if these shoes could talk

sjw tumblr: “don’t tell me what it’s like to live as a poc in america!”

me: then don’t tell me what it’s like to live as a white person, either


Pairing: Wonwoo - You

Summary: Wonwoo is an art student that hates drama class until his homework gets a little bit exciting.

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As much as Wonwoo loved art he just couldn’t stand his drama class, most of it was because of his annoying teacher, her voice was always filled with pretentiousness, her comments were always filled with judgement, she could never say ‘good job’ or ‘I like what you did there’ instead she said stuff like ‘that was nice but you got this wrong’ there was always a but and he hated it; she was also always late since she was a teacher at another school. Everyone else was really into this class because she was a director and a very good one, or that’s what everyone said, he had never seen her work, he rarely went to the theatre, just a few times as a kid with his parents but never on his own.

“Today I’m excited” His teacher said, he almost rolled his eyes at her comment ‘Now what?’ He thought “My favorite actress is doing a different monologue for three weeks and I want you all to go” He stopped listening after that knowing that she would email them the details later, she always did, he wasn’t excited at all but at least that meant no real homework for three weeks.

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46 for Jaytim?

46. “Wanna play?” also requested by @drabblemeister

Inspired by this post by @drabblemeister and @tanekore I love you two <3


“Wanna play?” Tim asks, voice light like what he’s saying is inconsequential, something he asks every day, and while those words might be common for him, it’s the context that has Jason freezing up, eyes wide and mouth open and brain blank. Because usually when Tim asks that question, he’s talking about Super Mario Kart or Uno. 

He’s not talking about Uno right now. 

Jason rasps a small, “What?” and Tim turns those blue eyes up at him, gloved fingers still caressing the smooth, shiny metal. It looks cold.

“We could have some fun with this.” 

“F-fun. With…”

“This,” Tim affirms, holding up the cuffs. The light from a nearby sign advertising Marlboro reds for buy one get one half off glints off the chrome steel, the neon red catching on the curves and grooves and this is one time Jason doesn’t like the color red. 

“We, as in, you and I? And those?” 

“Yes,” Tim says simply. 

Jason wants to run. 

“How,” he asks, even though he already knows. 

Tim blinks. “Well, I was thinking you could put me in them.”

“Um,” Jason manages though his very dry mouth, through his sluggish mind that’s not forming any words, just a strongly negative feeling that’s pulsing, crashing like frantic waves between his ears. 

“Or,” Tim says, still sounding like he could be talking about ice cream or shoes or any other ordinary thing, “I could tie you down.”

“No!” Jason blurts out, already taking a step away, toward the end of the roof top and away. He stops himself before he gets there, the small part of his brain that’s not freaking out, yelling run, reminding him that is Tim, that Tim is good and won’t hurt him and he should talk to Tim, he can talk to Tim.

Jason breathes. “No,” he says, calmer this time. “I’m not. Not comfortable with that.”

Another small part of his brain braces for… something. Anger. Violence. A thousand questions and weird looks and rejection. 

It doesn’t come. 

Instead Tim just says, “Oh, okay,” and slips the handcuffs into a pocket on his belt, the chain links rattling. 

Jason breathes easier. 

Tim asks, “Do you want to talk about it?”

And no, he doesn’t really want to talk about it, but this is Tim, and Tim is good, and he should talk to Tim, and he can talk to Tim, so he nods, and says, “Later. At home,” and Tim nods back, and that’s the end of it.

Pairing: Military!Reader x Jensen Ackles

Summary: The reader comes home to surprise her husband and daughter

I just got back from a long field day when I saw I had a missed face time from Jared. I walk over and call him back “Hey Jared” I said as I see him “Hey sis, how are things in the army going?” He asks “Tiring, but good. I just got back from field training. How are things with Gen and the kids?” I asked “They are good. Gen’s legs are sore from carrying the baby but besides that she’s good and the kids are the same” he says with a chuckle. I let out a chuckle as well “That’s good. Um… Jared, can I ask you something?” I ask in a concerned tone “Yeah” he says “How is Jensen and Mia doing?” I ask in a concerned tone. Jared lets out a sigh and then says “Jensen isn’t doing to good. It hit him really hard last week because of your guy’s anniversary. As for Mia, she has been okay. Gen has been around to help but I have a feeling it will hit her during her birthday in a few weeks” he says. I let out a sad sigh along with tears coming down my face “I miss them so much Jared. It gets so hard not seeing them” I said “I know sis but it will be okay. You can see them when you get back,” he says trying to cheer me up “I guess you’re right. Hey Jared?” I say “Yeah?” he says “Do you think you can help me surprise Mia for her birthday?” I ask with a smile. His face lights up at my suggestion “You’re coming home in a few weeks?” he says in excitement. I nod. “I come home and then I am home for good” I say with a smile “That’s great. I can’t wait. So what is your idea to surprise them?” he says in gladness. “Well, I haven’t thought about that. Do you have any ideas?” I ask Jared. “Well, Jensen said that Mia wanted to go to Dustin’s. Does that help?” he asked. “Yes, I know the manager for Dustin’s so maybe I can talk to them and ask if I can do something there” I said “Sounds good. Let me know what you decide to do so I can help” Jared says with a smile. “Will do bro” I say. “I have to go. Jensen is calling me back to set” Jared said “Oh okay. Well I’ll let you go. Love you Jared” I said “Love you too sis. I’ll see you in a few weeks. I may be working so if I am then I will have Gen pick you up” he says with a smile “Okay, sounds good. See you then” I say with a smile.

I cannot wait to see Jensen and Mia. I have missed them so much. I have been here over here for close to two years and it’s been the longest two years of my life. It has been so hard because I’ve missed so many milestones, anniversaries, birthdays and holidays. I feel terrible that I left Jensen to not only be a single parent but also a television actor. I can’t wait to get home and be home for good.

*Two weeks later*

I had just gotten off the plane at Austin International Airport and was walking to find Gen, who was picking me up. I was walking though the airport when I caught sight of my sister-in-law. When I see her, I drop my bags and run towards my sister-in-law. When she sees me running, she opens her arms and engulfs me into the biggest hug. We stay like that for a few minutes just enjoying the comfort of each other “I missed you so much Gen” I said pulling away from her. “I missed you too (Y/N). It feels so good to see and hug you again. I know we got to video chat but it’s still not the same” she says as tears of joy start coming down her cheeks. At the sight of her tears I immediately hug her again. We both start crying a little over the fact that we are together again; as sisters. We pull away and wipe off our faces. I grab my bags and we head out of the airport. On our way out Gen gets stopped by a fan of the show. She asks to take a picture with her. Surprisingly, she asked for me to be in the picture as well and of course I agree. After we take the pictures we head out to the car and head to the restaurant.

(Jensen’s Perspective)

I am in Vancouver finishing up filming an episode with Jared. I felt terrible that I am missing Mia’s birthday dinner. Not only is (Y/N) not there, but neither am I. I head home tomorrow but today is her actual birthday and I just feel so bad that I am having to miss my daughter’s 5th birthday. We are taking a break from filming when I see that I’m getting a Face Time from Gen. I immediately pick it up to see Mia’s face pop up on the screen.

“Hi daddy” she says as she squeals in excitement. “Hey baby girl. Are you being good for Nana and Papa?” I asked smiling at my little girl and thinking how much she looks like her mother. “Yes sir. Nanna gonna take me to see Tom and Shep” she says as her face lights up with excitement. “You get to see Tom and Shep and Aunt Gen too?” I ask. She nods her head with enthusiasm. I laugh at her excitement. My mom comes on the screen. “Mia, why don’t you go get your shoes on then go get papa. Okay?” she says to Mia. Mia nods then runs off. “ Hey mom” I say. “Hey sweetheart, how is work?” she says “It’s good. We should be home by tomorrow or the day after” I said kinda giving her a fake smile. “Sweetheart, what’s wrong?” She asks me. I start tearing up when she asks me that. “I can’t do it anymore mom” I say as my voice breaks. “Can’t do what sweetheart?” she asks in a concerned tone. “Mom, I miss her. I wake up every morning hoping to see her laying next to me but she’s not. It’s been over a year mom, I can’t do it anymore. I know that I have to keep going but it’s so hard without her” I say to my mom as tears start streaming down my face. “Oh sweetheart I know you miss her, I mean we do too. So does Mia. Just think, she will be home in a couple months and then she is home for good. I know this is hard on you, son but you are strong and you can do this. Also, you aren’t alone Jensen. You have Jared, Gen, me, your father, (Y/N)’s parents, and the entire Supernatural cast plus that fandom of yours. You can do this sweetheart, I know you can” she says giving me a smile. I wipe away my tears and smile at her. “I love you mom. Thanks again for watching Mia and giving me the encouragement” I say to her. She smiles at me. She turns around because someone is talking to her. “Alright sweetheart I got to go. Gen is at the restaurant with the boys. Love you Jensen” she says “Love you too mom. Bye, and tell Mia I love her” I said “I will. Bye” she says and with that she hung up the phone. Just as she hung up Jared walked into my trailer. “Hey man, what’s up?” Jared asks as he walks in and sits on the couch. “Not much, just got off the phone with Mia and my mom” I said as I take a sip of my drink. “Oh that’s good. Jensen, are you sure you are alright? You look like you have been crying” he asks as he looks at me with a concerned look. “Yeah I was. My mom and Mia FaceTimed me and I was just sad that I am missing her birthday and that she doesn’t have (Y/N) either” I said looking down at my hands.

