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Customer from Hell

This happened about 2 months ago. I work at a small local gas station that has one of the only car washes for about 30 minutes in any direction. It breaks CONSTANTLY. I mean some days we get people in every 20-30 minutes complaining about all different things - the credit card reader won’t work, it isn’t taking cash, it isn’t giving change, it didn’t fully rinse/dry my car, yada yada. Problem is, we the cashiers can’t get into it to do anything, only managers & assistant managers know the codes.

So this one Saturday it was me and one other girl in the deli (we’ll call her M) and one customer, who was M’s ex. No managers (everything usually goes pretty smooth on weekends). The car wash hadn’t been giving receipts that day and the car wash kiosk and the reg. aren’t connected so I can’t print receipts from inside the store. Most people accept this. A customer came in and said there was a guy sitting in his car in front of the car wash entrance refusing to move because it didn’t print a receipt, so I told him unfortunately there wasn’t anything I could do. He goes back outside and less than a minute later another guy comes in, come up to the counter and demands a car wash receipt. I told him sorry, I can’t print receipts from the car wash and this fucker immediately demand that I call the police. I was instantly confused - the police? Over a receipt? But yep, he was serious, just stood there saying ‘I want the police here and I want a receipt and I want them now’. When I opened my mouth to offer other solutions (I didn’t want to call the cops over a receipt, that seems like overkill), he cut me off before I could even say anything and started attacking my personal appearance (I have a septum piercing), telling me to 'take that shit out of my nose’ and implying my piercings made me shitty at my job.

M’s ex had come up to stand behind the guy after he heard him demand the cops and at this point spoke up and told him to leave me alone, to calm down. He pretty much ignored him and then started saying he needed another CAR WASH, to which I replied I could give him another one, for no charge, but it still wouldn’t be the receipt from the car wash he had JUST purchased. He started going on about how it was convenient that NOW I could help him (because he was asking for something different than before). M came up from the deli counter to stand behind me and told him off for yelling at me, saying I was doing my best and it wasn’t my fault shit doesn’t work in the store. They got into an argument and within a minute M told him he was being an asshole and needed to leave the store.

And he reached across the counter and smacked her!

This asshole came in demanding something we couldn’t give to him and then got so mad when we said no that he actually slapped my coworker across the face! And not a light slap either, she hit her head on our lottery dispenser.

M’s ex was still standing behind him and immediately dropped his stuff and punched this guy in the face, knocking him out cold. Which would have been about 100% more satisfying if he hadn’t smacked M first. I then had to call the cops and report an assault and they were totally cool about it, turns out there’s something actually wrong with that guy and he has run-ins with the local police all the time. He’s now banned from all the stores.

Talked with my coworker who’s been with this company for 22 YEARS and he said he’d never seen or heard of anything like that happening at the store before.

First time for everything, I guess.



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Mama, who of the 104'th and veterans would be a yandere, tsundere or kuudere?

Hmm that’s hard to tell, because the characters aren’t really made to fit these sterotypes, but I’ll try anyway

Yandere: Reiner, Bertholdt, Jean, Marco, Sasha, Hanji, Mike, 

Tsundere: Eren, Connie, Historia, Ymir, Levi, Nanaba

Kuudere: Mikasa, Annie, Armin, Erwin, Moblit


this is a friendly reminder that it’s always important to spread our bughead love to the twitterverse! we want the people who work hard on this show to know how much we love and support our sleuths– so i’ve put together a small list of people to send our love to


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if you’re able, i implore you to tweet your support tonight. you don’t have to @ anybody if it makes you uncomfortable, but i encourage you to use #bughead in your tweets. it would be awesome to get our detectives trending tonight! we can’t control the amount of hate our ship receives, but we can make sure our voices aren’t drowned out by the hate :)

*as always, if there’s anybody i missed on the list that you feel should be added, let me know

