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BTS Bon Voyage Season 2

I’ve seen some other people do this but I wanted to help out as well. I know some people probably can’t afford or won’t be able to watch Bon Voyage Season 2. So I wanna do something for those who are unable to for whatever reason. I’m gonna upload all the episodes and behind the scenes to a Google Drive if any of you would like to be added. 

 In order to be added: 

-Message me your email so I can share the link with you once I upload everything. I’ll message you right away to tell you I got your email!

-DO NOT SHARE/REUPLOAD/POST THE LINK. I’ll take the videos down if I see the link getting spread. I don’t want it getting taken down, thus undoing the whole purpose of the upload in the first place.

-you don’t have to follow me but it’d be dope if you did lmao

-also, im gonna cap this at 150 people i think so yeah :-)

Thank you so much for the support! Im overwhelmed with all the love I am receiving. I will do my best to write great things for all of you! Fighting! :D

I will be doing this in 2 seperate posts.



Confused. That would be his first reaction when he saw that you purposely hid you smile and laugh. Why is he confused? Well because he loves your smile and laugh and just doesnt understand why you dont. 

Namjoon: “Y/N dont hide that beautiful smile of yours. You dont know how much I love you laugh! Why dont you like it?”

He would be understanding though and try to figure out why exactly you dont like it. He`d try to help you get more confidence in yourself by telling you that he loves your laugh and how pretty you are whenever he gets to see your smile.


You would wake up in the morning and he would ask to see that cute smile of yours but when you refuse he`d be confused. When you told him that you dont like your smile he would be shocked. 

Jin “gif”

y/n: “It`s not that easy”

Jin: “Of course it is, I`ll show you”

Proceeds to wack out as many of his famous puns and jokes as he comes up with and tries to make you laugh or at least smile. And whenever you do he would be like a cheerleader going on about how beautiful you and your laugh are in his eyes.


Just isnt having it. After you were done explaining him why you hide you smile he would tell you that its pure bull***t because he thinks you are gorgeous and if you tried to deny it hed just turn away, acting like he cant hear you.

y/n: Its not gorgeous, its horrible

Suga: *gif* Oh look that vase over there is really pretty.  

So in short, whenever he saw you being insecure about it he would smoothly put it off with a short statement and wouldnt leave any room for objection.


This sunshine would be so shocked when he saw you trying to stop yourself from laughing. He would know you well enough to know why you did it but that wouldnt stop him from trying to make you laugh as best as he can. 

J-hope: *gif* “Look at this y/n”

Whenever he suceeded or not he would hug you thightly telling you that he loves your laugh and smile and that he would want you to be completely comfotable around him.


He would be understanding when you told him about it and wouldnt want to pressure you into doing anything you wouldnt want to do but he would be the sweetest little bean and always drop small compliments to try and slowly get you to reveal your smile, even if its just for him.

Jimin: *hugs you* “Hey there beautiful. Your smile is extraordinary bright today”


Tae: “You need to smile like this. See?” *gif*

A little like Jimin. He would acknowledge that you dont want to show your smile or laugh but would totally try to make you smile for him from time to time. Your feelings are his number one priorety so if smiling freely or laughing makes you uncomfortable he wouldn`t want to pressure to anything. However he would encourage you to it often with the hopes that you feel more comfortable with it after a while.


Confused 2.0 Wouldnt really know what to say because. You are beautiful when you laugh? Like.. how could you be insecure about it? He would probably ask you to explain it to him and try to understand it. Then he would slowly try to approach the topic whenever you two are alone and see what he could do to make you more comfortable with it.

Kookie: “So, I understand you are insecure but your smile is like the most beautiful thing ive ever seen.”

Consolation Prize

Summary: Goodbye letter to Namjoon
Members: Rap Monster x Male Reader
Type: Angst/fluff
Length: Drabble

This is not only my first post since coming back but also my first time writing in a letter format and my first drabble or whatever, please let me know what you think! I hope whoever requested m!reader Namjoon is happy with this :3

- Admin Kain

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I am too big a coward to say this to your face so I am writing to you now instead. But I know you will understand as cowardice is something you are all too familiar with.

Do you still remember the summer we first met? Recently I’ve found myself looking back on it and wondering how things have ended up like this. God, you really took my breath away from the first moment I laid eyes on you. In all my life I’ve never met anyone who lights up a room like you do, there’s something about you, your voice, the way you carry yourself, that draws everyone in and why would I be any different?