“I get it man but just think you’ll be home tomorrow to see her” he says smiling at me. I smile back at him then say “Thanks Jared.”

(Y/N)’s Perspective

We arrived at the restaurant where Mia, my parents, and Jensen’s parents were waiting. The only people who knew I was coming were Gen and Jared but Jared is in Vancouver. We decided that Gen and the boys were going to go in first and then I would go in the back and help bring out there food and then surprise them that way. I walk around the back of the restaurant and go through the kitchen and wait in the back for their food to get done. On our way to the restaurant we called them telling them are plan and they were more than happy to help. Once their food comes out, I grab Mia’s so that I could give it to her. Once their server has their food I walk behind them as we walk out to give them their food and surprise them. As I walk out in my army uniform, my parents and Jensen’s parents gasp but Mia still doesn’t see me because I’m behind the waiter. As we get to the table I walk out from behind the waiter and Mia locks eyes with me. I set her food down in front of her and then kneel down to her level. “Hi sweetheart. Happy birthday pumpkin” I say with tears of joy coming to my eyes. “Mommy!!!!!” she screamed and jumps into my arms. As soon as I catch her, I wrap my arms around her and we both start crying tears of joy. Once she is in my arms the entire restaurant erupts into cheers and whistles. “It’s okay sweetheart, I’m right here” I say while rubbing her back. “I missed you mommy” she whispers. “I missed you too sweetheart. I love you so much baby girl” I say. She pulls back to look me in the eyes. “I love you too mommy” she says. I smile at her then I set her down so she can eat. Once I set her down, my mom and dad walk over and hug me. “Hey mom. Hey dad” I say while hugging them. They start crying and I hug them tighter. “It’s okay mom, I’m here and I’m not going nowhere” I say to them. They pull back and look at me with a confused look. “I don’t have to go back. I’m out for good” I say with a smile. My mom screams in excitement as she hugs me again. I giggle as she is hugging me.

After my mom and dad go sit back down, Donna and Alan come up and hug me as well. After everyone hugs me, I pick up Mia and then sit in her chair and the set her in my lap. As we are all talking and catching up my mom asks me a question. “Does Jensen know you are back?” Before I could answer, Donna speaks up. “From the Face Time we had before coming here, I don’t think so,” she says with a sad look on her face. “What does that mean?” I asked her with a concerned look. She lets out a sigh. “Mia wanted to Face Time her daddy this morning and I could sense there was something off. So I told Mia to get her shoes on so I could talk to him. He was just really upset that he couldn’t be here. He figured you weren’t going to be here so that meant that Mia wouldn’t have either of her parents but to top it off, he just really missed you. I think it being Mia’s birthday just made him realize how much he really has been missing you. It’s not that he didn’t miss you any other day it’s just that I think he was tired of telling everyone he’s okay when he really wasn’t” she said. Hearing what Donna said brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t realize that it would be this hard for him. Yes I missed him but by what she just said I think he missed me more. Hearing all of this makes me want to fly to Vancouver now even though he comes home tomorrow. All I know is that when he gets home tomorrow, I’m gonna shower that man with the love and happiness he deserves to have so he knows how much I missed him too. As we are eating, Gen’s phone rings. “Hello….okay…alright, I’ll let her know. Love you, bye,” she says as she hangs up the phone. “Everything okay?” I ask. “Yeah they are fine. It’s just that they need to finish up the season so they won’t be home till Sunday,” she says. I let out a sigh. “Well, then Mia and I will just fly up there to see him. I know that is only a few days away but I’ve waited over a year to see him and I can’t wait any longer” I say with a slight chuckle. “That is definitely understandable” Donna says. We all laugh. “Why don’t we go ahead and leave so you guys can go home and pack?” Gen suggests. I look to Mia. “You want to leave so we can go home and pack?” I ask her. “Why would we be packing mommy?” she asks. “We are gonna see daddy at work. Is that okay with you?” I ask her. Her face lights up with joy. “We are gonna go see daddy?” she asks. “Yeah baby girl we are” I say to my now excited little girl. She squeals in excitement. She nods her head in excitement. We all laugh as she jumps up and down with excitement. I smile as I can’t wait to see the look on Jensen’s face when we surprise him. We soon leave the restaurant and head home to pack. Within a few hours we are packed and on a flight to Vancouver. After several hours we arrive in Vancouver. As we left the restaurant, I called Cliff to see if he could pick us up from the airport. He happily agreed. As we get off the plane we walk to through the airport to find Cliff waiting outside. “Welcome home (Y/N)” he says as he envelopes me in a hug. After we finish hugging, he bends down to grab our luggage and put it in the car. After we load up, we head to set where Jared and Jensen are. On our way to the set I called Bob to see if he can help set up a surprise for Jensen and Jared. He told me to sit on Dean’s bed and wait because there was a scene where Sam and Dean walk into Dean’s room as they are discussing something. After about a two hour car ride we arrive on set. Cliff helps sneak us into the set where we start to put our surprise into place.

Jensen’s Perspective

Jared and I were waiting for our queue to enter Dean’s room. “Action” Bob yells. “You know we can’t do that Sam” ‘Dean’ says turning the door knob and walking into the room. I freeze in my tracks as I see (Y/N) sitting on the bed with the biggest grin on her face. She still looks as beautiful as the day I met her. “Took you boys long enough” she says with that beautiful smile I missed. As I still stand there in shock, she gets off the bed and walks over to me. “Hi” she says with a smile. I don’t say anything as I immediately wrap my arms around her and hug her as if my life depended on it. This was also my breaking point. I cried tears of joy while burying my head in the crook of her neck. As I cried into her neck, she whispered things like “It’s okay baby, I’m here” or “I love you so much. It’s gonna be okay.” Everyone stayed quiet around us as they let us have this moment. Over a year I was without her. I didn’t have the mother of my child, my wife, my best friend, and most importantly; the love of my life, but now I have her and I don’t want to let her go. After a few minutes, I calm down. (Y/N) pulls away from me and smiles at me. “Baby, as much as I love and missed you, I really want to hug my brother” she said “No” I said or whine since it’s felt like ages since I last saw her. “Why not?” she asked. “Because there is one thing I have to do first” I say smiling at her.

“What would that be?” she says smiling at me. “This” I say then I lean down and kiss her. After a year of waiting, I finally get to kiss my wife. As I kiss her the whole cast and crew start clapping and cheering. I can feel her smile into the kiss. “That was definitely long overdue” I say pulling away and smiling at her. “Definitely” she says with a smile. “Can I hug my brother now?” she asks. “Well who am I gonna hug?” I ask with a faking look of hurt. She giggles. “Well, you can always hug your daughter who is playing with Misha” she says pointing to the side where Mia is laughing at something Misha is doing. I smile at then let her go to go hug Jared. I smile as I see them hug. After a few seconds of watching I decide to go over to Mia. I decide to sneak up behind her and catch her off guard. I signal for Misha to be quiet and he continues to act like I’m not there. Once I get close enough, I wrap my arms around her and she giggles the whole time, while I spin her. “Hi daddy,” she says smiling at me with her mother’s smile. “Hi princess. Did you have a good birthday?” I ask her. She nods her head. “Mommy came home and surprised me” she says. “I see that princess. Mommy surprised me too” I say as I kiss her cheek. “That was the plan” (Y/N) says behind me. I turn around to see her walking my way with Jared’s arm wrapped around her shoulder. “And I knew about” Jared says. “Well, you knew I was gonna surprise them but things changed when you guys were called to stay longer” she said letting go of Jared and walking over to me. “I’m glad you’re home” I say pecking her lips. She smiles at me then says “Me too.” “Mommy, when do you have to go back?” Mia asks looking at her. She takes Mia from my arms then says “I don’t have to go back baby girl.” I look at her with a look of shock on my face. “You’re serious?” I ask her with a look of disbelief. “Yeah. I don’t have to go back” she says to me. I wrap my arms around her in excitement. “I love you both so much” I say kissing her and Mia’s head. She looks at me like she wants to say something but keeps stopping herself. “What’s the matter sweetheart?” I ask her. “Well I was thinking,” she says looking down. “About what?” I ask her, kinda concerned at what she has to say. “Well I was thinking on the way over, what if we try for kid number two?” she says. I look at her in disbelief. I wanted nothing more to have her home and having another kid. I was too excited and shocked that I didn’t even realize that she was just rambling on. I lean down and cut her off with my lips on hers.