Bingo❗️ “Good for you, stepping up to take care of yourself. You know those Outlander books aren’t going to get read on their own. And of course I need to watch Outlander, so I can do the whole cross referencing thing. Glad you understand, good talk.”

ok , so i’ve been out of the game for like … two years soon ? and by that i mean , i havent joined/created any rps ( except uk trolling bc im a fucking asshole lol ) . and like , whenever i check the rpt tag i get fucking emo as shit bc like . where are the good rps @ . where is the desire to WRITE , to create ORIGINAL plots , to focus on roleplays lasting rather than a fast af dash . look , i dont wanna blame twitter rps but like .. someones GOTTA . i used to be really anti them and then uk , apathetic bc aint none of my business . but when y’all create APPLESS TWITTER RPS .. you’re making it nearly too easy & you’re really losing a huge aspect of rping which is WRITING . appless rps are fun adn they aren’t all bad but most of ‘em don’t last that long bc people ain’t bothered with playing their muses for an extended amount of time . y’all create one dimensional connections and don’t bother discovering different layers of your plots nor your charas which is so mcfreaking sad LSDGHSDG . on top of that, y’all always act so mf chummy ooc for .. like a week or two and then you ditch rps and find somebody else to befriend for however long that rp lasts . as someones whos been in the rpc forever i can safely say that rps dont fucking last unless everythings gucci ooc ! unless the people behind the charas become a huge part of yalls lives , then u aint gon be bothered to keep an rp alive ??? idk how to fucking format this , but like . ..  YALL MAKE ME EMO AIGHT . i got an rp thats lasted for nearly 2 years in a couple months , ive got a friend group thats fucking a1 to the point where we can talk to each others fams , ive got plots that have developed throughout the years and shit aint a dictatorship when it comes to the rp – its a democracy & our friendship is the dam basis of everything . POINT IS , if you want rps to last you GOTTA know your members beyond who they play , you gotta have a platform where really discovering your chara and their connections is POSSIBLE beyond a mf tweet . anyways im Tired ™ and i have replies / like 20 uncharted 4 chapters to play so ..  wtvr gotta blast , this been a rant 

hwhy does he look like the you know I had to do it to him kid. I’m positive this is already a post hi guys memories aren’t real if you think about it

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One of our projectors went down yesterday during the peak time and we had to cancel the show because we couldn't fix it. Cue 40 angry people demanding refunds on the food they already ate because they can't watch the movie and aren't satisfied with a ticket refund


When people kick us down in life, we feel so hurt, worthless and unvalued. We don’t feel good enough because people aren’t treating us that way. We feel undeserving because we haven’t been treated right.

You can’t force anyone to respect or value you, but you know that with Allah Almighty you are so valuable. Despite how low many people try to make you feel, the truth is that Allah continuously reminds us that He is with the oppressed, He is with the heart broken, He is with the one who is in distress.

The more people put you in a position of loneliness, is a great reminder of how close Allah is to you. Allah will suffice you against them. Nothing can harm you, nothing can hurt you, nothing can prevail over you if you have Allah swt.

You have so much value. Because Allah swt created you, He loves you. If He loves you, that’s the only thing that matters.

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Do you think that all straight ppl don't support lgbtq+ ppl? I'm straight and I support them. In fact, my sister is bi, and I helped her come out to our parents, even though they aren't actually that supportive of the lgbtq+ club. I know what it is like for lgbtq+ ppl, but sometimes I see some posts that insult straight ppl and that makes me feel really bad. Sure, some straight ppl are not supportive of gay ppl, but that doesn't mean all of them. What do you think about this?

First off, of course I don’t believe that all straight people are homophobic/transphobic etc. and I’m fairly sure you’ll have a hard time finding anyone who truly believes ALL straight people are against us.

