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Heyo,, I would private message you but since you aren't following me I can't rip but @ totally_worth_it_15 on instagram posted your tomatoredd drawing ((from december)) on their account and I just wanted to tell you bc they didn't credit you and the way that they put the caption made it seem like it was theirs,, I've been noticing they've been doing it with other artists so it's really hard to tell which drawings are theirs,, anyways I just wanted to let you know my bud


There’s alots accounts didn’t credit/wrong artist/dk the artist 

If saw them please reported, and it was taken down. 

*ask permission before sharing, or don’t post*

Thank you for telling me :D

Want to be part of my University project?

I know this is an unusual post for me to make on here but it’s sort of relevant to Star Wars so hear me out before you unfollow haha

I’m putting a fanzine and blog together for a Uni project. It’s all about women in fandom and female representation in movies, TV, games, comics etc.

So here’s where you (fellow fans!) come in…

A large part of the project is about shining the spotlight on our favourite female characters. So I’m asking for people to send in their fanart, meta, cosplay pics…maybe even fanfic? Anything that celebrates their fave, really! 

This is open to all fandoms, not just Star Wars and your work could get printed! (with proper credit, of course)

If you have something or just want to know more, message me on here or email me at:


I’d really appreciate it if anyone got in touch. Thanks!

P.S. Sorry for not being very active on here recently, it’s my final year and I’m super busy. I’ll be back to normal again by the summer. Thanks for sticking around xx


Behold: three Shakespeare-themed Valentine’s Day cards!

Find more here!

(These are not mine. I found them on a Facebook thread and through Google searches. If any of these are yours and you want them taken down, just shoot me a message. If any of these are yours and you want credit, just shoot me a message or comment on this.)

Milo Murphy Fanart wall

Just sending out another mention for the fanart wall at work! Every one who gets something placed up there does get credited. I have a list of all your names on my computer in case Dan or Swampy or anyone else is curious.

Also, once more, if you do NOT want your art up there, drop me a message! If you think it’s up there and you don’t want it to be, let me know and I will take it down :) I can’t put up everyone’s art, but I can make sure you’re comfortable having it up there or taken down. 

Oh and my blog CartoonNachos is where I reblog all of your work :D If it’s not up on the wall, it will be there!

Thanks again for all your wonderful art guys! 8D 


I have these two lots of labradorite for sale for $35 each!

We are currently trying to make space in our house and clear out older inventory, and I found these two lots I put together for people who requested them but then were no longer interested/didn’t reply.

#1 is on the left and #2 is on the right

Free US shipping and $10 international.

The pieces range from about 1" - 1.5"
There’s 10 pieces in each lot. Every piece has beautiful flash!

To claim, just message me with the number of which lot you want and your email and what country you’re in. The payment works with paypal invoice that gets sent to your email. You don’t need a paypal account to pay, you can also use a credit or debit card.

hey pals.. i’m seeing a lot of my photos getting reblogged around and i just want to clarify some things about their reblogging and use:

totally ok: using my photos as your header or icon (although i’d love for you to message me so i can see), writing a comment under my photo with the caption left intact, pinning my photos to pinterest with credit

not ok: reposting my photos on your instagram, self promoting under my pictures (even if its just an x or a +), deleting the caption, reposting my pictures on tumblr, editing my pictures in any way, putting my pictures on a mood board w/o credit, any creative use of my pics w/o my consent or credit. anything else along these lines please ask first, my chat box is always open

i don’t wanna block people (or report them in the case of reposting) and i work super hard on these pictures (shooting film isn’t easy or free!) so having them stolen or having the credit hijacked to promote your blog is really lame of you to do. a million thanks to the 99% of you who are respectful and sweet and kind to me because you make doing this so fulfilling.

Supplicate ➣ Cassian Andor

Request:  There isn’t enough Cassian love on tumblr yet! Could you pls write something where he comes back to the base after a really dangerous mission and he and the reader have a secret relationship so when they ‘reuniting’ *wink wink* they get caught -Anonymous

A/N: You’re so right nonnie, there needs to be so much more Cassian around here! I’m sorry this is so short, I’m such trash xx

Warning: Smut (nothing too intense), mild cursing

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters I write about nor do I own the gif(s) below. If you would like it removed/given credit please message me & I will do just that!

