if these are the ads yahoo puts in

remember when yahoo bought tumblr and everyone was making jokes like “what if they put in tacky animated ads and make the logo look like it’s from 1998.” well

excuse my shitty edit, but i’ve decided to put together all the links into one place that i’ve found that i want to reference, mainly writing and food. (will be adding more constantly) (updated: 1/26/16)

personal health tips:

  • yoga [x] [x]
  • emergency compliment
  • the quiet place
  • the nicest place on the internet
  • cute roulette
  • cute overload
  • the dawn room
  • the thoughts room
  • calming manatee
  • make everything okay
  • stories to give you hope
  • 90 seconds relaxation
  • cute yahoo answers
  • 7 cups of tea
  • take care of yourself after a lapse
  • coping with depression
  • things to remind yourself [x] [x] [x] [x]
  • when someone sees your self-harm scars
  • fade/cover scars
  • help someone or be helped
  • butterfly project
  • caring for injuries
  • when you feel suicidal
  • hotlines
  • alternatives to hurting yourself
  • hoe maintenance
  • get rid of blackheads
  • hygiene masterpost
  • shaving ur vagina
  • alleviate cramps
  • remove lower stomach fat

beauty tips:

  • super duper silky legs
  • skin care
  • cover up a tattoo
  • bra fitting 101
  • 10 rules of getting a tattoo
  • cheap jewelry
  • makeup for beginners

food tips:

  • starbucks holiday drinks
  • panera’s mac & cheese
  • mini mac & cheese pies
  • pumpkin spice smoothie
  • cookie recipes
  • french toast roll-ups
  • s'mores stuffed pizza cookies
  • chocolate chip cookie dough brownie bombs
  • 10-minute recipes
  • chocolate chip cookies [x] [x] [x]
  • coffee recipes [x] [x]
  • healthy snacks [x] [x]
  • 62 smoothies + more smoothies
  • pizza hacks
  • snacks
  • myfriedgefood / supercook
  • what the fuck should i make for dinner
  • cheeseburger cupcakes
  • garlic & parmesan pull apart bread
  • mexican chili-cheese ramen
  • mac & cheese ramen
  • microwave mug mac & cheese
  • nutella hot chocolate
  • microwave scalloped potatoes
  • microwave baked potato
  • dishes you should know
  • pizza coupons
  • homemade vitamin water
  • pms sos smoothie + more healthy smoothies (2)
  • salad recipes
  • yummy deserts
  • s'mores pie
  • grilled cheeses
  • food life hacks
  • infused waters
  • lazy cookie bars

school tips:

  • write a kickass essay
  • take a study break
  • how to use google
  • mathway
  • graphing calculator
  • effectively pull an all-nighter
  • useful college tips
  • free online textbooks
  • how to take notes
  • procrastination guide
  • save $1600 in school supplies

adult tips:

  • prevent a hangover
  • take care of yourself when sick
  • 15 things to keep in your car
  • 99 life hacks
  • clean your bathroom
  • college help masterpost
  • moving out
  • when you can’t pay your bills
  • college books
  • organize your closet
  • clean your kitchen
  • budgeting
  • improve your studying skills
  • dorm room survival tips
  • harsh truths
  • things to bring to the doctors
  • jobs based on social interaction
  • first apartment essentials
  • college packing list
  • doing your taxes
  • how to write a resume
  • protect ur home from break-ins
  • remove stains
  • plan your roadtrip wisely
  • interview questions to ask
  • be a better you
  • dealing w worst case scenario
  • things you never learned in high school
  • if you find yourself homeless

writing tips:

  • get inspired [x] [x]
  • become a better writer [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
  • smut writing [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] [bdsm] [] [les.] [bj] [lang.]
  • how to write a kiss [x] [x] [x] [x] [x]
  • plotting your novel [x] [x] [x]
  • add spark to your writing
  • birth order personality traits
  • 101 date ideas
  • naming your characters [x] [x] [x] + names
  • finish what you started
  • cliche finder
  • creating fictional characters
  • make your character likable
  • find that word you’ve been thinking about
  • writing point of views
  • interesting jobs [x]
  • mary sue warnings [x]
  • check writing
  • 8 words to avoid while writing
  • characters to avoid writing
  • writing someone with a mental illness [x] [x] [x]
  • rhyme zone
  • 100 words for facial expressions
  • writers block? [x] [x]
  • writing fictional relationships
  • describing someone’s voice
  • describing eye color
  • describing clothes [x] [x]
  • describing someone’s looks [x] [x]
  • wordhippo
  • calming sounds
  • worldwide weather
  • body language [x] [x] [x] [x]
  • family tree
  • create a house
  • character flaws [x] [x]
  • good traits and faults / bad traits and virtues
  • character traits [x] [x]
  • phobias [x] [x]
  • character secrets [x] [x] [x]
  • character quirks [x] [x]