“Baby, I want nothing more to have another kid with you,” I say smiling at her. She breathes a sigh of relief. “So, Mia do want a brother or sister?” I ask her and (Y/N) laughed at my question. “Brother!!” She kinda yells in excitement. I look over at (Y/N) with a smirk. “You heard her mom” I say as I lean down and kiss her. My family was now complete. I had my wife, my daughter, and hopefully a boy in the next year or so. As long as my wife is here. Then I am home. She is my home sweet home.

Desire Pt.8 (p.jimin)

Pt.1 Pt.2 Pt.3 Pt.4 Pt.5 Pt.6 Pt.7

Word Count:1532

Summary: Amber has liked Jimin for sometime now. But unfortunately he is dating her best friend. When things start to unfold before her eyes, her life is changed. But is it for the good or the bad?

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It was the middle of the night, and I laid awake thinking of what occurred tonight. I covered my face due to secondhand embarrassment. The look of Caroline’s face was imprinted in my mind and I couldn’t eradicate it as much as I tried. I quietly got out of bed, and grabbed my converse. I tiptoed past the stair railing, being extra careful not to wake up Eliza, who was snoring on the other side of the loft.

The metal stairs clanked loudly with each step I took. I walked over to the waterfront and sat down. I stripped my socks off and stuck my feet into the water.

The cool air was nice, and the weather wasn’t to bad. I closed my eyes and all I could hear was the sound of the woods. My eyes shot open when I heard footsteps approaching.

I turned to see Jimin walking towards me. I thought Eliza had realized I was gone, but instead I was met by the black haired boy.

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Runner: Request: Andy Biersack 

 You sat quietly next to Andy on the couch in the dressing room. Black Veil Brides was playing in Los Angeles and being Andy’s best friend, he begged you to come. Obviously, you said yes without any hesitation so here you were. You should be smiling and laughing, but the problem was, the way Andy was looking at Juliet. You knew he had a crush on her. She would come up in almost every conversation you guys had at some point and although she wasn’t your favorite person in the world, you supported Andy. The way he looked at her was the way you wished he looked at you. 

 Every time she would walk into the room, his eyes would grow wide and his pupils would dilate and there was a certain sparkle in those damn blue eyes you learned to love so much. Ever since you guys had met in high school, those eyes could get you to do anything, like sneak out at 2 a.m. to the beach to comfort him after his first real girlfriend had dumped him. You held him in your arms as he cried all night and you didn’t care because you knew you loved him. The love you had for Andy was unexplainable and grew more and more each and every day. His voice would calm you within a second and just to know he was thinking about you makes you feel all warm inside. 

You wish you could hold his hand, be the one to cuddle him and steal kisses once in a while, the one who his arm was around when you were out in public and would get jealous even if a guy would try to take a glance at you and would bring you closer to his body when they would. That’s what you wanted with him, but you knew it wasn’t going to happen. “Y/N, you alright?” Andy shook you a little and your stare from the plain white wall was interrupted. “Oh! Yeah! I’m fine. Just need to…I have to go.” You grabbed your bag and just ran off. No explanation, not a word. You ran pass all the people working backstage and out the back door and into the alley. There was still light out so you didn’t have to worry about being kidnapped or anything along those lines. You ran down the alley and made a right, not knowing where you were going since you were picked up by the guys. Your cross-body bag hit against your leg as you ran. 

Your breath was getting heavier and heavier every block you ran. You felt yourself sweating so you decided to stop. You hunched over with your hands on your knees and trying to catch your breath. You attention was on your shoes that were now dirty. How could you give them an explanation when you didn’t even know why you ran off so suddenly. Maybe you didn’t want to see Andy and Juliet flirt like they had a million times before? You didn’t want to get left alone while Andy walked with Juliet? Maybe you didn’t want to see either of them. You stood up straight and just started walking with your attention still focused on your shoes. Andy and Juliet were the two people everyone could ever talk about. The fans, the press, Andy. You wanted to be the girl everyone talked about, especially by the guy you loved. You wanted to be able to make his eyes sparkle, but you knew it wouldn’t happened. He liked Juliet and that was without a doubt. Everyone knew. You were just the best friend. TO everyone, you were nothing. “No… I’m someone.” You whispered to yourself. 

You walked faster and walked into a Starbucks. Luckily Los Angeles had these one almost every corner. You sat at a two person table and put your face in your hands. Your eyes were closed as you moved your hands from your face to your temples and started massaging. You heavily sighed, “Y/N? What the hell!” You turned and those light blue eyes were staring at you hard, but they didn’t sparkle or dilate, they were dark and angry. “I…”

You’re an idol and you get shipped with him (INFINITE)

Y/S/N= your ship name

Sunggyu: -you had been in an interview with your group earlier in the week saying your ideal type was Sunggyu. He heard about almost right away when fans started shipping it right away. At the interview it was mentioned and he was delighted about it- “oh yes I definitely heard about it and I approve” 

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Dongwoo: -ever since the two of you met you’d been shipped. Often hanging out lead to rumors the two of you seemed to acknowledge it. You two were joking around and filming short videos for Instagram playing around the whole ship thing- “oh wait is that another Y/S/N rumor I’m hearing. Oh it definitely is. Keep them coming ladies and gents”  

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Woohyun: -the two of you have been secretly dating for awhile. Both being idols you kept the public in the dark about it so no one got hurt. After time passed fans had always suspected it started shipping it rather quickly. You made an Instagram post of Woohyun where you asked him ‘what do you thing of Y/S/N?’- “I love it just like I love you. GO Y/S/N!”

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Hoya: -neither of you had actually met. Social sites seemed to be your only way of communicating fans saw something in it and began shipping it. At an interview he was asked to read a rather explicit fanfiction about the two of you and it slightly scared him- “we haven’t even met in person and everyone thinks we’ve done this! No no no never happened” 

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Sungyeol: Childhood friends. Initially it wasn’t your fans that shipped the two of you together it was your parents always saying the two of you would marry when you were older. The fans had started Y/S/N after a picture of a Christmas party mistletoe kissing happened that your mother posted online. The two of you sat there thinking about it ‘have you ever pictured us together?’ you asked him- “in all honesty I have more than once”

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L: -you worked on a song with Infinite and the two of you had started a flirtatiously friendly relationship.  The boys often commented on your weird friendship at interviews even after you finished working on the song. He always seemed to play along with it saying weirdly adorable things ‘can’t think of anyone better to sit on my lap’ or ‘she’s like a teddy bear soft and warm’. After a bit you made a video ‘what do you think of Y/S/N?’ as the title- “I mean you’re hot and I’m hot its understandable why everyone wants us together. We’d make some beautiful babies don’t you think Y/N?”

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Sungjong: -ever since the two of you met it was many cute moments one after another basically. You playing with his hair while his head was in your lap and him stopping you while the two of you walked so he could tie your shoe, were the most talked about. You weren’t dating but you had a rather cute relationship anyways but everyone was shipping Y/S/N from the start. You were doing a snapchat of him as you went to touch his head he stopped you- “no Y/N I’m sweaty and your hands don’t need to feel that”

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Not On My Watch (Steve Rogers x reader)

Request:  Can I request one where reader is steve’s wife&she “not so accidentally” gets hurt by a male agent bc the agent doesn’t like her& steve goes into captain mode on him? Maybe he had been doing it for a while& she was hiding it from Steve&he finds out.

Hope you enjoy, love!!

As you slowly lowered yourself into bed, you grimaced at the pain in your side.  Trying to not disturb your sleeping husband, you slid your legs gently under the blankets and laid your head against your pillow, holding your breath as you found a comfortable position.  

“Hey, you’re back late.”