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Hey guys, I need your help! I’ve just started working on a new project, which is great fun, but part of this project requires poetry, and I don’t want it to just be mine. I can’t explicitly tell you what the project is right now, however if you’re interested in having one (or more) of your poems featured, or writing one specifically for the project, you can message me and I’ll give you more information.
~ it should take about four minutes to read in full, however I’ll consider anywhere between 2-6 minutes
~ it can be on absolutely any topic at all, however try to keep it clean (swearing to a minimum, nothing explicitly sexy etc)

And yeah that’s basically it! All credit will go to the writer of the poem, under either your name or a pen name, and if you want people to find your blog I can provide a means for that as well.
Please share this post around and dm me for more information :)


Neymar Jr AU: You’re dating him

I felt like there wasn’t anything like this on Tumblr yet and there definitely needed to be :D

( Not all of them are my gifs, just added the text. If you find your gifs on here and want me to give you credit, I’ll gladly do. Just message me :) ) 

Check out my blog for more random AU Memes :)


Cody Christian AU: He’s protetcting you from your ex 

(Not my gif, I just added text. If whoever made the gif wants me to give them credit, I’ll gladly do, just message me) 


Behold: various musical-themed Valentine’s Day cards! 

Find more here!

(None of these are mine. I found them on a Facebook thread and through many Google searches. If any of these are yours and you want them taken down, just shoot me a message. If any of these are yours and you want credit, just shoot me a message or comment on this.)

It’s been over four months since I’ve posted the part one of my Clary Fray gif hunt (which you can find right here), and I think it’s time for me to share the rest. Soooo, without further ado, here’s the second part of this Clary Fray gif hunt!

Under the cut you will find 248 gifs of KATHERINE MCNAMARA as CLARY FRAY in Freeform’s SHADOWHUNTERS (from S01E01 to S01E013). There are gifs of multiple sizes but they’re mostly medium/small HQ gifs. Please like or reblog if you’re using, thank you and enjoy!

PS.: I do not own any of the gifs and the credit goes to all of the rightful creators. I just have been collecting them since I started playing Clary and I wanted to share with everyone else who would like to use. If you wish to have your gifs removed, please message me and I’ll do so as soon as possible.

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Preference "How they teach yours and their child about sex ed"

(So I ended up only doing the TWD guys for this one as I figured…if they were going to have a child with you then…they’d have to be men…but if anyone want the TWD girls then just message me :3 i’ll gladly write one! OMG lol for some of them cringing XD and some of them just being weird! Gifs not mine/found them on google/credits to the original owner.)

Negan-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d just barge into their room and be straight up with them. He’d talk to them about having feelings and be quite soft spoken but once he’d start talking about the whole acts, he’d get kinda excited and maybe would scare your child a little. He wouldn’t be able to stay still and whatever he could find to help visualize to your child better he’d grab it. “Now, it’s time for the good part! Sex! So basically after I told your mom how hot she is, I got closer! We kissed, like this…see how i’m kissing Lucille, alright! Then we made out and then the real fun started! We took our clothes off and we started touching other! Everywhere! and I mean everywhere! And then our downstairs areas met each other and the magic happened…and that’s how you got here!”

Daryl-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d feel very awkward and your child could tell. He’d look away from them as they’d sit in front of him and he’d motion them most of the time every time he’d try to explain something. Whenever your child would have questions, he’d be in deep thought and would later just give up and call you to take over. “Sometimes mommy and daddy…Because we love each other, we get close…Like really close…She hugs me, I hug her back…then both of us start kissing and…then we begin taking off our clothes…And our…parts…down here…they…fit together…like this…yeah…that’s where kids come from….What? How do they fit…Euh…You know what i’ll go get your mom, she’ll help you…”

Rick-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d sit next to them on bed and try to have a quiet talk about it. He’d start talking about having feelings and just have a heartfelt moment with them when speaking about how you got together. He’d then continue on talking about how. While doing so, the subject of sex would come in easier. “So because mommy and daddy love each other…with all our hearts…it lead to us kissing each other…a lot of kissing…and in that very moment we started to remove our clothes and we made each other feel good…we touched here and there…and at some point…my…you know…down here….got inside your mom’s…and it went on for a while…and now you’re here…that’s how babies are made…”

Merle-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d try to make it easy for them to understand and would go a little overboard. With the help of a pillow, he’d explain how you and him got together, obviously over exaggerating the events. He’d then arrive at the whole act and show them as to what happens. “See this is your mom…One day she came up to me and said “Oh my goodness, you’re so hot! Marry me please! Have my babies!” And then i said, “Sure why not!” and then we started kissing it then turned into making out. And then we got our clothes off, we felt each other up in ways that made us feel real good, like this…you get it? And then boom! Our parts got together! there was party and no one but mommy and daddy were invited…and now you’re here!“