  • lots of stuff
  • proofreading
  • dialogue
  • semicolons and colons
  • dashes and parenthesis
  • hyphens
  • apostrophes
  • punctuation
  • variations of words

how to write _______:

  • lots of stuff
  • flirtatious characters
  • bitchy characters
  • distant characters
  • shy characters
  • rebellious characters [x]
  • manipulative characters
  • babies
  • injuries
  • male characters [x] [x]
  • someone high on ecstacy
  • someone high on cocaine
  • someone high on weed
  • someone drunk
  • friends with benefits relationship
  • british slang

writing generators:

  • lots of stuff
  • writing prompts
  • random name
  • personality
  • town
  • teen
  • character
  • character interests
  • family relationships
  • character motivation
  • flaws and weaknesses
  • character secret
  • character traits/quirks

for when you’re bored:

  • stupid games
  • kiss some giraffes
  • winterbells
  • pizza party pickup
  • tipton trouble
  • bueno rufus
  • chain reaction
  • find the invisible cow
  • shuffle
  • bored button
  • the useless website
  • crazy card trick
  • thisissand
  • super mario
  • highDEAS
  • this is the only level
  • sushi cat
  • find that song from that tv episode
  • make a fake text / tweet
  • diy masterpost


  • open the tag u just closed
  • post limit checker
  • youtube video to mp3
  • music you’ve reblogged
  • cute lil backgrounds
  • reaction gifs
  • make shit transparent
  • themes
  • updates tabs
  • lifehacks
  • what the fuck should you do today
  • creepy wiki articles
  • more creepy shit
  • alt characters
  • discover who ur asshole anon is
  • what should i read next (v2)
  • textpost tricks
  • internet hacks
  • tumblr hacks i guess
  • free fonts holla
  • lots of cool sites
  • fake social network sites
  • watch a random movie on netflix
  • guide to a lazy day
  • !!!! super !!!! cheap !!!! books !!!! (inc. textbooks!!!!)
  • things to do in nyc for under $30
  • things girls can buy to protect themselves

Yo, I -think- I have just figured out how to remove the new Yahoo gemini dashboard ads tumblr has started pushing on us with Adblocker Plus.

Click on the Adblocker Plus menu, and go to “Filter Preferences”.

This brings up a box with “Add Filter” in the top right corner. Click that and type in:


Which should hide the entire ad that Yahoo said they weren’t going to put into the site a couple of years ago but totally decided to put in after they thought everyone forgot they said that. 

(Please note that I’ve only tested this in Firefox, and it appears to work in Opera too, but your mileage may vary as tumblr tweak their code to keep up with adblocking software.)

I just scrolled through my queue and there were FIVE ads in there that I definitely did not put there. I fucking hate capitalism and I hate Yahoo for buying this stupid fucking site.

Verizon Buys Yahoo For $4.8 Billion In Cash, Touting Gains In Mobile
The deal comes more than a year after Verizon paid $4.4 billion to acquire AOL; as part of Verizon, Yahoo will join the same division AOL currently occupies.

Tumblr has a new owner…

Continuing its push into web content and advertising, Verizon is buying Yahoo! Inc. for around $4.83 billion in cash, the two companies confirmed Monday morning, ending a purchase process that began months ago.

The deal comes more than a year after Verizon paid $4.4 billion to acquire AOL, in a deal that was viewed as hinging on AOL’s ad software and mobile video content.

“Yahoo and AOL popularized the Internet, email, search and real-time media,” Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer says, in a prepared statement about the deal. “It’s poetic to be joining forces with AOL and Verizon as we enter our next chapter focused on achieving scale on mobile.”

Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam says that Yahoo will be integrated with AOL and placed under Verizon’s Marni Walden, an executive vice president and the president of its Product Innovation and New Businesses organization.

The new purchase, McAdam says, will put Verizon into “a highly competitive position as a top global mobile media company, and help accelerate our revenue stream in digital advertising.”

