if there's one scratch on them

‘He’s not dangerous…i provoked him’
'Why can’t you accept that some of these creatures are not good - you’re beginning to sound like a certain

young friend of yours’

Graves had to step in and he would have killed the beast if he didn’t know that by doing so Newt would never speak to him again so he just scared it off.

Graves is looking at all the scars with a mounting sense of agitation. There would be many very heated arguments about Newt and his beasts. Until the eventual cliché - 'Why do you even care???’ Graves would be so frustrated and quite a bit disappointed 'If you haven’t figured that out by now, I won’t be the person to tell you. And off he storms.
Newt huffs and grumbles because this kind of complication is the reason he prefers the company of beasts

Maybe theres a situation where Graves ends up endangered and THATS when it clicks for Newt
Oh, this is why Graves gets so bothered over Newts scratches and scrapes
He might be playing down his injuries

Like either some dark wizard or one of Newts beasts strikes at Graves because he senses that Newt is pissed at him and Newt throws himself between them 'Not him! No, you don’t hurt him, BAD BOY"
A trader, illegally and cruelly trading animals on the black market. And Graves steps in to protect the beasts.

Imagine him waking up later and Newts at his bedside fussing with the blankets and avoiding his gaze. Graves groans and mutters 'You are a terrible influence’
And Newt gives a slightly hysterical giggle and wipes at his eyes, half laughing and sobbing.

Graves sighs like this is really so exasperating
'Come here’ and he gets Newt to lay his head on his chest and strokes his hand over Newts hair

the store i work at has its own credit card and we have a promo for card holders sometimes where they can get 15, 20, or 30% off. our ads for it make the 30% bigger than the 15 or 20. they’re scratchoff mystery cards and we usually only use them if the customer forgets their mail in one.

HOWEVER its always inevitable where some old asshole comes in and goes “so i get 30% off for using my card right?” and of course, no you dont you didnt read the full ad, but we can offer a scratch off instead. this usually pisses them off and they start bitching about how ‘the ad didnt say that!’ and how its 'misleading’.

this happened yesterday with this one guy who was going to purchase a $500 item, slams it on the counter and goes the general 'so i get 30% for using my card right?’. i tell him no, but he can get a scratchoff to see if he gets 30% and theres been a lot of lucky ones that day. dude goes 'forget it’, DOESNT EVEN TRY WITH THE CARD, and storms out mid transaction while leaving this 20 pound item still on my desk.

i ended up giving his scratchoff to another customer. it was a 30%.

These are a new concept that I saw no one else was doing!
They’re Cave Pearls! Pearls are made out of calcium carbonate inside the shell of the mollusk, but! In caves there are Calcite deposits that trickle down into small pools of running water, and can cling to a nucleus! Forming over centuries, they make a Cave pearl. 
They’re non-nacreous of course so they’re not shimmery or brightly colored, but they’re still beautiful.

This is my concept for what Cave pearls look like! Big! -The green one is Canon Pearl’s height!- with torn looking sheer and some form of skin markings. 
They’re all usually blind or have extremely bad eyesight, though some can use correctional visors if their sight is strong enough.

Please make some of your own! Or send me asks about what they’re like! 

  • <p> <b>Me, any time any part of my body itches:</b> Bugs.<p/><b>The Me That Participates In Therapy:</b> there are no bugs, it was just one itch. things itch sometimes, also u have mild eczema u know that ur skin is just itchy a lot, there have never been bugs on ur skin. there are no bugs on ur skin.<p/><b>Me, yelling loudly over myself:</b> Bugs On Me. have to scratch them off. if there's an itch and I scratch it and there's no bugs, it means the bugs are now on a different part of my body. have to scratch whole body. any further itches are confirmed proof of Bugs. Bugs there are bugs, bugs on me.<p/></p>
SVT and BTS reactions

-s/o having really long nails.

s.coups: Okay yeah he’s probably gonna be shocked and also loves them. He’s that boyfriend who will help you pick out nail colors, but also tells you to pick one you like.

Originally posted by breaknewcolors

jeonghan: Bitch he’s the sass queen. And he will either hate or love them. Theres no in between. But he’d also like attempt to paint designs on them.

