if there's someone she loves

No joke but Allura’s qualified to the point that she could very well form Voltron by herself if we’re being honest here.


me: don’t draw lazytown fanart at the fancy restaurant, despite the tempting paper tablecloth
also me: but they have a purple crayon
me: fuck




I don’t know if lots of fans know this but Suran has been getting so much hate on her Instagram just because people think she’s dating Yoongi. If she is? What does that have to do with us? If they are not? What does that have to do with us? Like I said with the whole Wale and Namjoon situation…. they are all grown men and can do whatever they want. Like be considerate when they collab with artists!!!! And about the whole dating thing…. Like they are GROWN MEN I’m pretty sure they can get d**k and/or p***y anytime they want.

Not gonna lie I wish harry styles would date me, I really really really do. But he would never and that’s sad, yeah. Doesn’t mean I’m going to stab and hate whatever other female gets close to him or is RUMOURED to have been in close proximity to the man. He can date. We don’t even know if he’s dating. Chill the freak out. He’s not actually yours for you to do this to him. And the girl; dating him or not, deserves as much respect as any other human being…

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Think it's interesting that it's any time there's someone peddling the 'why does sansa need a love interest, she's been through too much to love anyone ever' they are usually j*nerys shippers. Sansa doesn't need a love interest, none of the got characters do. It's GOT they all have shitty pasts but why should that determine their future. Not painting all j*nerys fans with one brush but for some the 1st time they care about Sansa & it is about her love life. Nah not buying it.

I think as a response to the long history of women being written as two-dimensional side characters that are only there to prop up the main male character, there’s been a wave of outcry and demand for women to be more than love interests, to be their own fleshed out character. And I think that’s wonderful. It’s awesome and needed and definitely valid. 

But with that said, it’s gone so far the other way now that if a strong female character has a love interest, they’re automatically seen as weak or inferior because of the perceived notion that having romance sidelines the female character for the male. There are still examples of when this does actually happen, but people continue to use this blanket argument for all female characters. 

Look at Diana in Wonder Woman. So much of the criticism is based on the fact that Diana and Steve loved each other – that because Diana had a love interest, she’s less of a strong woman. Or Rey in Star Wars. Although the nuances of that particular kerfuffle also stems from racism, as a lot of outcry over why Rey needs a love interest is to silence the people who ship Finn, a strong dynamic black male character, with the white female lead. But I won’t go into that. 

It’s basically this weird kind of thinking that women who have love interests in stories are now lesser than those that don’t and having one makes them weaker somehow. 

I think with regards to Sansa, it’s a little ridiculous. Yes, she doesn’t need to have a love interest and if she doesn’t and is happy, that’s beautiful. But the fact of the matter is Sansa will likely have to marry. I highly doubt Arya would marry or produce heirs and Sansa is far self-sacrificial enough that she would marry to continue the House Stark line. She is ‘the key to the North’ after all. And yes, considering what she’s had to go through, being used by men as a tool or pawn in their game, Sansa deserves more than anyone to marry for love. She doesn’t need a love interest but in the context of the story, it would be better if she did, otherwise she’d be in another loveless marriage and that would be a sorry way to end her story. 

But you’re also right. The first time these people care about Sansa is to shout that she doesn’t need a love interest so therefore we, as Jonsa shippers, are forcing this woman to be less than or inferior by making her have a love interest. They’re threatened. We’re encroaching on their shipping space (although we’re not) and therefore Sansa needs to be alone. 

It’s all bullshit really. Ship who you wanna ship and leave everyone else well enough alone. 

Also, I have no idea if this response is too rambly or not. It kind of got away from me there in the beginning lmao. Sorry <3333

Kuvira is so tragic to me okay.

This poor girl didn’t lose her parents. They flat out just didn't want her. They threw her out when she was 8 years old

Can you imagine… can you even fathom how that must feel? 

No wonder she’s metal bender. She’s gotta be pretty damn refined after that.

So then she ends up on Su’s doorstep but noticing these family dynamics, it doesn’t seem she was ever accepted. She was the outsider of this close-knit, loving family. Did this woman grow up without love?

Baatar Jr. was the best she had. He loved her and she clung to it. You saw how comfortable she was in his arms because he loved her and she needed it.

And now she’s realized all the horrible things she’s done, she’s genuinely sorry, and is willing to accept her punishments, and this woman to took her in, who was probably the closest thing to a mother she ever had, continues to pour salt into her wounds. 

And can we just talk about this for a second? It’s pretty much confirmed at this point that Kuvira was adopted into Su’s family. Su, Kuvira;s mother figure, tried to kill her on multiple occasions. I’m probably gonna make a post about this later, but Kuvira, though she attacked Su back, didn’t really try to kill her. She locked her up when Su broke into her camp, and when they were fighting in Operation Beifong, Kuvira just kicked her off the weapon. 

Kuvira needed Su and she probably just felt really betrayed like nobody wants me nobody loves me. She had Baatar and then she gave him up and now she has nobody and she’s probably guilt-ridden for everything she’s done and I can’t forsee any happiness for this woman’s future and it breaks me. 

I’m so sad for her

When people call Widowmaker badass for having murdered her husband, apparently forgetting that she did it under heavy brainwashing and her regret for his death is one of the few things that breaks through her conditioning as Talon’s tool:

mind/hunter is so good thank god for david fin/cher !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hey uh . . .

i have work off this weekend and the house to myself tonight and i’m gonna finally get to work on that horror OC and i’m really excited !!! 

also rewatching the scene how vocal was happy being about not wanting to have this conversation right then and there. she bites at tim, who she has been nothing but polite to, because she swallowing down this confession and she knows she has to tell toby soon but honestly she thought she had more time. (when he told her to chew on it, she didn’t think it would be a few weeks.)

like i love the man but toby tricks her into having a conversation she doesn’t want to have, and then doesn’t listen when she tries to stop him. she’s fighting back tears and I think it’s because she realises she’s trapped between a man she loves (honestly from all of her reaction that episode you cannot tell me she doesn’t) and a past she can’t forget.

and happy, blunt, to the point, waste-no-words happy, uses both i’m sorry, and please because she’s done the one thing she didn’t want to. she pulled the rug out from under them both.