Phil down. He nods. “Need another minute.”

Dan feels the bed shift as Phil gets up and heads for the bathroom. He pulls the covers up over his head and takes a few deep breaths. He can do it, it’s fine. There isn’t even anything wrong. He’s just tired, maybe. A shower and a coffee will surely be enough.

It’s not. He hadn’t really thought it would be but he always has to try. He always has to try because he can’t get anything done like this, can’t edit a stupid fucking gaming video or make a dumb-ass joke tweet or politely answer emails when all he wants to do is forget who he is and how he feels and what it does to Phil to see him this way.

He drains two mugs quickly, much more quickly than he normally would. Phil holds out a cereal bowl for him. He shakes his head. “Not hungry, thanks.”

Phil frowns. “You ok?”

Dan’s smile is clipped. It’s the best he can do. “Mhm.” He always tries. Never succeeds.

Phil reaches out and lays his palm against Dan’s back, right in between his shoulder blades. He doesn’t say anything.

Fuck, Dan thinks. He’d only lasted fifteen minutes before revealing himself. That might even be a new record.

“Wanna talk?” Phil’s voice is soft and deep and kind and always so bloody understanding it almost makes Dan feel worse.

His throat tightens. He feels the heat behind his eyes and knows he can’t be around Phil right now. He doesn’t want to talk because that means he’ll cry and he really has nothing to say anyway. There is nothing he can say besides, I just feel sad today. He gives his head a curt shake. “M’ok.”

Phil doesn’t have days like this. Phil feels happy when things are good and sad when things are hard. He gets anxious sometimes. He gets mad sometimes–more often than Dan does, actually. But he feels things when it makes sense to feel them. And Dan doesn’t.

Not always, anyway.

He knows Phil gets it. He knows Phil doesn’t understand the feeling, but they’ve been sharing their life long enough now, living in each other’s space and feeling each other’s emotions long enough that Phil knows what it means when Dan’s lips absolutely cannot turn themselves up into a smile. He’ll always ask if Dan wants to talk and he’ll never argue when Dan says no.

He’ll look the other way when Dan slips back to their bed to bury his head in the pillow and release hot tears into the soft grey fabric. He’ll wait an hour, maybe two before he opens the door, climbs into the bed with a glass of water and a laptop. He’ll kiss Dan’s head and hand him the water and sit beside him and edit that stupid fucking video or answer those monotonous emails while Dan lies next to him. Phil won’t touch him, won’t cuddle him or rub his back until Dan reaches out for him. Dan needs that. He needs Phil’s steadiness, his quiet strength to remind him that tomorrow, things will be normal and good and his food will have taste and the sun will have warmth and his heart will burst again with the love he has for this man and their life together.

But not today. Today he’s sad.


COMBO: Essential Goth/post punk/alternative bands + POCs in Goth/post punk/alternative bands masterpost

IMPORTANT NOTE: Submissions are now closed. However, the blog is featuring a “Song a Day” so you can suggest your favorite audiolicious sounds here.

Essential Goth/post punk/alternative bands

Hello weirdos! A lot of folks seem to be a little lost when first setting foot into the goth subculture and don’t know where to go for band recommendations. Here’s a list of important, influential bands that contributed to the goth subculture - along with several favs - I put together with Dean (angry punk pictured above).

In order to avoid classification issues, they’re categorized by sound rather than specific genre. Keep in mind that this list is personal, and most importantly, ever growing! If you would like to add a band, submit your recommendations to the list here. I would love to have your contributions. So, here we go:

Sounds dead or undead:

  • Bauhaus (1978-2008) “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” is a national anthem. Lead singer Peter Murphy has really pointy cheek bones.
  • Peter Murphy (1983-present) his solo work, not as angular as his facial features.
  • Love and Rockets (1985-present) Peter Murphy got stuck hanging upside  down on stage and the Bauhaus members formed a band without him.
  • Joy Division (1976-1980) Ian Curtis was an energetic dancer, to say the least. “Love Will Tear Us Apart” and “Transmission” are famous songs.
  • The Sisters of Mercy (1980-present) Andrew Eldritch is not goth, he swears.
  • The Cure (1976-present) lead singer Robert Smith is a giant cat with red lipstick. He cries on stage and his tears cure cancer.
  • Cocteau Twins (1979-1997)
  • Sex Gang Children (1991-present)
  • Wire (1976-1980) seriously underrated. Would recommend the album “Pink Flag”.
  • Lydia Lunch amazing female singer. Try the album “13.13”.
  • Clan of Xymox (1983-present) are you kidding no one’s voice is this deep.
  • The Chameleons (1981-2003) has the ability to sound woeful yet jolly.
  • The Mission (1986-present) “Into the Blue” is a good start.
  • Depeche Mode (1980-present) dark and gloomy synths. Known for “Personal Jesus”, “Enjoy the Silence”, “Never let Me Down Again” and a billion others.
  • Fields of the Nephilim (1984-present) vocalist Carl McCoy is a desert cowboy.
  • The March Violets (1981-present) listen to “The Botanic Verses”.
  • The Bolshoi (1983-1988) start with the album “Friends”.
  • The Danse Society (1980-present) try the album “Heaven is Waiting”.
  • The Southern Death Cult (1981-1983) has a song called “Fatman”. Ian Astbury teamed up with Billy Duffy from Theatre of Hate to create Death Cult which later became The Cult, another band worth checking out.
  • Play Dead (1981-1985) doesn’t like being called goth. Musicians that don’t like being labeled? Unheard of.
  • Corpus Delicti (1993-1998) name means “body of crime”. Just saying.
  • Nosferatu (1988-present) actual vampires making music.
  • Big Electric Cat
  • Rosetta Stone
  • Susperia
  • Mephisto Walz (1985-present)
  • The Wake pretty sure Eldritch’s cousin is in the video “Christine”.
  • Echo & the Bunnymen (1978-present) known for “The Killing Moon” which you might remember from the movie Donnie Darko.
  • The Jesus & Mary Chain (1983-present) known for “Just Like Honey”.
  • Children on Stun (1991-present) would recommend the song “Whiskey a Go-Go”, you’ll be…*lowers sun glasses* stunned.
  • Dead Can Dance (1981-present)
  • And Also the Trees (1979-present) the dictionary definition of “dark and brooding”.
  • Red Lorry Yellow Lorry (1981-present)
  • Magazine (1977-2011) listen to the album “Real Life”.
  • Concrete Blonde (1986-present)
  • Gene Loves Jezebel (1980-present)
  • Tones on Tail (1982-1984) Daniel Ash’s (Bauhaus) illegitimate child side project.
  • Curve (1990-2005) Toni Haliday’s seductive alto voice against a backdrop of layered guitars and drum loops; fans of Curve generally regard Garbage as having stole their shtick and made it pop-friendly.
  • Bella Morte (1996-present)
  • Leæther Strip (1988-present) with forays into industrial/ebm; Highly Recommend “Serenade For The Dead” and “Self-Inflicted”.
  • Love Like Blood (1989-2011) the Sisters of Mercy and Type O Negative’s German child.
  • The Merry Thoughts (1983-1998) another German band that sounds like the Sisters of Mercy.
  • A Pale Horse Named Death (2011-present) another Type O Negative offshoot, this band has the original drummer on vocals and their drummer on drums. Very dark and devoid of Type O’s black humor, but still a great listen.
  • The Cruxshadows (1992-present) an alternative musical start for many. The important thing: spiky hair.

Deathrockers and undead punks:

  • Christian Death (1979-present) founded by Rozz Williams, but faced several line up issues (a second Christian Death featured Valor Kand rather than Rozz Williams). Known for “Romeo’s Distress”. Start with “Only Theatre of Pain” then “Catastrophe Ballet”.
  • Specimen (1980-present) features the cofounder of the Batcave. Best known for “Kiss Kiss Bang Bang” and Johnny Slut being awesome.
  • Cinema Strange (1994-present) listen to the album of the same name. Known for their acts on stage.
  • The Deadfly Ensemble similar in feel to Cinema Strange with the same “story telling” aspect.
  • Catholic Spit
  • Voodoo Church (1982-present)
  • Misfits (1977-present) 1950s horror told by crazy guys with guitars and muscles. Personal favorite album: “Static Age”. Singer Glenn Danzig went on to create Danzig. Also make your day better by listening to the “Monster Mash” cover.
  • The Cramps (1976-2009) originators of “psychobilly”. Highly original and sleazy with class.
  • Alien Sex Fiend (1982-present) husband and wife that sound like legit extra-terrestrials. Proof that there is no such thing as taking yourself seriously.
  • The Damned (1976-present) lead singer, Dave Vanian, is a vampire.
  • Blood and Roses underrated. Listen to “Your Sin is Your Salvation”.
  • The Birthday Party (1977-1983) pretty jazzy. Nick Cave, vocalist, likes to wear suits and release bats from caves.
  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (1984-present) this guys is so interesting he is set apart from the Bad Seeds and he has a movie.
  • Virgin Prunes (1977-1986) known for “Baby Turns Blue”.
  • The Psychedelic Furs (1977-present) remember the movie “Pretty in Pink”? Well there. Try the album “Psychedelic Furs”!
  • Anorexic Dread (1983-1985) short lived but worth knowing.
  • Flesh for Lulu (1982-present)
  • UK Decay (1978-present)
  • Lene Lovich “I Think We’re Alone Now”
  • Skeletal Family (1982-present)
  • Klaus Nomi (1977-1983) the late artist sounded like he looked: surprised and hauntingly original.
  • The Morgans (mid 1990s-1996) try “Half Girl Half Jesus”.
  • Xmal Deutschland (1980-1990)
  • XTC (1972-2006)

Angry about something:

  • Siouxsie and the Banshees (1976-2002) pronounced “Suzy”. I know you know, but I didn’t at first. “Spellbound, “Happy House”, “Cities in Dust”, plenty to listen to. And, Siouxsie Sioux rocks.
  • Killing Joke  (1978-present) where do I begin? Do I begin at all? You know what, it doesn’t matter if you skip this entire list and just listen to this one band. I’ll spare you the essay and recommend the album of the same name, “Laugh? I nearly bought one!”, “Democracy”, “Extremities, Dirt and Various Repressed Emotions” and “Pandemonium”. More than the sound are the lyrics, the members and the message.
  • 1919 (1980-present) underrated to the extreme. Similar to Killing Joke in sound and vibe.
  • Nina Hagen (1971-present) she’s wicked cool, in sound and style. And also she’s German.
  • Type O Negative (1990-2010) American metal band with widely respected singer/bassist, the late Peter Steele.
  • 45 Grave (1979-present)
  • Swans (1982-present)
  • The Stranglers (1974-present)
  • New Model Army (1980-present)
  • Public Image Limited aka PIL (1978-present) John Lydon’s [aka Jonny Rotten of Sex Pistols] post-punk band that created gems like “The Order of Death” and “Rise”.
  • Life of Agony (1989-present) Alternative metal band from Brooklyn. Had Type O Negative’s original drummer after he left. Slightly thrashy, but sludgy and dark as well.

Witchy, “psycho-delic” or heavily historical:

  • Switchblade Symphony (1989-1999) would recommend the album “Serpentine Gallery”.
  • Strawberry Switchblade (1981-1985) listen to earlier works.
  • Faith and the Muse (1993-present)
  • Soap & Skin (2008-present)
  • The Velvet Underground & Nico the album is known for the songs “Venus in Furs” and “All Tomorrow’s Parties”. Check out Nico, another wicked German artist.
  • Chelsea Wolf (2009-present)
  • Stevie Nicks (1981-present)
  • Japan (1974-1982)
  • The Legendary Pink Dots (1980-present)
  • Black Tape for a Blue Girl (1986-present)
  • Sopor Aeternus & the Ensemble of Shadows (1989-present) taken straight from the Grim Reaper’s playlist.
  • Inkubus Sukkubus (1989-present) check out “Call Out My Name,” “Vampyra,” and “Belladonna And Aconite.”
  • Rasputina (1992-present) historical influences with a storytelling twist.
  • Emilie Autumn somewhat controversial with fans, but excellent violinist.

