if there's one thing i have pride in

Coming out x2
  • *Report from Amsterdam Pride on TV news*
  • Son: What's that, mom?
  • Me: That's the Pride parade, honey
  • Son: What is that?
  • Me: Those are girls who fall in love with girls, and boys who fall in love with boys, and people who don't really feel like a boy or a girl, or who feel like they're a little bit of both, who come together and have a party in the streets.
  • Son: Why?
  • Me: You know, because, some time ago, boys weren't allowed to fall in love with each other, and girls couldn't marry eahcother, and you had to hide it if you felt like a boy but looked like a girl, but nowadays they can and that's what they are celebrating. That they are all a little bit different, and that they are sticking together and helping each other, and just to show how happy and proud they are to be who they are.
  • Son: Do they have a pride parade here?
  • Me: I'm afraid we don't have one, son, but there's one in Antwerp, and one in Brussels.
  • Son: Can we go to one?
  • Me: Yes of course
  • Son: Because sometimes I feel like a boy and sometimes I feel more like a girl so I want to go
  • Me: Well and I have been in love with girls as well as boys so I want to go too, so let's do that!
  • Son: Yess! So, can we watch football again?

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i agree not everyone with depression does but i think its kinda important to remember its okay to need a bit of support from people around you to keep you going. like i have a hard time getting through stuff by myself, but i keep going because theres one person i know for sure actually wants me to. I guess the thing that bothers me is people saying if you have depression you dont have to rely on others because that makes me feel worse when i do. But I agree 100% that that phrase is overused tho

oh absolutely, there is absolutely no shame in asing for help. the only reason i didnt is because im a prideful bitch who doesnt like asking for help

Let Me Up and Down

Summary:  Taekwoon tries to take the lead. And fails.
(Or the one where Taekwoon steals dialogue from Wonshiks trashy porn)

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: Luck

Word count: 3k

A/n: WOW ITS BEEN LIKE 5 MONTHS SINCE MY LAST FIC SORRY. heres some leohyuk smut because that is all that i am made of tbh. The pacing is kinda weird and so is the editing woops but im tired so enjoy the porn.

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Why it's hard being Pansexual reason #7008652499

one of the hardest things about being pan is that not only do I have to explain what it is all the time but I also have to explain the difference between pansexual and bi as well as a lot of gender terms. I mean as much as I love informing people a lot of the time I have to deal with idiots who say things like ‘theres only two genders’
the worst thing is that this could be fixed so easily if only schools taught more about gender and sexuality than the bare minimum we have scrape by with

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My local city has a pride thing going on but... There's like 1 mention to the 'Q+' out of nearly a hundred LGBT phrasings on the site, and there's like one small hint to anything not cis white gay centric (as in, someone is hold a purple ribbon which may mean Bi?), and it's been accused of racism so I don't wanna support it... Figures that the only community thing near me would be as such... Like, no trans or bi flags or anything just all rainbow. And no mention or ace/aro/aroace.

Yeah… prides have a lot of problems because they often turn into what has been coined as rainbow capitalism. I mean I like them and I’d encourage people to go if they so desire, but if you can’t get on the hype train remember there’s also a lot of trash around the station.

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About heterosexual pride day. One thing is saying 'I like being straight', I do like being straight, I like being a woman and I like loving man. But is it really necessary to have a heterosexual pride day? Parades and all that stuff? We were never opressed for being straight, never shamed because of that. I know there's a lot of unnecessary hate, people saying that every heterosexual person is homophobic and that's unfair. Still I don't think it's enough for a heterosexual pride day.

Not gonna lie, I’m pro hetero pride day. Or well, I’m pro ally day. If you’re a “cishet” person (god I hate that word) who is pro LGBT+ rights, equality and marriage, or if you’ve stood up for them before, you deserve a place in the pride and I’ll be happy to welcome you there.