Glenn-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d laugh and giggle the whole time. Although, he had become mature with time, talking about sex to them just reminded him of you and him as your younger selves. Your child would look at him weird, as he’d explain to the them the whole act, especially when he’d start to explain it with the help of their old toys. "Alright, so take mommy and daddy for example! We love each other a lot! So because of that…we sometimes…have sex…Yeah…So what is it exactly, you may ask…Here let me show you how it looks like with your old toys…So basically if this had a penis…it would go in like this…and so on, you know fun! And that’s how babies are made!”

The Governor-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d have Milton prepare him some sort of cardboard poster with some drawings just to help visualize everything. He’d bring it to their room and just point out everything on it to explain each step to making a baby while trying his best to maintain his composure. “I hope you understand that these drawings…Daddy didn’t do them, Milton did…so if you don’t get it ask him…Alright…so you know when a man loves a woman…things such as this can happen…and this goes inside when it’s like this…you get it? What? yes it’s hard…Then it goes in and…out…and when it’s done…there’s a chance a baby is made…Yes…that’s how you were made…”

Abraham-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d sit across from them in the kitchen and be rather blunt with them. With the help of the bagel your child was about to eat and a nearby kitchen knife, he’d show them what happens during sex and explain that it obviously leads to the creation of babies. “See this bagel…It’s a vagina…and this knife it’s a dick…when sex happens or love if you want to! this goes inside like this! and then the magic, and all the fun happens! But then boom! Pregnant! That’s how mommy and daddy made you, kid! And if want to avoid being a parent at your age…then you’re going to use this…a condom…That means fun without the responsibilities!”

Eugene-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d have them sit down in the garage. With the help of the white board, he’d resolve himself to draw each steps to making a baby as well as explaining the feelings of love. He’d try his best to not be too graphic with the drawings but as it would confuse them, he’d have no choice but to really draw it well. “Alright, so mommy and daddy, right here, we love each other. We got to know each other, I took her on dates, she took me on dates and so on. Then we fell in love. Then we started kissing, like this. You get this, alright. Now with this arrow over here, it show you that sometimes our kisses end up in this. And that’s how babies are made…Did you get the drawings? I can make it clearer if you want to..”

Jesus-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d sit them down on the couch while you and him sit across from them. He’d hold your hand and try his best to make them understand everything that comes with feelings and such. Later on, when it would come down to the sex part, he’d let go of you and with his hands, he’d do his best to show them. “You know that mommy and daddy love each other a lot, right? Yeah we do…and you know when you’ll get older, you’ll have that feeling for someone else as well. You’ll love them so much, you’ll start to want to hug them. Eventually, your hugs would end up with you wanting to do more…like kissing and touching…and then it gets heated…you’re gonna be naked and…these parts will go like this…get it?”

Dwight-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d have a sit down with them in their room. He’d be awkward about the subject and probably cringe at the words he’d used to describe the acts. He’d then resolve himself to take their plushies or dolls to just show them what the acts looks like to get it over with, while not being too graphic at the same time, only to make you laugh. “Like mommy and daddy…because we love each other sometimes we do things, other than just kissing or hugging…and we do it…without our clothes on…Those things can look like this…or this…or even like this…and a whole lot more but no matter what…all of that…it can lead to making a baby…but some of it is also just for fun…Yeah…that’s how we made you…”

Morgan-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d have a quiet talk with them in their room. He’d remind them about how each life is precious and from that he’d get to the part of how life can be create through sex while obviously awkwardly motioning to them with his hands. “Remember when I told you that every life is precious…Good…Because mommy and daddy we remembered…and that’s why you’re here…You’re precious to us…So because we felt that way we made you together…How? It started with both of us hugging and kissing…and touching each other…and suddenly we had a feeling…down there…So we took off our clothes…and our…you know…got together…Do you understand what I mean?”

Shane-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d have a rather open conversation with them by the camp. He’d sit in his lawn chair and with a beer in hand just tell them about everything that would lead to the creation of babies. “Do you know about the birds and the bees? I’m serious. You don’t? Great, cause it has nothing to do with the making of babies. Sex is what happens! Do you know anything about it? No, alright so basically, when a man gets a hard on…he can put his thing inside a woman…as they’re doing it…you know in and out…it leads to the making of a baby! Preferably they do that with someone they really love…Well at least I prefer it that way…That’s why you’re here…Cause I love your mom…You get it now?”