Discombobulated former construction workers:

  • Skinny Puppy (1982-present) très important industrial band.
  • OhGr by Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy. ReCcoMeNd tHe AlbUm “wELt”?
  • Einsturzende Neubauten (1980-present) post Throbbing Gristle -PS try them out as well- industrial.
  • Ministry (1981-present) famous for “Every Day is Halloween”. Recommend earlier work and the album “Twitch”. Their newer albums are more metal oriented.
  • KMFDM (1984-present) perverse, angry and awesome.
  • Front Line Assembly (1986-present)
  • Thrill Kill Kult (1987-present)
  • Nitzer Ebb (1982-present) English guy shouts over drum machines.
  • Front 242 (1981-present) Belgian guy kinda sings over drum machines.
  • Nine Inch Nails (1988-present) American guy screams over drum machines [early NIN], sings over distorted synths and guitars [later NIN].
  • Everything off of the Wax Trax! label circa 1990

Presumably angry punks:

  • Dead Kennedys (1978-1986) featured living people and some unforgettable tunes, notably from the album “Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables”.
  • Sex Pistols (1975-2008) So punk, much anarchy.
  • Bad Brains (1977-present) a mix of punk and reggae, a genre within itself that redefined the scene.
  • Black Flag (1976-present)
  • Minor Threat (1980-1983) accidentally slipped and gave birth to straight edgers.
  • Fugazi (1987-2002) with vocalist Ian MacKaye from Minor Threat.
  • Adolescents (1980-present) pfff, these guys are totally adults.
  • The Clash (1976-1985) “London Calling” is trying to reach you.
  • Joan Jett a fine lady that doesn’t give an inkling of care about her unfavorable reputation.
  • Plasmatics (1977-1988)
  • X-Ray Spex (1976-present) featuring the ever so awesome and PVC’s opposite, Poly Styrene.
  • Television (1973-present)
  • Bad Religion (1979-present) - note: skip “Into The Unknown”, everything else is golden

Halloween Town escapees:

  • Voltaire evil top hat wearer that was featured in an episode of Billy and Mandy’s Grim Adventures.
  • Creature Feature did you know? Edward Gorey and Danny Elfman had kids.
  • Nox Arcana creepy soundtrack for your life…or afterlife.

More freaky people:

  • Tom Waits (1949-present) the essence of a Western.
  • David Bowie (1964-present) commonly referred to as “God”.
  • Leonard Cohen (1967-present) he’s Canadian.
  • John Cale (1965-present)
  • Propaganda (1982-2005)
  • Culture Club (1982-1986) just, Boy George.
  • Nico former Velvet Underground member, German ex-model singing songs titled things like “Janitor of Lunacy” off-key.
  • The Smiths (1982-1987) Morrissey is like the Charlie Brown of British pop music: he’ll never win, and therefore is One Of Us.

POCs in Goth/post punk/alternative bands masterpost

Here’s a list of bands featuring members of color. Most are influential, others new discoveries or future freak gods. Thanks to research and helpful readers, here’s a bit of sick sound suitable for all taste buds:

Goth, dark or industrial:

  • Creature Feature - Erik X is an evil composer and organ player with a special gift for raising the dead.
  • Plastique Noir -the Brazilian band that made the song “Empty Streets” that’s just too dark to handle.
  • O. Children - contrary to popular belief, Tobi O’Kandi is not, in fact, a black reincarnation of Ian Curtis.
  • Thrill Kill Kult - sick industrial band with several poc members.
  • Glorious Din
  • Android Lust - Shikhee is Bangladeshi, and she makes some of the best industrial music ever heard.
  • She Past Away
  • 13th Moon
  • Malice Mizer and Moi Dix Mois
  • Phaidia
  • Corrupted - awesome japanese doom/sludge band that are considered super influential in the scene.
  • Light Asylum - heavy dark synth primarily. It’s really fun and the front singer HAS A MIGHTY POWER.
  • Plastic Zooms
  • Hocico
  • Crowd Pleaser
  • Angelspit

Punk, hardcore or post-hardcore:

  • Bad Brains - why most of the bands on this list even exist.
  • Death - not to be confused with the metal band of the same way. Not that you could confuse the members in any way.
  • Rough Francis - founded by the sons of David Hackney of Death.
  • Pure Hell - afropunk taken literally.
  • X-Ray Spex - Poly Styrene was the energy and feel of the band. Actually, she was just energy and feel period. Fun fact: she was also bipolar.
  • Radkey - Rad.
  • TMGE - Japanese band named “Thee Michelle Gun Elephant” or as they prefer: JAPANESE BAND NAMED “THEE MICHELLE GUN ELEPHANT”.
  • Tamar Kali - powerful musician, especially known for “Boot”.
  • The Objex - Feloney Melony’s got a wicked hawk and voice.
  • Stiffed - Santi White now performs solo as Santigold.
  • Cerebral Ballzy
  • Suicidal Tendencies
  • Midori - great jazz-punk fusion band.
  • The Redscare
  • Le Butcherettes - Mexican garage punk band.
  • Atari Teenage Riot
  • NOFX
  • Stalin
  • The Bags
  • Dev Hynes - a British musician who started out in a punk band Test Icicles then went solo as a folk/indie musician as Lightspeed Champion and now is doing an electronic/R&B thing as Blood Orange.
  • L’Arc-en-Ciel - Okay, so these guys are Japan’s other most famous export. These guys got known outside of japan for doing some major anime theme songs (Fullmetal Alchemist, Gundam 00, NANA live action movie, etc) and were the first Japanese act to headline Madison Square Garden (Japanese rock bands really like New York for some reason). Their bassist tetsuya (formally known as tetsu) gets bonus points for being one of Japan’s only out LGBT celebrities (he’s Bi).
  • Doll$Box
  • Letlive
  • The Chariot
  • Trashtalk
  • Gogol Bordello - self described as “gypsy punk”. Singer Eugene Hütz is Russian-Ukranian with Romani heritage and born with a ‘stache. Nearly crazier than Little Big and Korpiklaani combined.
  • Blackfire
  • The Bots - punk duo made of two brothers.
  • Bow Wow Wow - IIIIIII Waaaant Caaandy!!!
  • Love Equals Death
  • Ritualization - blackened death metal from Orléans, France
  • Teengenerate
  • Ten Grand
  • Letlive
  • Martin Sorrondeguy - spoke out about US based Latino issues in many of his lyrics and was involved in bands Los Crudos, Limp Wrist and Needles.
  • Ghost Town

Metal, funk/rap/reggae metal fusion or core:

  • Blasphemy - Black metal, the biggest irony on earth as Caller of the Storms remains one of the rare black musicians within the genre.
  • Babymetal - this Japanese trio is more metal than a viking woman on her period in the middle of a battlefield drinking the blood of her enemies to the sound of Immortal…for some at least.
  • Wicked Wisdom - Will Smith’s wife get a band?? Yes she Will.
  • Unlocking the Truth - these 13 year olds played in the streets of NYC before they opened for Living Colour.
  • Absolace - amazing metal from Dubai.
  • Living Colour - better than Dead Monochrome.
  • King’s X - more hard rock, but hey.
  • Bionic Jive - one of the better hip-hop/metal fusions.
  • Skindred - check out the album “Roots Rock Riot”.
  • Ego Fall - a Chinese folk metal band and also Corbac’s fave. Mixing tradition with heavier sounds.
  • Static X - Japanese guitarist Koichi Fukuda & Mexican-American bassist Tony Campos.
  • Sepultura - the founding members are all Brazilian, currently their lead singer (Derrick Green) is black. “Arise” is a massive album of pure metal awesomeness.
  • Straight Line Stitch
  • Blood Stain Child
  • Sasamaso
  • Tenger Cavalry - a folk metal band based out of Bejing who describe their style as “Mongolian folk metal”. Like this and you’d probably enjoy Ego Fall.
  • Cthonic - Taiwanese metal band who’s lead singer is also the president for the Taiwanese branch of Amnesty International.Most of their music deals with their goal of an independent Taiwan and they’re really REALLY great.
  • Myrath
  • God Forbid
  • Invasion - a stoner/psych-metal band fronted by a valkyrie space wizard out of London.
  • Vodun - like invasion, marries punk, psychedelic, and doom metal influenced instrumentals with soul influenced vocals to create a unique and original takes on doom metal.
  • Sevendust
  • Animals as Leaders - most suggested band on this list and for good reason.
  • Veil of Maya
  • Oceano
  • Body Count - Ice T’s metal band rules. It would be a little tastier with ice cubes though.
  • Hirax - pioneering thrash/speed metal band (with hardcore influences). Katon De Pena is one of the most distinctive vocalists of the then-burgeoning California metal scene. Though they never achieved the success of some of their contemporaries like Metallica or Slayer, they have long been an insiders’ favorite and cited as an influence by bands ranging from Napalm Death to Cannibal Corpse to Darkthrone.
  • Infectious Grooves
  • Melechesh - an Assyrian black metal band originating from Jerusalem whose lyrical themes include Mesopotamian mythology and occultism.
  • Iron Man - American doom metal band with PoC members.
  • Sex Machineguns - Japanese speed metal band.
  • Hibria - Brazilian power metal band.
  • Metallica - their first lead guitarist was Lloyd Grant. Here he is in their first recording.
  • Gevolt - Yiddish band from Israel.
  • The Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza
  • Gridlink
  • X Japan - Probably Japan’s most famous metal export. These guys are the reason Visual Kei (basically Japan’s gothic metal scene) exists. All those flashy JRock bands wouldn’t exist without X Japan. They also recently just played a huge show at Madison Square Garden.
  • Maximum the Hormone - Also known as “the guys that did that weird opening and ending to death note”, MTH do a fantastic combination of metal, punk, and even pop. The best part about MTH is that their lyrics don’t make sense even when translated so you can just have mindless fun listening to them even if you understand Japanese.
  • Suffocation - one of the most influential death metal acts of all time. Terrance Hobbs’ incredible mastery of the guitar allowed the band to blend complex technicality into the genre without sacrificing raw brutality.
  • Versailles Philharmonic Quintet
  • Suicide Silence
  • The Crimson Armada
  • For Today
  • Glass Cloud
  • Heaven in Her Arms
  • Here comes the Kraken
  • Issues
  • Periphery
  • Reflections
  • System of a Down
  • Fear Nuttin Band
  • Year of the Dragon - founder was a member of Fishbone.
  • Dir En Grey
  • Skyharbor
  • Spineshank
  • Coal Chamber
  • Ill Niño
  • Flagitious Idiosyncrasy in Dilapidation (FID) - Formed in Tokyo. Rad ladies playing some super hard grindcore.
  • Sarcofago - Brazilian band
  • Acrassicauda - Iraqi heavy metal. There is a film called “Heavy Metal in Baghdad”, about the band. Another documentary called Global Metal, which is by the same director as Heavy Metal: A Headbanger’s Journey, is highly recommended.
  • Sigh - one of the first japanese black mack metal bands led by a fierce lady.
  • Sabbat - Japanese black/thrash.
  • Blood Stain Child - rather epic sounding Japanese metal band with contrasting vocals and instrumentals.
  • Gallhammer - female Japanese extreme metal band of doom. The wickedest chicks, definitely recommend.
  • Avulsed - Spanish death metal band.
  • Necramynth - Korean black metal.
  • Crossfaith - japanese metalcore.
  • Subrosa
  • As they Burn - deathcore band from Paris, France.
  • Wolves and Jackals - blackened thrash/death metal from Atlanta, GA.
  • Infernal Revulsion - brutal death metal from Tokyo, Japan
  • Orange Sky - from Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Monuments - it’s got saxophone and it’s awesome.
  • Ego Likeness
  • Peelander-Z - watch the videos, you’ll be happy you did.
  • For Today - if you’re into Christian metal.
  • Dream Theater - John Myung plays in the influential prog metal band with the aid of his majestic hair.