You closed your eyes shut tight and sighed, not really wanting to explain this to Steve. Whispering, you kept your head turned away from him.  “Yeah, we got held up a bit, sorry.  I was trying not to wake you.”  Glancing at the clock next to your bed, you were shocked that it read 4am.  You had no idea it was this late.  “Go back to sleep, babe, we can talk later.”

“Mmm hmm.”  He agreed under his breath, rolling on his side towards you, lazily laying his arm across your side.  You sucked in a sharp breath at the stabbing pain in your ribs as his arm landed.  “Hey, are you okay?”  Steve quickly raised up on his elbow, now fully awake and concerned.  He reached down to lift your t-shirt up so he could inspect your injury, but you quickly grabbed his hand to stop him.

“I’m fine, Steve.  It just got a bit more physical than we had anticipated.”  

Slapping your hand away and giving you a stern look, he roughly pulled up your shirt to reveal a large, dark bruise covering your left side from your armpit down to your mid-abdomen. “Are you fucking kidding me, (Y/N)? This needs to get checked out. This looks really bad.”  Steve rolled to his other side, sitting up on the edge of the bed to turn on the light, preparing to get dressed.

With a deep sigh, you tried to sit up but the pain caught your breath.  “Ok, maybe you’re right.”  You tried again to sit, but the tightness in your muscles was too much to argue with.  “Hun, could you throw me a pair of sweatpants and my shoes?”

You could hear Steve talking quietly to someone.  As he turned around you saw him slip his phone into his pajama pants pocket.  He gently pulled your sweats on for you, but skipped the shoes and gently lifted you from the bed.  “I called in the team doc.  He’ll be here in a few minutes.”  As he carried you to the elevator, he took a deep breath and shook his head.  “You can’t hide stuff like this from me, (Y/N).  This won’t happen again.”

Closing your eyes and resting your head against his shoulder, you nodded in agreement.  If only you actually believed it.


It took a few weeks for the Captain to assign you to another mission, worried that you would be injured again.  You knew that your injury wasn’t a fault of yours; you were one of the most skilled members of the team.  In fact, your skills were so sharp and well defined that Steve had assigned you to lead missions without him, even over Tony or Natasha.  Not everyone was as thrilled about this as you, however, with one particular agent causing a disruption over their attitude towards you. You knew that if you told Steve that your recent injuries were directly attributed to this particular agent’s behavior, he would take the matter into his own hands.  This was something you needed to figure out on your own if  you wanted to maintain his trust in you and your abilities as a leader.

“Alright, team.  Move out.”  

You were lost in your thoughts and hadn’t listened closely to the Captain’s directions, but this was an easy mission so you didn’t feel it was a problem.  Grabbing the file from his hands, you opened it to see the team members you would be bringing with you.  Quickly closing the folder, you sighed and looked up at Steve, “Okay, Cap.  We should be back by dusk.”

Steve’s posture straightened as he crossed his arms over his chest.  “Is there a problem?”

“No.  No problem.”  Giving him a small smile, you tried to reassure him so that he would drop the subject.

“Is that not the team you wanted?  Is there someone in particular that you would like me to remove?”  He was slowly moving towards you now, stopping just as your bodies were about to touch.  His arms were still crossed as he looked down at you, his jaw tight and his face expressionless.  “Is there something I should know, (Y/N)?”

“Why…why would you ask that?”  You took a small step back, now fully intimidated by your husband, for the first time that you could remember.  “No, Captain, this looks good.  I…I don’t see any problems.”  You turned quickly to make an exit, hoping that he wouldn’t follow.


“We’re approaching the drop zone, sir.”

With a final check on your parachute, you stood, directing your team to prepare for the jump.  “Kemp and Hiller, you go in and retrieve the weapons while Johnson and I guard the perimeter.  We’ll rendezvous at the drop site at 0930.  That’s fifteen minutes.  We good?” You heard a scoff coming from the group, from the only person you expected to be insubordinate to your lead. “Something you’d like to say, Kemp?”

“No, ma’am.  This is your mission, you’re calling it.”  He lowered his head and mumbled under his breath, “again”.  

The jump was never something you looked forward to.  You couldn’t deal with him right now; you needed to gather your resolve to leap from thousands of feet in the air.  Squeezing your eyes shut and holding your breath, you took the leap.


The mission had gone perfectly; in fact you had five minutes to spare.  As you walked to the retrieval site, you grabbed your phone to update Steve. You didn’t see Kemp standing in your path, looking ready to fight.

“You know, we’re getting really tired of this special treatment you’re getting from the Captain. Just because you’re married to the guy, you think you’re so much better, so much more deserving than us.”  He stepped up toe to toe with you, poking you sharply in the shoulder.  “It’s time for that shit to end.”

Dropping back to take a defensive stance, you pulled a knife from your sleeve, ready for his attack. Your skills outmatched his easily, but your nerves were getting the best of you.  If this fight happens, there was no way to keep it from Steve.  

“You know, I really thought you would have learned the last time.  I gave you a pretty big hit.  You’re either tougher than you look, or a hell of a lot dumber.”  The agent lunged forward, hooking his leg behind yours, attempting to knock you down.  

As he lunged, you wrapped your arm around his throat, flipping him over and onto his back before he could take you off balance.  Before you could secure him to the ground, he jumped up, now holding his gun at you.

“It’s a shame, Captain. She fought really hard, saved us all. You would have been proud, sir.” Kemp nodded his head, satisfied with his performance.  “Yeah, he should believe that, don’t you think, (Y/N)?  A Captain’s wife should go out in a blaze of glory.”

Steeling yourself, you saw his finger twitch as he began to pull the trigger.  Before he could discharge the weapon, Steve’s shield connected and knocked him to the ground, unconscious and bleeding.  Your adrenaline was surging, and you felt as if your heart would explode from your chest.  You fell to your knees, your legs shaking and no longer having the strength to support you.  

“Steve…” your breath was fast and panting, “Steve, why are you…”  

Steve ran past you towards Kemp.  You were quickly brought to attention when the Captain began punching the unconscious agent, clearly no longer in control of himself.  His fists were covered in blood now, and you weren’t sure whose it was. “Steve!  Steve, stop!”  Jumping up behind him, you grabbed his arms, attempting to pull them away.  “Captain Rogers, you can’t do this!”    

Finally relenting, his shoulders slumped as he looked down at his hands, then at the agent.  “I told you.  This wasn’t going to happen again.”


Entering the conference room, you paused at the door as the team turned to look at you.  Steve had filled them in on the situation with Kemp, despite the fact that you asked him not to.  Your first instinct was to turn and leave, but that wouldn’t make it go away, it would only delay the inevitable conversation.

“Hey, everyone.” Taking your seat next to Steve, you folded your hands in your lap and lowered your head.  You were prepared to answer their questions, to just get it done once and for all.  

Bruce was the first to speak, clearing his throat as he leaned forward to rest his elbows on the table. He slowly removed his glasses and looked at you.  “(Y/N), we’re very sorry that you had to go thru this.  We recruited Kemp, so we take full responsibility for this.  We should have caught this in his mental health and personality screening.  We just need to know if you’re okay.”  He paused, putting his glasses back on, “Are you okay?”

Your mouth was agape, not believing what you were hearing.  You were certain that they would find you unable to lead missions, incapable of controlling your team, unable to stand up for yourself.  This wasn’t what you were expecting, and tears threatened to spill from your eyes as you met Steve’s gaze.

Tony stood and moved to stand behind you.  “Hey, now. There are no tears allowed during official business.”  He slapped a hand on your shoulder.  “Not on my watch.  Ain’t that right, Barton?”

Clint threw his hands in the air, shaking his head in embarrassment.  “Seriously, Stark?  That was one time!”  

Surprise Kiss

Can you write a short blurb about a surprise kiss between close friends? Thanks.

