if they can be friends their fans can too

It’s Digi-Merch Monday again! :3 I helped Fan unbox all this stuff that came from the new Digimon Tri events! Sadly if you want to buy some yourselves you missed out; the person doing pick-ups left Japan already ^^; The only ones we don’t have are the Digimon prize plush Kororin friends. Hopefully we can find them, can’t have too many digimon right? ;3

Alfie Enoch with a fan in Rio de Janeiro (December 2016)

Dialogue (according to the fan):

FAN (in English): I’m sorry but I have to talk to you!
ALFIE (in Portuguese): That’s okay buddy, you can talk.
FAN (in Portuguese): True, you speak portuguese, I forgot, sorry.
ALFIE (in Portuguese): Yes, I do. How are you?
FAN (in Portuguese): I’m fine.
FAN (switching back to english): I was just watching an episode earlier today, can you believe that? Big fan! Love Harry Potter too!
ALFIE (in Portuguese): Cool dude, but you’re speaking in english again.
FAN (in Portuguese): True, I got nervous, sorry. Can I take a picture? My friend won’t believe this!
ALFIE (in Portuguese): Let’s do it!

Notes about the imaginary friend AU
  • Takes place in a universe where sburb didnt happen, but the trolls are kind of ghosts from a universe where it did and they’re “haunting” their kids in a way.
  • Each kid is around 6 and sees their patron troll as their “imaginary friend”, they’re all in the same pre-school.

  • Just to get things straight the imaginary friend and kid duos are: Vriska Serket and John Egbert, Kanaya Maryam and Rose Lalonde, Terezi Pyrope and Dave Strider, Karkat Vantas and Jade Harley 

  • The trolls still have full memories of things like sburb in their past lives, and are not imaginary at all, it’s just that only their patron can see them.

  • The kids can’t see each others’ trolls but they describe them to one another and the trolls talk through there kids.

  • Vriska isnt a fan of kids at all but john is an acception to her, though, shes kinda bossy and tends to expect too much of the kid, john still thinks shes nice and helpful even if she can be bossy though.

  • Kanaya, of course, is a natural with looking after kids, and she really does love little Rose, who claims that one day she will marry Kanaya when she grows up because she’s pretty. Kanaya finds this cute and tells her that once, she did.

  • Terezi thinks Dave is the coolest little around, and Dave finds a lot of comfort with having a friend around, even if she’s just “imaginary”. She likes to draw some funny comics with him, Dave gets into way into drawing because of this.

  • Karkat isn’t great with kids but Jade loves him because he’s so funny. He’s grumpy and quick to snap, sure, but he’s also really sweet and caring of her, Jade knows this, she’s a smart kid, and she likes her grumpy “imaginary friend”.

  • When Jade describes Karkat to Dave he instantly gets a puppy crush on this imaginary friend of hers that he’d never met, Karkat finds this pretty funny.

  • Terezi and Vriska use Dave and John as a way to talk to each other, and sometimes they still do have little “whos kid will do better” contests” as jokes. 

  • Kanaya likes to help Rose write little stories and gave her the idea of vampires being phosphorescent.

  • Karkat likes to watch movies with Jade, though she isn’t as much a fan of romcoms, she’d still happily watch one with him.

  • Dave finds a lot of comfort in Terezi because at home there’s really no one else who can provide him with that.

  • John gets pushed a lot by Vriska to do things just a little out of his comfort zone, which helps him a lot in the longrun, and helped him make friends with the rest of the kids.

  • Jades grandpa is dead and she is still basically raised by her dog, but Bec isn’t a god in this universe, so Karkat is a big reason she’s able to take care of herself.

  • Mom thinks it’s very cute how Rose seems to have a crush on her imaginary friend.

  • Dave has never told Bro about Terezi, and he has no intention to, he’d rather keep her a secret. 

  • John talks about Vriska a lot to his dad, to the point where his dad had to make a Vriska themed cake for his 6th birthday last April. 

  • The trolls all have their own ways of telling the kids what they were like in their past lives. Karkat builds it up like a big movie, Kanaya tells it to Rose like a bedtime story, Vriska explains it to John as if they were superheros, and Terezi tells it pretty straight to Dave like real history. Each of the kids has this big romanticized version of themselves in their past lives because of this, but in different ways.

  • The teacher in their class grows concerned when she sees the 4 kids playing together and pretending the the world ended and all their parents are dead and they just met  12 aliens and 4 that are their imaginary friends there too.

  • All 4 kids are kind of outcasts from the class because of this, but they are best friends, and sometimes, they think that in their dreams, memories surface. 