Alternative or too cool to label:

  • Bat for Lashes - Natasha Khan’s songs are ethereal.
  • Skunk Anansie - Skin is a fierce woman with a fierce voice. Also, her eyes will pierce through your soul.
  • Fishbone - literally unclassifiable: ska, punk, crazy cool…
  • Dub War - often likened to Skindred. Not because the singer has dreads or anything. Or because it’s the same guy.
  • The Slack Republic - fairly new (2005), looking forward to more.
  • Pierce the Veil - they’re really more “Punk Pop” than anything else. All members are Mexican.
  • Coheed and Cambria
  • Alice in Chains
  • Boris - japanese experimental metal band highly influential in the doom, stoner, noise rock scene.
  • Bleed the Pigs - great band with a singer who has an awesome colorful fro.
  • Motherjane
  • Jimi Hendrix - duh.
  • Asian Dub Foundation
  • BIS (Brand-New Idol Society) - considered “alternative Japanese idols”, and have done some amazing things including recruiting a new member who was rumored to be a high school girl and turned out to be Junko Koshino, a famous fashion designer who is 74 yrs old. Their song + video for MURA-MURA is excellent.
  • Go Betty Go - chicano rock, “pop punk”. Several of their songs are in Spanish.
  • Melt-Banana - Japanese noise rock band.
  • Deftones
  • Rage Against the Machine
  • TV on the Radio
  • Rain Machine
  • Bloc Party - singer is gay and black.
  • Little Dragon
  • Asobi Seksu
  • Blonde Redhead
  • The Go! Team
  • CSS
  • The English Beat
  • Kenna
  • Mono
  • One Ok Rock
  • ELLEGARDEN - JAPAN’S BEST 90s/EARLY 2000s POP PUNK ROCK EXPORT I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING. Part of what contributes to this is Takeshi Hosomi (singer/rhythm guitarist) writing ¾ of the band’s discography in perfect english. Unfortunately they went on hiatus in 2006, but that spawned two more fantastic bands: Takeshi does experimental progressive indie in the HIATUS (its the same guy I swear), and guitarist Shinichi Ubukata formedNothing’s Carved In Stone which is basically a Japanese alt. rock supergroup.
  • The Hiatus
  • Nothing’s Carved in Stone
  • Shonen Knife - you can’t talk about japanese girl rock without the literal originators of the movement/popularity. Because Kurt Cobain said he listened them, a HUGE surge of all girl bands started popping up over Japan.
  • O’Brother
  • The Pillows - alt rock band from Hokkaido.
  • Set it Off
  • The Novembers
  • Shiva En Exil
  • Guns N’ Roses - Slash.
  • (Hed) PE - (or Planet Earth) original sound described as “G-Punk”, a fusion of punk rock and gangsta rap.
  • Soundgarden
  • She Wants Revenge
  • Skip the Use - with influence from various genres and a black lead.
  • Elsiane - Formed in Montreal. Fronted by Elsieanne Caplette. Trip-hop/downtempo.
  • Fall Out Boy’s bassist Pete Wentz English/German and Afro-Jamaican.
  • Sonic Boom Six
  • Cibo Matto - real cool duo.
  • My Vitriol
  • Buck Tick
  • Wormrot - grindcore from Singapour.
  • Toe - post rock from Japan.
  • Guitar Wolf - “Jet Rock n’ roll”.
  • Gazette
  • Kanon Wakeshima
  • The Coup - Yesssss.
  • Street Sweeper Social Club
  • Merchant Ships - post hardcore.
  • The Skints - reggae/dub/punk fusion.
  • White Town - bzangy deserves WAY more recognition! You’ve probably already heard “I Could Never be Your Woman.”
  • The Mars Volta
  • Drill Queen - Born Depressed is just the greatest song.
  • Death Grips - experimental rap.
  • Grateful Dead
  • Suffrajett

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Originally posted by sgfgdolans

requested by anon.

Can u do a thing where ur sister comes to visit with her boyfriend and she always teases u about not having one so like Taehyung pretends to be ur bf and he makes you do the stupidest things like male sexual noises in ur ve and shit but u end up dating irl also very fluffy and cute tae💖💖💖💕💕ily!💕💕💕💖💖

destin; french for destiny.

destiny; ˈdɛstɪni

  • the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.
  • the hidden power believed to control future events; fate.

word count: 1.4k

a/n: ngl this isn’t my best work, purely buck fluff is hard to write but i hope you like it anyway

“Taehyung, please pretend to be my boyfriend over the course of the next two weeks cuz my sister and her boyfriend are gonna come and I don’t wanna be teased.” I said all in one breath, causing me to breathe in heavily, evoking a smile on Taehyung’s face. “What do I get out of that?” he laughed as he took a sip of his latte. “You get to spend time with me?” “I spend time with you everyday… we like live together…” “Please.” I said, dragging it out so much that it was almost me being cute. “Ugh, fine. But I’m taking the lead on this mission.” he said as he ruffled my hair and placed a very much platonic kiss on my forehead.

“___! I haven’t seen you in ages, baby sister!” my sister screamed when I opened my apartment door. “Nice to see you too.” I laughed as I hugged her, when I pulled away I awkwardly greeted her boyfriend, we weren’t exactly close. “So, any boyfriend? Or are you still single as always?” she joked, causing me to roll my eyes. “Babe! Who is it?” Taehyung suddenly called, I had forgotten that we just agreed to pretend we were dating. “Babe?” my sister asked, causing me to laugh and walk towards Taehyung, who was sitting on the sofa in the living room. “Babe, this is my sister and her boyfriend.” I smiled at him as I introduced the two strangers to him. “Nice to meet the both of you, I’m Taehyung, ___’s boyfriend.”

“You never told me you got a boyfriend!” she screamed as she jumped up and down. “It was a low-key thing, we haven’t told many people.” I laughed. “Yeah, we’re keeping this between the few people we have told.” Taehyung chuckled as he walked over to me and placed a kiss on the top of my head, nuzzling me afterwards. “I’m so glad you finally have someone!” “Me too.” I smiled as I wrapped my arms around my ‘boyfriend’.

“You guys should kiss right now. It would be so romantic!” my sister squealed, causing Taehyung and I to awkwardly look at each other, we knew it was inevitable but so soon? I released by wrap around him and he rubbed the back of his neck. The next thing she said didn’t help with awkwardness, “We should go on a double date some time! I mean we’re staying here anyway so why not spend some more quality time together?” she spoke, once again, jumping up and down. “Sure, maybe later this week? We’re a bit busy with school work right now…” Taehyung lied. “That’s fine! As long as it happens! But you guys still need to kiss!” she squealed as she anticipated the moment. Taehyung, suddenly bursting with energy, turned to me, pulled me in and placed his lips against mine. I must say it was probably one of the best kisses of my life.

“Fuck, what are we supposed to do? Go on this stupid double date and risk being seen?” I asked as I paced around the small gap between the two shelves in the uni library. “Well people might just assume that we’re just friends, they know we’re close.” he replied, raising his head from his book. “But what if they don’t? And we’re gonna have to act all coupley for my sister.” I said, sighing in frustration as I threw myself onto the chair opposite my ‘boyfriend’. “I say go for it, let’s live a little.”

“I’m so excited for our lunch date! I know the perfect place! I used to go there all the time!” my sister said as she wrapped her arm around her boyfriend’s. “We used to go there all the time.” he corrected her as he placed a kiss on her forehead. “Sure, I’m up for it. As long as my cute ass girlfriend over here is.” Taehyung laughed as he wrapped his arm around my waist. “Of course I am.” I said, smiling, as I tiptoed slightly to place a kiss on his left cheek. “You two are the cutest!” my sister squealed for the nth time since she appeared at my house.

“I say when we get home we mess around.” Taehyung whispered into my ear as the food was being served by the sleazy looking waiter. “What the fuck do you mean?” I whispered back, my shock being slightly evident in my voice. “I mean, let’s make sex noises to like pretend we’re, you know; like why not have fun when we’re both just pretending anyway?” “Ugh, I hate the shit you drag me into.”

“What are you two lovebirds talking about?” my sister asked as she shoved a spoonful of food into her mouth. “You know, stuff. Couple stuff.” “Like?” “We’re planning our next date.” “Already? This one just got started! You two are eager!” she laughed as she turned her attention to her boyfriend. “You’re so bad at lying, ___.” Taehyung muttered before having a bite of my food. “You’re not much better, babe.” I whispered back, emphasising the ‘babe’ just to mess around.

Later that night, Taehyung and I went through with our plans. We started off slow and never become really loud but we definitely sounded like we were sinning but the trick was, play a video game with your best friend on silent. “This is so fun.” he laughed as tried to beat me at this round of Mortal Kombat. The more we played, the more sexual things sounded to others. We had to try so hard to hold back our laughter in between, I was laughing so hard that I was flat on my back in tears. Taehyung quickly joining my side with laughter. Suddenly, in the midst of our laughing fit, we heard a knock at the door, “Hey, kids, I know you’re in love but can you guys keep it down a bit?” “Oh my God…” I whispered to Taehyung as I turned to hold his body out of embarrassment. “I’m sorry, we’ll keep it down.” Taehyung voiced as he turned to wrap his arm around me.

“Why did you get so embarrassed, babe?” he smirked as he lifted himself onto his right elbow. “I didn’t expect her to come and say that!” I said, letting go of Taehyung and covering my red face. “Aww, my baby is embarrassed.” he chuckled as he placed a kiss on my forehead. “Stop that!” “We’re dating!” “Ugh, at this rate I might actually fall for you!” I joked but subconsciously knew that it was definitely possible. “I wish you would!” he laughed back at me.

“Sorry about last night.” Taehyung chuckled as he entered the kitchen the next morning. “Don’t worry about it, you two are still full of energy and aren’t drained from work life.” my sister chuckled as she poured in some milk to her cereal. “Well, I’m taking ___ on a breakfast date so don’t wait around for us and enjoy your time with your boyfriend.” Taehyung smiled as he poured himself a glass of water and left to go back to me.

“I told your sister that we’re going on a breakfast date so now we have to go.” Taehyung threw at me as he walked back into my room. “You what?” I laughed in complete disbelief. “Yeah, let’s go to that cafe that you love, my treat, babe.”

“You really didn’t have to do this, we could’ve just had McDonald’s.” I laughed as I was being handed my favourite breakfast item from the menu. “This is the least I could do.” “For what?” “For you, my best friend and girlfriend.” he chuckled as he was handed his latte. “You haven’t managed to fall for me, have you?” I said, half-joking, half-hopeful. “What if I did? What would you do about it?” he answered, turning it back onto me. “Probably date you, why not live a little?” I said, using his previous words. “Then why don’t we do exactly that.” he smirked. “What? Date? You’re joking.” I laughed as I took a sip from my own coffee. “Nope, not at all. I want to be with you, for real. It’s been fun pretending and I’m already comfortable around you, probably more than your sister is around her boyfriend.” “Fine, let’s live a little.”


One thousand nights ago, you might have been listening to Taylor Swift’s 1989 for the first time. You might have blasting “Blank Space,” learning how to sing along to “Style” and gearing up to dance along to “Shake It Off” on the inevitable 1989 tour. October 27, 2014 seems like a long time ago now — as of Sunday (July 23), it was 1000 days ago — and since the release of Swift’s fifth album, the pop superstar has stayed extremely busy.

Could we talk about her charity work, the Kanye West-Kim Kardashian West drama, the AT&T deal, the Tom Hiddleston? Of course. But let’s focus, as Taylor often does herself, on the music. As fans await Taylor Swift’s post-1989 full-length follow-up, let’s review the songs that she’s given us (or performed, or co-signed) since her last opus.


By the end of 2016, it had become clear that Taylor Swift was not going to continue her streak of releasing a full-length album every other year, as she had done from 2006 up to 1989 in 2014. Yet three weeks before the end of last year, Swift returned with her first post-1989 song: “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever,” a duet with Zayn that was part of the Fifty Shades Darker original soundtrack. Produced by Taylor’s pal Jack Antonoff and following in the success of Fifty Shades soundtrack songs like The Weeknd’s “Earned It” and Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do,” “Forever” became Swift’s second soundtrack hit (following “Safe and Sound” from The Hunger Games) and peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The song’s video, released last January, has a whopping 361 million YouTube views.