 Today was starting off terrible. It was a Saturday and your mom made you do weekly chores. It started off when you woke up at ten. She left a note on the fridge which included vacuuming the house, and doing all the dishes. Most the time if these weren’t done you would be in big trouble but you got allowance so you got to work right away. You didn’t even bother changing out of the clothes you wore to sleep. The vacuuming was easy considering you only had to do the downstairs. The music was cranked and you soon go to work. TIME SKIP Once you got to the dishes things got quite simple. You just had to take them out and put them away. You sighed in relief and then sat on the couch for merely two seconds before you suddenly heard the doorbell ring. You groaned and slid with your high socks to the door and looked through the peep hole. (c/n). He only lived across the street. He was also your best friend. Since you guys were young your friendship only got stronger. From fighting and instantly making up or telling each other secrets you knew he would keep, (c/n) would always be your best friend. He was even your first kiss. You were six… but the kiss was your first in your mind. Even when you dated this guy not long ago and you caught him cheating, (c/n) was in your arms supporting you the whole night as you cried into his shoulder. (c/n) even went to the guys house and have him a black eye. There was one time when (c/n) had a girlfriend but she broke up with him over text and you guys egged her car and toilet papered her house. She was actually a friend of yours, but to see (c/n) smile was the better option. No matter what the situation was, you guys always knew how to make each other smile. Over the years however, as your friendship grew, you started to have feelings for him. Well, you always had small feelings for him. You just loved the way his (h/c) hair was the perfect length for him to comb his hands through when he was nervous and his mesmerizing (e/c) eyes sparkled. You opened the door and you saw him standing there facing the other way waiting for you to answer the door. “Hey (c/n).” He jumped at your words and turned around with a smile. “Hey (n/n).” He said as he walked in and he hugged you with his arms around your waist. You absolutely loved his hugs. They always brought a smile to your face. Y “I was texting you and I called you but you wouldn’t answer so I just came over anyway.“ “Sorry. I was doing chores again.” “Ew why?” “So I’m not broke. Not all of us just have a debit card with hundreds of bucks in it.” “Okay point taken. Are you almost done because I wanted to hang out today?” “Yeah I just sat on the couch before you interrupted me” “Ouch (y/n). I feel wanted.” He said it with a smile and continued walking to the living room. You walked over to the couch and plopped down taking up all the room. He pouted at you and then lifted up your feet before sitting down and laying them back into his lap. You changed the channel and found a movie. Before turning to (c/n) and asking, “So why did you come here again?” “I just wanted to see my best friend. I really missed you.” This made your heart flutter before you say up and kissed his cheek. “I missed you too.” You walked into the kitchen and grabbed a few snacks before sitting right next to him and handing him some food. You turned on the play station.“Yes! I love this game.” (c/n) said.

  You won the first round and he won the second and you were neck and neck. You were about to win the game when all of a sudden he sat on your lap, causing you to lose control of the remote and he stood up once he won. “(C/N)!!Not cool (c/n).” “I’m sorry but I couldn’t lose to a girl.“ After a few more games you both got tired and just watched TV. You both happily sat in silence. You accidentally hit the remote and changed channel just to the radio. All of a sudden your guys’ favorite song came on. He looked at you and you looked right at him with the same smile. He grabbed your hand and pulled you up and you started terribly singing along.

 When you guys were little you both used to have to go to cotillion thanks to your moms and since you didn’t want to dance with anyone else you and (c/n) were always partners. You both sadly got kicked out after throwing food at people, but it gave you guys the great memory. The song ended and you guys were breathless from laughing at your terrible dancing. After you guys were done you sat down and rested your head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around your waist and you guys both had droopy eyes. You woke up and noticed (c/n) asleep with his mouth open and he was snoring quite loudly. You laughed at his dorkiness. You realized you fell asleep with his arms around your waist and he was leaned against the cushions. You stood up to stretch and he woke up too. “Was I snoring?” “Yes you were. It was adorable.” He blushed and looked away.

 He got a text all of a sudden. You both looked at his phone and he read the screen he frowned again. “It’s my mom. She says I have to be home for dinner in a few minutes. “Aw ok. Maybe we can hang out tomorrow and go to the beach.” “Yeah I’d really like that.” You both smiled and headed over to the front door. He got another text from his mom. He only started to put on his shoes. “I’ll text you.”, he says. “Yeah sure thing.” Then he got another text from his mom. “Do you want to go to (b/n)? The waves will be nice I’m sure.”, you said. “Yeah let’s go there I haven’t been in a while.” Then he got a call. He groaned considering he only had one shoe on. He answered and you could hear his mom talking though the phone. You laughed at how strict she could be about curfew. He was the usual teenager only being able to say “okay” and “yes”. Soon you heard his mom say something like, “If you aren’t home in 30 seconds your grounded.” His eyes went huge and he had the phone between his shoulder and ear and was trying to put one shoe on at the same time. “Okay mom I’ll see you in a few seconds.” He says as he opens the door. “Bye (y/n).” he walked up to you and kissed you on the lips. You automatically were shocked. Your lips were still left tingly and you could feel your heart beating. He hadn’t even realized what he just did.


 I ran across the street and opened the door just in time before my mom blew up. “I’m here I’m here!!” I sat at the table and apologized for being late. “You got here in 5 seconds. Are you sure you even said goodbye to (y/n).”, your mom said. “Yes I’m sure. After I finished talking to you I kissed her…oh crap.” A million thoughts ran into your mind. What would happen between you guys? Of course you’ve always liked her more than a friend, she was absolutely beautiful. I hope I haven’t ruined my chances with her. We’re supposed to hang out tomorrow. What if she doesn’t feel the same way? “Did you ask her out?”, your father asked. “No. I just panicked and left. Mom kept yelling at me to get home.” Then your mom said, “Well you should call her. She’s probably confused herself.” “I will.” After dinner you went up to your room. You kept debating on wether you should call her. Finally enough was enough and you decided to talk to her. But what are you going to say? You want to just admit the truth but you can’t say that over the phone. You decided to go over and talk to her. While climbing out the window. You could see the light on in (y/n)’s room. Thank god she was home. You rang the doorbell and bit your bottom lip while patiently waiting. You didn’t even know what you were going to say. 

  (Y/N) POV 

 You sat in your room just thinking about everything that would happen between the two of you. You thought to yourself, does this mean he likes me too? You sighed into your pillow hoping things wouldn’t be awkward. All of a sudden, the doorbell rang. Now you were panicking. What if it was (c/n). You walked down the stairs, almost falling and looked trough the peep hole. Crap. It was (c/n). You took a deep breath and opened the door. He was looking at you and you were looking right back at him. The tension was only getting stronger. You decided enough is enough and you decided to tell him you like him. “Look (c/n) I really like yo-” You stopped only because he was saying the something at the same time you recall him saying “I really like you (y/n) and wait what?” You were shocked and based on his expression he was too. You processed what he said and replied, “I’ve always like you.” “Me too.” You swear you could tear up and you hugged him like you’ve never hugged him before and he hugged you back. “Look about before I-”, he interrupted you again by kissing you on the lips, surprising you twice today.

Okay thank you all for being patient. I hope you like this imagine better than my last one. My next imagine will be up sometime next week.xx1671 words

Behind The Scenes (3.5/16)

Author’s note: I have the last few lines of the previous part so things won’t be confusing. Sorry for any errors.

Genre: Tiny bit of fluff (Suga)

Word Count: 1861

Summary: Suga informs you on a few things…

WARNINGS: physical abuse

Other parts:  HERE

This is my GIF. I made it based off of this scenario series.

Suga nudged your shoulder. “You wanna go to my room?”

You gave him a small nod. You both got off and you followed him into his room.


Suga went to his bed and pulled out his phone. You ever so gently closed the door behind you and went over to his bed. He moved over to the wall and patted the empty space next to him. You flopped down on the bed and let out a long sigh.

Without looking up from his phone, he asked. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing really… I just…  I just hate this. The last few hours actually felt normal… but now I’ve snapped back into reality.”

He put his phone away and turned to you.

You did the same. “I’m scared Yoongi.” Your voice broke. “I’m so scared and paranoid. I can’t sleep. Whenever I do, I just get nightmares that he’s going to hurt me or hurt my family or hurt you… guys. That he just going to hurt everyone. I’m still so scared.” You felt so frustrated and couldn’t help but let a few tears out.

Suga moved closer to you and brought you into a hug. “It’s okay. I know you’re scared. I’m scared too, but it’ll be okay.”

“Thank you Yoongi.” Your words came out muffled as you spoke into his chest.

“For what?”

“Everything” you looked up at him and wiped your tears away. “Thank you for standing up for me and for keeping that monster from hurting me.” You began to cry again. You tried your best not to be too loud.

“Don’t worry about it y/n…” he moved your hair out of your face.

You dug your face back into his chest and continued to cry. Eventually you stopped, but Suga didn’t let you go from his hug. You didn’t mind. You felt safe in his embrace.



“I’ve been wondering something for a while now.”

“About what?”

“Why does Namjoon always comply with your threats?”

“What do you mean?”

You looked up at him.“When he tried to kill me and when he wanted to use me as the mule, you threatened that you would quit. Why doesn’t he want to lose you? Wouldn’t it be easier for him to get rid of both of us?”

