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ok sorry i know i said this already but idc i saw a post saying that this summer was going to be the summer of LotZ but i dont see any new story post on both tumblr sites and i wanna know how cap is and what shenanigans the zodiac are up to seriously and i understand if you have been busy but i wont understand if you have been lazy >:[

Okay so I would like to just officially apologize I promised all of you this would be the “Summer of LotZ” but have yet to update the series. I am so, so, so, so sorry. See, when I posted that announcement school hadn’t ended yet and I assumed that, like every other summer, I wouldn’t have any plans bc I have no social life and no job. Unfortunately however June has been crazy busy for me and I haven’t had much time to work on LotZ. I’ve been doing a lot of college visits and my school required all rising seniors to do this week long college application bootcamp thing, I’ve been volunteering at this Harry Potter camp my school does for younger kids and at Give Kids The World, I’ve got summer assignments I have to do for my English class next year, and I’ve had a bucketload of family-friends and relatives come to visit (and according to my mother it’s rude to spend time on the computer when we have guests over). Along with that, LotZ started off as a fan-requested thing so (since it technically wasn’t my own idea) I’ve always struggled a bit with my muse for the characters and the story. And ON TOP OF ALL THAT I’m in the process of editing the three previous chapters of the story because there’s just so many issues with them (especially part 1) so I can’t really post chapter 4 until I’ve finished with those.

I’m very sorry I’ve made you all wait when I promised I was going to be doing a lot of LotZ related things and chapters this summer. I’m actually hoping to finish the new/edited first chapter tonight or at least by tomorrow morning. Thank you all for your patience and for not berating me about this :) I couldn’t ask for a better fanbase! <3

i feel like i need to post something here about monsta x first win today,, so here it goes

i cried a lot when i read the news, they deserved it so much since the beggining, it took two years and a half but they finally have it,, they were already number one to me but i understand how emotional they must feel when their hard work is finally recognised this way

i fell in love with all of them about half a year ago, they got me so fast i’ve been listening to them everyday since then,, i love how talented, humble, sweet, funny and hardworking they are, i am the one who should be thankful for them, yet they feel like the owe us anything, as if they didn’t give us happiness everyday,, i really feel i’m happier since i know them, so thank you monsta x, thank you for your amazing music and hardwork, you deserve the world ㅠㅠㅠㅠ