Swift has also spent the downtime between albums to collect a few songwriting credits: “Better Man,” Little Big Town’s latest country hit, was written by Swift… although it wasn’t revealed that the pop superstar had penned it until a few weeks after its October 2016 release. “Better Man” topped the Hot Country Songs chart, and has been performed by Swift exactly once (more on that later).

Meanwhile, Swift also sneakily co-wrote “This Is What You Came For,” Calvin Harris’ hit from last year featuring Rihanna, under the pseudonym “Nils Sjöberg.” She was eventually outed as having a hand in her ex’s Top 10 smash, and the song’s official credits now include Swift’s name. She has performed it exactly twice (more on that later).

Aside from those three songs, the big music news of Swift’s post-1989 run has been where her previous output has been available. After famously locking herself in a stalemate against Spotify and agreeing to have only Apple Music serve as her streaming host, Swift unleashed her catalog upon all streaming services — Spotify, Tidal and Amazon included — on June 9, 2017, the same day that Katy Perry just so happened to release her new album, Witness. Four of Swift’s albums, including 1989, returned to the Billboard 200 albums chart following the streaming free-for-all.


The entirety of the 1989 world tour was contained in 2015, and the 85 shows became that year’s biggest tour, taking in more than $200 million worldwide, per Billboard Boxscore. The big difference between 1989 and Swift’s previous tours, of course, was that she graduated to stadiums from arenas on her latest live run, and she’ll likely continue in that format whenever she goes back on the road. The tour was also captured in The 1989 World Tour Live, a concert film shot in Sydney and released in partnership with Apple Music in December 2015.


Ten months after her 1989 tour wrapped up, Swift decided to put on a one-off show last October at the Formula 1 U.S. Grand Prix in Austin – her only performance of 2016, and the first time she played “This Is What You Came For” herself (in a solo piano version, no less!). “As a songwriter, the most rewarding feeling in the world is writing something and then having the crowd sing it back to you because they know the words,” Swift said during the show.

Swift played the track again at a pre-Super Bowl performance in Houston earlier this year, in an event dubbed the AT&T Presents DIRECTV NOW Super Saturday Night. She also played “Better Man” and “This Is What You Came For” at the show, which has been Swift’s only performance of 2017… so far.


By now, we’ve all seen the seven music videos that came from the 1989 era. Some fun stats about them: the three biggest videos (“Shake It Off,” “Blank Space” and “Bad Blood”) have become Swift’s first to cross the 1 billion mark on YouTube, while the controversial “Wildest Dreams” clip is one of Swift’s five most-viewed videos ever at this point (“You Belong With Me,” from Fearless, rounds out that top tier). The live video for “New Romantics” was unveiled as an Apple Music exclusive, and has 66 million YouTube views to date. Joseph Kahn directed four of the videos, including “Out of the Woods,” which was filmed in New Zealand.


Essentially, Swift released 1989 in October 2014 and the accolades started pouring in almost immediately after. She was named Billboard’s Woman of the Year in 2014, and “Shake It Off” was nominated for record of the year and song of the year at the 2015 Grammys. The song didn’t take home either prize, but Swift nabbed the big one the following year, when 1989 won album of the year at the Grammys in 2016. After previously winning the award for Fearless, Swift became the first female solo performer to win multiple AOTYs at the Grammys.

The Grammy win (along with two others in 2016) was simply the crown jewel in a long list of major achievements in the past 1000 days. Swift also won Video of the Year at the MTV VMAs in 2015 for “Bad Blood,” was given the 50th Anniversary Milestone Award at the ACM Awards that year, and 1989 became only the fifth album ever to spend its entire first year in the top 10 of the Billboard 200 chart. All told, 1989 has sold 6.1 million copies one thousand days into its existence, according to Nielsen Music, and in June, the RIAA certified Swift for having moved 100 million song units, second only to Rihanna among all artists in their rankings.


It’s worth noting that, while never commercially released, the sound of Swift rapping along to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” does exist in this fair world. In a popular Apple Music ad, Swift rhymes along with the song on a treadmill before face-planting in epic fashion; she also toasted Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” and The Darkness’ “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” in separate Apple ads. Consider the homages a subtle co-sign of not just the songs in question, but of Apple’s playlist curation.


The cornerstone of Swift’s post-1989 music activity may very well be the role of “hypewoman” — that is, building up her pals and supporting their music online. She’s got mad love for squad members Lorde, Haim and Selena Gomez, and former tour mate Ed Sheeran’s “Shape of You” might have very well gotten a mini-bump due to an Instagram post in its favor. The biggest revelation for casual Swifies: Taylor’s still an enormous Kings of Leon fan! “I’ve been waiting for this album for SO LONG and it’s insane, you need it in your life,” she wrote of the rock band’s WALLS. Same with the 1989 follow-up, Taylor.

(Additional reporting by Sabrina Finkelstein)

Tyler Dillot Gets In Shape

Tyler Dillot was 27 years old, not good looking, and very much “out of shape.” The last time he had been “in shape” was back in high school at Regis Prep when he had been on the track team. Back then he had gone by Ty, the Dill Man, or Dildo (only by his closest companions). Then college had come and gone, as had his physique and his innocence, and then he became “out of shape.” In fact there was no shape to him. He wasn’t a rhombus or a quadrilateral or even a parallelogram. He was a torso and limbs. But he was determined to make a change.

It was a Calvin Klein advertisement that prompted the sudden urge for physical enlightenment. The billboard was on the corner of East Houston and Lafayette and depicted a half naked woman and half naked man embracing while only wearing Calvin Klein underwear.  The half naked woman was beautiful and Tyler had seen her before on some Instagram feed on one of his late night rabbit holes, but the man on the billboard was otherworldly. The man’s body was rippling with muscle, and Tyler very quickly became aware of how sweaty he was under his thin t-shirt, even though it was only 65 degrees out and breezy and not even mid April and all he had done that Saturday morning was wake up at 11:20, eat a bagel, drink an almond latte with an extra shot of espresso, check Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, then Instagram again. He could feel a pimple forming on the back of his neck.

“I am going to join a gym,” he announced to the world.

“Shut up,” said a stranger passing by.

Later that day he had joined Equinox ($200 initiation fee, $250 per month), bought a new pair of Nike Free Run Trainers ($130), three pair of Nike Flex Running shorts ($45 per pair), and three Under Armour t-shirts ($25 each).

He had wanted to get Nike shirts as well, for he hated mixing brands almost as much as he hated wearing brands, but the Nike tops were all too tight on his chest and made his nipples feel exposed. Being self conscious about ones nipples is one of the worst things in the world, aside from global hunger and YouTube personalities who play the ukulele, so he went with the Under Armour shirts which were more forgiving on both his physique and his wallet.

He would have to phone home and let his father know about the additional charges to the card, but he was still skiing in Aspen and wouldn’t be home for another week. The charges wouldn’t be an issue, he just wanted his father to know so he could be proud of his son for the effort. His father was rich and the rich are always happy when their children spend money. If they don’t have any children, they spend their money on Porsches or plastic surgery, both of which have a near 100% success rate.

Tyler had planned on getting into the gym early the next morning but had drank too much that evening at Erik Brennan’s 32nd birthday party. Erik was from an improv class Tyler had taken when he first moved to the city, and had recently made a video where he interviewed people on the street and asked them what their favorite sexual positions were. Then Erik explained to them if they were subconsciously sexist or not. The video had gone viral and been featured in both Vox and Bustle that morning and subsequently retweeted by Ellen. It was important work and Tyler had shared it on his own Facebook page with the caption “funny + thought provoking work = Erik Brennan.”

The party was at a Mexican bar in the East Village, and Tyler had a few beers, said hi to Erik, had two shots of tequila, sang Erik happy birthday, had a Sangria, said bye to Erik, then ate 2 slices of pizza (one sausage, one sausage and pepperoni), and left at 2 AM. When he got back he ate a spoon of peanut butter straight from the jar (for protein) and fallen asleep.

He woke at 11 AM, checked Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, than Instagram again, where he liked one of Erik’s photos from the party, taken after he left. “Good friends, good timesss” he commented. Then he got dressed and went to the gym, stopping only to purchase a green drink ($7), a Smart Water ($4), and a protein bar ($3).

Equinox was packed, like church on a Sunday morning, only with more self-righteousness and sweat and judgment, and Tyler felt as if everyone was staring at his nipples. He had planned on pairing with a physical trainer but none were available when he arrived at noon, so he sojourned into the unknown, alone.

The treadmills were all full, as were the ellipticals, and he briefly entertained the idea of trying out the rowing machine, before realizing he had never rowed a boat in real life, why would he start on a lie. So he made his way to the floor of free weights and barbells.

Tyler did a few reps on each arm of the twenty-pound dumbbell then moved over to one of the benches where a muscular man with a tan was just finishing up a set with a large amount of weight. He was grunting and panting as if mid-coitus, and when he finished he let out a moan of pleasure Tyler had never released in all of his life.

“Are you finished with the bench?” Tyler asked.

The tan man took one of his headphones out.

“What?” he replied.

“Are you finished with the bench?” Tyler repeated himself, a little louder this time.

“No need to yell bro, all yours,” the man with the tan said as he walked away. Tyler watched him make his way over to the water fountain and noticed a tattoo on the back of his bulging neck. “For Strength & Honor” it read in a cursive font worthy of an encyclical.

Tyler smirked and made a joke in his head about how any neck tattoo should really just say “unemployable,” then thought about tweeting it and ending up typing it out and saving it in his drafts to tweet out later that day when he was likely to get better circulation.

He sat on the bench and checked the weight on either side of the bar. It was 150 pounds, forty pounds less than what he weighed. He knew he wouldn’t be able to do any reps of it, but he was curious as to see how heavy 150 pounds really was.

“For strength and honor,” he whispered to himself, chuckling.

He lay back, ducking his head to fit under the bar. He reached up and gripped the steel, still wet with sweat from the tan man’s hands. He exhaled then pushed up slightly. The bar didn’t budge. Then he pushed slightly harder and felt it move a bit. Finally, with a grunt like a small boar, he pushed up with all his might. He felt it lift up a little then raise into the air just an inch.

The bar was already wet from the tan man’s hands, and Tyler’s soft palms were oily and sweaty and added to the steel’s slippery state, and so as slippery things often do, the bar slipped.  

It fell from his grasp and rolled just over the edge of the cross beams meant to hold the bar secure. 150 pounds came crashing down onto Tyler’s throat and crushed his windpipe, severing his intake of air. He screamed but nothing came out and the tan man with the tattoo couldn’t hear him due to his headphones being noise-cancelling. 

By the time he noticed it was no use. Tyler was finally in shape. 


1) kanye west calls taylor swift regarding a song that he is writing and recording. the transcript of that conversation is as follows:

Kanye West: “I don’t want to do rap that makes people feel bad.”

Taylor Swift: “Umm, yeah I mean go with whatever line you think is better. It’s obviously very tongue in cheek either way. And I really appreciate you telling me about it, that’s really nice.”

Kanye West: “Oh yeah, I just had a responsibility to you as a friend you know, and I mean thanks for being so cool about it.”

Taylor Swift: “Aw thanks. Um yeah I really appreciate it, like the heads up is so nice. [inaudible] Even asking or seeing if I would be okay with it and I just really appreciate it. Like I would never expect you to like tell me about a line in one of your songs.”

Kanye West: “Relationships are more important than punch lines, ya know?”

Taylor Swift: “I don’t think anyone would listen to that and be like that’s a real diss she must be crying. You’ve gotta tell the story the way that it happened to you and the way that you experienced it. You honestly didn’t know who I was before that. It doesn’t matter that I sold 7 million of that album before you did that which is what happened, you didn’t know who I was before that. It’s fine.

