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a list of good things:

  • derek hale
  • derek hale getting a well deserved backrub
  • derek hale wearing clothes that are comfy and make him feel relaxed
  • derek hale sleeping and sleeping deeply
  • derek hale having nice dreams
  • derek hale smiling just because
  • derek hale being the little spoon, wrapped in the arms of his boyfriend whom he loves and trusts and who he knows loves and trusts him back
  • derek hale having a solid and permanent home, a roof over his head and rooms that are decorated in the way he wants them to be
  • derek hale treating himself to nice things because he deserves it and he knows he does
  • derek hale being happy and safe and away from all the bullshit

baby boy, if you got those big dreams, go and get it 🌻



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i’ve had a recurring dream for the last three nights in a row and it goes like this:

robert, broken and alone, is taken pity on by moira who decides to keep him busy by asking for his help on the farm. he doesn’t want to go to the scrapyard because it’ll just remind him of aaron so he agrees, plus it’s been ages since he’s been up to butler’s.

only he ends up enjoying it. working out in the fields, organising the orders… it gives him a sense of purpose that he’s been seriously lacking since aaron left. and it feels good to be doing something he’s familiar with and something which… he’s surprisingly good at. maybe not so much the physical side of things, but the management? he can do that, he was born to do that, and even moira admits that she’s had it a lot easier since he’s been around

so he keeps going, works up at butler’s more and more. jimmy and nicola have a handle on the haulage firm now that rodney’s back and pulling his weight. it takes his mind off of everything being up there, and moira is great with him, even cooks him dinner each night. he ends up kipping in adam’s old room for a few nights, too tired to walk home, and moira says he can stay for a bit if he wants. so he does, he moves some of his clothes in, saying it’ll be only temporary, but part of him feels like he’s coming home.

and then aaron comes back, and robert doesn’t see him but he hears through moira that he’s staying at the pub for the time being. doesn’t want to live at the mill. it hurts even if he understands, and robert buries himself in work, wakes up earlier and goes to bed later, forgoing meals so he can keep toiling away out in the fields. moira tries to get him to slow down but he can’t, won’t, because there’s too much to do and every time he stops long enough he thinks about aaron, about the life they’ll probably never have now

but they end up meeting eventually. it’s awkward and stilted, the conversation drying up before it’s really begun, and robert leaves more heartbroken than ever. they don’t connect anymore, he can feel himself losing aaron all over again. he heads back up to the farm and keeps working, harder than ever before. 5am starts, 9pm finishes. no breaks, barely any food… it’s not sustainable and he’s running off of grief more than anything else. moira recognises the signs, she did it herself when holly died.

so she goes to see victoria and diane and eventaully aaron, explains how worried she is about robert. both vic and diane both try to have a word but he refuses to listen, says they’re just fussing, that he needs to get on. aaron is more reluctant, he’s not sure of where he stands with rob anymore and he doesn’t want to start yet another argument. but he goes eventually on the pretense of looking for adam, but he has to admit that robert doesn’t look good. he’s leaner, arms more muscular from working night and day, but he’s also thin and his skin is waxy and pale. aaron broaches the subject of work, asks if maybe robert needs to take it easier, and robert stiffens. “is this an intervention?” he asks and aaron shakes his head. “it’s not like that, we’re just worried.” robert looks at him. “even you?” he queries and aaron doesn’t know what to say to that. he is worried, he always worries about rob, but such an admission carries more weight behind it than he’s willing to confess to right now. so he bows his head and robert smiles sadly, confirming whatever he had already known.

“i’m fine, really,” he says eventually. “i just need to get this done.”

so aaron goes, frustrated with himself and with rob, but not knowing how to deal with any of it.