Originally posted by visual-17

wonwoo: Boy just smiles. He honestly wouldn’t mind. “They are your nails, not mine.” Is his go to line which more often than not leads to his s/o being frustrated when asking for his opinion.

Originally posted by wonnhao

mingyu: Acts like puppy and asks you to scratch his back or his arm. 

Originally posted by wonnhao

vernon: Also loves them like Mingyu. Enjoys your little back scratches whenever you do them.

Originally posted by soniathearmycarat

seokmin: Doesn’t know what to think about them. Probably stares at them for the longest time without saying a word.

Originally posted by kwonhohsi

seungkwan: Divaboo is here. He’d stare at them blank faced before he perks up asking one question, “Can i pick out your next nail colors???”

Originally posted by winningwinwin

hoshi: Holds your hands in his and admires the nails at how nice and even and clean they are. 

Originally posted by royalkpop

joshua: Smiles and eagerly hands you his guitar. “You don’t even need a guitar pic just use your nails!” Easily entertained.

Originally posted by gyushua

woozi: Just stares at them for a bit until he grips your hand and taps the nails on the desk creating a unique beat.

Originally posted by mushimish

minghao: This boy would love them. He especially enjoys when you run them across his skin softly. He thinks it’s soothing.

Originally posted by performanceunit

jun: He too loves them. He likes the feeling of nails digging into his skin softly. 

Originally posted by withjunhui

dino: Smol baby doesn’t hate nor love them. He’s neutral about it.

Originally posted by livelovelunch

namjoon: He’s already thrusting a guitar into your hands and demanding you to play for him. He wants to know if nails are better than an actual guitar pic.

Originally posted by joonjuly

jin: This boy loves food, we all know that. So he’s probably gonna make your experiment with those long nails. “how much butter did you scoop?” “I don’t know its stuck under my nails now!”

Originally posted by bwiseoks

yoongi: Honestly he likes them when you two are hugging and you run them down his back softly. He likes the feeling of how soft they are.

Originally posted by seokjins-wings

jhope: LOVES THEM. back massages? you are using the nails. Hugs? using the nails. 

Originally posted by nnochu

jimin: Mochi doesn’t really mind, but he does wan’t to be that cute boyfriend who paints his s/o’s nails.

Originally posted by jimiyoong

taehyung: A mix of jhope, jimin, and yoongi.

Originally posted by jimiyoong

jungkook: He loves them. Tbh he’s the type to see if you can write with the tip of your nail.

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Kuroko no Basket is a ships factory