Taylor Swift: “And you know, if people ask me about it I think it would be great for me to be like, ‘Look, he called me and told me the line before it came out. Jokes on you guys, We’re fine.‘ You guys want to call this a feud; you want to call this throwing shade but right after the song comes out I’m going to be on a Grammys red carpet and they’re going to ask me about it and I’ll be like, ‘He called me.’ It’s awesome that you’re so outspoken about this and be like, ‘Yeah, she does. It made her famous.’ Its more provocative to say ‘might still have sex…’ It doesn’t matter to me. There’s not like one [line] that hurts my feelings and one that doesn’t.”

2) kanye west’s song ‘famous’ is released. taylor swift’s first statement to the press is as follows: 

Kanye did not call for approval, but to ask Taylor to release his single 'Famous’ on her Twitter account. She declined and cautioned him about releasing a song with such a strong misogynistic message. Taylor was never made aware of the actual lyric, ‘I made that bitch famous.’” 

3) kanye continues to assert that he did call taylor and that she approved of the song.

4) taylor swift’s grammy acceptance speech:

"As the first woman to win Album of the Year at the Grammys twice, I want to say to all the young women out there, there will be people along the way who will try to undercut your success or take credit for your accomplishments or your fame." 

5) kim kardashian west mentions taylor swift in a magazine article months later and states that there is a video recording of the kanye and taylor conversation. 

6) taylor swift releases another statement trying to reframe her issue as being about the specific word “bitch” in the song:

“Taylor does not hold anything against Kim Kardashian as she recognizes the pressure Kim must be under and that she is only repeating what she has been told by Kanye West. However, that does not change the fact that much of what Kim is saying is incorrect… Kanye West never told Taylor he was going to use the term ‘that bitch’ in referencing her. A song cannot be approved if it was never heard. Kanye West never played the song for Taylor Swift. Taylor heard it for the first time when everyone else did and was humiliated. Kim Kardashian’s claim that Taylor and her team were aware of being recorded is not true, and Taylor cannot understand why Kanye West, and now Kim Kardashian, will not just leave her alone.”

7) kim decides to release the video of the phone conversation between kanye and taylor.

8) taylor swift releases an instagram message:

“Where is the video of Kanye telling me he was going to call me ‘that bitch’ in his song? It doesn’t exist because it never happened.” 


the above timeline shows that taylor swift has continually tried to reframe her issues with the song. at first she said there was no phone call asking for approval. then she said that he didn’t tell her about the line “i made that bitch famous”. and finally, that he just didn’t tell her about the “that bitch” part of the line. in taylor’s initial statement she said that she cautioned kanye about his misogynistic message, yet she also said that she was never told about him using the word “bitch”. her lies simply don’t add up.

please note that her issue at the grammys was that kanye was trying to take credit for her fame. however as the transcript shows taylor herself stated: “it doesn’t matter that I sold 7 million of that album before you did that which is what happened, you didn’t know who I was before that. it’s fine… i’ll be like, ‘he called me.’ it’s awesome that you’re so outspoken about this and be like, ‘yeah, she does. it made her famous.’” she perhaps more importantly also said: “i would never expect you to like tell me about a line in one of your songs." 

whether you like kanye west or kim kardashian is irrelevant. taylor swift is not the victim in this story, please don’t fall for her manipulations yet again. she lied, that is the truth.

Spring Day Theory

So I’m no pro at this and this is purely based off of my interpretations so if there’s anything you don’t agree with or would like to add on, please feel free to do so! :D 

Spring Day - Omelas: 

It’s quite obvious that the concept/inspiration for the Spring Day MV is based off the short story, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.” The most significant passage of this short story is probably the last one where it states that those who have seen the child may or may not walk away from Omelas in hopes to find someone even better than this presumed utopia. I strongly believe that the members are walking away from their utopia as scene in scenes of the video. They go from this happy environment, parties and innocence, but then you see that the members seem to “grow tired” from their life or it seems like something is bothering them as they aren’t smiling at the cake. That’s sort of like the trigger point to leave. They know that they can’t live in this illusion for long, so they get on the train and leave. The train takes them to different destinations in life, but somewhere along the way, members start to question if they will ever really find this place. 

Also, there are several scenes where you see the members just standing in front of the motel. I think this signifies the lingering feeling they have and the uncertainty to leaving Omelas. One scene that still kind of puzzles me is Jin’s scene where he’s standing at the bottom at what seems like a stairwell. I think this might have something to do with him being the older member. Slowly, but surely, he’s realizing that there are a lot of problems with holding onto the temporary youth. Tae and Jin also make the same hand gesture (when they hold their hands out into a frame). This shows that they’re one of the members who are more aware of what’s happening around them and they’re slowly breaking out of the illusion. 

Fire/Not Today  - Youth

The song Fire is about living your youth without any regrets. The video itself may seem like it doesn’t make sense, but after some people have pointed out that the hooded figure at the beginning of the video looks like the black hooded figures in the teaser for Not Today, it got me thinking. The hooded figures are those who are from Omelas. At the time of Fire, the members have already managed to reach one of their destinations where they are living quite peacefully. Yoongi sees the black figure and knows that he/she’s from Omelas. The hooded figures are probably trying to get the 7 members to come to Omelas, but the members are persistent and they run away (hence the few seconds from the Not Today teaser) 

this isn’t too solid yet because the video for Not Today hasn’t been released yet, but it makes some sense. 

Run - Youth (cont’d) 

Like the name of the song, they’re running. However in the music video, you notice that the members are a lot more mischievous. Running away from cops, partying, stuff like that. They’re slowly stepping into the world of temptations and sin. They still believe that this is what’s best for them and with the freedom that they’re feeling, it seems like they’re slowly reaching their new utopia. 

Also, from the music video, I feel like part of it is from Jungkook’s memory. Especially that part where they’re originally partying but it pans back out to just Jungkook; not to mention the fight he and Yoongi had. This leads into I Need U. 

I Need U - Suffering 

There’s a drastic difference from the previous topic of youth and carelessness. In Need U, it seems like the members are more grown up and grown apart. Somewhere along their journey the members have all experienced some sort of hardship. Tae with his parents, Hoseok with depression, Yoongi with the suicidal thoughts, etc. Despite all the hardships, Jin is always in the back supporting the group no matter what. He being the oldest, he probably anticipated these changes or he’s mature enough to hold it together and hide what he’s truly thinking. Unlike the other theories, I don’t necessarily think that Jin or any of the members are physically dead, but maybe mentally in a sense. Jin was always there to hold the group together, but because he is the oldest, his mindset must have changed earlier than the other members (if this even makes sense). 

WINGS (Short Films) - Temptations 

In all the short films, you notice how each member seems to be going through some sort of suffering. The whole concept for the short films are very dark and they have a sad tone to it. Everyone seems to have hit their ultimate low. From the young boys who just wanted to leave Omelas to a better place that is free from sin and suffering, they somehow managed to reach the exact opposite. Stepping outside of their illusion of the utopia, they all realized and experienced that there is not such thing. Sin is everywhere and once you sin once, you can’t go back. There’s no escaping it; there is no way out. 

Blood, Sweat & Tears - Demian 

I’ve noticed that environment for Spring Day and Blood, Sweat & Tears resemble each other somewhat. Demian is about Sinclair who grows up and recounts his life and how each time, he takes a step further into the “other world,” the world that’s tainted with evil. The whole WINGS album, sort of focuses on that idea of succumbing to the temptations. You notice that the setup for Blood, Sweat & Tears is a lot more luxurious than Spring Day, but they both portray this sort of illusion type of world. Following the short films, you notice that the there is a constant theme in the MV for BS&T, covering the eyes/distractions. Jimin’s eyes are blindfolded and his eyes are covered at the beginning of the dance. Jin’s eye’s are covered  by the member’s hands and later Tae’s hands. Namjoon drinks some sort of alcohol (supposed to be absinthe) which is known to have high hallucinogenic effects. After all the suffering and hardships that the members have been through, they can’t take it any more. They need some sort of distraction. This is where their new utopia is. The fabricated lie of a perfect universe. All members seem to have fallen into this trap except for one; Jin. Jin always seems to be the odd one out in the music videos, but that’s because he’s becoming more aware of the surroundings (later becomes AWAKE). Tae, who has fully succumbed into the darkness, the “other world” as proposed by Demian, tries to pull Jin back into the illusion, hence the hands over Jin’s face. He tries to block away whatever truth Jin is starting to see. 

And that’s about it! 

I know a lot of it probably doesn’t make sense and it’s probably just a bunch of blabber, but I just tried  to tie most of the music videos together. 

I hope this helped or maybe added some insight into your own interpretations of this whole ongoing concept! 

Please feel free to add in what you think! (and sorry that it’s so long) 

Looking at you (Part Eleven)

Lots of healing in this Chapter. Tony is finally on the upswing of things, and the team is pulling back together.

This is the second to last update, so catch up on Chapters 1-10 HERE so you don’t miss anything before chapter twelve!

Enjoy :)
It seemed like forever, but things slid back into a semblance of normal at the compound.

The once a week nights at the hotel helped a lot.

Sometimes Tony held tight to the cool metal arm, shaking, screaming his pleasure into the dark as Bucky took him apart slowly, carefully, expertly. Other times the soldier was the one shuddering, groaning, crying out as he came with Tony thrusting deep inside him. And then some nights they would just lay together and talk about their days, with the lights off and the covers pulled tight around their shoulders and their foreheads touching, their hands roaming gently all over each other.

But no matter what they did, it all helped.

Tony still jumped if someone startled him, was still much quieter than he used to be, but he wasn’t running from the room every time the team argued. He didn’t flinch away when Steve spoke to him. The lab had music playing again, even if it was much softer than it had ever been before.

When Natasha sat next to him on the couch now, Tony didn’t automatically get up and leave. He could sit with her to close to half an hour as long she didn’t expect too much conversation.

Sam made a point to come and eat breakfast with Tony every morning, even if Tony was only having juice, and they could talk over breakfast for several minutes before Tony started feeling uncomfortable and wanted to leave.

Wanda had started doing things like levitating items over to him, and flicking a door open any time Tony needed it, He’d nearly fallen over in fright the first time his office door shot open and banged against the wall to let him out, but he had managed to smile at her anyway, and she had absolutely lit up, thrilled to be doing something for him.

Vision flitted in and out, as he usually did, ending his day with a visit to Tony’s lab to wish him goodnight, and to reassure Tony that he was there if he ever wanted to talk. Tony had stopped grimacing every time Vision spoke, and the (being?) man took that as a personal victory.

Eventually, even movie nights started again. The team certainly didn’t dogpile on the couch like they used to, and Tony still sat closest to the door, but he smiled along with the comedies, and discussed plot points during the dramas, and didn’t leave before the movie ended, content to stay with the team until everyone was heading to bed.

It wasn’t perfect.
But it was better.
And he hadn’t had a panic attack in weeks.

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Wonwoo crushing on you !! // scenario

Originally posted by plummetintothediamondlife

a bullet-point scenario featuring our favorite wonton :D

request scenarios and reactions on my page if you’d like !!

- I’m just gonna put it out there:

- I don’t think Wonwoo is the type to actually fall for someone at first sight

- like, once in awhile, sure !! he would see a girl and think she looks cute or attractive

- but he’s not the type to chase after someone for looks

- he’d probably prefer waiting for the person to come into his life

- I have a feeling that he believes that his soulmate would cross paths with him if it were really meant to be

- but besides that

- he’d really want to know the person before falling head over heels for her

- he just wants to make sure the person he likes is someone he thinks is definitely worth his time and love <3

- bc believe me this boy could be doing a million other things besides falling in love

- like reading books

- or playing video games

- or hanging out with Mingyu

- him doing all of these other things doesn’t make him any less of a romantic though

- you’ll see what I mean later on ;)



- I’m using my default y/n background info (you’re an intern at pledis entertainment, assisting in the management of Seventeen !!)

