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hi everyone !! it’s been one heck of a year and syeda & I thought it’d be a great idea to end it off with a positive project for some fun and love and all good stuff :D

the project:

  • once you sign up, you will be assigned to one person, and you’ll be in charge of sending them one positive anonymous ask every day (signed off as their secret santa) starting on december 1st. on christmas, or december 25, you’ll reveal yourself as their secret santa. 

rules to sign up:

  • must be following me & syeda
  • reblog this post
  • fill out this quick form
  • keep up with the project!! if for any reason you realize that you won’t be able to continue sending your assigned person anons, please message me or syeda so we can pair them off with someone else!

sign ups will close by november 25th and we’ll send out messages telling you who you’re assigned to on november 30th

“we have a choice of what we can put in the world - and I ask you to please choose love.” - harold

  • Contact me at invisistore@gmail.com
  • I accept payment through invoices via PayPal. I ask for payment before I start the commission. Please give me the email address the invoice should be sent to in your message.
  • Pricing is in USD
  • NSFW content totally fine, but you MUST be 18+.
  • Any fandom/OCs/furries/mecha etc, is totally cool! I just need a reference (visual or written) if it’s an OC or I might need a bit more specification if it’s a fandom I’m not familiar with.
  • I can draw you/friends/family but you must be comfortable with sending me multiple photos for reference (they are used for no other purpose than the commission and will be seen by only me).
  • Additional characters must be included in the same drawing. There is no limit to how many characters you can add, but the added fee is for every additional character.      
  • The commissions at these prices are for personal use only. Please email me to inquire about commissions for commercial use. I reserve the right to use any commissions for promotional purposes unless otherwise requested.
  • I will be corresponding via E-MAIL ONLY. Please do not message me on Tumblr to discuss commissions.

Hey Everyone! Because I love all the fan art you guys do, I thought it might be fun to do an art contest! :D 

The winner of the contest will have their design be made canon, and the design will be Myren’s canonical girlfriend or Significant Other!


💖 The design MUST belong to you and be made specifically for the contest

🐮 The character can be NB, Transgender, Agender or anything else! There’s no limit to the creativity c:

💖 Again, your design will be accredited in the episode, where they’ll be immortalised!

🐮 The character can be any of the character races or classes found in the DND Handbook, but please keep them in line with the aesthetic of the show.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please shoot me a message! :3

To all my followers, it’s been made to my attention that two users are actively messaging many ppl, especially those in the lwa fandom. Please be very wary of them, we get very bad vibes from them and they make us in the hell group uncomfortable. They ask if I’m doing okay, and yes I’m perfectly fine! I appreciate all of your concern! But don’t push so far as to contact other people to ensure what’s going on with me. 

Please just be careful. Their creeping on us is making us very uncomfortable. 

These are the URLs:


i’m going to open up a different type of commission… paint tube commissions! Basically how it goes is you pay for a tube of watercolor paint since they’re pretty expensive ($10+ a tube), i’ll receive it in the mail and make you a monochromatic piece in return! take note that it’ll be small enough to fit inside an envelope. 

Two ways of payment:

  • go through my amazon list a select a paint of tube to buy
  • make sure to message me that you bought some paint so i’ll know who you are!
  • as soon as it arrives in the mail i’ll message you back and start your painting asap (please let me know if you want the physical copy!)

second option if you don’t have an amazon account:

  • send me a payment of at least $12 (to get the cheapest paint plus shipping) through paypal (jparkhaku@hotmail.com)
  • (you can also go through my amazon list and send me a certain amount if you want your painting in a specific color)
  • i’ll buy the paint and wait for it to arrive in the mail, once it does i’ll contact you and start painting!

a few notes about your painting! since it’ll be on a fairly small sized piece of paper i can’t do detailed work and very specific requests and full blown backgrounds. keep it simple and vague!

  • will paint: one character of choice (shows, ocs, furries, yourself, etc…), simple themes and objects, mild gore
  • wont paint: multiple characters, ships, nudity, complicated detail work, armor, mecha

and anon’s off

please, you all. continue sending me messages.

if you have conviction in your beliefs and aren’t afraid to express them in a public setting where you might face repercussions for expressing them, go ahead and send them

Blotched prompt week#6

the prompt is frozen Time.

You can choose to use the phrase in your piece or not, but you should use the idea in your piece.