I mean, we have

  1. Akafuri (Akashi Seijurou x Furihata Kouki)
  2. Akakise (Akashi Seijurou x Kise Ryouta) [also KiseAka]
  3. Akakuro (Akashi Seijurou x Kuroko Tetsuya)
  4. Akamido (Akashi Seijurou x Midorima Shintarou) [also Midoaka]
  5. Akamomo (Akashi Seijurou x Momoi Satsuki)
  6. Akaniji (Akashi Seijurou x Shuuzou Nijimura) [also Nijiaka]
  7. AoAka (Aomine Daiki x Akashi Seijurou)
  8. Aokaga (Aomine Daiki x Kagami Taiga)
  9. Aokise (Aomine Daiki x Kise Ryouta)
  10. Aokuro (Aomine Daiki x Kuroko Tetsuya)
  11. Aomido (Aomine Daiki x Midorima Shintarou)
  12. Aomomo (Aomine Daiki x Momoi Satsuki)
  13. Aosaku (Aomine Daiki x Ryou Sakurai)
  14. Haikise (Haizaki Shougo x Kise Ryouta)
  15. Haikuro (Haizaki Shougo x Kuroko Tetsuya)
  16. Hainiji (Haizaki Shougo x Shuuzou Nijimura)
  17. Hanakuro (Hanamiya Makoto x Kuroko Tetsuya)
  18. Hikuro (Himuro Tatsuya x Kuroko Tetsuya) [also Himukuro]
  19. Hyuuriko (Hyuuga Junpei x Aida Riko)
  20. Imaao (Imayoshi Shoichi x Aomine Daiki)
  21. Imahana (Imayoshi Shoichi x Hanamiya Makoto)
  22. Izukuro (Izuki Shun x Kuroko Tetsuya)
  23. Kagahimu (Kagami Taiga x Himuro Tatsuya)
  24. Kagakise (Kagami Taiga x Kise Ryouta)
  25. Kagakuro (Kagami Taiga x Kuroko Tetsuya)
  26. Kikasa (Kise Ryouta x Kasamatsu Yukio)
  27. Kikuro (Kise Ryouta x Kuroko Tetsuya)
  28. Kimomo (Kise Ryouta x Momoi Satsuki) [also Kisemomo]
  29. Kiyohana (Kiyoshi Teppei x Hanamiya Makoto)
  30. Kiyohyuu (Kiyoshi Teppei x Hyuuga Junpei)
  31. KiyoKuro (Kiyoshi Teppei x Kuroko Tetsuya)
  32. Kiyoriko (Kiyoshi Teppei x  Aida Riko)
  33. Mayukuro (Chihiro Mayuzumi x Kuroko Tetsuya)
  34. Midokise (Midorima Shintarou x Kise Ryouta)
  35. Midomomo (Midorima Shintarou x Momoi Satsuki)
  36. Midotaka (Midorima Shintarou x Takao Kazunari)
  37. Momokuro (Momoi Satsuki x Kuroko Tetsuya) [also Kuromomo]
  38. Momoriko (Momoi Satsuki x Aida Riko)
  39. MuraAka (Murasakibara Atsushi x Akashi Seijurou)
  40. Murahimu (Murasakibara Atsushi x Himuro Tatsuya)
  41. Murakise (Murasakibara Atsushi x Kise Ryouta)
  42. Murakiyo (Murasakibara Atsushi x Kiyoshi Teppei)
  43. Murakuro (Murasakibara Atsushi x Kuroko Tetsuya)
  44. Muramomo (Murasakibara Atsushi x Momoi Satsuki)
  45. Takakise (Takao Kazunari x Kise Ryouta)
  46. Takakuro (Takao Kazunari x Kuroko Tetsuya)

I feel like I barely scratched the surface, there must be tons more. Who do you think is missing?

  • Some nerd: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle, and without a solid grasp of theoretical physics most of the jokes will go over a typical viewer's head. There's also Rick's nihilistic outlook, which is deftly woven into his characterisation- his personal philosophy draws heavily from Narodnaya Volya literature, for instance. The fans understand this stuff; they have the intellectual capacity to truly appreciate the depths of these jokes, to realise that they're not just funny- they say something deep about LIFE. As a consequence people who dislike Rick & Morty truly ARE idiots- of course they wouldn't appreciate, for instance, the humour in Rick's existential catchphrase "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub," which itself is a cryptic reference to Turgenev's Russian epic Fathers and Sons. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those addlepated simpletons scratching their heads in confusion as Dan Harmon's genius wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools.. how I pity them.
  • Me: Lol, what a nerd. It's a good show but you don't have to have a PhD to enjoy it. Not to mention you completely missed the point that Rick's nihlism isn't something you're supposed to sympathize with.
  • Y'all: Lololol! Rick and Morty isn't deep you fucking idiot! It's just nihilism and poop jokes! There's a character named Mr. Poopybutthole, therefore the show has no artistic value at all! (Proceeds to make the same shallow interpretation of the show's theme as OP.)
  • Me: To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty. The humour is extremely subtle...
good things™

- the gaypak sticker my friend gave me to put on my laptop for,, reasons

- previous friend looking over my shoulder to read the lgbt book i borrowed out with me

- same friend and i bonding over lgbt authors

- different friend who leans on me at random times in class

- the confused looks people give us when he sits on my lap and i just calmly rest my head on his shoulder

- him making bi jokes for/about me

- small friend calling me “ex-wife” in the same way she says “friend/buddy/pal”

- her letting me warm my fingers up by placing them on her cheeks or letting me pat her head

- our morbid/inside jokes

- tall friend giving me her water bottle to scratch off the paint during class

- her realising that im in a bad mood and asking about it but giving me space if i need it

- us talking about our ideas for writing/her getting excited by my random crack idea

- the homework circle that forms whenever theres homework due next period that none of us have done