- the first time you meet Wonwoo is when you’re retrieving files from a filing cabinet in a room that he so happened to be chilling at by himself #lone woo(lf)

- he’s reading a book at a table but he looks up to greet you with a tiny bow, which you gratefully return

- you just started working at the company and the only thing he knows about you is your name

- it’s also your first time opening that filing cabinet except

- it won’t open

- it’s locked?? or jammed? you really don’t know

- so you give it a few more tugs but it’s just not budging

- little did you know that Wonwoo was watching you from afar and had noticed you struggling to open the cabinet

- “hey, do you need help there?”

- you turn around to see Wonwoo looking at you and getting up from his chair to come over

- and you’re nervously laughing like “oh yeah, the cabinet isn’t exactly coOPERATING WITH ME AT THE MOMENT I-”

- “it needs a key,” he says in his low voice. he’s hovering over you as you crouch next to the cabinet drawer

- you kinda just look up and stare at him because you haven’t actually seen this guy up close before bUT TBH WHO WOULDN’T STARE?? THIS GUY IS SO CHARMING??:^&%&^

- and while you’re all caught up in staring, he continues to say “I’ll show you where the filing cabinet keys are. Follow me.”

- so you follow him to the room where the keys are

- you thank him afterwards as you walk back to the room you guys came from

- he’d be nice enough to wait for you to successfully open the drawer before returning to his seat

- and while you’re taking out the files you need from the drawer, you’d think Wonwoo is just reading his book again


- he’s thinking of how you blanked out/stared at him earlier when he came up to you

- thas right, this boy is more observant than you think he is

- he’d be staring at his book and you’d assume he’s reading, but he’s actually replaying the past few moments with you and thinking to himself:

- she’s… kinda cute.


- it wouldn’t be until later that you realize you might mean something to Wonwoo

- bc this boy is so damn good at hiding his feelings at first


- a few days later, you’d accidentally leave behind a few of your school books in the same room you first encountered Wonwoo

- one of these books would be a novel you just so happened to pick up from the library the other day

- while the books are left unattended, Wonwoo would walk into the room and spot them

- and after looking around to make sure no one was looking, he’d pick up the novel and read the summary on the back cover

- he knows it belongs to you because one of the other books is labeled with your name

- but guess who walks in while he’s tampering with your book?

- Y O U

- and when he notices you’ve just walked in, he’d drop the book and rub the back of his neck like oH I-I WASN’T JUST READING THAT BOOK PFF WHAT

- and you’d laugh at him

- “I’m s-sorry I… just” he’d stutter

- but being the nice person you are you’d say, “It’s okay, it’s okay! You wanna finish reading whatever it was on the book?”

- and he’d be shy while quietly asking “are you sure?”

- “yeah, go ahead! I’m in no rush.”

- so he’ll pick up the book and read the last of the summary before asking you

- “is the book good?”

- and you’d tell him “I haven’t gotten too far into the book because I just picked it up yesterday, but I’ll definitely tell you what I think of it afterwards.”

- he smiles and thanks you before he hands you back the novel along with your other books

- internally you’re screaming because his smile is the cutest thingggg

- but little did you know that he was smiling because you were smiling too jdsfgaljsdfakjsdfhaj

- it’s these small and subtle moments that slowly get Wonwoo interested in you

- eventually you guys start this whole system in which you pick up books from the library, read them, and if you like the books, you pass them onto Wonwoo to read before you return them.

- you basically have a tiny little book club with Wonwoo s’cute :’)

- he gets to know you better by the books you read and the little discussions you guys have about the books afterwards

- and slowly, but certainly, he falls for you

- and not just for your interest in books

- but the way you smile when you talk about something you guys are both interested just makes his heart flutter all over the place

- your kind nature also makes him feel so secure

- he’d much rather hang out with you than play some video game

- he’d also prefer reading books that the both of you know so he can talk to you about them


- Wonwoo wouldn’t be too into hinting at you about his crush on you on purpose

- but once in a blue moon, you would be discussing something with him and he’d just be staring at you for an extended period of time

- you’ll have to snap him out of his thoughts and he’d be like “oh what? I’m sorry, my bad.” *blushy wonw00*

- and funny thing is, a lot of the members won’t even know his crush on you exists

- except for Mingyu and Soonyoung maybe

- they’d probably catch Wonwoo staring at you and then ask him later on if he has a thing for you

- and since he’s close to these guys, he’d probably shrug and be like “I mean, I guess???”

- *cue the squealing soongyu duo*

- they’ll probably encourage him to go up to you and confess or something

- but tbh Wonwoo would probably respond “I don’t know yet,” because he wants a little bit more time to get to know you so he can confirm his feelings

- and once he’s accepted the fact that he really likes you

- he’ll start becoming a little more nervous around you

- you might be able to sense that something’s off when you guys talk

- like his comments and sentences would be shorter

- and instead of looking at you, he’d start staring elsewhere

- because he knows his heart is going to explode every time he looks at you for too long

- that’s when he’ll start plotting a way to confess to you

- because this boy knows damn well that he won’t be able to get any closure if he keeps it all to himself


- so one day, he finishes one of the books you lent him from the library and returns it to you when he sees you

- except he would scamper away after giving it back to you instead of sticking around to chat about the book

- and you’re like “well that’s weird.”

- so you just head on over to the library to give back the book

- you hand it to a librarian, who begins to inspect the book as you’re heading out

- but she calls you back

- “uh, excuse me, miss? I think you left a few bookmarks in here.”

- you don’t remember leaving any bookmarks in the book, so you figure it must be wonwoo’s bookmarks

- you turn around and pace back to the librarian, who hands you the book

- you quickly flip through the pages and notice pink sticky notes in a couple of them

- you read the sticky notes in page order:

- note 1: “Y/N”

- note 2: “If you’re reading this”

- note 3: “I want you to know”

- note 4: “that I think”

- note 5: “you’re beautiful”

- note 6: “and I’m pretty sure”

- note 7: “I’ve fallen hard for you”

- note 8: “- Jeon Wonwoo”

- You immediately blush at the cute sticky notes but realize you’re still in the presence of the librarian, so you snap out of your daze

- “Ah I-I’m sorry for the sticky notes. I’ll just take them out now-”

- the librarian just smiles at you and says

- “he sounds like a keeper.”

- and you get all red before breaking out in a huge smile

- “I think so too,” you reply

- so you head back to the company building to find Wonwoo

- and you look everywhere for him, but you can’t seem find him anywhere

- but just as you’re heading out of the building into the cool night, you bump into none other than

- him

- you blush at each other in awkwardness before you break the silence

- “Uh, I found your sticky notes and-”

- Wonwoo stops you mid-sentence with a really warm hug

- like the kind of hug where he’s rubbing your back and resting his head on your shoulder I’M DECEASED

- He talks right into your ear with his deep voice oh shit

- “I’m sorry if that was a really dumb way to tell you, but I just couldn’t force the words out in person.”

- “And even if you don’t feel the same way, I don’t want this to ruin our friendship, you know.”

- You smile, “Hmm… the librarian did tell me you seem like a keeper…”

- Wonwoo laughs softly into your hair, “she’s the one who found it?”

- “yeah, and I’m glad she did,” you reply as you release Wonwoo to look into his eyes. “You know why?”

- “Tell me why,” he says softly

- “Because if she didn’t find those notes, I wouldn’t have known you feel the same way I do.”

- he pulls you into his chest in relief

- I guess love isn’t just in fiction stories after all, he thinks to himself.

Brendon Urie x Reader : Date With A Dork

A/N: Despite what the request says this is still a gender neutral fic my lovelies! :) Requests, comments, and questions are accepted as always. I love you all, thanks so much! 2 more followers and then I hit my first 100. Thank you!!! The past month has been amazing, and I’ve loved writing fanfic for you guys! You’re the best.  

Anonymous said:
Hi!! Could I get an imagine where the reader is a YouTuber and Frank or Brendon (you choose) is a huge fan of her, they meet after a concer and he asks her out?? :D

You sat on the couch of the dressing room, tapping your foot nervously, anticipating the moment when your lifelong idol and celebrity crush would walk into the room. Sure, you were almost just as famous as he was, almost, but to you, he still seemed like a thousand levels higher. You grew up listening to all the Panic! At The Disco songs. They were the band that helped you survive middle school and high school, and to think that you’d be in the presence of Brendon Urie, the actual singer and front man of your favorite band, it blew your mind. You had met him online through some DM’s on Twitter, and you texted each other, even had a video talk, and Brendon decided to send you some free tickets for some of his upcoming shows in hopes that you could make it and you two could meet and hang out later. It felt surreal.

That day you had called Brendon a couple hours before he went on stage, and he had explained to you where to go and what to do in order to find him. Zach, who you had seen in a million backstage videos and Brendon periscopes, had introduced himself to you and showed you to the dressing room, sitting you down on the couch until Brendon came out from his shower. You had agreed upon walking to a little music shop Brendon had scouted out earlier, a place where he had told you he had bought one of his favorite guitars. You were lost in thought when the door swung open and Brendon’s eyes met yours, and your heart leapt. This was really happening.

“Nice to finally see you in person,” Brendon smiled as he dried his hair off with a towel, setting it down on the ground and giving you a hug. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“Looks who’s talking,” you smirked, both of you walking out the door and down the sidewalk.

“I’ve watched a couple of your YouTube videos,” he chuckled. “You’re pretty cute.”

“Cute? More like embarrassing,” you rolled your eyes. “They find it humorous when I humiliate myself.”

“Stuffing marshmallows in your mouth is humiliating?” Brendon raised his eyebrows. “Ha, remind me what humiliation means the next time you get so drunk you take your pants off on stage.”

“Well that’s actually sort of hot,” you admitted. “A marshmallow filled mouth? I don’t think it even comes close.”

“You’re too humbling,” Brendon laughed. “I think you’re great.”

“Same,” you grinned. “I’ve been listening to your music for forever.”

“Forever is a really long time,” he reminded. “That’s almost fucking eternity, you know. I don’t think my band’s even been around that long.”

“You know what I meant silly,” you gave him a playful jab in the arm.

“You hit like a girl,” he teased. “No offense to girls.”

“You sing like a girl,” you joked. “Hitting those high notes and that falsetto.”

“Really now? I never noticed! Oh my gosh,” Brendon responded, doing his best Valley Girl impression, which made you giggle. You had seen him do it so many times in his Periscopes, and even sometimes on stage.

“The show was great by the way,” you added. “I loved it.”

“Was it worth the price?” he raised an eyebrow.

“You gave me tickets for free,” you laughed. “Remember?”

“Fuck, I love it when you laugh,” Brendon sighed happily. His eyes grew wide after he realized he had just said that aloud, and it only made you laugh more. “Damn, I didn’t think-”

“No, haha,” you regained composure. “It’s fine. I love your smile.”

“Really now?” he flashed a toothy grin.

“Not like that,” you rolled your eyes.

“You sure?” he insisted between his teeth.

“Better quit it or I’ll start calling you Beebo,” you playfully threatened.

“Because heaven forbid anyone call me that!” Brendon gasped. You both burst out into laughter as you neared the music shop.

“So this is the place, huh?” you wondered as he opened the door and ushered you in.

“Yup, the one and only,” he grinned. “Damn, it’s been forever since I’ve been in here.”

“You know, forever is a really long fucking time,” you reminded.

“Shut up,” he rolled his eyes. He slyly reached for your arm, holding your hand as you walked down the aisles, and you stayed silent, but bursting with joy that he would be so kind as to show that sign of affection. You knew Brendon could be flirty, but you never knew he was this romantic.

“Look, I see a Sinatra vinyl,” you hinted, pointing towards a copy of one of Brendon’s favorite albums.

“I think I spot a Weezer one too,” Brendon added excitedly. You both drifted off to that corner of the shop and released the hand holding, so that you could pick up a Death of a Bachelor vinyl.

“You see this?” you smiled. “You’re right up there with them, Brendon.”

“That’s insane,” he laughed. “I never thought I’d live to see the day.”

“It’s right there beside them,” you pointed out. “Look at you, Mr. Accomplishment.”

“Ah, you’re not too shabby yourself,” Brendon reassured. “You’ll be up there on the internet hall of fame one day. I know it.”