“That’s always a fear of mine, but at times it doesn’t seem likely… I’m an important part of his whole plan.”


“Well, back before we debuted, I found about his whole drug thing. I originally wanted to rat him out. I didn’t want his stupid shit to ruin our chances of debuting, but he was able to convince me not to do so. He said that what he was doing would give us some extra money… We made a deal. He would let me have all creative control with the music while he still keeps charge of his drugs stuff…”

“Why did you go with the deal?”

“I don’t know. I guess- Well, at the time I really loved the idea of controlling our music. I felt like my dream was coming true! Plus, by the time I found out, Namjoon and I were already really close. Even though I did contemplate snitching, just the thought of actually ratting him out made me feel as though I was backstabbing my brother. How could I betray him like that? How could ruin his dream of being an idol? Now- now things just spiraled into what they are now?”

“… How did he get into the whole drug thing?”

“He got into it when he got into the underground rapping scene. He claimed he never did drugs, just deals, but I’m not sure. I just know that he worked his way up the ranks and now he doesn’t have to deal with any more of the risky shit as often as he used to. Now he has people under him that do that stuff for him. I don’t know how high he is on the ladder, but I know he’s up there.”

“How did you even find out about everything? Didn’t he threaten you when you found out?”

“Um… In the beginning, he’d always be out of the dorm when we weren’t busy. I would question him about it and he would always change the subject. Then some guy would start dropping by and the dude looked pretty sketchy and all. He would talk to Namjoon really quick and then he would just leave. One day I accidentally walked in on them talking and I overheard a lot of stuff. After the dude left Namjoon saw me and just straight up told me everything. He tried to get me to be his right hand man, but I kept saying no. That’s when he came up with that deal. So now, without me there is no one to write the music. If he replaces me there is no guarantee that the next person will be okay about this whole drug thing. If I’m gone who is to say the other members won’t get upset with him? Without me his plan falls apart.”

“How does he get the other members to go along with anything? The manager? The stylists?”

“With Jin… as far as I know, he is blackmailing him.” He whispered suddenly.

“With what?”

“Jinjin and his ex. Namjoon is the only one, other than Jin obviously, that knows their real names and where they live. Namjoon threatened Jin that he would reveal the fact that he was a dad and that he would reveal their identities. It wouldn’t surprise me if the threatened to kill them too.”

You let out a tiny gasp. Just the thought of little Jinjin getting hurt made you want to cry a bit all over again.”No!… What about Hobi?”

He let out a sigh. “I don’t think I should be the one to tell you that y/n. Maybe you should talk to Hoseok about that… Well, just in general, I’ve told you too much. The less you know the better. You should pretend you don’t know anything.


“You look tired. You should try to sleep before Jin tries to take you back into your room.”

“I don’t think I can sleep.” You said turning to face the ceiling. “Actually, I’m surprised that Jin hasn’t come for me yet.”

“Yeah… Let me go check…” Suga crawled over you to get off the bed. He slowly turned the door knob and peeked out into the living room. Just like you had done, he ever so gently closed the door. You had moved yourself to the wall, so Suga lay where you did previously.

“What is he doing?” 

“The fucker is knocked out. He didn’t even take Jinjin to bed. They are both sleeping on the couch.” he said pulling out his phone.

“What do I do? Do I go wake him up and tell him that I need to go to bed?”

“Nah. Jinjin might start asking questions.”

“Well should we go to my room then? You can lock the door afterwards?”

“True… but I’m already lying down! We’ll go later.”

“Ok, just as long as it’s before the monster comes back. What time is it? They might be back soon?”

“It’s 12:45am. They are usually back at like 2 right? We have a good hour.” He said staring at his screen

“Ok… Yoongi, can I use your phone with you?”

He looked over at you. “Why? What do you want to look at?”

“Nothing really. I just haven’t used a phone in forever. I’ll look at whatever you are looking at.”

“Ah, fine!” he said, pretending to be annoyed. He extended out his arm for you to rest your head on. You squirmed your way over to him and put your head on his arm. He held his phone for both of you to see the screen. He was originally reading an article about the buzz over the release of the BTS videos, but then he opened YouTube. “What do you wanna watch?” he asked

“Um, I don’t know, something funny.”

“Fails? Jknews? What about music videos?”

“Wait! Can we watch animal fails? They are so cute and funny!”

“Aish! fine!”

You both watched video after video of cute animals. You did your best to hold in the feels while Suga silently judged you. Then you moved on to watching reaction videos and fail videos and then music videos. Everything was good until you two heard the front door open about 30 minutes later.

“Shit! Let’s pretend we’re sleeping!” Suga whispered, putting his phone away.

You quickly rolled over to face the wall. Suga turned onto his stomach. You could hear faint sounds of the rest of the boys taking their shoes off and walking all over the dorm.

You could hear Jimin talking. “Where is she? She’s not in the room.” He must have been in the living room if you were able to hear him so clearly.

You could hear Rap monster wake up Jin and telling him to take Jinjin to bed.

Suga’s door creaked open and you heard V’s voice. “Awww they’re sleeping!”

Then you heard Jimin say. “When the cat’s away, the mice will fuck. I should have known that she would be in here.”

“Get the fuck out of the way!” you heard Rap monster whisper angrily. You heard him step into the room. You tried really hard to make it seem as though you were actually sleeping. “This fucking bitch!” you heard him whisper.

Before you knew it, you felt him grab your arm and forcefully pull you off the bed. He knocked Suga off the bed as he pulled you. You let out a scream, but he slapped his hand over your mouth and nose.

“Namjoon, let her go!” Suga said

“Shut your fucking mouth!” Rap monster ordered. He proceeded to painfully drag you down the hall. “You’re so fucking lucky that Jinjin if here, y/n” he whispered into your ear

You couldn’t breathe. You tried to pry his hands off of you, but he was too strong. He kicked open your door and pushed you inside, down to the floor. You gasped for air and began to cry.

“Shut up!” he pulled you up and shook you. “Why the fuck weren’t you in your room?”

You didn’t answer. You couldn’t even catch your breath, before he slapped you hard across your face. “Stop crying or I’ll give you a real reason to cry.”

You did your best to keep any sounds from coming out of your mouth. When you failed to do so, he slapped you again.

“Jinjin was already asleep! Why the fuck were you not in the room?” he asked shaking you violently.

You stayed quiet. You looked over to the door way and saw Jin and Jimin staring at the both of you. “I don’t know.” You eventually mumbled.

He slapped you again on the other side of your face. “The fuck do you mean you don’t know?”

You stayed quiet, you couldn’t think straight.

“You know what? Fuck this! I’ll deal with you later!”. He threw you to the floor and ordered Jimin into the room before locking you two in.

You crawled over to your bed and cried into your pillow. Jimin didn’t say anything. You just heard him walk around the room until he turned off the lights.

You didn’t get much sleep that night. You spent most of the time awake, just feeling dead inside.


Q&A Spotlight: Adam J. Kurtz

We have been inspired by the go-gettingness and productivity of this endlessly witty and insightful fellow known as Adam J. Kurtz whose book journals help keep us on track, motivated, and well . . constantly smiling!   In 2016, he was named one of PRINT Magazine’s “15 Under 30” New Visual Artists, and his first publication –1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion– has been translated into fifteen languages!  

We recently caught up with Adam to learn about how he came up with some of his massively popular book journals including his latest one– Pick Me Up – and about his recent in-store events at Vans retail shops in Boston, New York, and Wilmington.  Not only will you be inspired by his publications, but also by his personality, charm, and experiences in this Q&A. 

Photo credit: Ty Crawford | Images courtesy of the artist

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I just discovered your blog and I really liked it! Could I please request a matchup? I'm a brazilian girl, 5'0, have black eyes and blue hair, just above the shoulder, everybody says i'm pretty and cute. I'm really shy and quiet, hate myself for 60% of the time, have anxiety and agoraphobia ~lol~ With my friends I turn into a meme, and I don't stop talking! My music taste is just what I like, but it's most classic or K-Pop. Taurus, love books and food! Sorry about my bad english! Thank you!