- the chains of answers forwarded to heaps of people in our class because none of them did it either

- the class jokes in general

- arguments with our hum/eng teacher

- tangent free zone

- not-josh, not-not-josh, josh-junior, josh-one, josh-two and just josh

- posting when i get home and people asking about my day

- pointless, not serious arguments/discourse

- my NOSTALGIC//SAD playlist

- the giant wall scroll i was given + other things ive acquired over the years

- the multiple keyrings attached to my bag because i like adding things to it

- the way my cat sleeps with me when im feeling particularly sad

- my brother making me a milkshake when i come home exhausted

- the early hours of the morning

- when its winter and everything is dark and perfect when i wake up

- my family huddled around a single heater

- brooklyn nine nine 

- the fairy lights on my piano

- the way my dog rests his head on your lap when he wants attention

- seeing my mutuals posting/happy

anonymous asked:

hey goob, im a writer writing a latin character, and im wondering if you'd have any general tips on like, what kinda stereotypes and stuff to avoid

things to avoid.. I can do that! I guess…

Well first of all this “Hola friends this is Paquito del barrio nice to conocerlos this is my dog Papi” needs to be scratched since the beginning, CERO of it, if its fluid in english theres no problem with them speaking spanish once in a while, but go fully on one sentence or another, we almost never mix words like that unless is ironically to mess with gringos.

Have in mind, where part of latin america are them? we are NOT all mexicans, and yeah, even in the accent theres differences, the way to speak usually too, in my country for example we talk kind of loud, in Chile they speak kind of fast, in Argentina they have a peculiar lil singing, the list goes on! 

AVOID as much as you can the “wow they have like 5000 siblings” bs, really, yeah we have big families over here, but ton of parents only have 2 or 3 kids, its a really… weird stereotype, i really don’t get it? Oh also, keep in mind in Latin America /as general/ we considerate “family” our cousins, our cousins cousins, our aunts aunties and such, we usually have a “big family” because its actually almost all the tree we talk about! I’ve seen is pretty common to have reunions with ton of familiars we don’t see that much.

This one is important, TACOS AND QUESADILLAS AIN’T THE ONLY LATINX MEAL, fuck, they ain’t even 5% of the culinary in Mexico! if you want your character to have ton of latinx air and sometimes eat traditional food, LEARN FROM THE GASTRONOMY OF WHERE THEY COME FROM, Mexican’s tamales ain’t the same as Colombian’s, not all places has as traditional food (for example) Mute, you need to know well where do they come from.

Oh also, Brasil is also part of Latin america, but they don’t speak spanish, Latinx =/= hispanic.

Now… yes, ton of girls in Latin america are hairy, but not all of them, same with boys. I have ton of classmates that are really hairless. The skin tone is NOT THE SAME for everyone either, some are really pale, others are a kind of creamy brown, some more caramel-like toned.

Yes, theres a few of latinx people that believe in ghost and paranormal junk, is much less that you may think! try to avoid  those “theres the cuco in the kitchen is going to comernos a todos” kind of stereotype, is really offensive, yes they can believe and even be super into that but be careful with the way you write them.

0 LATIN LOVER, really that womanizer junk is almost never real, please avoid the super-flirty “i only want girls to date them” guy…. heck even avoid that term, its deleted. 

My best advice tho is that, if you want them to show that they’ve been living in their natal place for a good junk of time, learn about that place. If your character is Puerto Rican learn about, at least, the traditions and gastronomy. Believe in me this is more important that it sounds by, if you wanna show they are from a place of course, it can be sort of neutral too.

kyokyo866  asked:

Whoa holy shit i just saw the comment about comparing it to mine. Like you said you made it in five months based on a premade plot, mines been going for 5+ years thats like completely original??? Thats comparing a direct to dvd animated sequel to a fresh theater debut animated. More budget, more time, more freedom. While I havent played your version yet (im planning to after I finish me and digs current round of it) I got to glimpse at some of the art and some twists in it and personally (cont.)

