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Congratulation, Nu’est! I’m really proud to be a L0/\E since day 1. I may not know everything but one thing i know that you guys work so hard to achieve that recognition that your getting, you guys deserve it. Thank you for being a role model to me and to other people that if you love something never gave up on it, and God knows it and he will definitely gave it to you on a right timing. Congrats my boys !! next time lets Get #Nuest1win (w/ Minhyun)


a/n: not requested, but I realized that I pretty much always fall asleep during horror movies, even when they’re good, and I was looking through gifs and stumbled upon this one, so thats how this imagine came about. 

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“What do you want to watch, babe?” Shawn asks from the bathroom through the open door.

“Uh, you can choose.” You respond, staring down at your laptop, trying to work on an assignment. 

Shawn enters the room, “Y/n, it’s movie night. No more work.” 

“I know, I know. Just let me finish this one thing.” You tell him, still not taking your eyes off the screen as you read over your assignment before getting ready to submit it. Shawn plops down next to you, turning on the tv and opening up Netflix. 

After a while, you finish submit your assignment, and Shawn offers a few different options for the movie. “Lets watch a horror.” You tell him, in the mood for something scary. 

“You’re going to fall asleep.” He responds immediately. He knows you too well. 

“But I really want to watch something scary.”

There is silence as Shawn starts browsing through the horror movie options. You two finally settle on one called 13 Cameras. It starts playing, and Shawn takes your laptop and puts it on the side table next to the bed before flipping off the bedroom light so the room is only illuminated by the light from the tv screen. He climbs into bed, laying down and wrapping an arm around you as you cuddle into his side.

As the movie starts, you try to stay awake, but theres something about horror movies that always make you feel like falling asleep. 

“What the hell, he’s such a fuckin creep.” Shawn mutters about ten minutes into the movie, which causes you to open your eyes, and prevents you from falling asleep.

“Yeah, he’s gross.” You respond. 

“You weren’t watching.” He says, knowingly.

“I’m trying to, I swear.” You respond, yawning. He just smiles, shaking his head at you, fulling expecting that you’ll fall asleep soon.

You both watch in silence for another forty-five minutes. You’re interested to know what happens, but you have to fight so hard to keep from falling asleep. Shawn glances down at you, then comments, “I’m surprised you’re still awake. You normally don’t make it this far into a horror movie.” 

“I want to know why this guy is doing this.” You respond, sleepily.

He rubs your back, and you know he’s smiling by the sound of his voice as he says, “It’s okay, just sleep. I’ll tell you the end tomorrow.” He gently kisses you on the forehead. 

You smile and mumble, “Thanks, goodnight.” And you close your eyes, not bothering to fight off sleep any longer. 

“Night, baby.” 

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Have there been any big updates to the gamebook?

Sort of. Let me try to list them. 

  • All of routes B and C are added.
  • You can ask for Malady’s or Mare’s soul
  • All choices up until the Autumn forest are written and active. 

That means that in addition to 2 major routes being complete until the end, the first 1/6 of all possible routes are also complete. If you want to have a look and a play around, the link (with shortcuts) is here

If you spot any errors, inconsistencies or broken links (that don’t end with ‘Coming later’) then please help me out by screenshotting it, highlighting the relevant bit, and sending it to me. Choose Your Mistakes is huge and I can’t edit it all on my own.

Also, if you have a gif, image or even sound you think would enhance the story in the first 1/6th of it, let me know! I can add these things in and now’s a good stage to do so.

“You can draw me something for free, I mean you love drawing and animating It’s not a big deal if you do one only for me, it’s your passion!

Free art, it’s the best you know, just a little one for me :3″

Yes it happened a lot this week I don’t know why, maybe my smiling avatar face! Free art, let me reply to you little guy.

I let the magic bread talk for you ;)


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Happy Birthday Jeno!


Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews announce the Blackhawks’ first pick (29th) in the 2017 NHL Draft (x)

Things Jimin is horrible at:

1. Accepting Hobi’s love. 

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

2. Letting someone else love Hobi.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

Exhibit C

Exhibit D

Let Me Help

Spencer Reid x Reader (smut)

Requested: Yes. Anon: hey! I really love your blog and I was wondering if you could do a reid x reader where the reader has a wet dream about Spencer and she finally tells him about her dream after he asks her what’s wrong and it ends in smut?? thank you so much

Word Count: 3,589, Warnings: Swearing, NSFW, Oral Sex.

A/N: Oh my God okay so I went a little crazy on this one and it’s a full fledged long fic. I was writing this and I actually needed to take a break my palms were sweating because Reid is so fucking hot. Anyway, I hope you like it! Please let me know if you want a Part 2 ;)

- M xo

(Gif not mine, credit to owner)

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Sprawled out on your bed, your naked form was being admired and touched by a handsome man. He glided his fingers up and down the sides of your thighs as he placed sensual kisses on your stomach. “God, you’re so beautiful.”, whispered Spencer. 

Wait what? Spencer? Hold on. Did you just have a wet dream about your nerdy co-worker?

You woke up in your bed covered in sweat as you tried to calm down your flustered state as you panted heavily trying to vaguely recollect the memories of the dream you had just had. It wasn’t a bad dream, in fact, it was amazing. You squeezed your thighs together in hopes of some sort of relief, but all you could do was think about the dream, which made your state even worse.

You sat there in silence as you tried to comprehend what had just happened. You’d been working at the BAU for 4 years now and you had never thought of Spencer that way. Sure he was tall, had gorgeous chiselled cheekbones and never failed to amaze you with his intelligent brain. Oh, God. Here you were thinking inappropriately about your co-worker at 3 in the morning when you had to be in for work at 7. There was no way you were going to act normal in front of him after this strange yet intoxicating image of you and Spencer practically having sex ingrained in your brain. All you could do was try to get back to sleep and hope that the flush would be over in the morning.

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