“Nah,” you shook your head. “I think I’ll be one of those old celebrities in the magazine showing how much I’ve aged or something like that.”

“Whatever,” Brendon chuckled.

You walked over to the guitars and picked one up, handing it to Brendon. It was a lovely acoustic, and Brendon just looked at it and smiled. “Play something,” you begged. “I want to hear you.”

“You just did? Remember? About an hour ago?” Brendon reminded.

“No, I mean just you and me,” you persisted. “Right here, right now.”

“If you insist,” Brendon sighed, sitting down on a stool and strumming a couple chords. “Oh shit, what do I even sing?”

“Jesus loves me more than he loves you,” you joked.

“Oh I think that’s going to be featured on our next album,” Brendon teased. “You’re not allowed to tell anyone yet. It’s going to be the second single after Pirate Love.”

“That one you wrote with Kenny?” you giggled.

“That’s the one,” Brendon nodded. “Swab my deck!”

“Brendon!” you squealed.

“I’m just playing around,” he reassured. He strummed a couple chords and then hummed, starting to sing. It sounded familiar, but it wasn’t until he sang the first few words did it register what song it was. “I’m just setting, I’m just setting a trap. And I’m not pulling, no, I’m not pulling for ya-”

“You’re just pulling at me,” you chimed in.

“I’m not a betting man, but this is a sure thing,” you both grinned as you sang the words together. “Bababadadadadabababadada, I’ve been to Tokyo and to South Africa…”

“So many places,” you laughed.

“That you might say I’ve seen it all,” Brendon gave a goofy face.

“But my favorite place is the warm embrace, of holding your hair back in a bathroom stall,” you both sang out the lyrics playfully. “Everything I do is bittersweet, you could tell me secrets that I’ll probably repeat, I’m not trying to hurt you, I just love to speak, it feels like we’re pulling teeth. So bittersweet…” Brendon strummed a couple elaborate chords and you both laughed, until he put the guitar down.

“So you know all the words,” he smiled. “I like that.”

“I love that song,” you sighed. “Vices and Virtues bonus tracks are literally the best.”

“That’s what they all say,” Brendon smirked.

“So, any bonus tracks for Death of a Bachelor?” you raised your eyebrows, hoping to possibly pry some information out of him.

“I already fucking told you y/n, you’re not allowed to ask anymore questions about the new Beyoncé collaboration,” he groaned playfully. “That’s strictly between Queen Bey and me, got it?”

“You’re such a dork,” you giggled.

“Is that a good thing?” he wondered.

“It’s amazing,” you reassured, and almost instinctively, you gave him a quick peck on the cheek. He bit his lip trying to suppress a smile, and you skipped over to the rack of CD’s, pretending nothing had happened. An employee who was restocking some of them looked at you.

“Were you the one with the lovely voice?” he wondered.

“Nah, that would be Brendon over there,” you explained. “He’s the singer.”

“You didn’t sound too terrible yourself,” the man reassured.

“You’re too kind,” you blushed.

“Hey y/n,” Brendon snapped. You turned around, surprised at the sudden sharpness of Brendon’s voice. “Let’s go, we’ve got dinner reservations.”

“We do?” you inquired.

“Yes, we do, so let’s get going,” Brendon insisted. He tugged on your arm and basically dragged you out of the store, until you reached the corner and he finally let go.

“What the hell was that all about?” you asked.

That’s when Brendon kissed you, right then and there, his lips pressed up to yours, and when he pulled away, he left you stunned. “I didn’t like the way that man was hitting on you,” Brendon shrugged. “You’re mine.”

“Am I now?” you smirked.

“If uh, you’re okay with that,” he double checked.

“You little dork,” you kissed him on the lips quickly. “You’re too adorable, Brendon.”

“Nah, you’d beat me any day,” Brendon shook his head.

“So I believe there were mentions of dinner reservations?” you reminded.

“If you’re up for it,” he shrugged.

“I’m up for anything,” you grinned. “As long as you’ll be there.”

“Are you saying yes to a date with the biggest dork ever?” Brendon wondered.

“Yes I am,” you nodded. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

#24HourJoe - Joe Sugg Imagine

A/N: I know I’m a little late on this one but it’s really long so I guess that’s my excuse. Basically, this was inspired by the fact that we can’t see the rest of his livestream footage yet. Enjoy!

Word Count: 1.7k

“Alright I’m gonna take a quick break from the livestream here,” Joe was saying to the camera. “And when I get back it’ll just be me so everyone say goodbye to Y/N!”

“Thanks for having me and good luck with the next 15 hours!” You said to Joe, then turned to the camera and waved. “Bye everyone!”

Josh, Joe’s cameraman/tech guy gave the signal that you two were no longer live and you stopped waving.

“Actually though, thanks for coming,” Joe said to you, giving you a kiss on the cheek. Now that you were no longer live there was no need to hide your relationship from anyone. You and Joe had been dating for a few months now but had decided not to tell Joe’s fans, knowing that being open could potentially be detrimental to your new relationship.

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anonymous asked:

do you have any lesbian band/singer recs? i need more gay music

Oh goodness YES!!! First off, some of my fave openly bi girls you might not know are bi because bi erasure is awful: Kesha, Britney Spears, Sia, Paris Hilton, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Fergie, Miley Cyrus, and Nickki Menaj!! Also, the singer of the B-52s and Lady Sovereign came out as lesbians semi-recently. 

Now, some you might not know about but should check out: 

G.L.O.S.S- my fave queercore band, fronted by queer trans girl. The rest of the band is queer, too, genderqueer or wlw. They’re VERY hardcore and great for when you’re super mad. 

Hayley Kiyoko- asian American lesbian pop singer!! Girls Like Girls is one of my favorite music videos of all time, and she routinely sings about queer issues. 

Tegan and Sara- Canadian lesbian twins, they started as a folk duo but their last two records have been synth pop. I love all of it, I don’t think I would have survived high school without So Jealous an The Con. 

Skunk Anansie- is a 90s britpop/alternative rock band fronted by a black bisexual woman. She’s one of the most gorgeous humans of all time ??? Like seriously its unreal. Anyway her voice is also phenomenal. 

Team Dresch- all lesbian band from the 90s/riot girl movement. Named after band member  Donna Dresch, who was HUGELY influential in that scene and created a record label for numerous other queer fronted bands/queer core. Other important queer core bands from the 90s Olypia riot girrlacene include  The ButchiesSleater Kinney, Heavens to Betsey, and Kill Rock Stars.  If you end up liking this sound, there’s probably more from this era/scene, too. It’s a little dated and white, but they’re all good bands. 

Uh Huh Her- Leisha Haley from the L word’s band! Very 2000s indie, sort of like Metric/The Postal Service/Matt and Kim. 

Bikini Kill- the original riotgrrl punk band! Kathleen Hannah went on to form dance pop/electronic band Le Tigre with JD Sampson, who later released hip-hop/psychedelic pop solo music under the name Men. All queer, and all rad! 

The Internet- black lesbian duo doing R&B/soul/hip hop. Sort of sounds like the weekend, but (openly) gay. 

Northern State- hilarious jokey rap/pop trio. I saw them open for Tegan and Sara like ten years ago and it was great. I think two of the three members are lesbians. 

St. Vincent- indie folky/singer songwriter type stuff, beautiful voice. Annie Clack is super gay and super talented! 

Peaches- electro trash artist who sings to offend, but is generally iconic in every way. She’s pansexual and pretty regularly covers queer themes. An absolute BLAST to ever see live. 

PRVIS- amazing lesbian fronted goth/alternative band, vaguely pop punk in moments, all together dark and synths and wonderful. Lynne Gunn is INCREDIBLY. sexy 

The Sounds- super fun pop/indie band from the early 2000s, recorded a song with cobra starship for the Snakes on a Plane sound track, which should give you an idea of where they hail from, lol. Their record Dying to Say This to you was sooooo important to me in high school. 

Youth Code - really excellent, old school sounding goth band. Very sisters of Mercy, but lesbian fronted, which makes them 100 times better. 

Nina Sky- wonderfully strange electronic pop/R&B duo of twins, one of which is gay. Super chill dance music to chill with. 

The Gossip- INCREDIBLE lesbian blues rock band fronted by Beth Ditto, one of my absolute heroes. She’s unapologetically fat and gay and gorgeous and has an amazing voice, and a solo record an EP that was also FANTASTIC. 

Electrlene - Verrrry Bjork meets Arcade Fire sounding all-queer ambient electronic band. Super chill. I know at least one member identifies as a lesbian and the rest are all queer. 

Brandi Carlyle-  alternative folk/country’s lesbian darling! I remember before she was out, my best friend and I used to debate in depth about her sexuality…and then she came out and it was so validating. Very Indigo Girls (another lesbian band!) meets Mellissa Ethridge (ayyy another lesbian) but with more rock? She’s excellent! 

The XX- queer fronted rock/psychedelic band. Romy Madley Croft is the singer and she sounds like the frontman of the Pixies and is super super talented. 

Amanda Palmer- bisexual performance artist, MASSIVELY influential to me as a teenager. She was in this band called the Dresden dolls, who are phenomenal and self describe as “cabaret punk” but she also released several solo records that are less punk and more piano and just…..amazing, she’s so so so talented as a song writers and her voice is really unusual and interesting and dark and I just love her. 

K.D. Lang- the absolute butch dream, and the reason why country music is queer culture. An absolute icon with one of the Most remarkable voices of all time. 

ZOLITA- she only has a few songs out, but they have really powerful videos and she’s got a lovely voice. Eerie, dark, trendy pop. Anyway she’s definitely a lesbian and very femme and cute and I’m excited to see where she goes!

GOD I HAVE SO MANY MORE but I’ll stop here, at least there’s range of sounds for you to explore <3 enjoyyyyyy

the popstar au

hey y’all this is based off of @wolf1ez​‘s wonderful amazing widowtracer band au, let’s be legends, which you can find here!!! it’s awesome read it! also side note: in case you’re confused, the introduction and some other parts in this au are written as quotes from magazines/websites.