(pt2) I think it’s super neat with what you’re putting into it. And dreamtalis not even that perfect either?? Ive heard so many bad reviews of it and to be fair, yea hetaoni gets a bad wrap from its oversaturation. But its more the fandoms fault, not the people who want a shot at making a bookend for it, even if its just a springboard for an even grander idea. (hell dreamtalia had massive romaheta influences in the beginning). anyway my point being thats kinda a shit anon and (cont.)
(pt3) people are different. If ya dont like that version, fine go watch another one ya know?? None of them are going to have the canon ending so its like why bother putting up with it. If you are proud of your creation and you had fun, that’s the more important part. 5 months for a full game of art and visuals from scratch is amazing, even with premade stuff. I look forward to playing it in the future, and if theres a sequel i look forward to it too. (end) 

 (pt4)ALSO I FORGOT TO MENTION i too literally call everyone friend so they kinda kinda fuck off ya? ya. you do you, friend


Thank you so much!!! I mentioned this with a few friends earlier, but no content creator is free from getting harsh comments/reviews, no matter how good the content may be. I’m honestly surprised Dreamtalia’s had bad reviews, I was honestly very impressed when I played it, the story, programming and art were all really well made! Even if you might’ve based it off RomaHeta for a while, literally everything has to be based off of something so that’s only natural x”D

I only decided to remake HetaOni because it’s what made me want to learn how to create games in the first place. I was completely away from the Hetalia fandom when I started working on it, and I didn’t even plan on sharing it until I saw it was actually going somewhere, so I decided to ask if people would be interested in it. All of this whithout not even knowing if the fandom was even alive anymore lmao 

Honestly, working on this project was the best thing I could’ve ever done. I got to learn something I’ve wanted to do for ages, and I got to meet many wonderful people. Sometimes I feel bad because I completely changed what Tomoyoshi planned to do and I worry that if she ever got to know about it, she’d get upset her game was changed into something completely different, but I’m still happy I could give it an ending.

I don’t really mind feedback, it’s me who said “I’d gladly listen to it” in the first place, and I’ve already heard much worse so I’m not really fazed by their comment. 

I’m also going to take the opportunity to apologize for being so open about it to you a few months ago and asking you to play it, because I literally had no idea what was going on inside the fandom and that you weren’t as into hetaoni as you were before [nor did I know you were actually super famous and worshipped by the fandom] so I felt incredibly stupid after that fact had occured to me X”DD 

BUt yes this is a long reply, holy shit lmao anyway, thank you so much once again for taking your time to talk to me about it!! I really appreciate it!! I would absolutely love to hear your comments about the game, if you have the time to let me know!! Have a nice week, friend!)

Soldier: 76 x Reader Soulmate AU

finally, your first mission as an official agent of Talon! You and a few other agents were supposed to take down a powerful overwatch affiliate.
You assumed position and waited for further messages or signals. Nothing.. It doesn`t take this long to just take down a shield…
You tried to contact your team mates but none of them replied..
You waited until you couldn`t anymore and just got in there yourself, You knew that you weren`t supposed to but, you had no choice.. ok you did have the choice of leaving, but that`s beside the point.

Once in you saw nobody, You guess that your team had taken down these. You were cautious, this didn`t feel right…
finally you found two of your team mates in a secluded room severly wounded. You gave them the med kit you had on you and helped patch them up.
“What happened to you guys?” You asked helping them up “where are the others?”
“We didn`t know… Overwatch`s strike commander was here, to pick up some supplies.. We weren`t ready” One of them said through grunts.
“Strike commander…” You mumbled, you remember hearing about how he was a killing machine, a ruthless killer.

“We… We need to get out of here.” They said limping out of the room. “ I can`t, I need to find the others”, They still mattered!
“Theres no use, they are probably dead!” One of them argued “ There is still a chance! I mean, it was the same situation for you guys but i managed to save you!” you argued back
They both just sighed “Newbies…”. “Wait outside, I`ll be back outside, If i`m not back in 2 hours. run.”
They both just waved me off “Yea, yea..”

You sneaked through the halls, knocking out whoever was in your way.
For an important storage unit for Overwatch it sure was understaffed…
It was really big, you bearly knew where you were.. Scratch that, you had no idea where you were.
At the end of every hallway there would just be another hallway.
You were walking through a hall when a door opened suddenly in front of you.
“Thank you, mr. Eacker” A man said as he walked out of the doorway, you were behind the door… with nowhere to hide..
“No problem, mr. Morrison, nice talking to you” Mr. Eacker said back as the door closed.