Milton-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d have them come over to his office. He’d make it look like a whole class presentation with both the white board and the chalk board in the office. He’d try to explain but would be extremely nervous and awkward about the whole subject. “Uh…okay so for today…I-I’m going to talk to you about how babies are made…Firstly, you can see here it’s a woman’s part and over here a man’s…so when both of them love each other…They get a different feeling in their parts…Men get…they get…hard…while women…they get wet…So because of that…They go in and out like this…and like that…when everything is done…a white substance…goes inside like in this drawing…and that leads to the making of babies…Questions?”

Aaron-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d sit in the kitchen with them. Rather than instantly going in on it, he’d ask them what they knew and if they noticed anything the others might do. Later he’d explain to them the whole act and how to be safe, with the help of a nearby banana and a plastic bag. “So tell me…What do you know by now about sex…Have you noticed some behavior you never really understood…Just tell me everything I need to know…Alright…I see…So how about I tell you about safe sex…Here i’ll take this and this to show it better…So when you’re going to want to do it, to avoid having kids at a young age or just protecting yourself from any disease…you’re going to want to use a condom…now this is far from looking like one but for this it’ll do…”

Gabriel-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d have a sit down with them in the church. He’d talk to them about the feelings as well as the whole act from the bible’s perspective just to be more comfortable. However, as your child would question about the two of you, he’d then have no choice but get into some details. “So that’s how God made us to be…What? Mommy and daddy….Euh…Well…yes…we made you…A little bit like that…We had feelings for one another and we still do by the way…but one night…our feelings got extremely strong….We got closer…We kissed…we hugged…our clothes…they came off…and as we felt it…we…well I…Put my…you know…in your mom’s…and it went on for a while…when it was over, you got here…and that’s how babies are made…”

The Wolf-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d sit with them on the ground. He’d be honest and to help visualize everything to your child, he’d get a stick and draw in the sand for them. Whenever, your child would have questions he’d simply tell them to look at the drawing again. “Ok so i’m going to talk to you about sex, alright. So sex basically is what happens to create babies. When men have a hard on, it looks like this, and that way it can go inside a woman…like this, do you get the drawing? Good. And then it can take a long time but the whole time it’s fun for both of them, because they love each other. In the end, there’s this that comes out, you understand? Alright, in the end the woman is pregnant. So yeah that’s it. If you don’t understand look at the drawing again or just ask your mom…”

Noah-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d nervously sit them down in their room. He’d talk and talk but somehow always seem to miss the point of the conversation as he’d use different words to describe everything, being too shy to say the real terms. “Alright so…sometimes…when a man and woman love each other…they get together…and their stuff get all different from usual…their stuff then get into a mix together and it goes on for a while. In the end, something flows and it can make a baby…Yes that is how babies are made…Did you get it?”

Simon-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d have a little too much fun explaining everything to them. He’d get in their room and with the help of drawings he had prepare, the night earlier. He’d talk and end up showing each one of the poorly drawn sketches as if it were a slideshow, only to make your child uncomfortable. “Alright, open your eyes and your ears, cause I put a lot of time into this! See this! This is what a man and a woman look like when they are turned on. Turned on meaning they want to do things to one another to make each other feel good. Next drawing! So here we have, the man’s penis about to go in here! Can you guess what it is? Oh come on, you know what this is…a vagina! Next drawing! It’s them together and they go to town, for a good long while…and boom! Baby! That’s how they’re made! That’s you’re made!”

Ezekiel-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d be rather honest and would use the proper terms to describe everything. He’d be educational about it and would answer their questions to the best of his knowledge. He’d also provide insight about feelings while talking about you and him. “So when a man penetrates a woman…he feels pleasure and so does the woman…and that pleasure builds up to the point of the release of the man…And when he releases, semen comes out and it can get a woman pregnant…Anymore, questions? Mommy and daddy? Yes…we did that to make you…we did it because we love each other and also because we wanted you in our life…That’s why…So yes it’s better when you’re in love with the other person…”

Benjamin-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d look for a book in the library on that subject matter and eventually find one. He’d bring it to them in their room and bring himself to go through it with them. “Alright, so i got you this book today and we’re going to go through it together…See this is how men and women are when they are grown…and then this can happen when they’re aroused…it means they feel like they want to do it or they want a baby…See here…this goes in this when they want a baby…and then this comes out…yes out of men…and then it goes all the way here…and then babies are created…”

Caesar-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d casually talk about it while you were all eating together. He’d have the idea to just to talk about it and just question your child randomly on their knowledge. He’d then clarify everything while still managing to sugarcoat it for them. “Hey! What do you know about sex? Tell me! Alright I get…What can you tell me about safe sex? What is that? Mhmm…okay not bad…What about the consequences of not practicing safe sex? Okay, you get it, I like that…Then how about what don’t you get about sex?”