In regards to David (Magnus) deleting his Instagram. This is reality here guys, it’s getting S O out of hand. People are just really taking this too far the the point where these 17 year old boys can’t even have fun on social media anymore. People are coming to their school, stalking them after classes, harassing them on social media, and I can’t even imagine how overwhelming it must be for Tarjei if this is the the effect it has had on David. I see photos of all the buddies (Rumen, Shaun, David, Etc) and think wow it would be nice if Tarjei could be in pictures with his friends and have a normal teen life and have fun without fans just spiraling it out of control. I honestly hope these harassers fucking stop! PLEASE repost this if you are against fans going to their school, posting sexual things about the actors, harassing them on social media/irl, and anything of this nature such as posting photos that were leaked without permission. PLEASE guys can we just all take it down a notch and keep our love at a nice level that is not causing these high!!! School!!!! Boys!!! To have to change their lifestyle and everything they had enjoyed just because people no longer respect the privacy that they had before season 3 was released.


Attention Clique! 

We’ve all seen Tyler’s “new lyrics” for Stressed Out:

I wish I wrote a different song no one’s ever heard
I wish my mom would just admit she’s sick of every word
Overplayed, overstayed, it was a smash hit,
funny how overplayed songs sound like crap
I was told our true fans don’t like this song,
but I hope they sing along,
but I hope they sing along

I want to show Tyler and Josh that we love the song, that we’re ecstatic for their success, and that we’re still in this with them!

The plan is to hold these signs up during Stressed Out, or you can make your own sign with the slogan, too! 

You can download the sign here! Print it out, share them with your friends! Even if you’re not able to make it to a show, please spread the word - we want this to reach the boys as much as possible. 

We’d like to have Clique members at each show to hand out signs, explain the Project, and to help us make sure this succeeds! Please message me here with your date if you want to be a leader for that date! 

Here you can submit pictures, stories, or anything else from the project!

Good luck, and stay alive, frens! |-/

I decided to make a Hidge au so here we go

Welcome to YouTube gaming au!

•Hunk and Pidge share a gaming channel and are pretty famous
•their name is HidgeGaming

•they never told their subscribers that they’re dating
•most their fans ship them
•it’s like dan and Phil only they are dating for a fact
•Pidge likes to troll the fans saying that she has a crush on hunk

•they live in an apartment together
•It has chalk board walls so that Pidge can right down her conspiracy theories and so hunk can write down new recipes
•Hunk wrote “HUNK X PIDGE” once on the wall behind where they recorded
•Pidge wrote “love you too!” In between videos

•they are best friends
•If their relationship ever ended they’d still be friends
•no matter how bad it ends

•hunk is super lovey dovey
•he likes to leave little notes all over the place for Pidge
•one time she found one in the middle of a video, on that day all the shippers died.
•he hides behind Pidge when he’s scared
•Pidge also likes to hide behind him when she’s scared
•for this reason watching them play horror games is hilarious, they’re both jumping behind each other and usually ends with Pidge on Hunk’s shoulder

•shay is Hunk’s friend, and when she first showed up as a guest everyone thought they were dating
•Pidge got really jealous
•the shippers freaked

•one time Matt replaced Pidge for a week when Pidge was on vacation before any of the fans noticed
•oh yeah, Matt isn’t missing!

•Allura and coran have a channel called Altea
•It’s a beauty and fashion channel
•they’re still friends with Pidge and Hunk

•Lance has a gaming channel and a beauty channel
•the gaming channel is The Blue Paladin
•the beauty channel is called 2Fab4You

•Shiro and Matt share a channel called Kerberos
•Mainly conspiracy theories by Matt and random other stuff that he dragged Shiro in to
• they do a lot of funny skits that they came up with

•Keith makes a lot of appearances on both of lance’s channels and a few on Shiro’s
•Shiro is his adoptive brother
•he’s thinking if making his own channel but he’s not sure what he’d do

•one time Pidge lost a bet and had to let Allura and Lance do her hair and makeup (which by the way was beautiful!)
•hunk died of cuteness

Feel free to add if you want! Just make sure to tag with HidgeGaming so I can find it!

After a long time for keeping it quiet and giving a hint, I can finally post about it!! Calling out all seiyuu fans (old, new, and starting or exploring this fandom) that lives here in the Philippines, we Seiyuu Fans Philippines have something for you to get excited with feels for the first ever gathering that we’re going to have soon ヽ( ・∀・)ノ

To make this gathering possible, we want you guys to fill up this survey form so we can see how many Filipino seiyuu fans are here in the Philippines and also we can have an idea about your seiyuu biases and such ^^

Feel free to share this post to your friends that are seiyuu fans on your facebook, twitter or any other social media. There will be more updates soon as we have the #seiyuufansph hashtag. We’re hoping to hear a lot of your voices too!