Next I’d like to say that the “not all -insert group-!” is just…not a good argument, ever. I understand that you’re feeling a bit…idk? Demonized? But you just can’t play the “not all-” card because of course not everyone is one way or another, that’s just being human. We’re all different. But in order to address issues mainly found in certain groups (i.e. straight people, white people, men, etc.) we have to use blanket statements because you can’t just pick out the bigotry individually. Nothing would change that way.

Also, what you have to realize is that those posts literally are not talking about you personally. Most of the time those posts are making fun of homophobia and racism and sexism, it’s not actually attacks on those groups (straight people, white people, men, etc.), just the harmful behavior those groups perpetuate. If you do not partake in that behavior, then the post is not about you! 

I have sympathy for what you’re feeling but it’s just hard to because straight people legitimately don’t know how difficult it can be to live in a straight world when you aren’t straight. Straight people don’t have to deal with the small homophobic tendencies of people who claim they “aren’t homophobic”. You don’t have to laugh along when your dad says “wow that must be the toughest gay guy on tv”. You don’t have to keep your mouth shut when your parents laugh when two guys kiss in a show and claim “it isn’t because they’re gay!!” when you know it is. You don’t feel that bead of sweat that trickles down your spine when casually coming out to a stranger. You don’t have to turn away when you hear some guy tell his little brother that he shouldn’t play with Pokemon cards “because they’re gay”. You don’t have to drop your partner’s hand when you walk through the rougher parts of town, or when a few too many people have started staring. You don’t have to hide your sexuality in workplaces in fear of harming your safety or career. You don’t have to feel embarrassed and like you have to talk in hushed tones when talking about your sexuality. (That’s a big one for me honestly)

We deal with this stuff all the time, constantly in our everyday lives and sometimes…well sometimes you just need to let off some steam in a stupid post that vents your frustrations. I’m not saying that’s right or fair but I’m not about to go telling people in the lgbtq community that they need to refrain from making dumb posts about straight people while we’re expected to grit our teeth and keep quiet when every straight person in our lives has said some ignorant thing that they didn’t even know was homophobic because they “don’t hate gay people”. It’s just not really an issue that I think needs resolving. Not right now anyway.

I didn’t mean for this to come off as mean. It’s 3:30 in the morning and I’m not articulate and I’m just so tired and so…so gay. I understand what you’re feeling, I do, but just try to take a step back and see what the big issues are and try to put yourself in our shoes.

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KOMA HERE. I hear you need distraction.... and seeing as I am a master of distraction and Reader of All The Tags, if you feel up for writing, please consider doing the Tim and Damian flash fic with Damian planning on scaring Tim and being so confused when Tim firmly grasps his hand. I beg of you....

Hehe thank you for the distraction! And for reading my rambling tags :D

This exists in an imaginary universe where all the Batboys love each other and aren’t allergic to affection (except maybe Dami).

Damian vows to get revenge against Drake. For what is irrelevant. He has surely done something deserving of Damian’s contempt, and if not he surely will.

That’s why he’s here. Hiding under Drake’s bed in his apartment. Waiting for the older boy to stumble in from patrol and collapse onto the soft mattress and fall asleep. Well, Drake had done that first bit; he’s back from patrol, had fallen through the living room window almost an hour ago. But since then all Damian has heard is the gurgle of the coffee percolator and the tapping of computer keys.

He almost falls asleep waiting, but finally Drake shuffles into the room and crawls into bed. Damian makes sure to wait until he’s asleep. Drake is both a light and a restless sleeper; always shifting and turning as he acts out whatever ridiculous dream is playing behind his eyelids. He will fall asleep in the middle of the bed but roll over to the side. And that is what Damian is counting on.

He almost dozes off two more times before there’s a soft sigh and the mattress squeaks under Drake’s movement. Then a limp hand flops over the edge of the bed. Carefully, Damian slides further out from his position hidden under the middle of the bed, until just his arm sticks out into the faintly-moonlit room. Small fingers inch up the side of the bed until they find warm flesh and he grasps Drake’s hand with a soft tug - just enough to startle him into full wakefulness.