This mr.Morrison guy sighed outloud and looked around, his eyes planting on you…
“Who are you?” He asked, his blue eyes staring at you. wait mr. MORRISON. THIS is the strike commander??
You tried to come up with a way to respond.. Your ear piece suddenly started making noise
“Hey, Newbie. We`re tired of waiting, let`s go.” Morrison`s stare only intesified.. Did he hear??

“You`re with Talon.. Aren`t you?” He said. You just darted, you ran. No way you were going to risk being killed.
You could hear his footsteps behind you, and he was catching up, damn he is fast..
You made a sharp turn, your feet skidd on the floor before speeding up again. You saw the doors… almost there!
But then you were takled to the ground. Your face down and your arms behind your back.
Your world then suddenly became.. color full.. Sure you could see color before but, they were more.. vibrant now..
That Morrison guy got off of you. Was he letting you go?

“Go.” He said.. “Why?” You asked and he just pushed you out the doors.
The whole ride home you couldnt stop thinking about that guy… why did he let you go? He had you, he could have easily just arersted you, or killed you.. But he let you go…
You barely responded to your team mates questions and conversation. You were too lost in your own mind.
Later that day, after getting yelled at for your stupid choices, you got home.
You went out for a walk, your heart was still racing… Was it possible that he was..?

You let out a small laugh, I guess he had figured it out before me..
He`s my soul mate… bound by fate, but pitted against eachother.. how painfully ironic..
you loved being outside at night, it felt like the world was yours alone.. none of the civilians liked to be outside at this time so it was comforting.
you heard foot steps walking to your right, you turned to look at the source of the sound..
It`s that guy again… He is the strike commander.. to take him down would be a huge advantage for Talon…
You match his pace and walk towards him.

“Can i help you?” He asks, probably doesn`t recognize you, good. Your hands reach up to form around his neck but, something doesn`let your hands touch him..
You feel tears form in your eyes, cause you know that this guy is your soul mate, he is the one.. And you are trying to strangle him
“It`s you again..” He says… You sniffle, tears streaming down your face, you look up at him.
He frowns “Yea.. i wish it wasn`t like this..”
Your hands go up to wipe away your tears but, before you can Morrison`s hands are already on your cheeks, wiping them away.
Electricity flies trough your body at his touch. God why does he have to be such a good guy?
His hand snakes it`s way around your waist and pulls you close for a kiss.
Sweet and simple, only lasted a few secounds, but it felt amazing.

“Maybe we can find a way to make it work?” Morrison says letting go of you. You already miss his touch.

To be continued??


ok so whats going on here. i started by writing a simple generic chord progression that had really only used one way of voicing the chords and plays one chord each bar for 4 bars.

i then ran those chords through an arpeggiator (basically, a thingy that breaks the chords into individual notes and plays them rhythmically). i set the arpeggiator to like fast probably 16th notes or smth and i set the direction to random so basically every 16th note its gonna play a random chord tone.

i recorded the output notes a couple times and picked the one i liked the best. slap those notes onto a generic supersaw synth stack, add a distorted sine wave sub bass and layer that with like a mid bass, get literally the first kick and snare samples available finish it up by putting xfer ott on the master channel along with a limiter and youre now an EDM legend.

cynicism aside though this is more of whatever genre all osu songs are so for that reason i might make this into a proper track but only if dave promises to make an osu map for it


BRICK WALLS | listen.

“Really, Gisborne? Is this the best you can do?”

Guy breathed heavily, his eyes squeezed shut so tight spots of color were all he could see. He pressed his face against the brick wall of his loft, now painted white, and took a deep breath before stepping back to punch the wall forcefully.

“Do it over - again. God, you really are useless.

Three more punches. Tears stung his eyes as he threw a fourth. He lost count after that and eventually fell into a heap against the wall, sobbing.

“Any more of – whatever – this incompetence is and you’re out of here, Gisborne. And you know I mean it, too.”

