if they go around murdering and raping and shit

the women of RK are BAMFs and here’s why

Women of Ruroken Week
Day 7 | Free Day

Let’s talk about women.

Let’s talk about the women in RK who, despite the shonen genre the universe is deeply entrenched in, are each bamfs in their own ways.

Free day=meta day for me! It’s gonna get kinda crude and rough and long, but only because these women are too badass to write meta any other way.

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So I've been seeing people get mad at IR fanfics for example fics involving adultery. I know shit like this happens but this is fictional (someone probably thinks, Oh really just fiction??) But does that make people who write a story that has or is based on murder, rape, drugs, etc in it. Do that? Or like that kind of behavior? Who knows maybe they've been in that situation. Believe it or not some writers actually express what they're going through or what they've experienced through fanfiction.

Yeah, I’ve seen that around too. This is gonna really divide some people but for me personally, I think it’s bullshit tbh for a couple of reasons. 

The first and most simple one is….Don’t like?? then Don’t. Fucking. Look. At. It. No one is forcing you to look at anything you don’t want to so why you bitchin? The shit is not canon and has ZERO effect on canon. Despite being wonderfully crafted, it can not effect the characters in canon and does not turn the characters into monsters. 





I feel like I have to drill this shit into people’s heads because it always seems that when adultery is concerned, fanfic and fanart creators are somehow compromising the moral integrity of the characters which is once again complete and utter BULLSHIT. If there was a Bonnie & Clyde- Ichiruki AU no one would be making any kinda post condemning it, so GTFO.

Second thing I hear is “ICHIGO AND RUKIA ARE NOT THE TYPE TO CHEAT ON THEIR SPOUSES. DON’T DEFILE THEIR CHARACTERS!!!!!!!!! THEY WILL ALWAYS BE FAITHFUL NO MATTER WHO BLAH BLAH MORALITY”.  and it ticks me off cuz who are you to say so. We said Rukia is not the type to NOT GIVE A SHIT about where her daughter is but what the fuck do I see in the canon ass 686?….RUKIA NOT GIVING A FLYING FUCK ABOUT WHERE HER DAMN CHILD IS!!!!! After that OOC mess of a chapter, all bets are fucking off. You say Ichigo and Rukia wouldn’t cheat but what do we see them doing here

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 The happiest moment of his life is right here…with Rukia that close to his face. He’s so damn close to her face they might as well be kissing. I don’t see him all in Orihime’s face a.k.a. his wife who has a front row seat to this shit. THIS IS BASICALLY CHEATING RIGHT HERE!!!!!!!! HIS HEART IS WITH SOMEONE OTHER THAN HIS FUCKING SPOUSE AND THAT IN ITSELF IS ADULTERY. He is betraying Orihime right fucking now so cheating AUs aren’t that much of a stretch. 

Don’t get mad at cheating AUs for creating shit that makes sense according to the canon. Shit, if you’re gonna be mad, be mad at Kubo for putting IH and RR together when Ichigo and Rukia obviously love each other. If the good end with Ichiruki was made, we wouldn’t even need to create adultery AUs because they would be rightfully together instead of with the people they don’t have feelings for.

Because of that, I’d never condemn Ichiruki adultery fanworks, I welcome them. These amazing artists continue to bless us with wonderful Ichiruki works that feature all types of scenarios and if you can’t appreciate that cuz you feel morally offended or superior then you can kindly GTFO and leave the appreciating to the rest of the fandom.

For all my fanwork creators especially those who have done adultery AUs,

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Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!!!

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Honestly that scares the shit out of me. There are men walking around with fucking rape jokes on their shirts. Rape. Jokes. I'm terrified to go outside at night alone because I feel like if I do I'll get pulled in an alley. If I'm out walking (as I sometimes need to) and I hear a noise, I rack my brain for things I learned in RAD class. A Rape Aggression Defence class that was mandatory IN MY SCHOOL. It's a scary time to have a vagina. Something has to be done.

Not just rape, but murder. Both are apparently jokes to them. The fact that my life is so insignificant to them scares the shit out of me.

And the fact that they whine and cry about how women are scared of men or how women hate men is completely fucking stupid. Like, y'all are killing us, I think taking a stab at your ego is a small price to pay in comparison. 

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about the emma suklowicz post, i dont mean to sound rude, but there is a lot of evidence against her, showing that she made the story of being raped up. (id go look it up if i were you as well, because it kinda messed up, and will discredit or make other rape survivors less likely to come forward)

Actually, no. The evidence that you say goes against her, is bullshit.

Do you know how many rape victims continue to talk to their rapists after they’ve been raped?

Do you realize he’s raped multiple other people as well as Emma?

Do you realize that these women discovered that the same man raped them and that’s when they decided to call the cops on his ass and report him to the school?

Not to mention, this guy has MONEY. He has a good lawyer. And schools fuck up their investigations on purpose all the time. And the police side with rapists, because most police officers are abusive themselves. They are experts at victim blaming. 

This is why I am suing Pace University. Colleges purposefully underreport and find rapists to be innocent, or not enough evidence. That’s what they do. 

The law won’t find someone guilty unless there is a photo, film, or DNA samples. Even video footage does not guarantee they will find the rapist guilty of rape. 

And it’s rare to even get a rape kit. And if you did get a rape kit, well there’s a huge backlog of them getting processed, which can take years to get through

A lot of people go into shock after rape and don’t know what to do. They immediately shower because they feel guilty and dirty and gross and want the other person’s body to be gotten rid of. A lot of people don’t even know it’s rape until later on. 

A lot of people are terrified to admit to themselves that it’s rape and they are terrified of getting blamed by society. It’s too emotionally stressful to report and to be forced to relive it. 

Reporting a rapist is one of the hardest things there is to do. Rape is the closest thing there is to murder. And once the rapist goes free, many victims contemplate suicide or attempt it. 

I’ve talked many many people out of killing themselves.

Most rapes go unreported. These girls had the courage to fight, to try to get him away from other students, to try and get him to stop raping.

So guess what. Emma and the other women are telling the truth. 

Also, why on earth would someone carry around a mattress for a school year if they weren’t raped? She was doing it to try and make the school get rid of the rapist. But it didn’t work. 

Columbia doesn’t give a shit about rape victims. Just like all of the other schools in America.