Yahoo to Acquire Polyvore

By Simon Khalaf, SVP Product & Engineering, Publisher Products

Polyvore has perhaps the most amazingly engaged digital community of passionate style lovers creating shoppable content anywhere. Which is why I’m so excited to announce today that Yahoo has agreed to acquire Polyvore and the wonderful team who built the business. The combination of Yahoo’s exclusive, premium content with Polyvore’s expertise on community-driven experiences and retailer-supported commerce has amazing potential.

Polyvore is a leading social shopping site that enables its users across the globe to shop their favorite products, discover new inspiration and express their style. The acquisition will accelerate Yahoo’s digital content growth strategy across the areas of social, mobile, and native.

On Polyvore, users put together sets of clothing and accessories that express their love for style and shopping in a compelling, digital, social setting. Polyvore has developed a destination where community-powered content is curated and actionable for shoppers. We believe that bringing this type of community and commerce-driven experience to Yahoo’s industry-leading content will transform the user experience across our digital magazines and verticals.

And, when it comes to advertising, Polyvore’s technology will bring a proven native ad model, new compelling native ad formats, and strong advertising relationships with more than 350 retailers to Yahoo’s fast-growing native advertising platform, Yahoo Gemini.

The co-founder and CEO, Jess Lee, will join my organization and report directly to me following the closing of the transaction. (Fun fact: Jess was a passionate Polyvore community member before she ever became an employee.)

Polyvore has built an award-winning culture, category leading product, and a strong business based on a community of highly engaged users. Following the closing of the transaction, Yahoo will be thrilled to welcome the amazing talent at Polyvore to the Yahoo family in our Sunnyvale, San Francisco and New York offices, and bring their expertise in discoverability and shopability to Yahoo’s digital content.

* The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions. More information about the news can be found in the press release we issued today.

How to turn your 4 Word Ad into a meme that nobody on this site will shut up about: A presentation by Nike

Leaked Monetization Info:

Okay, so this is some spicy info that someone submitted to me. They don’t want me to tell you who they are because they could get into trouble, but here is some information on how Tumblr’s Monetization is going to work. Instead of being paid directly, Tumblr Partners will recieve Tumbbux™ for every viewed ad they receive. They will be able to turn in their Tumbbux™ for real prizes, cash not included. Here is a short list of the prizes:

  • Become a Yahoo shareholder - 1TB
  • Animated Icon - 10TB
  • Choose which one of your posts will be put on the radar and subsequently get ignored - 100TB
  • Audio posts will work more than half of the time - 150TB
  • Tumblr Keychain - 200TB
  • Coupon for a free shamrock shake at participating McDonald’s restaurants (Not Eligible in Canada or Vermont) - 250TB
  • David Karp will follow you back but not like be your friend or anything - 300TB
  • Any steam game you want as long as it’s under $5 - 350TB
  • An actual tie signed by Tie Belt Guy - 500TB
  • Your information is no longer passed onto the NSA - 600TB
  • You have access to the tumblr staff account and can post anything you want - 700TB
  • Wildcard, it can be any of the previous rewards - 800TB
  • Your choice of a Barbie vanity playset or a Megatron action figure - 900TB
  • A part of the password to secret tumblr that only really cool people can get into - 950TB
  • You’re now employed by Tumblr, congratulations - 1000TB
  • One URL of your choice, it can be anything - 10,000TB
  • Forbidden Prize, not even David Karp himself knows what it is - 1,000,000TB
Translation: light novel excerpt, pages 194-200

Featuring the glucose/dextrose/wedon’tevenknowose stylings of Io Naruko-san, and everyone trying to figure out what he’s putting into his body, and staying up late, and skipping school, and Wombat’s obsession with onsen manjuu which will haunt me to the end of time.

Don’t forget Wombat is narrating, or it might get weird. Note as well that Yumoto is the only Defence Club member he gives their given name.

edit - It’s a bit hard to follow in places because of the dialogue spam, so feel free to leave replies or asks and I’ll see about making it clearer. Likewise if you spot any mistakes, of course. ^_^

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xpantherstuff asked: Which movie was more challenging, Avatar or Guardians of the Galaxy?

Zoe Saldana: I think they both present their own individual challenge. For Avatar, everything was added in post [produciton]— the way I was going to look… When I wasn’t learning an alien language… I was riding a horse… I was learning three different forms of martial arts and I was working with Cirque du Soliel acrobats. With Guardians it was a grueling process of hair and makeup… You kind of have to keep yourself in a mind frame… put one foot in the front of the other. The thing that makes them identical is that the reward exceeds every sacrifice.

what is up with all of these ads on tumblr

placing advertisements is perfectly fine as long as it doesn’t bother the user so much

why can’t yahoo put them on the sides?

why do i have to see this fucking ad frame every 4 posts i scroll past?

it’s just so cheap and greedy and honestly disappointing you have so many ways to make money from a site like this without ruining it but you choose the most invasive ugly way? 

nieshka-kitty  asked:

Hey there! For the Japanese-impaired, could you maybe make a post of what to type in the search box if we want to buy the Voltage items? Also, do you have an idea on what's available?