There’s no reaction for several seconds, then Drake’s grip tightens suddenly and it surprises Damian so much he jerks, bumping his head against the wooden slats beneath the bed.

There’s a soft laugh from above him. Then he’s being pulled out by his hand.

“Come ‘ere, gremlin,” Drake says, still sounding half-asleep.

Damian scowls and crawls the rest of the way out from under the bed. He tries to tug his hand free but Drake’s grip just becomes firmer and when he tugs back, Damian goes tumbling into the bed. Drake’s other hand grabs him around the waist and then he’s being wrestled under the blankets until he’s chest-to-chest with an amused Tim Drake.

“I’m going to kill you,” Damian promises.

Drake just hums sleepily and pulls him closer. “’S’at what you were tryin’ to do? Thought you were ‘n assassin or somethin’.” And then, utilising his superpower of napping wherever and whenever he wants, he’s asleep again before Damian can growl threateningly, arms locked tightly around Damian so he can’t escape no matter how much he wiggles. So Damian just sighs and resigns himself to his fate.

He knew Drake would inevitably do something deserving of his revenge, but he didn’t think it would be this.

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Do you include trans women in your feminism? I see a lot of people with urls centered around vaginal anatomy in feminist circles and they're often TERFs so I'm clarifying

Yes for me feminism without transwomen aren’t feminism at all! My URL is just a funny name which I’ve used for a long time without giving much thought into it! Hope you understand that I would never exclude transwomen ❤

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the jeff kaplan ask but with the one hero being bastion, not the reader

jeff 👱👓 KAPPAlan 🐸🙊 there aren’t 21 heroes 🤔2️⃣1️⃣🚫❌🙅 there’s only one ☝🏽️1️⃣ and that hero 💪🏽 is BASTION 🤖🐥😟😶🆘 so 😒 keep Raging 😡🖕🏼👎🏽 keep Dying 🏃🏼🏃🏼🔫☠🤕😔 & don’t ❌ count 🔢 on getting that 🅿️🅾✝⛽️ Because 🚨🚨 Heroes Are Gonna Die 👩🏼👼🏼🏃🏼🙋🏼🔫☠🙍🏼

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hey ben i heard there's been some flooding and damage around brisbane are u n ur family ok??

yeah there’s heaps! i’m all good i live right on the river but we aren’t in a low lying area so it’s all good but yeah heaps of roads are closed and houses/cars are totally flooded and all the schools are closed and basically no one went to work today or tomorrow it’s like a whole state shut-down it’s crazy lmso omg i felt so bad i was driving before and a massive branch fell on the road and the guy in front moved it by himself but i stayed in my car only because my glasses would fog up and i felt so bad he was struggling to move the branch and i was just awkwardly watching in my car while terrwntial rain soaked him

Can you believe that Aline Penhallow has already been cast and is filming scenes and is apparently someone you’d want to be friends with, is smart, funny, empathetic, and is on the verge of self discovery (figuring out she’s into girls of course). I’m ready…I know some people are annoyed that they aren’t revealing the actress portraying her, but I’m glad. I want to be surprised. I want to have my breath taking away when she first appears on screen. Crossing fingers that they cast an actress who is of Chinese descent. I can’t wait for a canon Sapphic WOC on the show. 

i hate that “new posts” update so much… like yes obviously bitch but let me do my thing let me scroll in peace!!! the posts aren’t going anywhere

speculation compilation #48

You guys sent in a bunch of great theories this week. Here are the speculations and thoughtful musings as of page 38!

Astute observation! If you really want to see Chara with cool magic knives, some check out these rad pieces of fanart: Knaifu Waifu and Don’t Touch the Child!

A fair theory, but it has been shown that Frisk does not want to die.

Aren’t you thinking of Blue magic?

I think this is the first time Gaster has been mentioned in a spec post.