Tag your post #blotchedprompt and I will reblog your work in the same week. Thank you, I look forward to reading all your pieces. If the work is not reblogged in 48 hours please send me a message on @blotched-poems

-For any writing that is unrelated to the prompt, please tag #blotchedpoems

*✦. — HERE you will find #303 gif icons of PARK JINYOUNG who is a member of the south korean boy group, GOT7. none of the gifs used belong to me, they were simply cropped and edited - if you see your gif and wish to have it removed, message me and i will promptly do so. if you are using them, please like or reblog !! whenever i have the chance, i will be updating the gif icons !!

anonymous asked:

I couldn’t send you a message, but I wanted to let you know that someone is taking credit for your artwork. I just wanted to know how art thieves make you feel? :( Also I’m sorry this is happening to you <3

I really hate art thieves. Could you please tell me who is specifically stealing my art?

following the LINK, you will be directed to ( 1110 ) gif icons of exo’s KIM JONGDAE in style one as part three of my exo project. none of the original gifs are mine, however, i did crop, resize, and edit them all, so please don’t repost this whole hunt as your own. if you see your own gif here and would like it removed, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a message. feel free to give this a like or reblog if this helped you in any way!!

Alright guys!

For ace awareness week, (and up until Halloween, of course), I wanna have a costume contest for acespec folks!!

I’ve been hearing a lot about these cool costumes you all have, and I especially want to see them! I’ll have different categories (scary, cute, fandom, and funny) for the costumes.

If you don’t have a costume/aren’t going out, I will also give the options for an art piece based on a costume you want, or a description of one. These will also have their own ‘categories’.

So, to recap. There are 6 categories: Scary, cute, fandom, funny, art piece, and description

You may submit these to me until Halloween, and I will decide winners that Saturday, November 4th.

In your submission, you must put your picture or description, your URL, your orientation, and your name if you wish.

Thank you, and if you have any questions, please message me! ^^ -mod Jay

anonymous asked:

I'm a student from Korea and had so much stress because of my exams and studying itself, but your blog really helped and I'm really thankful! Your scheduling tips helped me schedule my plan for my exam and I feel more organized and prepared so I feel more confident for my test. Thank you for sharing your tips, they really helped me :)

Hi! It never ceases to amaze me how many different countries my followers are from! I love messages which say “greetings from …”, probably one of my favourite things about communicating with people over the internet :’-) I am so pleased it could help and you were more confident as a result. That is what I hope my blog can do for everyone! It is my absolute pleasure xxx

anonymous asked:

I'm 5'6 and I'm 108lbs. I lost 12 pounds in a week and a half. I'm honestly happy. I've just started this thing and I was wondering what I can do when in get hungry. Any go to foods ? Best amount of calories for one day ?

you just started this??? if you seriously are “new” here please go away. I know you wanted some tips from me, but until it’s not too late, run away from here. I know it looks like some good way to lose weight but.. it will destroy you in every way, it’s just not worth it, please go and be healty.

(( or idk maybe I didn’t understand your message, if you want you can send me a private message and then we could talk))

( kendall jenner gif icons.

Under the cut you’ll find #324 gif icons of Kendall Jenner, as requested by anonymous!! Apologies for any duplicates. None of these gifs are mine, however I did crop and resize all of them. Full credit goes to the original gif makers – if you made any of the gifs featured here and would like credit for them, you’re welcome to message me and I’ll happily add your name in! Please like/reblog if you found this useful!

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Is anyone else having a problem with Tumblr automatically logging you out when you refresh the page and then, when you log back in you get some kind of error message that says that you have to reset your password? This happened to me twice today and I’m wondering if it’s a problem specifically for me or for anyone else as well. Please let me know if this happened to you too otherwise I can contact the staff. Thanks!

thenightingalefiles  asked:

Two questions. Are you okay with people using your poems as epigraphs for their work, and if so, what would you like it to be credited as? Thanks a bunch again, for being such an inspiring influence!

Hello, yes I am totally fine with people using my writing as epigraphs. Please credit me with either R. Meisel or Ramona Meisel.

Thank you for such a nice message!

anonymous asked:

I like your blog,but sometimes it really bothers me when you promote a body image that we know it's unreachable for some girls.Your body is great and beautiful, but PLEASE stop promoting your body as the only kind of beautiful.Also the "thigh gap" you make people think you have on your pictures.Even though it's not intentional,you end up promoting anorexia.Believe me, it's not cool AT ALL.Some girls are dying little by little because of this kind of body image promotion.Just be wise.Thank you.