[and somehow in this dream we skip over the fact that it’s revealed bex was never pregnant and robert decides to work even harder to try and block out all the pain and anger he’s feeling]

so we land at the finale where robert, now so exhausted that he’s literally stumbling over himself, manages to collapse against some electric fencing and electrocutes himself (guess who has a very Dramatic mind when sleeping?). he’s lying unconscious in a field and wakes up alone, disorientated, but tells no one that he literally fried his insides for a solid minute there and instead goes back to work. yes, he’s an idiot even my dreams lmao.

he ends up at the pub that night, no doubt at moira’s insistance that he actually go out and have a life, but he’s not feeling great (no fucking wonder robert, you had electric running through your veins you dumb shit)

aaron’s on the other side of the bar looking all sad and mopey while robert’s at his end looking sad and mopey and also very ill. charity makes a snarky comment that the two of them are going to end up dying over their broken hearts and then… robert goes and has a heart attack. no freaking joke, he stands up to leave and then clutches at his arm before collapsing.

cue aaron rushing to his side and asking him what’s wrong, meanwhile robert is gasping and writhing (lots of nice tummy shuts yum yum yum) before managing to get out: “i love you, mr sugden” because he’s not sure what’s happening but he’s scared there won’t be anymore time to say it again. and aaron tears up, cradles robert in his arms, and says “i love you too, mr dingle”

they kiss, all shaky and broken as they are but now desperate to be together, and when the paramedics arrive aaron says he’s robert’s husband and he’s coming with him in the ambulance

and then, in true brian kinney style, robert’s shirt is opened (for defibrilator purposes or some other medical nonsense) to reveal aaron’s ring on a chain around his neck. aaron takes it off and slips the ring back on his finger, whispers “i do” in robert’s ear, and robert dies happy-


he makes a full recovery and they get married officially straight after robert getting the all clear

do you ever think about Aaron Dingle??? and how strong he is?? how brave and strong and wonderful he is for standing up to that shitbag sperm donor and testifying against him and getting justice????? because i think about it a lot and i’m so fucking proud of him and i’m in awe of that bravery. 


So I rewatched the first Avengers and realized my girl Natasha does the EXACT SAME THING with Cap’s shield that Diana does in WW.

“Could use a boost.” “You sure about this?” “Yeah. It’s gonna be fun.”

“Diana! SHIELD!”

So now I want them to be best friends and I want their respective Steves to hang out and get beers for them while they “girl talk” about the most efficient ways to kill the crap out of someone with your bare hands.

anonymous asked:

Hey I'm feeling sad right now can I get a pic of bowl cut aizawa please

I’m sorry anon! There was only ever one official photo of bowl cut Aizawa in the smash comics. I hope this is okay.

Created FAQ Page for Daycare

Hellooooo, it took me goddang long enough, but I finally made a FAQ page for Moosen’s Daycare! This has basic information, such as what the daycare idea is about, how to “apply” and interact, who the care-takers are, who the parents are, and most importantly, who the kiddos are! (( x ))

It will probably be updated as the idea grows and more kiddos are sent in or new info pops up ;)

i should be working on a research paper due in like almost two weeks but i have zero motivation and energy to do it right now, it’s so BAD.. well i finished the intro and like the peroration part in the conclusion so i’ve done like 15% of it a few days ago..but yeah i need to do the body paragraphs. i really need to get it together tomorrow.. i cant CRAM THIS

I’m so happy that Lucy got her novel out though, like all i keep seeing is about the pairings and cannon which trust me its all i’ve been able to talk about as well but Lucy is an accomplished author. That is so hard in any world. I’m so proud of her, being a writer myself i know how hard it is. And i have so many questions like was levy the first on to read it? Did levy edit it? How long did it take Natsu to read it before he was overly congratulating her for just finishing and making her go beet red? Did Gray and Juvia read it together? Do they sell copies of it at the guild? THESE ARE THINGS I WANT TO KNOW Was it age appropriate for wendy to read? Did Elfman read it and go on about how manly it was? Probably yes did Natsu secretly buy loads? Or did he openly buy them? DID LUCY GET COPIES FOR HER SPIRITS AND SUMMON THEM TO GIVE THEM EACH ONE THEN THANK THEM FOR THEIR HELP?! Guys my brain is running amok If you can think of anymore questions please add on Let me know And if anyone and i do mean anyone wants to write a fanfiction answering any of these questions then i would more than encourage it and i would highly appreciate it if i got sent a link

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