LOL Japanese-impaired sounds awful XD. Usually just typing the game title give good results. Here is for your reference nieshka-kitty:

PIL - 恋に落ちた海賊王
MSB - 恋人は専属SP
MFW - 誓いのキスは突然に
SITSC - 眠らぬ街のシンデレラ
LLFTX - 怪盗X恋の予告状
BMP - 王子様のプロポーズ (put 2 at the end for BMP 2)
IYAT - 今夜アナタと眠りたい
OS - 社内恋愛2人のヒミツ
AKD - 愛を捧ぐ伝説の騎士
CTC - 修学旅行★ナイショの恋
KOR - 復讐のキスをあなたに
10DWMD - 悪魔と恋する10日間
DDIWT - 吉祥寺★恋色デイズ
OTBS - 上司と秘密の2LDK
KBTBB - スイートルームで悪戯なキス
SND - お隣さんにご用心
First Love Diaries - 湘南初カレDiary
MPD - 特別捜査★密着24時
EITM - 今宵、妖しい口づけを
FILA - 最後の恋、僕にください
TLSL - 真実の恋は甘い嘘から
HLITF - 恋人は公安刑事
MFW spin off - 誓いのキスと7つの誘惑
The Star Prince one - 恋してまった星の王子
The Samurai one - 天下統一恋の乱
The rock band boys one - 偽りの君とスキャンダル

I have extensively searched SITSC, MSB (they have two books, the general fanbook/no PSD and the visual fanbook with has the PSD boys) and MPD only in Yahoo Jp Auctions and Amazon Japan. I’ve also seen PIL and BMP fanbooks. And of course the MFW fanbook which just came out this year. Go get it, it’s a great investment XD!

The prices don’t vary that much to be honest, they are all super pricey and usually used goods. If you are lucky you may find a deal in Yahoo Jp auctions but the way the site works for foreign transactions is via a intermediator called Buyee which charges the domestic shipping from the auctioneer to their facility and then more shipping is added when they ship it to you. Therefore, I prefer to go through Amazon because all the added fees are already visible upfront. The good thing about both sites is that they have an “in english” view (look at the top of the window next to the amazon logo) so you don’t need to feel completely impaired. Just put the titles above in the search box and you are good to go! Good luck!!

I was thinking about the removal of tracked tags and I think it makes perfect sense if you consider the experience yahoo/tumblr wants its users to have vs. what the users actually want to have. 

Earlier this week I heard a piece on NPR, or maybe it was KQED, which is my local public radio station–but I digress, about how Yahoo is underperforming financially. This means they’re only making 1 billion per quarter, which, while that sounds like an astronomical amount of money, is 49 billion LESS than Apple makes per quarter. Now, I don’t think it’s fair or even wise to compare Apple to Yahoo considering Apple is in the hardware game and Yahoo isn’t, but here’s the thing. Yahoo needs to make more money to be seen as anything but the dying vestige of the early days of the internet, and part of how they’re doing this is curating the tumblr experience in a way to make the users see more ads.

It’s in Yahoo’s best interest to get as many ads on your dash as humanly possibly. One way to do this? Keep you out of other portions of the site. Tracked tags were a way for you, the user, to glance away from your dash, and in doing so, away from the increasing amount of ads they’ve put there. By making you follow a keyword instead of a tag, it gives them the ability to prioritize posts made by tumblrs owned by products and corporations, rather than people. Search for “pizza” so you can follow it, like the staff recommended in their post, and among the pictures of pizza, and posts that randomly mention the word pizza, you get the tumblrs for NBCnews and MTV. 

For Yahoo, tumblr doesn’t matter as a community–it matters as a revenue stream, and while every single company is interested in the bottom line, Yahoo is aggressively trying to turn tumblr into the same kind of money-maker as youtube or facebook, and every single time a feature that gets your eyes off the dash is removed, it’s another desperate attempt for Yahoo to make you see their ads. 

I have no idea what yahoo plans to do with the replies, but if they do keep the functionality, I bet it will be because they want a way to imbed more ads into your experience. 

Again, I know every company is interested in making money. Yahoo is simply doing it wrong