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Huntress in the Castle: Part Two

I hope you guys are enjoying this story! I know it’s not my usual stuff but this is important to me. I really love this story so I hope you guys do too. Part One here.

My fingers wrap around the iron of the gate again. I am the only one that close. The others are behind making bets and laughing, bragging despite their fear to even come as close as me.

“I’ll go in first.” One says.

“You’ll chicken out as soon as we open the gates!” Another laughs.

“Fianna, you get off of there.” Craig barks at me.

I turn from the gate, one hand still attached. “Let me go in!” I call to the boys.

“No way.” Finn snaps. “This is as far as you go, young lady.”

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Why did you draw Caesar as Yzma, now I can't stop imagining him doing the lifting the dress thingy and can't stop laughing, pfft that was so great! I just love your art and I also love Disney so much, that I am glad you do crossovers! I hope your Monsters Inc has a continuation :3

LMAO! Thank you! Idk, I just thought Caesar looked the part. xD


Thirteen years ago, the Vinsmoke Sanji who escaped from Germa died on the seas.

Vinsmoke “Black-Leg” Sanji. Born on the March of 1503 in the North Blue kingdom, Germa. Leaving the rule of his “father” at the age of 8, he considered his past self under the Vinsmoke surname to be dead. Reborn, he was raised and trained by “Red-Leg” Zeff. To this day, he stands under the banner of the Mugiwara Pirates as their cook and one of the Monster Trio. As his captain shouted at the top of his lungs, the cook is a vital force for his crewmates and the captain himself, who currently seeks to become the next Pirate King.

I’m pretty sure you cringed to that. But here’s this color of Sanji I’ve been working on since August. I think the fires can be better, but I am very proud of this color. So consider this an early Thanksgiving gift!^^ Hails!

RE: The Handmaid’s Tale. Whenever people go “Well, Aunt Lydia is nice to Janine so she can’t be all evil!” it’s like, yeah, and Hitler was nice to animals and his secretary.  I thought it was obvious: She’s just using Janine to feel slightly better about herself.

Same with any time Waterford is “kind” to Offred. Even monsters get low self-esteem sometimes and need to feel vaguely justified.

Funnily enough, in the finale, it’s only really Serena Joy that seems to happily and honestly accept “Yes, I am an evil piece of shit, I will burn in hell and there is no justification for what I have done.”

She never disputes anything Offred says to her. Or even has much of a reaction to it. It might be why she’s the scariest of them all.

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So if Star wants equality between Mewnians & Monsters; that means there wouldn't be no problem if a Monster princess from another dimension beats the shit outta nowhere from some angry evil mewnians, am i right???

As long as it’s in self defense, I guess. It’s not like Star and Marco beat up innocent monsters!


The third Ravenloft Monstrous Compendium appendix was the opposite of the Mystara book for me. It is gorgeous and straightforward – Mark Nelson’s art rivals Stephen Fabian in capturing the mood of the campaign setting. Like all the Ravenloft appendices, this one largely focuses on making horrored-up versions of conventional D&D monsters. Unlike the previous two collections, though, I like these a lot. They feel more thought out somehow.

Thing is, I could never figure out how to use them. They all feel so specific in application, and the opportunity has never come up. One exception: Fleas of Madness. That’s a good story, too, but I am going to save it for when I make a zine out of that adventure…

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Wait, when did a little girl turn into a tentacle monster?

That’s just me overestimating how funny I am. 

I’m referring to the Day That Wouldn’t Die, where Annie Wire went from being seemingly a ghost, to seemingly a tentacle monster, to a mechanical puppet all in the space of a single scene. I suppose “ghost robot surrounded by prehensile cables” would be more accurate, but I previously shortened it to “tentacle monster” because the scene reminded me so much of the fight against Miasma.  

From the episode:

JUNO (NARRATOR): In the pitch black, the coils of a metal monster squeezed around me. It was dark. I was suffocating. I was alone.

Huge cables coiled tight around me. I felt them coming and at the last second managed to put my hand where it mattered – my gun.

I dropped my light and it fell spinning across the floor, throwing shadows on the wall: Annie Wire, cables writhing like snakes at her feet; Mick,crumpled in a dark corner.

I shot out the cables around me, and shot the ones that flew in to take their place. They were coming from her, I saw – from the writhing nest by her feet. I shot, shot again – but they kept coming.

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Listen up bitch. Monsters Inc. was my favorite movie as a kid & I freaking love Dadvid AUs, especially ones with great ideas, plus I've been away from Tumblr for a few days. I logged on today & what's the first thing I see? A Monsters Inc. Dadvid AU that was majorly influenced- or started, I haven't looked yet- by you. Look at what you have done. I am sobbing rn & imaging Gwen and David singing If I Didn't Have You together. Look at this shit. I wanna write so many damn fics & it's ur fault. ily

It was in fact started by me! :D And I’d LOVE to read fics based on the idea so if you write one, please let me know! C: (On mobile, so tags can go here for now: #Camp Camp, #Monster Dad AU)

Big thanks to these blogs!

So i wanna thank these few blogs for constantly being here and giving me notes and stuff :)
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I’d like to thank these blogs for getting me to where I am now
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I am hiding under my covers forever don't try to get me out and don't make me do any more homework get me away from the homework monster!!!! *whimpers*

John: Dude, I feel ya.

Alex: Most people would try to convince you that homework is good and it helps you practice and all that jazz, but it sucks, and I know it sucks. So I’m just going to say, do what you can. But its just homework.

Mike Wheeler - Day 23:

I am so screwed.

Hi Eleven. It’s Day 23.

Found out at school that the only day the guys can do a DnD Campaign this month is this Sunday.

Which gives me no time to prepare! I usually need at least a month.

We fought a real monster for God’s sake.

Is that not good enough for all of us?

What am I saying… I love DnD. I can’t believe I just said that.

Also, you fought the monster really.

I better start writing. Talk later.

(Monday, December 5, 1983)

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i didnt realise at first you werent yourself a monster fucker, and that you were just researching your demographic to see what audience you can appeal to. which is why i suggest an A-To-Z Monster Fucking Anthology Of Short Cryptid Stories, so your readers can hit whoever they feel like whenever. Gonna get me that slimy daddy. Bookmark page 50 under S for Swamp, here I am. Hallelujah.

y’all are really doing the most helping me get this monsterotica business of the ground god bless

THE video that made Jungkook join BTS

Jungkook: “After appearing on “Superstar K3”, I received calls from around seven different agencies …  I ended up [at Big Hit] because Rap Monster was so cool

BTS : “the companies were much bigger than ours … It was a blessing that he came here.”

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I am 110% down to get rawed by Bigfoot. I feel like s/he (I am totally down with either gender of Bigfoot) would be a warm, tender lover who would also bang you so hard you couldn't walk the next day. Also, yay, warm fur to cuddle against :)

god I really opened a can of worms asking y’all which monsters you want to bang

I don’t regret it

but I did not in any way anticipate the amount of thought and detail that would go into these answers