if they kill him off

My worst fear for ‘Infinity War’.

I’m very excited for infinity war, but I fear for Loki. My worst fear is that: Thanos will invade the Asgardian’s ship, and defeat Thor in a fight (hence why he is on the guardians’ ship in the trailer) and kill all the people of Asgard. Loki, who is now, maybe desperate to find his brother, or most likely is just desperate to save himself, gives up the tesseract to Thanos and says he will work for him, but due to his failure to serve Thanos in ‘The Avengers’, Thanos just takes the tesseract and decides Loki is of no use to him, therefore immediately killing him off after he hands it over, i.e. Loki is dead within 5 minutes of being on screen. Like honestly, this is such a plausible storyline but I think Loki is such a loved, and complex character that it would be sad for him to have such a boring death. This is what I think about when I’m awake at night honestly.

You know, I think one of my favorite points of contrast between Ed and Roy is how Ed handled Shou Tucker vs how Roy handled Envy

And maybe youre thinking “hmm, no those were pretty similar. Ed beat the shit outta Tucker until Al was like ‘knock it off ur gonna kill him’, and Roy….beat the shit outta Envy until Riza/Scar/Ed were like ‘knock it off ur gonna kill them’” and okay. That’s definitely similar. But there’s one piece that Ed and Roy handled in exact opposite fashion and I think it says a lot about them.

Both Tucker and Envy try to pull the “Well aint you a monster too?” card. Tucker tells Ed he’s just as bad for messing around with his brother’s life. Envy tells Roy he’s horrible for killing Maria Ross if he knew she was innocent.

And Ed goes absolutely ham on Tucker. He starts yelling and punching up a storm about “No you’re wrong!” as if Tucker’s opinion matters to him. Ed cares what Shou Tucker of all people thinks of him, or maybe it just cut deep enough that Ed halfway believes it himself, and is desperate to deny it.

For Roy–Roy had the perfect chance to pull an absolute zinger. To waggle his finger and go “aha! foolish creature! this is where I’ve bested you, showing myself to be a clever and upstanding man, for I have not killed her!” But Roy just….doesn’t. He doesn’t bring up the fact that he got Maria out safely. He brushes the topic aside and doesn’t let Envy detract from the matter at hand. Roy does not care at all what Envy thinks of him. He’s got no desire to fix his image right there because Envy’s opinion is less than garbage. And he probably doesn’t take the insult to heart, like Ed does, because at this point Roy’s already aware he’s a monster.

In conclusion, this is why Roy is a politician, and Ed isn’t.

If Oscar Isaac can persuade JJ Abrams to not kill him off in TFA, he can definitely persuade him to make stormpilot happen in episode 9

  • Verity: Where's Loki?
  • Sigurd: Ah, him? I KILLED HIM!
  • Verity: Killed him?
  • Sigurd: Cut off his bloody head!
  • Verity: Oh. Well, that's step one. What about two through ten?
  • Sigurd: Ah, Norns...
  • Loki: *reforms as epic music that he brought himself plays*
  • Loki: You done goofed.
  • Sigurd: How in the actual Hel did you do that?
  • Loki: Fuck you, that's how.

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imagine Gear kidnapping Robbie, almost killing him by ripping him apart, cutting his veins off one by one but Robbie can't die because the magic from Marvin that created him is still just running through him, Gear doesn't expect even Dark who he considered a good business associate to return everything he's done to Robbie, by each ego over and over a Schneep and dr Iplier rebuild him to make sure he's just still conscious, one by one

Dark would be the one to find Robbie because the moment he heard the Zombie disappeared, and there was no trace of an attack or intrusion, he’d be marching into Gear’s labs. Shadows whirling around him and his shell splintering as he tries to hold in his anger.
Dark brings a terrified Robbie back, and also a very damaged Gear who he throws at the Septics feet.
“He’s yours to do with as you please. But I need him alive for my own revenge.”

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You’re a Wish Hook fan so maybe you can help me with this. I don’t understand how Regina can still feel no remorse for killing Wish Snowing while being all buddy and sympathetic with Wish Hook. Isn’t that contradictory? Why did she never have to pay for those crimes, unless they were actually fake, which would make Wish Hook fake too in which case she shouldn’t mind killing him off also. I don’t know how to feel about either of them

you’re super duper late to the Discourse Party with this one, babe. all i can say is, i blame the writers, not the character, because clearly, based on twitter answers from the writers and interviews with a&e, there was a huge disconnect inside the writers’ room. they, themselves, had no idea what was going on. so yeah it’s effin contradictory. i’ve been pretty vocal in the past about my hatred for that particular arc simply bc the writing choices were shit and they didn’t communicate with each other about their own AU.

BUT. over the past several years, since i’ve been a fan of this show, i have come to learn that i enjoy it far better when i move on from petty things that bother me and just pay attention to the parts i do like. so it’s whatever. i love wish!hook, i couldn’t care less which realm he came from or what shenanigans went down there.

also it’s… not my job to tell you how to feel about them. you can form your own opinions. if you hate regina, then hate her. if you hate wish!hook, then hate him. that’s absolutely 100% not my problem 👍

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: carl grimes is a symbol of hope, survival and rebirth. he is more than just rick's son. he's supposed to beat this world. he's survived being shot twice, shooting his mother and shane, watching sophia be revealed as a walker, watching numerous people that he loves be killed in front of him, being sexually assaulted, ptsd and being permanently disabled. carl has survived more than nearly everyone on the entire show. for him to be killed off is heartless and unfair but if chandler wanted to leave, i don't blame him, considering that gimple doesn't give a single fuck about carl and doesn't understand his importance. carl found his humanity again after having so much taken away from him. he cares so much about the people he loves and would do anything to protect them. his relationships with women are the foundation of so much of his strength and kindness. he believes that there's still good in the world and that we always have hope. his character arc is so inspiring and empowering. carl grimes deserves better.

I want an AU where Ashi is an assassin masquerading as a geisha to get close to Jack. And if you want more fun, imagine this is is a post-ashifadedies (like in Memories by @sallychanscraps), making her job easy/difficult/confusing/?? ?”