  • billboard: rising latin pop star sombra has just released the debut album ladykiller, which has been at #1 for three days, and shows no sign of dropping. the album features a wide range of styles, from the enrique iglesias-esque ballad de amante to the upbeat la chica (de mis sueños). sombra, who is openly gay, is donating half of the profits made off of ladykiller to the trevor project. related: check out our pride playlist, featuring tracks like satya vaswani’s girls and amelie by tracer of phracer!
  • hollywire: you all might have heard of sombra, whose debut single inamorata shot to #1 internationally and propelled her to overnight fame. well, good news: the bilingual singer has dropped a new album, ladykiller! i love every track on here, though i’ve gotta say: la cama de amor is a personal favourite. there’s nothing like that song to get you in the mood for some romping, if you know what i mean. and whether it’s in english or in spanish, we can only say one thing: spi-icy!
  • ‘hey, asshole,’ gabe says. ‘billboard wants you to do a collaboration on a track for pride month.’
  • sombra looks up at him from her chair, spinning idly. ‘sure. who’s it with?’
  • gabe unmutes his phone, listens for a few moments, mutes it again. ‘satya vaswani. the one who did girls.’
  • ‘tell ‘em yes.’
  • gabe raises an eyebrow. ‘not even gonna think about it?’
  • ‘nah. give the guys the go ahead.’
  • gabe nods, then disappears again, talking in his business voice. sombra slumps back against the chair, spinning idly.
  • after a few minutes, gabe comes back in, with a notepad and a schedule.
  • ‘okay,’ he says. ‘here’s the deal. you and vaswani are gonna meet at her apartment so you can go over songs and that shit. then you’re gonna write it, and then you’re scheduled to actually record that bullshit in march. y’all are gonna do a music video, and then they’re gonna drop it on the unsuspecting public on the first day of pride month. it’s december and you meet vaswani in four days, so you better get your ass in gear.’
  • ‘what do you mean, get my ass in gear? i just dropped an album, you fuckhead!’
  • ‘yeah, yeah, whatever. you’re gonna be writing the song in between shows, so get ready to never have a single day free for the rest of your sorry-ass life.’
  • ‘ugh.’ sombra flops back down against the chair.
  • ‘hey, at least she’s hot.’
  • sombra’s up in an instant, grabbing gabe’s phone. he’s looking at her instagram, and she gapes at the photo.
  • ‘goddamn,’ she says.
  • ‘goddamn,’ gabe agrees.
  • four days later, she’s being ushered inside a tall building by people in white. vaswani’s bodyguards. she has a bit of a cult following, apparently.
  • the apartment is large and immaculate, everything perfect and in its place. sombra feels a vague twinge of guilt about her apartment, which probably has more empty dorito bags on the floor than it does furniture.
  • ‘hello,’ comes a voice, and there she is. satya vaswani. impeccably dressed in a semiformal blouse, hands neatly folded over crossed legs. she gives sombra an unreadable look, and then gestures at the perfectly laid out blue tea set on the table. sombra nods.
  • they’re silent as satya pours the tea in exact, measured movements. sombra sips from the cup that she passes over.
  • ‘so,’ vaswani says. ‘you like women?’
  • sombra gives her a smirk. ‘yes i do,’ she purrs.
  • ‘good. let’s write a song about it.’
  • they’re unlikely friends, sombra with her brash cockiness and vaswani with her reserved grace, but it works out. they talk shit about satya’s managers and sing to each other.
  • it’s 3 am. sombra’s drunk, and hanging upside down from satya’s ceiling fan, knees hooked around the blades.
  • ‘careful,’ satya says. sombra sways until she’s facing satya, their faces close together.
  • ‘i’m not,’ sombra says. her eyes are on the soft curve of satya’s mouth.
  • satya shifts a little. ‘what- what are you doing?’
  • sombra shrugs vaguely. ‘i dunno.’
  • ‘okay.’
  • they sit like that for a moment before satya sighs, then tugs sombra’s upside-down face closer and presses their mouths together.
  • sombra’s hands lift, fingers tracing the line of satya’s jaw. languid. gentle.
  • ‘come to my concert,’ sombra murmurs when they separate. satya makes a questioning noise. sombra’s hands card gently through her hair.
  • ‘like, to sing. anything. i just- i’d like to have you there.’
  • satya hums. ‘your concerts are loud.’
  • ‘yeah.’ sombra swings herself back a little to study satya’s face. ‘are you okay with that? i know that you don’t really like- sensory overload, right? you don’t have to.’
  • satya’s hands lift to cover sombra’s on her face. she smiles, a little. ‘i would like to.’
  • insider: the latin pop star sombra is known for her concerts getting a little sexy, what with her habit of pulling girls on stage and doing some pretty dirty dancing. and then apparently she follows through. she has a pretty impressive network of such girls, ranging from korea to france to her native mexico. ‘she’s a real player,’ an inside source says. ‘but from what i’ve heard coming from those hotel rooms, it’s worth it.’
  • it’s coming to the last song of the set when sombra jumps off the stage and hooks her fingers around satya’s wrist. satya has her noise-cancelling earbuds in, and she tugs one out.
  • ‘hey, california!’ she shouts, and grins at the answering roar. ‘i want y’all to meet a friend of mine, who’s gonna help me sing this next song. satya vaswani!’
  • and then she tugs satya up on stage, as the chords start to play. it’s an instantly familiar song. she tosses satya a mic and launches into the first verse.
  • sí, sabes que ya llevo un rato mirándote,
  • satya chimes in to sing the next part, and sombra edges closer to her, closer and closer. she comes up behind her, and sets her hands on satya’s hips, swaying, until-
  • despacito-’ and abruptly the swaying turns into grinding, sombra’s hips rocking against the curve of satya’s ass. satya goes tense suddenly, and sombra pulls away, bouncing up to the edge of the stage to sing the next ‘despacito’.
  • she launches into the next part, shooting satya a concerned look. satya gives her an imperceptible nod, and disappears off the stage.
  • pasito a pasito,‘ she sings, holds out the microphone. the crowds roar the lyrics back to her, and she trades off with them, her wonderful beautiful fans, and they bounce back and forth until sombra sings ‘despa-’
  • and then abruptly there are strong hands yanking her back hard, and satya vaswani, the angel of bollywood, is grinding on her to the beat of the song. 
  • if not for her goddamn training, she would have forgotten the words all together, but she’s a performer. she can do this, and she goes into the second ‘despacito’ of the chorus, and then abruptly satya bites at her earlobe and yanks her into the curve of her hips and even from the shitty quality of the youtube videos it’s perfectly clear that she has never been more turned on in her whole damn life
  • the lights go out, sombra yells her goodbyes, the crowd roars, and then she’s practically yanking satya off the stage and into her dressing room and the moment she hears the click of the door lock, she’s on her knees and reaching for the zipper to satya’s absurdly tight pants and everything gets a whole lot better from there.
  • and they write the damn song. satya’s time for sleeping is 9 pm to 6 am, except on special occasions. so they trade lyric ideas back and forth at 2 am, stealing kisses and occasionally abandoning the song altogether to make out like teenagers.
  • but they write their separate verses, and tag-team the bridge and the choruses. it’s a love song, of course, addressed to each other.
  • lover girl,’ sombra sings. they’re facing each other inside the soundproofed walls of the recording studio. ‘ain’t you something wonderful?’
  • it’s a soft kind of song, sombra’s fingers plucking at the strings of the guitar. satya leans forward during the prerecorded instrumental break to kiss her gently. sombra smiles into the kiss. 
  • gabe rolls his eyes fondly from where he sits in the studio, and satya’s assistant gives them a curious glance.
  • the music video is set half in a beach, half in a bedroom. satya’s verse is first; she sits on a stool in front of a mirror, smiling to herself. the video cuts to the two of them in a bedroom for the chorus, sombra playing her guitar. they’re singing to each other. the last scene, satya tugs the guitar away from sombra and pulls her down for a gentle kiss, and then the video fades.
  • hollywire: so, i guess you guys have heard the news? latin pop star sombra and the ‘angel of bollywood’ satya vaswani have just dropped the hottest single of the summer, on the first day of pride month! lovergirl is a work of art, and it’s even better when you learn that sombra and satya were dating all through the process of making the song, news they dropped on the same day as the lovergirl music video. one word: wow. #symbra, anyone?

anonymous asked:

Ask box is open!! Okay, can I please have scenario with Oikawa with the soulmate au where the first words they say to you are on your wrist? Maybe something unexpected, and with the College Au or Celebrity Au? I'm not sure whichever I like better ^^; I wish I could think of the first words, but depending on which Au... anyways, thank you, and love your blog! It really brightens my day and I've been checking it for a year. Keep up the good work; Love you guys!! <3

Aw, I’m so glad you’re enjoying this blog! I’ve decided to go with the Celebrity AU. :)

-Admin Lana

The world was waiting for the day when J-Pop icon, Oikawa Tooru, announced the reunion of his soulmate. It was safe to say that thousands of men and women alike we’re vying that they were the lucky person who was soul bound to the celebrity, some going as far as to tattoo new phrases to their wrists in desolate hope. Admittedly, you were a fan of the man himself, enjoying his songs that were released and enjoyed watching the music videos that came out. You’ve even managed to attend a concert or two, something worthwhile despite the cost. Sometimes you wondered what it would be like to be in love with a man like him, but no good ever came out of empty wishes. You simply hoped that you would find your own soulmate in time.

A smile crossed your face as a familiar song played on the speakers in the coffee shop. It was a light tune, one that had you bouncing on your heels as you fixed an espresso for a customer. Working in a small scale shop like this always improved your mood. Moving from behind the counter, you made your way to a table situated in the far back corner, the space mostly occupied by students needing a quiet space to study or those who didn’t want to be bothered by the hustle and bustle of others.

“Here you go, sir. One vanilla bean espresso and a blueberry scone.” You called out cheerily, gently setting the items on the table. The man glanced up from beneath glasses, a hat covering his head. But you knew that face all too well, it was on your tv screen more often than not. Your mouth fell open in shock, not believing that a celebrity was in your coffee shop.

Brown eyes widened as he realized that you recognized who he was despite the disguise. “Please, for the love of god, do not scream!” His voice was hushed as he hurriedly pulled you to sit down, a finger pressed against your parted lips.

Almost immediately you looked to your wrist, watching as the words slowly darkened. For years, you wondered who or what the context was behind the words tatted to your wrist, and now the pieces were finally coming together. “You might find this hard to believe, but I think you’re my soulmate…” Displaying your arm, you watched as the man observed it, eyes widening for a moment, before a knowing look crossed his expression.

Oikawa leaned back, rolling up his sleeves to show his own tattoo that had darkened as well, the first words you had uttered to him. “I finally found you after all these years.” He breathed, hands coming to gently cup your face, almost to make sure that you were real. “You’re more beautiful than I imagined.”

It amazed you how calm you were being after finding out that a celebrity you looked up to was your soul bound lover. This was something that you only read in books or saw in movies. “Yo-you’re okay with being with someone like me? I’m not any of those actresses or idols that you’ve been with.” It was only natural to have this reaction, the women he’s been with prior were among model tiers.

He simply shook his head and smiled, his joy contagious. “Why wouldn’t I be? You’re my soulmate and that’s all I could ask for.” The idol paused, taking note of your uniform. “Ah, I’m sorry, you’re working right now. I don’t want to cause any more trouble, but would you mind meeting up sometime later this week?”

Your heart swelled, fumbling in your apron pocket for the notepad you kept handy, scribbling your name and number. “That would be great, I look forward to hearing from you.” He opened his mouth to say something, but fell short as your name wasting called. You mouthed ‘sorry’ before shuffling away from the table, but not before he winked and blew a kiss your way. If things continued like this, your heart wouldn’t be able to take it.

The only thing you had to worry about now as how his fans were going to react once they found out that Oikawa Tooru found his soulmate.

Creepypasta #1206: I Should Have Canceled Class

Length: Super long

I had just situated myself comfortably into my seat when the speakers of my personal computer produced the familiar sound of a well-known video chat application making contact. I looked over the ascending rows of theater seating that filled the large room being projected onto my monitor. 

On an ordinary day, the seats would be mostly filled with the hundred or so students forced to take my class in order to fulfill general education requirements. Seeing as I was monitoring the classroom from the comfort of my own home instead of behind the large desk at the front corner of the classroom, it was clearly not an ordinary day. I was quickly able to count a total of five individuals sitting in seats scattered throughout the classroom staring up at the big white screen my head and torso were currently being projected onto.

Stealing a quick glance at the blizzard raging outside my window, I was surprised five students had even bothered to show up. I am still not sure exactly when the storm had started, but when I woke up that morning it had been already going strong long enough to cover ground that had been completely bare when I went to sleep the night before. 

By noon, there had been no way I was going to drive my ancient Chevy Malibu down the steep half mile driveway where it sat. So instead of going to campus for my six-thirty class that night, I sent out an email to all my students explaining I would be telecommunicating to the classroom that night. My email also encouraged anyone nervous about getting on the snow covered roads to stay home. Instead of the normal class, I would use the two and a half hours to review previous material for the upcoming final. The students sitting inside my monitor had either decided the review was worth the snowy commute or had completely failed to go over their emails for the day. Regardless of why, five students had come to my class and I was determined to make their trip worth it.

As the first hour came to an end, I can truthfully say nothing out of the ordinary had occurred. I went over a bit of the most basic information they would need for the final, and began taking questions from the five of them about anything they needed reviewed. Part way through an explanation about the functions and characteristics of mitochondria for a girl in the front row wearing a bright red scarf, I noticed there were now six students in the classroom. I had not seen the person in the dark green hoodie enter the room at all. He also wore his hoodie in a way that made it impossible to make out facial characteristics. The only thing I could make out from my screen was a chin jutting out. 

I assumed he must have quietly come in while I was answering an earlier question and didn’t want to be identified for being a late comer. I finished up answering scarf girl’s question and decided to see if this new person had anything they needed answered.

“How about our new friend in the back?” I asked. “Do you have any questions about final?”

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