Spencer-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d do a very poor reenactment of the whole act. He’d do it in the form of a story, the characters obviously being you and him and it would lead up to the act as well as their birth. “So once upon a time, a woman named…Y/N…met…a man named Spencer…They started flirting…you know they complimented each other and suddenly they fell in love…because of that…they wanted to start a family…and to do that…they had to kiss each other…taking off their clothes…and making each other feel good…and then our private parts went inside one another…well my parts…and went the fun was over…A few months later…I listened to your mom’s stomach and heard you kicking…”

Richard-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d get the movie theatre to be empty for the day. He’d talk about it while putting a movie on and wait for a sex scene to come on. As it would, he’d stop the movie and gradually explain to them what is about to happen. “Alright, I pause this for you…You know what they’re doing? It’s sex…That’s what happens before babies are made…So for instance mommy and daddy…that’s how we made you…See how they’re kissing…Sometimes that’s what you’re gonna want to do…and that turns into this…or even this…but in real life…i’ll be honest it’s a little more messy…especially when you want a baby…Nonetheless it’s pleasurable and it’s totally okay when you’re gonna like it…”

Nicholas-When the time comes to teach your child about sex ed, he’d sit them down on their bed and and in front of them. He’d tell them about having feelings and such and once he’d start to talk about the whole act, he’d awkwardly motion everything for them, making him and your child both uncomfortable. “Now sometimes, you’re gonna feel the need to do something…that involves your private areas…That feeling…Mommy and Daddy…we had it…and we did something about it and that’s why you’re here…I’m guessing you’re wondering what we did, right? Well…It started with us hugging…and then like this we got closer…”


Android!Baymax AU costume details + extended headcanons!  I’ve actually received quite a few lovely asks from potential cosplayers, so as a fellow cosplayer I felt it might be nice to provide reference pics (especially since I’m so sloppy and inconsistent in the earlier Android AU posts). 

I was also talking to a friend, and they told me that the reasons for my choices for Bay’s costume aren’t as obvious as I thought, so hopefully some of you will find my thoughts amusing.  Also added lotsa extra headcanons no one asked for lol <3

First Android!Baymax Post

Second Post (TadaHiroBae huggle)

The dumb outfit that started it all

(And as a note, if anyone wants to cosplay Android!Bay, holy crap, I’m super honored, and of course you’re more than welcome to!  Just give me credit for my design, don’t repost the images by themselves anywhere else, and please send me a link when you’re done because I definitely want to see! *A*)




We had just a little bit of time, we saw the fun, we took some pics, had some hipster drinks, lol! 

And I’ll be sharing my look soon, just wanted to say it was 100% inspired by another simmer’s LookBook but I can’d find it again to tag ‘em to give credits, so I APOLOGISE! If you recognize your own Lookbook, please message me so I could tag you and give you credits! 

#GetTheLook Coachella COMING SOON

anonymous asked:

Hey, Momma. I just wanted to let you know that some of your undertail gifs have been reposted on 'lucyscales/tumblr/com' without credit. I'm also pretty sure they're under age.

Ill send them a message but I’m pretty sure it’s a bot
Thanks for telling me babe ♡♡♡✩✩

these have both happened today and I only came across them because I got tagged in one so god know how many more are out there, but I’m getting sick of this so I’m gonna say this one more time

please don’t fucking do this.

I’m flattered that you like my art enough to want it on your profile and that it resonates with you personally, but it takes literally thirty seconds to message an artist and ask their permission. It costs you nothing, but costs me a hell of a lot. Look at that second one. 1.3k likes and this was posted less than a day ago. If I’d posted it on my relatively new, small account, it would get maybe 30 at best. And they haven’t even included my name. ‘credit to the artist’ just doesn’t cut it. Think of all the possible sales or commissions enquiries I’ve missed out on because nobody knows who drew it. (not to mention they’re misgendering meDon’t repost stuff that isn’t yours, and call out other people that do it.