If you have any questions, you can ask/message me here on tumblr or twitter @sarapyon1228 ^^ To my mutuals that are seiyuu fans too, please help out and spread this out >w<

Dear Monsta X

Whilst I haven’t been a fan for as long as others, I’ve still found myself loving Monsta X faster than I have any other group. As an international fan with very little money, I can’t give back to them for the kind things they have done for Monbebes or the things they have said, but at the very least I can thank them for it all. So here goes.

To Shownu

Originally posted by wonkyuns

Thank you for being such a wonderful leader for Monsta X! Even though you’re often the quietest member, it does not take away from the fact that you shine as an amazing dancer, singer, leader and friend to the rest of the group. And you’re a good dad to those kids too, obviously! You’re sweet to Monbebes and it does not go unappreciated.

To Wonho

Originally posted by wonhuff

Thank you for being confident enough to stand in front of Monbebes and others and always deliver a killer performance. You’re a kind soul and it always shows, whether it’s in the form of your love for Monsta X and Monbebes, or your consideration and care for your family. I hope you continue to be confident and don’t ever think you’re not doing us proud.

To Minhyuk

Originally posted by beastdw

Thank you for being the backbone of Monsta X. Since debut you have always been the one making sure the others felt good about themselves when they were doubting, and you still do so today. You show such care and consideration for Monbebes, and you’re one of the brightest, happiest people I’ve ever seen, so I hope that never changes. Don’t ever stop being you!

To Kihyun

Originally posted by aceyng

Thank you for bringing a certain level of sass to Monsta X, it’s the reason you’re my bias after all. Not only that, but for also caring for other members when they needed it, and being someone ready to defend Monsta X against anything. Where there’s a loving father, there’s always a feisty mother not far behind! Your voice is a blessing to Monbebes, and your sass always makes us laugh. Please, don’t ever change!

To Hyungwon

Originally posted by hyungvon

Thank you for always making Monbebes laugh, and for always showing us your great skills! You’re such a valuable part of Monsta X, and I hope that one day you’ll be just that little bit more open to us Monbebes. We love to see you doing weird things but we love to see you happy even more. And thank you for being someone myself and other Monbebes can relate to, you sleepyhead!

To Jooheon

Originally posted by dhjung

Thank you for being the wonderful person that you are. You’re a talented, dedicated rapper and composer and the effort you put into it always shows, and always has. I hope you will realise that you are perfectly fine just as you are, even if you don’t see that now. Monbebes will love you regardless, so ignore those who say otherwise. We love you for who you are!

To I.M

Originally posted by kihyxnie

Thank you for being the crazy maknae that everyone loves. Despite hardships in the beginning, you’ve come so far and Monbebes are so proud of you. You too are dedicated in your rapping, which shows, and you have such a fun, lively personality that Monbebes love. Monsta X wouldn’t be Monsta X without you, so thank you for always just being yourself! Oh, and thank you for always doing your best to come out and speak to us in English! I know it was already learned, but it could just as easily have been forgotten, so thank you I.M!

To Monsta X

Thank you for being a group that is so incredibly diligent. For being a group that cares so much and so consistently for the fans, including us international ones. It’s easy to be proud of a group that does so much for fans, even if I can’t be there to experience it first-hand.

Thank you for being selfless and kind. You’ve come a long way in just a year, but you’ve improved with every step. Those wins are surely just out of reach! You have so many Monbebes in your corner fighting for you every chance they get, because this is the impact you have. But we know winning is not everything. Do not think that you disappoint fans because you don’t win. Monbebes will always be proud of you, no matter what.

Thank you for being the reason I’ve found some new, wonderful friends. A shared love brought people together, and created something special thanks to you giving us something worth loving and talking about. You’ve made many people feel a lot happier in their lives, and we appreciate it.

Thank you for your endless efforts to give us the best content or performance. You always deliver something amazing, so with Monsta X there’s always something to look forward to, whether it’s live performances, new music videos, or even V Live videos! Mon-Radio is a personal favourite.

Thank you a thousand times over Monsta X for being a group that people are proud to support. A group full of kind, considerate members who show nothing but the utmost love for fans, and are so very talented. Not to mention pretty good-looking.

Monbebes love you, and I love you. Thank you.

Drawing prompts my friends

- A character you hate. You can make them ugly of course.
- Mermaid AU.
- Water. It can vary from rain to a lake to ice cubes. Anything water.
- Eyes. Extra points for both of them. Even more points for a set of three eyes.
- Create an object-for-a-head oc. Those are fun.
- Falling poses.
- Flying poses.
- Make animal hybrids. Whatever you want. Make an elephant-chicken.
- Design a house for your fave fictional character.