Messages like what YOU just wrote are what encourages eating disorders, not my blog. You know why? Simply put what you wrote is “the only way for girls to look like you and have a thigh gap is to have anorexia”, which is not only encouraging girls to starve themselves because it’s the “only way to have that figure”, but it’s also a complete LIE.
How is it “impossible” and “unreachable” to have a slim figure like mine the healthy way, when I myself, have my slim figure, the healthy way??? That is a paradox.
Absolutely ANYONE, ANY GIRL, can be lean and slim THROUGH HEALTHY MEANS. This is actually the ONLY way for SUSTAINABLE health and slimness, to live a HEALTHY lifestyle. I have been able to sustain my slim figure and weight in the 100’s at 5’3 for over a year as well as a thigh gap through HEALTHY LIVING. Starvation would NEVER BRING THIS! It would bring either A) binging and gaining all the weight back or B) death.
What you’re saying is NOT COOL AT ALL, you’re straight out LYING and encouraging girls to starve by falsely telling them that’s the only way to be slim, WHEN ITS NOT, it’s not even an efficient way to get slim because it’s not sustainable.
It’s clear that you are jealous and have not yet reached your goal so you think it’s impossible to through healthy means, but I am living, breathing proof that it is, and I will continue to promote and encourage HEALTHY living for all of the girls on my blog, continuing to DISCOURAGE eating disorders and pro Ana mindset, and APPRECIATE and SUPPORT all girls with whatever goals they have, whether it be a more lean figure like mine, or if they want a more muscular thicc figure, or even if they want to have a bit more padding on them but still live a healthy lifestyle and have a reasonable healthy body fat percentage!
Everyone starts somewhere, but that does not mean they end there. No matter where you’re starting from, if your goal is to someday be lean and have a lower body fat like I have, it is 100% attainable for each and every girl out there through HEALTHY LIVING (not starving like you’re saying is the only way, aka lying).
I never thought I’d have a thigh gap and never expected to have one either, but I do now simply from just healthily leaning out. A thigh gap should not be a goal since some bone structures can’t have it, but truthfully, if you’re lean and don’t have large muscle mass on your thighs, a thigh gap is pretty common. Not everyone has one at all angles and again, it should not be a goal. But it’s also not this “terrible “unrealistic” “proana” thing you’re making it out to be. In reality it’s not that big of a deal.
This is not about beauty, this is about HEALTH. HEALTHY LIVING! It’s your own problem you’re equating everything to beauty. This is about HEALTH and I am encouraging HEALTHY IDEALS, if you are looking for beauty, go on my Instagram where I do fashion and makeup, that is beauty related, this blog is FITNESS AND HEALTH RELATED.
As I’ve said above and always say on my blog, everyone has different goals!!!! Some people want to be more thicc and curvy and that’s cool too!!!! I can’t change my body type in every single photo to try to accustom to every single healthy body out there unless I photoshop lmao? This is my figure and my figure is that of a lean, slim, HEALTHY body. Muscular is healthy too (unless you’re taking roids, overtraining your joints, etc to get there). It depends on how you train. Having extra padding but still within a healthy body fat percentage which doesn’t make you at risk of health issues, is healthy too. I constantly reblog and support women of all shapes and sizes, including girls just starting out their weight loss journey.
If you want a certain size to be shown more often within the fitblr community that you feel currently is it, go out and do it yourself instead of getting mad at others for having a different, yet HEALTHY, body shape than yours. I try my absolute hardest to showcase all on my blog. Look at the progress photos from the girls on my programs in my #planprogress, they are all beautiful girls starting their health journeys from all shapes and sizes, but they are all still leaning out healthily, something which everyone can do and you do NOT need to starve yourself to do that!!!!!!! I have saved HUNDREDS of girls from death from eating disorders by showing them they can be slim the HEALTHY way, and FEEL great and LOVE their bodies. What you’re doing is telling girls “well either you starve to be skinny, or else you’ll be fat because being skinny and having a thigh gap is not attainable through healthy means!” which is a flat out LIE. What have you done besides taking your insecurities out on others and hating?
Stop this mindset and educate yourself, hopefully this has helped you do some of that with my response.

Starving yourself will never bring you a slim figure like mine, because I don’t starve to have my slim figure.