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I'd like an elaboration of Bree's viewpoint of Jamie and Claire's relationship - when she stated "I have seen a marriage made of obligation and a marriage made of love" - something along that quote. And with smut thrown in, thank you! Xoxo

Jamie lay soft kisses on his wife’s bare shoulders amid the tousled sheets on their bed.They were enjoying some quiet togetherness after the pandemonium surrounding their first grandchild’s birth. It would seem that wee Jeremiah had inherited the Fraser knack for dramatics just as his mother and grandfather before him. As blissfully happy they were with the new family addition they needed to find their center again, so physical closeness was a requirement.

“Did ye hear what our Bree said to Roger?” he murmured. “It would seem they’re at a crossroads in their marriage.”

Claire nodded,“Knowing if a relationship is based on love or obligation should be easier than it is.”

He considered his next response as his hands moved to her hips, then decided to kiss the valley between her breasts to make her writhe. Her body reacted as he predicted with a gasp escaping her open mouth. Jamie quickly reacted by deftly easing himself into her and bringing her to a drawn out crescendo.

He smiled broadly as he gazed at her darkened form.

“Your body is most beautiful in the moonlight while I make you quiver underneath me.”

“It’s when I feel the most beautiful as well,” she sighed. “When you love me like this.”

“Do ye think they’ll find their way to love mo luaidh?” he asked. “Like we did?”

She nodded, “The seed is growing, I can see it. Now they need to care for it to make it flourish.”

“Aye, and we will be here to make sure it does.”

PROMPT:  “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about,” with Daryl.


It was early morning and the warming sun had shone brightly through the curtains, lighting the room around you where you’d been blissfully sleeping the night away alongside Daryl Dixon. His heavy breathing and gentle snoring was something you’d come to love, after another night shared wrapped in one another’s bodies, now snuggly lay beside you with one heavy arm draped over your waist.

“Mornin’,” Daryl’s hoarse voice suddenly grumbled out from his sleepy state behind you, while one hand rubbed his heavy eyes open and the other gently caressed up the length of your body.

“Morning sleepy,” you laughed gently, as you nestled yourself further into where he lay and sunk deeper into the soft mattress and white cotton sheets that encased the two of you. These idyllic cosy mornings were what you lived for, wrapped in the burly arms of the man you had come to love and cherish, enjoying the only shred of happiness you were able to find for yourself in a world that had descended into hell itself. These dreamlike moments of peace were almost enough to make you forget the masses of animated corpses waiting beyond Alexandria’s walls, relentlessly awaiting any opportunity to sink their rasping teeth into the warmth of living flesh. But roam and aimlessly wander on they did, and soon enough you would find yourself face to face with their decaying faces and the putrid stench they emitted as you plunged your blades deep through their softened skulls.

“Ughhhh,” you groaned, motivating yourself up from the spot where you lay. “We should get up if we’re gonna head out on that run today with Rick and Aaron. Guys could do with some extra hands.”

But Daryl’s strong hands quickly wrestled their way out of the sheets, reached out to grip your waist and playfully pulled you back into the bed by his side. His hands brushed up against your skin as they slid up from your waist once more, over your shoulder and trailed back down the soft skin of your arm, where goosebumps began to surface.

“Nah, stay a little longer,” he pleaded, as he brought his hand down to yours and intertwined your fingers with his, pressing his warm body firmly against yours and growling lowly into the crook of your neck. His soft lips collided against the tender flesh of your neck, relishing the sweet taste of your skin against his as he began to devour it with an unyielding desire, and you ultimately gave in to his touch and the tingling sensation growing between your thighs.

“Seriously?” you chuckled.

“What?” Daryl mumbled in between the passionate kisses he laced from your neck to your collarbone.  

“We’ve become that clingy couple that you used to complain about.”

All of a sudden, Daryl’s strong hands grabbed you tightly and spun you onto your back as he climbed on top of you, his bare chest pressing against yours as his soft lips came crashing down on to yours and one of his hands writhed through your tousled hair.

“Yeah well,” he hummed seductively as he allowed his lips to trail south down your aching body, kissing between your heaving breasts as he continued down to your waist, with his large hands eagerly following his lead and settling on the soft spots just inward from your hips. “I ain’t complainin’ now, am I?”

Snowflakes- Joker X Reader X Harley

Snowflakes- Joker X Reader X Harley

Summery- Being awoken in the middle of the night and seeing the first snowfall of the season.

Warnings- None, Cuteness and Fluff <3

The night was so quiet, the only sounds in the room were the sounds of breathing from your lovers and you. The sheets warm and soft against your skin, the blankets covering you providing more warmth. You cuddled more to the Joker’s chest as Harley gently pulled your hips more to her. You gave a quiet giggle in your sleepy state and turned over, wrapping your arms around Harley, her arms engulfing you and she nuzzled her head to the curve of your neck. You didn’t know how long it had been till you heard your name being whispered, feeling gentle pecks against your face and a cold breeze coming through the room. You blink your eyes open a little to see the perky blonde sitting beside you smiling.

“Wakey wakey, Pumpkin” she coos, her lips pecking your cheeks. You giggle at her happiness.

“I’m sleepy though” you say sleepily and wrap your arms around her waist and lay your head on her lap. You here her chuckle quietly and feel her fingers brush through your H/C locks. Another cool breeze comes through the room and you cuddle more to your companion. “It’s cold”

“Pumpkin, please, it’s pretty outside” she begs. You let out a small whine and reach behind you for J for help but not finding him. “He’s outside already” Harley tells you making you pout. You rub your eyes a little and blink up at her. She pecks your lips and you smile, a blush coming to your cheeks. Your eyes go to the balcony of the penthouse and your eyes light up seeing the little white specks falling from the sky all around the city. Joker leaning against the railing looking out at the city being blanketed in white. You begin to get up from bed, slipping on a pair of pink fuzzy slippers and taking Harley’s hand, both of you going out to the balcony. The air freezing but also waking you up more. You look around the area and go to J, resting your head on his shoulder and giving a small kiss to his cheek. His arm wraps around your waist, pulling you close against him making you giggle. Harley wrapping her arms around your other side. You closed your eyes, breathing in the air, once again falling asleep. You felt a kiss on your cheek and you could tell it was from Harley. You smiled a little, arms  tighten a little more around Joker. His eyes fell on your small form beside him, He looked to Harley, nodding slightly. He lifted you up into his arms, You wrapped your legs around him, holding onto him like a small child would. Harley turned her back to the city and followed inside, closing the doors to let the warmth surround you three. She looked to J laying you in your spot and he climbed in next to you, covering you with the blankets. She smiled and walked over, climbing in next to him. You and Harley both wrapping your arms around him. You nuzzle your head to the curve of his neck and once again letting sleep overtake you.