Head pressed against the wall, now sitting, he shakily reached into his pocket and pulled out a cigarette and his Zippo. He lit up, hands shaking so hard it was difficult to light the cigarette for a moment. He inhaled deeply and shut his eyes, knuckles stinging. 

“Useless,” Guy mumbled to himself. “Incompetent.” He opened his eyes and looked down at the bloody scratches on his knuckles, smoke filling the air. 

“Useless,” he repeated, cigarette between his lips.

Can We Keep Him
  • (( Request for inuwritercor-976 ))
  • *Genos and saitama sit outside relaxing as the bots play, one of the little ones running over with a black ball of fur in his's arms*
  • Tiny Genos: Mom! Dad! Can we keep this?
  • Saitama: *Arches a brow*....um, what exactly is it?
  • Tiny Genos: It's a dog, silly. * The mass of black fur unfolds to the shape of a black dog, a pair of red eyes opening on it's face*
  • Genos: Oh, it is- *Two more sets of red eyes open on it's face* definitely not a dog
  • Saitama: I don't know, kids. Pets are a big responsibility and then there's the cost of feeding them and taking care of them.
  • *One of the other tiny Genoses chime in*
  • Tiny Genos: We saw him eat garbage!
  • Genos: ....
  • Saitama: ....
  • Genos: I don't think it's supposed to eat that
  • Saitama: *scratching his chin* hmm, no more garbage pick up bill
  • Genos: Sensei!
The Boy In My Closet.

By xcirquedufreakx

There’s a million reasons why Kyungsoo loves Chanyeol. 

He loves the way Chanyeol can cover him with his entire body, hold him tight and protect him from almost anything.

He loves Chanyeol’s booming laugh that makes his chest vibrate, and how his eyes turn into little half moons when he smiles brightly.

He loves Chanyeol’s simple way of thinking, almost like a child’s and how honest he is. Sometimes the things Chanyeol says can be borderline hurtful because the older has no filter. But like a child, Chanyeol will tear up and apologize immediately, smothering Kyungsoo with endless kisses.

He loves all of Chanyeol, the good the bad and the indifferent.

After their one year anniversary, Chanyeol tells him a secret.

“I can see dead people.” and Kyungsoo doesn’t doubt him for a second. It’s unlike Chanyeol to ever lie, he’s honest with everything always. And it scares Kyungsoo, to suddenly remember every time his boyfriend had stared off into space, how he hated sleeping alone, how he always closed all the blinds, all the doors and every closet. It all makes sense. Chanyeol sees dead people, and Kyungsoo loves this side of him as well.

Chanyeol tells him that its usually the same ghosts that visit, all of them stuck in or near the older’s apartment complex. They aren’t exactly scary, but they’ve grown annoying because they constantly question Chanyeol about life and death and keep him up at night. Kyungsoo thinks he can help, he saves up money from his part time job.

He saves and saves, and finally there’s enough to buy a new apartment for both himself and his childish boyfriend. Chanyeol hesitates at first, fear evident in his eyes of leaving behind the souls who long to communicate with him. But because Kyungsoo is by his side he agrees. They move in a few weeks later. The sky is clear and the sun shines brightly. The new apartment is clear on the other side of town. The complex is old. The apartment is a one bedroom with a joint kitchen and living room. Chanyeol is silent once they walk in, feeling the energy as he’s done before, and walks around with wide eyes. And finally when they’re in the bedroom, a quaint size with a large window and a double door closet, his boyfriend halts. 

“There’s a little boy here.” is the first thing his boyfriend whispers. Kyungsoo follows Chanyeol’s stare to the far end of their new bedroom, where their closet sits wide open. Chanyeol doesn’t dare look away. The hairs on the back of Kyungsoo’s neck stand up.

Things go smoothly the first days. They unpack quickly and settle in. The only problem is at night. Kyungsoo keeps closing the closet doors for Chanyeol at night like he used to do in the old apartment. And every morning they find them open. But his boyfriend shrugs it off because, “The little boy is lonely. That’s all.” and ignores it.

Even when the closet is slammed open violently and Kyungsoo jumps with a scream, Chanyeol sighs and walks over, whispering under his breath, “Stop it, be nice please.”