To all the Snowflakes

So ever since I read Carry On I’ve been part of the fandom here on Tumblr - sharing Secret Santa gifts and participating in challenges but I always feel like I’m missing out. Or rather I kinda miss a community - a forum in which I can exchange my opinions on different topics and get to know other fans. 

I can’t be the only girl with social anxiety that is part of the Snowflake/ Simon Snow/ Carry On/ Snowbaz fandom and even texting people on Tumblr makes me feel afraid. Like: What if I bother them? What if they don’t want to talk to me? I would love to make some friends in this fandom, to have people that I can share my excitement with, but I’m just too scared to put myself out there. (You can’t imagine how much courage it took for me to publish this letter-thingy.)

Still, I’m not a technic expert and even though I manage most things just fine I have no idea if/ how it would be possible to launch such a forum - an ongoing discussion or chat where nobody has to feel left out. Does anyone know how to do something like this? And would other fans be interested in something like this as well? 

Another thing I could imagine is hosting it as a small website where in one section you can also find upcoming/ current challenges or prompts like the Carry On Valentine’s Celebration that is going on right now.

I would love to hear your opinion on this and maybe we can make it possible?


Maggie/Rick crackship (requested by anonymous)

Haikyuu!! Chapter 246: Night

All I can say on this chapter can be summed up as Konoka, you’re so pretty and adorable and OMG, Tanaka, you clueless, clueless boy.

And thank you, thank you Furudate-sensei for Kuroo and his interaction with Daichi. (sue me, I am a kurodai fan ;p)

I adore the rivalry between Karasuno and Nekoma. They are truly the best embodiment of a rival as in friends that push each other to become better.

As someone has noted in another Tumblr post (I’ve seen and liked a tad too many of them hahaha to remember which, I think it’s @blackandorange​’s), everyone has their favorite player/s in the other team. The third years are drawn to the other third years, Suga and Yaku as fellow team mom and Asahi and Kai as fellow long-suffering mediator. Tanaka and Yamamoto being carbon copy to each other. Hinata who is everyone’s favorite (coughharemcough) and draws more players than most. Kenma’s expression is precious btw. That’s the most open and pleased expression I’ve seen on Kenma.

But of course, most notably are the captains. They are the first to seek and greet the other whenever their teams meet. Kurodai fan or not, that look on Daichi’s face in the first panel is definitely fond. He always has that look, usually accompanied by irritation to whatever provocation Kuroo throws at him. I’m not surprised if all this time Kuroo and Daichi have been keeping in touch like Hinata and Kenma.

I know both look somber, but damn. I cannot help feeling spoiled just seeing them both side-by-side and so captain-like. The first day is a reality check to them who experience nationals for the first time, but they doesn’t let it show and keep themselves together for the sake of their team.

(And Shibayama, you adorable observant puppy)

I feel second hand embarrassment just watching Tanaka. He actually got a pretty girl that likes him, and he just have to ruin it. How can you break her heart Tanaka???? Hahaha, I hope it won’t affect Tanaka’s play in the second day. Sorry Konoka for the dense, clueless idiot.

Honestly, I can ship them. But at the same time, I don’t want Konoka to be just another, or worse, token love interest. It is a bit a change with her being part of a team that has actual shot for winning nationals. But she shares similarities with Yui, such as being childhood friends and inspired by the boy. Why girls have to be inspired by a boy? Well, inspiration can come from anywhere… including boys (and Tanaka is hella inspirational, even as a kid), but still… Can we just want to do something simply because we want to?

(Tanaka looks less like Kyoutani when he is little, and definitely friendlier)

The last panel does explain well the somber looks on the captains’ faces. The strongest teams are not there yet.

The real challenge is coming.

@sai-genos​ has summed it neatly in their ask box that Furudate-sensei has set up 6 rival teams for Karasuno: Nekoma, Fukurodani, Hoshiumi’s team and the three seeded schools. Karasuno has five games to win Nationals, and considering how all three Tokyo teams and seeded school are placed in different groups, they are likely only meet three of them, hopefully one of them is Nekoma. (prayer hands emoji)

Yamaguchi to the rescue!

Yamaguchi is such a mom friend. He is just like Suga. You know, I wonder what’s in store for Yamaguchi. I want to see him a regular in the future, but he is a Middle Blocker like Tsukishima and Hinata, and… they’re pretty much set for regular position. So someone is gonna switch to Wing Spiker in the future? But well, let’s just worry about the current tournament first..