advice for the signs
  • aries: You have such a potential for greatness, the only thing standing in your way is you. Focus all of your energy forward and absolutely nothing can stand in your way. Just remember all of the little people when you make it to the top; there's nothing wrong with taking pride in your work, but you can isolate yourself if you become too self-obsessed.
  • taurus: I don't know if I could find a more loyal friend if I tried, but you have to stop killing yourself for the sake of others. Just because one little piece of your life is out of place doesn't mean your entire world is falling apart; focus on the positive and appreciate the people who would do anything for you. There are so many of them.
  • gemini: You take on a million things at once and half of them don't matter, they're just a way to make yourself feel more important. People are not projects, you can't just drop them without a word. Life is always going to be hard and there's never going to be a "right time," so you need to figure out how to make it work.
  • cancer: We're drawn to you because you wear your heart on your sleeve. There are no doubts, no secrets, no false pretenses, and your honesty is rare and refreshing. But words can hurt if they're not treated with care, and precision is important when it comes to the truth. Think carefully. Speak the truth, but only if it's exactly what you want to say.
  • leo: Everyone tells you that you're a force of nature and it's a nice compliment, but it leaves you with a sense that all of this may end soon. Trust me, we're laughing with you, not at you. We would no sooner leave you than we'd hide away from the sun. Believe that you deserve every ounce of love and affection you receive. It's not an act; you are truly radiant.
  • virgo: Your drive is admirable, but your intentions are easy to misconstrue when you shut out the rest of the world. Do not balk at those who choose not to move mountains for you when you refuse to lift a finger for them.
  • libra: Sometimes it's like you're the only one who knows that everything will be okay in the long run, but you can't take responsibility for everyone else's happiness. Please don't be angry when it's hard for some to hear your optimism. Let them get a little scuffed up from time to time. You are the reassuring arms that they fall into when the world is too cruel, but nothing seems to grow inside a safe space.
  • scorpio: You put on a mask of stone, but you're really just as lost as the rest of us. It's okay to feel things. It's okay not to be the best or the strongest. No one will know you're hurting if you can't even admit it to yourself. Say what's on your mind and don't be afraid; we'll be there to catch you if you fall.
  • sagittarius: You're a tough nut to crack and even those who are closest to you might have trouble reading you from time to time. It's not your fault that you see life just so, but you often end up two steps ahead of everyone else. Give us a chance to catch up with you; it's a pain to make pit stops, but we just want to be by your side.
  • capricorn: You speak of tragedy as if it's just another piece in the puzzle you've designed for yourself because it makes you feel better to act as if you have all the answers. Life is not a 12 step plan. The plans you make for yourself will eventually fall through, but it doesn't make you any less worthy. Give yourself some room for spontaneity and see what grows from the unexpected.
  • aquarius: You brighten up a room like no one else and it's hard not to be starstruck by your very presence. But you're so afraid of things falling apart on you that you're willing to destroy them yourself if it means it'll save you pain in the long run. Be brave. Let yourself live.
  • pisces: You build walls to protect yourself from being hurt, but we both know they're only cardboard. It's okay to be optimistic and expect the best after experiencing the worst. That's what makes you special. That dream world is a nice place to visit, but make sure you don't let yourself get trapped there. I promise you'll find your happiness someday.
Not Quite Truth

Pairing: Cassander Timaeus Berenice/Maxine Ming

It’s been over a year since September fell, and the Chime lost one of their own.

As Cass prepares to return to being Cassander, they consider an important question while doing maintenance on the Megalophile:

Who is Maxine Ming?

No, they decide, that’s too broad, too unfocused. Maxine is someone who prides herself on confounding questions like that. She’d laugh if they ever voiced it, probably counter with something like, ‘Well, who are you, ‘sandy? Who is anyone, really?’

Then maybe…

Who is Maxine Ming to me?

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Hello! May I ask if you have any headcanons or speculations related to Lys's tattoo?

It’s hella artsy for one thing and Lysander could probably explain most of the symbolism to you, if he really wanted to get into it but it requires kind of having a knowledge of animal/mythology symbolism.  

The angel wings mean to always be benevolent, the butterfly and dragonfly wings mean accepting and adapting to change and the peacock feathers probably mean to have pride in yourself. 

 So, theres a bit of meaning behind the tattoo. He obviously drew the thing himself and maybe he decided to get it at a crucial point in his life but I still hold this belief that Lys mostly it because he thought tattoos were cool. He inks all these pages upon pages with his thoughts it’s about time he inked himself up a bit.

And here is my idea of romance:

You will soon be dead.

Life will sometimes seem long and tough and god its tiring. And you will sometimes be happy and sometimes sad. And then you’ll be old and then you’ll be dead.
There is only one sensible thing to do with this empty existence and that is, fill it.
Not feel it, fill it. And, in my opinion until I change it, life is best filled by learning as much as you can about as much as you can. Taking pride in whatever you are doing, having compassion, sharing ideas, running, being enthusiastic. And then theres love and travel and wine and sex and art and kids and giving and mounting climbing. But you know all that stuff already.

Its an incredibly exciting thing this one, meaningless life of yours.

Good luck.

—  Tim Minchin