if they hadn't kissed that morning he would totally have gone for the hug

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First off you're extremely beautiful! And second, I know you're busy but today is my birthday and it's been a really shitty one so I was wondering if you could write something about me and ash or Mikey that has to do with celebrating your birthday idk just something really happy and cute and fluffy to cheer me up :((

aw so just imagine that they’d actually legitimately forgotten it was your birthday because like, touring and the band can be so hectic and it’s just so easy to not even know what month it is let alone what day or date. But you would’ve thought that ash, your boyfriend, at least would have remember it was your bday. And especially because you were on tour with them but they’d booked off the day just to have a ‘day off’ so, I mean, naturally you assumed they chose that day for a break bc it was your birthday. 

But nooooo. The day came and everything was literally normal af. Like, Ashton was being his normal self and he just kissed you on the shoulder when you both woke up in the morning and he put his arm slung around your waist while you were eating breakfast. But nothing at all was said about your birthday. And it’s not that you actually expected anything, but just a nice ‘happy birthday’ would’ve been cool. And, like, the whole band would come out and start going about their daily stuff. And Michael, your bestie, would just go straight to his video games and you’d be just sitting there a bit like wtf. 

And Ashton would notice something wasn’t quite right and half way through the day he would be like, ‘everything alright, baby?’ and you were so tempted to just ask if he knew what the date was but you were like nah bc that would be awkward. So you’d leave it and brush it off. 

And then by the end of the day you would basically forget it was even your birthday because everyone else had seemed to dismiss it, so why shouldn’t you. And it would get to nighttime and you’d be lying down watching a movie with everyone all snuggled up lazily on one bed, and you would get a phone call from your mum. SO you’d just pick it up automatically and omg her voice would just screech through the phone like ‘hapPY BIRTHDAY sweetiee I HOPE ASHTON HAS BEEN TREATING YOU WELL TODAY IM SORRY I CANT BE THERE BUT WE SENT YOU A CARD IN THE MAIL AND HOPEFULLY IT’LL GET THEIR SOON YOUR BIRTHDYA IS SUCH AN IMPORTANT DAY BLABLABLABLA' 

and you’d be like fk fk omg wat and you’d rush to try and turn the volume down but everyone had already heard and everyone would turn to look at you and omg you never would’ve seen so many pale ghostly people looking in your direction and you’d just think it was the awkwardest thing ever and you’d fumble around to turn off the damn phone to shut your stupid mum up, and then when you did it would just be like … dead.. silence.. 

and you’d sorta just turn to your left and look at Ashton and he would just be sitting there with his mouth open gaping at you and taking really really slow and deep breaths. And you’d just feel so bad that he was clearly feeling so bad and you’d start to talk like, 'ash…’ but he’d be in a state where his eyes were literally being clouded by tears and he’d just get straight up off of the bed and like storm the fuck out of that room

and obv you’d instantly go to follow, but Michael would grab your arm and pull you back to fall like half on top of him, and he’d be like, 'jesus, fuck Y/N, I am, literally, so, fucking, sorry, about this, oh my god.’ And you’d shake your head like, 'no, michael, it’s fine, don’t even worry about it seriously.’ but UGH HE’D JUST LOOK LIKE A PUPPY WITH SAD EYES AND LIKE SWEARING NONSTOP AND LUKE And calum would be awkwardly scratching the back of their necks and mumbling apologies and shit and you’d just be like aahhh stfu tbh and you’d grab michael’s shoulder and make eye contact with all three of them and you’d say, ‘don’t worry. I’m not offended, but I’m worried about Ashton.’ 

SO you’d run out and immediately be on the hunt for your sad man but as soon as you walked out the door, he would slam straight into you because he was already heading on his way in to come back and apologise to you and omg you’d just stand there looking at each other and then he’d take a massive hugh gulp of air and be like, 'baby, I had absolutely no fucking idea that it was your birthday and I never ever felt so guilty in my entire life-’ and you’d go to interrupt but he’d shoosh you and keep going like, ‘no honestly babe, I am in the wrong here, don’t you dare try to defend me. But I am going to make this up to you okay? I promise.’ 

And awwww you’d be smiling and you’d just dive in for a hug and then in no time you’d be full on stand-up cuddling and it would be cute

so then anyway, you’d sorta just have to listen to him hating on himself for the rest of the night, but then the nEXT DAY EVERYTHING WOULD BE AMAZING, LIKE, YOU’D WAKE UP TO THE SMELL OF BREAKFAST BC HE WOULD’VE COOKED YOU UP SOMETHING AMAZING AND HE’D BRING IT INTO BED AND peck your forehead and he’d be like trying to be funny like, 'what’s the point in celebrating your birthday on your actual birthday when you could celebrate your bday plus one because you’ve officially survived one day of that age!’ and all day he’d be making you laugh and you would go out for lunch to some cute cafe and Ashton would be super touchy the entire day, like his hand would constantly he on your thigh

and michael would be totally into the ‘celebrating a day late’ thing and he would’ve gone out in the morning to buy you flowers and chocolates and essentially you’d just get so fkn spoilt

but then at night when you were going to sleep again, you’d be in ashton’s arms and he would just be getting all sentimental like, 'honey, I owe you so much for loving me even when I screw up the most important day in the world.’ and you’d sigh, 'it’s hardly the most important day ash,’ but he’d disagree like, 'well, actually, Princess, if you hadn’t have been born, then you wouldn’t be with me right now and then there would be no way in hell that I would be half as happy or have half the reason I have to live now.’