Your English was perfectly fine! I ship you with Zen

  • Hyun loves hearing you talk. You could talk about shoe laces and all of his attention is on you. Please don’t stop talking to him
  • He compliments you like crazy. He loves everything about you and it saddens him if you don’t agree with some of the things he says.However,  Zen is determined to let you know you are so perfect even if you get mad at him
  • Hyun listens to Kpop here and there so he isn’t too unfamiliar. Just to tease you he sometimes sings you your favorite songs
  • He won’t stop asking questions about how you did your hair. He loves it so much and fr won’t quit staring. It’s now one of his favorite colors.
  • Zen would never pressure you to go somewhere or do something you are not okay with. If you don’t want to join him in that interview? That’s fine! If making a speech for the RFA party is too much, he is already reading what you wrote for you. He just wants you to feel safe.

I wanted to take a walk and see the sunrise so I forced Josh out of bed after I let our dogs out. We went down to the beach which wasn’t very far still in the dark. I was teasing him and he picked me up so I wouldn’t get sand in my shoes. Suddenly he became serious and started talking about how we could get through anything together. I stood in shock as he got down on one knee as the sun came up and asked me to marry him.

I SAID YES. I’m engaged now. This is nuts!

@jrhutcherson @royalrpg

Unexpected-Part 3-Omaha Squad

Johnson’s Pov

We’ve been waiting in the waiting room for ever. So far what we know is that she fainted but we don’t know why.

The boys are all talking about life until Sammy had made a comment.

“Dude, I don’t understand why G is stressing so much about her……….she’s nothing special or anything and besides G has Madison. Maybe I agree with some of those fans…” Sammy said. I swear if looks could kill Sammy would be dead. G was getting all defensive over her.

“Sam, there like really close. Put your feet in his shoes…” I said before G could talk

“And…what if they don’t fit?” Sam said being a smart ass

“Not the point Sam. Y/n is important to him. You might not think she’s important or whatever but G does so keep your mouth quiet”

“What if it’s like the movies and she over there ease dropping or something” Nate said looking up from his phone giggling

“Hey you never know” I said

“Aye” Sammy said smiling pointing to Nate

“That’s enough!” G exclaimed from the other side if the room.

“Okay” Sam said putting his hands up in defense

Then we heard someone clearing there throat…

Y/n Pov

G has heard enough and so have I. I put on my best fake smile.

“Hey the doctor said I was good to go! Let’s get lunch or something” I said with my fake act. I swear if there was a mirror in front of me I would cringe, I being so fake.

“Oh okay!” Sammy said like nothing happened

G came over to me and engulfed me in a big hug. I felt safe, like he is blocking me for all those haters…including the one across from me. Then he releases me from his arms.

“What about lunch I’m starving!” Nate said getting out of his seat

We all agreed and made our way to the front desk because I had some paper work to fill out. We started walking down the hallway. There’s a big awkward silence. But not for long…

“Thank goodness you okay!” Sammy said I throwed a confused look back because he was just talk shit a minute ago

“What?” he said after my look

“Nothing” I said looking straight ahead

“Okay…” He said

We got to the front desk and I was greeted by my doctor. He handed me some papers and a pen and told me to fill them out. After I was done I handed them back to him and got my stuff and left.

“So where to?” Johnson asked while we were walking towards his car

“Doesn’t matter to me” I said walking beside him

“Alright, then Subway it is!” Nate said from behind

We all agreed. We finally made it to Johnson’s car and loaded are selves in.  I was on my phone and going through my phone it got me thinking.

Was there any other time one of them hated on me?


Wasn’t gonna end it here but I got school tomorrow and I got to get ready for that. Not sure if ima post tomorrow because I got to pick up my glasses after school and I will probably have homework than have to study for my math test. Thanks and goodnight!

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Could i have an exo reaction to their girlfriend talking to her old boyfriend who broke up a while ago? Ot12

But of course. 

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(this is set as you and your ex broke up on good terms)

Xiumin -You and Xiumin had gone down town and were looking in some of your faivourite shops When you spoted your ex. pulling Xuimin along you went up to him,* “ex/n hay!” “y/n! hi,” *imideantly you felt Xiumin tense up next to you, not taking real note of it you just continued chatting with him. Xiumin, eyed your ex slightly and snaked his hand around your waist. Not making a sound the entire time but giving glances to your ex, but finally relaxing as your ex left.*

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Luhan -

*Sitting by the window in your usual ice cream shop, you and Luhan were having fun. Smearing some ice cream onto your nose you shuddered from the cold feeling and both Luhan and yourself began to laugh. A sudden booming voice from above cause you to look up and you saw your ex.* “Hay!” *Standing up you hugged him lightly, Luhan shot up as you did and began to fidget, playing with his hair and the strings of his hoody. As you two talked a bit he grew tired,* “AH, This is nice and all but we, ah, need to go and do a thing,” “What thing?” you questioned “That, THING,” *speaking through clenched teeth he cam around to your side of the table and took your hand. He was practically dragging you behind him as he left the shop.*

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Kris -

*Kris was taking you out for lunch, walking down the street with your arms linked. You felt a sudden tap on your shoulder, turning around your eyes met with those of your ex. “ex/n?” “hay,” *As you gave him a friendly hug Kris rolled his eyes and immanently linked arms again and began to walk away* “Kris!” “Oh sorry,” turning around he gave your ex and small wave (gif) before continuing again,*” “why’d you do that?” “Cause, ya’know” “But Kris, we broke up on friendly terms and i…” “Were here,” he cut you off.

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Suho -

*You and Suho had just finished dinner and were on your way to your house to play games. Walking down the foot path you noticed a strange figure in the distance, feeling slightly scared you snuggle up to Suho a bit more. As you get closer to the figure you manage to make out who it is, your ex.* “ex/n?” “hi, y/n.” as he walks over to you he spots Suho “You must be her, new, boyfriend,” “hello,” He answered politely, almost to politely, “yes my name is Suho,” he said with a bow. “Yes, well, how are you y/n?” “Good, i…” “We probably shouldn’t talk out here, it’s too cold.” Suho stated, “yeah,” you agreed “wait, would you like to come with us? were going to play games back at my house,” “i’d love too, but i can’t stay long.” *for the rest of the afternoon Suho was extremely competitive.

(don’t own this gif)

Lay - 

*Today the markets were on, so you and lay had decided to go, walking past the stalls of interesting bits and bobs you came across a book stall. As you reached for a book you accidentally hit someone,* “sorry,” you said with a bow  “it’s fine y/n,” “how do you know my name?” as you looked up you saw your ex. “ex/n?” *as you to chat Lay wondered over to you and whisperd into your ear,* “who’s this y/n?” “he’s my ex,” you answered. “ah, hello i’m Lay,” he said with his dimpled grin.

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Baekhyun -

*You and Baekhyun had gone to the movies together, as their were not many people their you had gotten through the ques quickly. Sitting down in the heater you two ready yourselves for the movie when someone sat behind you.* “Y/N?” the man asked, turning around you saw your ex, “hi! how are you?” *growing irritated Baekhyun stood and took your hand gesturing for you to move,* “hay, were you going?” “Somewhere over their where you ex’ness wont ruin my popcorn.” Both you and your ex stared with wide eyes, “Baekhyun!” you exclaimed. “wow,” your ex sarcastically laughed, “it’s cool man. you guys were here first, i’ll move.” *’Mission accomplished’ he thought, after he’d moved and Baek was sitting again you mouthed ‘i hate you’ ‘but you love me’ he mouthed back.

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Chen -

*In the park you and Chen were having a picnic in the warm sun. relaxing on the blanket he was laying down taking a nap while you watched the different people walk past even spotted your ex. Coincidentally he had spotted you to so as you waved he trundled over to your picnic blanket. Sensing someone else Chen woke up and saw you two exchanging small talk, he knew who he was because he’d seen you two hanging out a lot before you broke out and became his. He had no problem with you two talking but he wanted to be sure that your ex knew that you were together. Crawling over to your sided he kissed your cheek before placing his hand around your shoulders.* “So who’s this, babe?”

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Chanyeol - 

*It was a nice, warm and sunny day and you and Chayeol had both decided to go to the beach. Together you were making a sand castle, happily building away you hadn’t noticed your ex creep up on you and as he spoke,* “hi y/n, how are you?” *you got a fright and lept into the air, tripping on Chanyeol you fell onto your sandcastle. After helping you up, Chanyeol turned to your ex,* “Hi,” he said with a fake smile, “i’m Chanyeol,” *through the entire conversation Chanyeol pulled on fake smiles and laughs, he was trying. After he left he continuesly bugged you,* “i’m cooler than him…right?” “Of course,” you’d reasure, “i’m hotter than him… right?”