Angels can love too

Originally posted by subcas

Pairing: Castiel x Reder

Warnings: fluff

Word count: 632

Request:  Hey I have another request 😳 do you think you could do one where the female reader and castiel have become close friends and one day she falls asleep while drawing and cas finds her sketch pad full of drawings of his wings, it’s kind of random but I love drawing and cas fluff is always great 😜 as usual please tag me so I can see it! 🤗 ( @1800-yallneedjesus )

A/N: Thank you so much for the request! I hope you like it! Sorry if it’s a little shitty but I’m bad at writing Castiel even tho I love him. xx

My ask box is open to anything! 

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  1. A story the character wrote is being made into a movie and the character is not happy with results at all.
  2. The character loses a notebook full of their ideas and someone else finds it.
  3. There character enters a writing contest, which turns out to be a decoy for something else entirely.
  4. The character has just finished their masterpiece when an identical novel, identical word for word, is published by someone else.
  5. The character accepts a bet from a friend that they can turn a ridiculous premise into a bestseller. 
  6. The character is sucked into their novel.
  7. The character is hired to ghostwrite a celebrity’s autobiography.
  8. The character is doing research for a true crime book and they get drawn in too deep.
  9. The character’s fans demand a different ending to their newest book.
  10. The character needs to sell a story or they can’t get their inheritance (it was a clause in the will).
  11. The character meets a fascinating person at book signing.
  12. The character writes a character inspired by someone in their life and the person gets upset.
  13. The character has a specific writing ritual, which gets interrupted.
  14. The character writes erotica or romance under a pseudonym and their love interest buys it.
  15. The character’s computer is destroyed and the only backup copy of their book is a hard copy in someone else’s possession. 

I’m really short friends in the Haikyuu fandom, if anybody is interested in talking and just generally fanning over the sports boys then please message me!!

I’ll put my ships in the tags so that you can see if we have anything in common as far as that goes! I’m currently writing an iwaoihina fic, so if anybody is interested in that, then you can message me, too!


So I’m having a holiday sale!! I am not able to go to the con i wanted to due to money, no transportation, and surgery i just had, but i want to go to New York next year for the Zelda Escape Game and to see some friends! If you cannot get one, please at least reblog this! It would mean the world to me!

This sale will last until December 31st! So get them cheap while you can!
More information is down below!


I can draw:

  • Humans
  • Furries
  • Certain Animals
  • Different Creatures
  • Guro is okay too!

I cannot draw:

  • Mecha
  • NSFW
  • Complicated armor/designs
  • Vehicles

Commission Info:


  • Shoulder + up: $1
  • Waist+up: $2
  • Full body: $4
    (+$2 per extra character)


  • Shoulder + up: $5
  • Waist+up: $7
  • Full body: $8
    (+$2 per extra character)


  • $5 each


  • $6 (+$1 per extra character)

Send me:

Requesting: (What character you want! Can be an OC or fan art! Certain ships are okay, but I have the right to disapprove them if they make me uncomfortable)
Media: (What type of commission you want)
Specifics: (If you want something specific, like poses or a certain background)
Reference: (A reference of the character you want me to draw!)

Please email me at quietbirdflight@gmail.com or message me here!


“ Can you make one where calvin is making a facecam and reader sits behind the camera and he’s distracted by her. no one but close friends and family know about them and his viewers can tell something is going on “

I hope this is what you wanted, I tried my best and I hope you enjoy! <3

                                                  *Calvin’s POV*

Sitting at my computer, I log into YouNow. I decided I would stream because I haven’t done that in a really long time and it’s pretty fucking cool to talk to fans. My eyes quickly flick up, looking over at my girlfriend (Y/n). I can never keep my eyes off her for too long, I mean, come on, she’s literally perfection.

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I need an internet friend… Someone I can fangirl with. Someone who I can send fan art and fan fic too. Someone I can go to hell with.

Suwabe Junichi

Just a reminder that VA can make this character dislikable:

and this character lovable:

Both animes aired and ended simultaneously during the fall season. 

Can’t un-listen to his sudden voice change from Matoba to Viktor even though he voiced for only 2 episodes in Natsume Yuujinchou Go this time round. Maybe I’m huge fan of Natsume Yuujinchou series for a long time that I’m not well-adapted to the sudden change or maybe Viktor and (now Matoba) are just too ASDFGHJKL!!!.

So now we know Lena is Kara’s bezzie, I too hope we will see more of Lena interacting with the superfriends.

I really want Lena to feel like she has some friends or dependable people at least.

And I can totally imagine a Lena/Winn brotp and more scenes with them like the one under the table, like bouncing ideas off one another and fanning out together over new tech