if they ever filmed during their birthdays


So, I rewatched TMP just now and because it appeared logical to me to not stop there, I am now rewatching The Wrath of Khan.

One of my favourite scenes is this one: 

Because Bones just looks SO SWEET, lying there on the floor, chilling and smiling. He is the best and I am in love.

But then in the next scene, prepare for UTTER HEARTBREAK. Jim meets up with Spock and asks: “Why aren’t you dead?”, because Spock “died” during the Kobayashi Maru. This already killed me. They are SO FAMILIAR in this scene.

Of course, Bones giving Jim GLASSES for his birthday is the best thing ever.

Funniest thing about this movie: Has it never occurred during filming that Chekov couldn’t possibly know Khan because Space Seed was part of season 1 of TOS and Chekov joined the Enterprise only with the beginning of season 2?

Oh my gosh, Jim has the book Spock gave to him clutched in his arms as if he doesn’t even register it’s there and then he gives it to Uhura when he realizes he can’t stand in front of the crew with a gift from his husband in his hands.

Kirk: Shall we start with the engine room?
Scotty: Everything is in perfect order.
Kirk: That would be a pleasant surprise.

Yes, because this is the Enterprise and nothing is ever in perfect order. Except for Spock’s hair of course.

I like Robin Curtis as Saavik more than Kirstie Alley. *insert unpopular opinion puffin here*

I LOVE how Jim can interrupt Spock’s meditation without Spock minding at all. I bet only Jim is allowed to do that.

“I would not presume to debate you.”
“That is wise.”

“I have been and always shall be yours.” ASDFGHJKL HELP ME

Khan is SO OUT OF BALANCE OMG. He gets his whole crew killed because of his stupid need for revenge.

Scotty is so heartbreakingly sweet when he mourns the death of the young trainee ;______;
And OMG the look on Spock’s face when he sees Scotty with the boy in his arms. Like he went from “unfortunate casualty” to genuinely feeling sorry about the death of someone he barely knew.

Jim, about to beam down to Regular I:
Spock: “Jim. Be careful.”
Jim: *sparkly eyes*
Bones: “We will.”
And Spock’s look is like “damn Doctor yeah be careful but It’s not you I’m married to get a grip on yourself”.

Chekov was first offiver on the Reliant and he still appears so sweet and young and innocent.

Saavik to Spock: “You lied!”
Spock: “I exaggerated.”

And OMG Jim seems SO sure of himself as if he’s immortal. Oh boy.

OH MY GOD there’s the moment Spock decides to go down into the engine room. For the needs of the many. Kill me now.

Bones and Scotty keep yelling at Spock to get out of the reactor room. Why am I still alive.

Jim is up on the bridge and HE HAS NO IDEA

“Jim. I think … you better get down here.”
“Better … hurry.”


“The needs of the many outweigh …”
“… the needs of the few.”
“Or the one.”

“I never took the Kobayashi Maru until now. What do you think of my solution?”

“Of my friend I can only say this: of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, his was the most … human.”

So. How on earth did people survive this movie back then? How did they survive the time between watching The Wrath of Khan and The Search of Spock coming out? When I first saw The Wrath of Khan, I already knew Spock would be revived. Yet still after seeinf it for the third fucking time, I still can’t deal with this in a proper way.

I’m done.

Part III Baby Iwaoi headcanons

Part I  Part II

  • Shortly after his second birthday, Tooru watched E.T. The Extra-terrestrial and it became his favorite film ever.
  • For the following three months or so, Tooru would have his Mom put the film over and over all day. Everyone in the Oikawa household is sick of E.T.
  • Hajime doesn’t mind watching E.T. three times in a row everytime he visits Tooru. He doesn’t like it as much, but they both get really excited and start squealing during the flying bicycle scene.
  • The only thing that will make Tooru stop watching E.T. is when Hajime wants to play something else.
  • One day Tooru wants to play “Alien vs Godzilla” but Hajime refuses. “Jira, Tooru’s friend”.
  • “Alien & Godzilla vs Nee-chan” becomes their new favorite game. Tooru’s sister (age 10) is not impressed.
  • At daycare, alien things start becoming very popular, so Tooru has it easier making new friends.
  • During drawing time, Tooru always wants to sit next to Hajime. Tooru gets the hang of coloring inside the lines a lot faster than Hajime, and he helps Hajime to get better at it.
  • One day, their moms take them to the petting zoo and when Tooru sees a hedgehog, he points and yells “looks like Iwa!!”. At the gift shop, he yells until Mom buys him a hedgehog plushie.
  • When he’s not with Hajime, Tooru always keeps his hedgehog plushie near. When he feels sad he looks at it and thinks of Hajime and smiles.
  • The first time Mom tried to put that plushie in the laundry it was an absolute drama. She had to wait for some other day, when Tooru was distracted playing with Hajime.
  • The first time the daycare teacher wanted to put them in different teams (for building-blocks hour), Tooru started screaming. The teacher is already used to Tooru’s clinginess to Hajime, but before she can try to calm Tooru down, Hajime walks over to him and pats pats both of Tooru’s cheeks with his hands. “Is okay. Play with Tooru later. No cry.” He pats Tooru’s cheeks two more times until Tooru finally says “Okay” and stops crying.
  • When building-blocks hour is over, Tooru proudly shows Hajime the things he did with his team and Hajime likes them.
  • Tooru’s sister teaches him to play house. The next time Hajime comes to visit (with his Godzilla plushie), Tooru proposes to play a new game “Iwa is mom. Me is dad. Jira is baby.Happy family”
  • Hajime takes his role as “mom” a bit too seriously, and long after they’ve changed to play other things, he will constantly make sure Tooru doesn’t take his socks off and attempt to clean Tooru’s face after they have dinner by shoving a napkin to Tooru’s cheek

With its world of predators and prey living side by side, Zootopia is, depending on who you talk to, either a surprisingly blunt take on racism and prejudice or Disney’s attempt to court that coveted furry moviegoer demographic. And even though the film is willing to tackle adult themes, there is a much darker version lurking in the shadows. Earlier versions of the film had a substantial plotline that explained just how it was the predator and prey animals could live side by side. It involved shock therapy.

During a birthday/bar-mitzvah-looking party for a little boy bear, an incredibly uncomfortable Papa bear places a shock collar around his son’s neck.

It turns out that all predator animals wear these collars, which shock them when their primal instincts kick in. Which happens within seconds to poor Baby Bear, who turns and gives his father the most devastatingly injured look you’ve ever seen. They hug, but man, what hug can fix that?

Who the flying fudge thought this was a good idea? 

Super Dark Deleted Scenes You Won’t Believe Existed At All