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D.O - 

*Kyungsoo had taken you to the them park  to have some fun on his day off, because he knew how much you loved the them park. After you gone on most of the rides and had finished your ice creams he played a game for you and won a large teddy bear for you. As you were walking towards the exit you spotted your ex and waved. He walked over to you, handing your large toy to D.o you gave him a hug, and began to chat. As you were talking with your ex, D.o was comparing him to your ex. ‘he’s taller then me,’ he thought, ‘he looks a lot stronger then me too.’ After you guys had finished he’d compared every inch of himself to your ex and later that night you had to comfort him and make sure he knew he was better then your ex.*

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Tao -

 *Tao had taken you to a near by forest, everyone was going their at the moment because the weather had been beautiful. you both had found i nice opening in the trees and Tao decided he’d show you some of his martial arts. As he show’d you some moves your ex had sneekin up on you and scared you,* “ex/n, what are you doing here?” *Tao had stopped as he realized you weren’t paying attention and he came over to you two, wining like a little kid,” y/n! your not watching!” “Tao i’m talking,” “but i want to show you… y/n!” *it continues for a while until your ex gets sick of his constant wining for attention and left* “my god Tao!” “Will you watch now?” *shaking your head you turn and watch as he begins to show you his martial arts again.*

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Kai - 

*After a long day of shopping Kai was taking you back home, you’d hoped onto the bus as you spotted your ex in the back of the bus. Sitting near him you both began to talk, having a nice catch up. As you two were talking, Kai was weighing himself up to your ex. ‘I bet i can dance better then him,’ he thinks, ‘I bet y/n thinks i’m hotter then him… i’m totally a better boyfriend then he was…’*

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Sehun - 

*You two had gotten a bubble tea and were walking through the park on the way home when you had bumped into your ex. You’d began to chat with him as Sehun continued to make snarky comments under his breath,* “Well no wonder you dumped, him with those shoes, who could blame you…. Jesus this guy talks a lot, i wonder if he talked his way into university…” as well as the few calls for attention you were getting irritated with him and eventually just excused yourselves and left with him*

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Hope you liked it! :) (i didn’t read over it so i’m sorry if it’s terrible)

Also thanks to chan-gelic for helping me a little with this.

Dollhouse (Michael) (Halloween!5sos)

When you walk away, is when we really play
You don’t hear me when I say,

“Michael! Shh, mum might here you.” You giggled, pulling him into your bedroom.

Your mum had forbidden you to bring up Michael in any conversation, claiming he was a bad person and that you shouldn’t think about him. But now that she was asleep and your dad was out of town, it was alright to bring Michael around right?

Your lips attached to his as you both blindly stumbled onto your bed. You quickly broke the kiss when you heard a creek, frozen in the spot your heart beating wildly.

“It’s just the wind lovely.” Michael whispered, pulling you closer and kissing you again.

No one ever listens, this wallpaper glistens
Don’t let them see what goes down in the kitchen.

You glared at Michael sitting in the booth across you.

“Well?” You promoted, impatiently.

“Your mum woke up Y/n I had to leave so you wouldn’t get into trouble.” Michael told you.

You could feel your heart sinking at the pathetic excuse he offered. This wasn’t the first time he’d done this, but you really thought he’d changed.

“That’s not true Michael, she woke up after I woke up. And I woke up to an empty bed!” You yelled, throwing your hands up in the air in frustration.

The cafe suddenly got quiet at your voice. People were staring at you now, whispering and throwing you odd looks.

Gosh this is embarrassing, you shot Michael another glare.

“Maybe mum was right about you. Maybe we should break up.” You said in a quieter voice. Michael shot you a panicked look.

“No no I promise I’ll do better. Please don’t leave me Y/n I love you so much.” Michael begged immediately. making you backtrack on your decision.

 As much as you’ve tried, you’ve never ever successfully gotten over Michael. 

“This is your last chance.” 

Everyone thinks that we’re perfect
Please don’t let them look through the curtains.

“Michael where are you?” You called out, frowning at his shoes by the door. Your parents had grounded you yesterday for seeing Michael. Today however, they left you home alone so you asked Michael to come over. But right now he was nowhere to be seen.

“Boo!” A voice behind you said, you shrieked and jumped, turning around to see Michael standing there. 

“Don’t do that!” You yelled heart beating wildly still. Michael frowned and folded his arms across his chest.

“What’s your problem Y/n? Why are you being so annoying?” Michael snapped.

“I’m not being annoying, you came out of nowhere and scared me!” You replied, glaring at Michael. 

“Whatever I’m going to the bathroom.” He replied shortly before slamming the bathroom door shut. making you huff and plop down on the sofa. 

You scoffed, remembering the incident in school a few hours ago. Three girls were all giggly and telling you that you got lucky with Michael and how jealous they were of you. Jealous of what? All we really do is fight. Suddenly you heard the garage door open.

“Michael my parents are here go hide in my room!” You urgently whisper yelled at the bathroom door. The bathroom door banged open, revealing an angry Michael.

“Fine.” He hissed, gathering his shoes from the doorway before stomping upstairs.  

You could hear your parents talking as they got closer to the door and you quickly glanced around the room to make sure everything was in place.

“Hi honey.” Your mum said, taking off her scarf as your dad headed to the kitchen.

“Hey mom.” You replied quickly. “Now that you’re here, I’ll um, just go upstairs then.”

“Y/n, not so fast.” Your dad called from the kitchen. He walked into the living room holding up the guest mug. Your eyes widened at the glass.

“Was someone over Y/n?” He asked, raising his eyebrows.

“Y/n honey,” your mum hesitated, glancing at your dad. “Was Michael over?”

“He’s upstairs mum I’m sorry let me explain.” You blurted out. 

“Don’t Y/n.” Your mum said. 

“Sit here and don’t move.” Your dad ordered. They both left the room, talking in a hushed whisper.

Twenty minutes passed as you tried to work up the courage to sneak upstairs. 

Were they talking to him? Would they scare him off? The doorbell rang, breaking you out of your anxiety as your parents came racing downstairs. 

“Y/n, before this happens sweetie I want you to know your father and I love you so much and this is for the best.” Your mum said, slowly opening the door to let two men inside.

“What’s for the best what are you talking about?” You demanded, feeling the hairs on your neck standing up.

“Are they here to take Michael away?” You screamed, moving back.

“Honey,” Your mum said cautiously. “There is no Michael.”

I see things that nobody else sees.

self-conscious sentence starters
  • “You don’t think I’m getting a bit chubby, do you?" 
  • "I’ve never worn something this beautiful before." 
  • "This really isn’t flattering on me." 
  • "Everyone’s looking at me…”
  • “Are you sure I look okay?" 
  • "Whenever I open my mouth I sound dumb." 
  • "Is there something stuck in my teeth?”
  • “I’m not a very good dancer…”
  • “I’m definitely going bald on top. Do you think I can cover it up?" 
  • "Why did I ever think I could wear this shirt with these shoes?" 
  • "I just wish I could look good naked." 
  • "I can’t talk in front of all these people!" 
  • "Oh, god, I hate my ______" 
  • "Why does my voice sound so stupid?" 
  • "I can’t sit next to her/him looking like this!" 
  • "Everyone saw that, didn’t they?”
  • “I don’t think this is my color." 
  • "I don’t look like I was just crying, do I?" 
  • "She/he looks so much better than me." 
  • "Can you see the scars?" 

this is a GENUINE DELIGHT my heart is SINGING what a GLORIOUS DAY we are blessed with

i cannot even describe my first sighting of this suit from ATAS/SAG panel and Screening of ‘the night manager’. we’ve seen so many blue and black suits on the recent red carpet runs and suddenly BAM we’ve got this red wonder. what colour shall we call this? rust? carmine? WHO CARES BITCHES IT’S STUNNING AND SHOCKING AND INVIGORATING 

i love that instead of wearing blue to bring out tom’s eyes (a fabulous but very standard move) this stylist has decided to put him in red to draw out the scottish strawberry-blond-ness of his hair.

bonus points for the dark purple tie, it’s a brave choice given the amount of colour already emanating from this outfit. it’d be easier to go without a tie (not that tom would ever dare) or throw on something basic and monochromatic than to choose this little number, so kudos for courage there. i think it works charmingly.

last but not least, because tom has finally learned to close his legs and sit like the precious dainty flower he is we can get these glorious shots of the soles of his brown louboutin loafers, which fantastically proves his adoration for them (look at that wear, that is a much-loved pair of shoes ladies and gentlemen and non-binary buddies).

anyhow, i could talk all day about this beautiful set of photos but instead i’ll just retire into a pile of jelly and whimper lightly for the next few days BYE