if these are shit i will cry

what do you do when it’s 2am and you’re reminiscing about the Blake siblings pre-3x09 and it hits you like a brick wall how just how much the writers fucked up with their relationship?

But just look at how lovingly they are looking at each other. Right after Viktor kissed Yuri so unexpectedly. Rather than being super shocked still just moments after the kiss, his face just turns so gentle and his eyes are filled with so much love. Because he returns Viktor’s feelings that he expressed through the kiss. He loves the man he is looking up to so much that he doesn’t care that he just kissed him for the first time in front of everyone, including the press who are filming everything on live international television. 

He loves Viktor, and Viktor loves him back.


keith as shiro’s adopted lil bro is my favorite thing and i will take it to the grave with me

the hero pose shit is somethin i did as a kid while my sister filmed me cause she knew it would age like fine freaking wine and i am projecting my embarrassment into keith