After weeks go by Kyungsoo starts waking up in the middle of the night to find Chanyeol sitting up in bed, staring at the closet with out blinking. He tries to get the older to go back to sleep, but is pushed away. Kyungsoo doesn’t look forward to the nights anymore.

“There’s something else here.” is what Chanyeol whispers. But he’d waited specifically till they were outside of the apartment door. Kyungsoo notices Chanyeol’s long pale fingers shaking. He tries to show support, he tries to ask who else is there. “It wants me. It wants us.”

Kyungsoo tries not to panic. Because Chanyeol has never referred to the dead people as ‘it’.

Kyungsoo thinks maybe if they’re polite nothing bad will happen. So he leaves the closet doors open on purpose.

One night he wakes up and glances over at the blackness of the open closet and his skin turns ice cold. He’d seen it for a fraction of a second, the smallest thing.

A hand clutching the edge of the closet frame and then disappearing. Kyungsoo’s frozen, staring and waiting for something else to pop out and scare him. But all he sees his the darkness. Quickly he turns over and cuddles in to Chanyeol’s side, rapid heartbeat keeping him awake to hear the small footsteps that pad around their bed.

Dark bruises start to form under Chanyeol’s eyes, he always stares in to the closet before bed.

“Maybe we should move?” Kyungsoo suggests softly one morning. His boyfriend looks horrible and exhausted. As soon as the words leave his lips there’s a loud thump from their bedroom. Both of them jump in surprise. Scratching reaches their ears, loud and it continues for several minutes.When it stops Chanyeol is first to jump up, anger on his face as he storms over and opens the door.

I am the boy from your closet.

You both are mine.

Kyungsoo calls his parents, and they plan to stay with them for awhile until they find a new place to stay. They will leave in a week.

On the Sunday more messages are scratched in to the wall.

On Monday Chanyeol places a dresser in front of the closet doors to keep them shut.

On Tuesday morning they wake up to find the dresser torn apart and the closet wide open.

On Wednesday night Chanyeol screams and tells Kyungsoo to never go in to the bedroom again. They sleep in the living room together.

On Thursday morning Kyungsoo wakes up, somehow he’s ended up halfway in to the bedroom doorway. Chanyeol jumps awake and drags him back, glaring in to the empty room, “Stay away!”

On Friday night Kyungsoo falls asleep in Chanyeol’s arms while they television is still on. They can both hear the scratching echoing from the empty room but try to ignore it. That same night Kyungsoo wakes up alone, and he sees that the bedroom door is open.

He runs inside with his heartbeat pulsing in his ears.

Chanyeol sits in the middle of the bed, knees tucked under his chin and rocking back and forth. He looks tormented.

“It was never a little boy, it was never a little boy. It’s in the closet.” he mumbles over and over again. And his eyes widen and point to the blackness of the closet. Kyungsoo wants to be brave for his boyfriend. He wants to put an end to this.

Kyungsoo turns and walks in to the closet, turning on the small light inside. The bulb flickers to life and Kyungsoo’s heart halts.

Chanyeol stands there in the closet, bruised eyes and tears streaming down his face.

“There’s something sitting on the bed.” he whispers.


Tourmaline: chapter 22

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Howlite carved out a rut in the beach. She paced with high, cautious steps. The sand was cool in this section, the sky blotchy and pink with the impending sunset. It was quiet here, calm, with a salty dry wind rolling over the sand dunes. The steady lap of the ocean should have been soothing, but Howlite’s mind wouldn’t let her relax.

Her movements grew faster and more agitated as she glanced down at her boots. They bore lightning-shaped streaks of sand, filling up cracked seams which hadn’t been there before. They climbed upward, toward her, and for the moment she could imagine them consuming her entirely, breaking her down to tiny mineral shards. She clamped her hand to her chest and resumed pacing.

“Ma’am,” she said to the empty air. It earned no response; the ship was too far away for any of the hustling noise it generated to carry over. It smoldered, seemingly in silence, a few hundred yards off. The Crystal System Gems’ base sat an equal distance away, but in the other direction. It was silent too, unmoving, and dark. Howlite had all but removed herself from the world. “Ma’am,” Howlite ventured again, “I have a favor to ask you.”

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