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I just need it to be known that I very strongly head canon that Sidon would have to sleep on his stomach to sleep with Link and would at least put his head on Link’s chest when they cuddled at night

So whenever Sidon is not in bed with him he instinctively hugs a pillow to his chest to try to make up for the missing weight.

madam-melon-meow  asked:

I'm bitter about how the percabethians and even the percycos make a point to treat rachel like a hellbeast whore doormat bitch. Why do people disregard such an inspiring girl??? She's literally just a mortal, faced with gods and monsters and heroes, and she stood among them, even going so far as to THROW HER HAIRBRUSH AT THE LORD OF TITANS. WHAT A FUCKING LEGEND RACHEL ELIZABETH DARE EVERYONE

red’s the loml and yes she’s still unfairly stigmatized bc of something that happened over a series ago and that’s bs

i am bitter about pjo cliches so send them in

Hold my beer

Okay but on reading the description for episode one TellTale couldn’t possibly mean AXEL of all people would let his friendships fade over time. After ALL the times he has put himself in danger for them?

After all the worrying, compassion and love he has put towards them?

How he is always amazed and somewhat idolizes Jesse, how he puts his friends before himself, even if that means going up against Magnus the rogue?

Following them to the END and back? Distracting a giant monster to buy his best friend time?

Dealing with the possibilities that they all would not make it out of this alive? 

How much that Jesse and he must trust one another for him to open up to tell them he never thought he’d be good enough? Oh how their handshake requires SO much trust to pull off? 

Sorry Telltale I am not buying it, outta the original group these two are bros for life. 

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Hello I am currently writing a fanfiction and am wondering what jobs would UT/UF Papyrus + US Sans have?

These are the jobs that I think they would have.

❇UT Papyrus: When the monsters if Undertale got to the surface, they kept the royal guard going and joined forces with the human police. Papyrus was finally made a member if the royal guard, but he doesn’t really do anything since there isn’t much of a need for him to do so. He is still ecstatic to hold the title though. Papyrus mostly works as a sort of secretly for the ambassador of monster and helps them to organize paperwork and keep them on schedule. He even insisted on having his own little office outside of theirs to welcome people and take calls. (This applies to my regular headcanons and the story that I have going)

❇UF Papyrus: The monsters of Underfell did the same when they got to the surface. They kept the royal guard going and joined forces with the human police. Boss was the leader and still is today, but there isn’t as much of a need for the guard as there was in the underground, so most of the time he trains there troops and is always on call in case something goes.

❇US Sans: Blueberry chose to works at a little café in the city. He’s actually a really great waiter. He’s fast, cheery and efficient, and capable of carrying numerous plates/dishes at once, even balancing some on his head. All of this while on roller skates.

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Barbossa is half Irish? Cool! I dunno how I missed thAt.

He sure is. Geoffrey Rush had a big part in a lot of Hector’s backstory, and came up with a great one about him being half-Irish/half-English and running away at 13 to join the merchant marines. So it’s kind of stuck and is considered canon and I am absolutely 100000% supportive of this, god bless Geoffrey Rush and his headcanon, tbh. He made my work a hell of a lot easier.

So, anon asked me if i could recommend them clizzy fics and i decided to make a master post. Your welcome ;)

this may b rly random but like that song thats called like “thats what makes you beautiful” or w/e by 1D has always really really bothered me bc of the chorus just blatantly bein like “you don’t know youre beautiful/that’s what makes you beautiful” bc its like

oooo yea girl ur total lack of self-confidence and dislike of urself is SO HOT unfff love me a submissive woman xxxx

and ive had to listen to soooo many girls passionately sing along to it like YEA IM THE HIDEOUS GIRL WAITING TO BE VALIDATED BY A MAN BC ONLY THRU A HETEROSEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH A MAN AM I TRULY MADE BEAUTIFUL IN HIS EYES ALONE somebody SAVE ME from the digusting monster i truly am!!!!!!

and its just uhhhhhhhhhhhhh really fucking shitty

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Btw, do you and your anons/others all know each other in real life? It seems to me like you actually have an inner circle of followers, with secret meetings and everything. Well judging from the familiarity and some information that they just casually toss around. Haha, it's so funny, I imagine you with your fans at a coffee table discussing smutty smut and drinking wine.

Omg. No, I don’t know any of them in real life… UNLESS I DO??? Maybe one of them is secretly my neighbor, pretending to not know I am a Harrymort unicorn/monster when they wave to me in the mornings, kind of like a Mrs. Figg situation. I always thought it was weird that she smiled at me. I have an excellent resting bitch face, I do not naturally induce smiles.

Though if there was some kind of meet up I could see it going down like that. A circular table, much wine, possibly masks for those to continue to hide their true identities if they wish. Stabby would have a knife and a crown. Half of us would be on leashes. Etc, etc.


You are the future of humans and monsters!

Next part is here! In which Chara settles in with the Dreemurr family and things might actually be okay…at least at first. 

The next and final part will be here in a week!

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Dogs of Future Past Masterpost

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