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OMG i just watched an interview of patrick ness talking about todd and viola and how he wanted them to fall IN REAL LOVE AND DIDNT WANTED IT TO BE CHEAP. ARE U KIDDING ME IM DEFINITELY NOT PREPARED TO WATCH TOM PLAYING A CHARACTER HAVING AN INTENSE ROMANCE LIKE THAT. Also, apparently theres no kissing at first which made me a bit disapointed tbh, but u know what, im patient

Well for one they’re like 14 in the book so idk if I would call it an intense romance but yeah it’s a very very slow burn thing like they are platonic for a while and then even after you can tell there are feelings it’s a LONG time before anything actually happens. The romance isn’t super important to the story tbh it’s their relationship as a whole!!

If you want Tom as an intense romantic, just wait for Beneath a Scarlet Sky lol

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hey simk i thought u ought to know that, in ur post abt compelling "bland" characters, you put the read more at the very end of the post and i was like what??? there isn't more?? I DEMAND A REFUND but then i remembered that ur giving us all this content for free. so. thank you

hfndlksfd IM SORRY, theres this glitch with the theme where the readmores all get shunted to the bottom of my posts instead of being where i want them to be!! but if theres anything else you want to hear about feel free to send an ask, i am trying to slowly work through my backlog of…. 400+ asks hah

Hey all, sorry for the lack of content. Life has been really hectic. My grandmother passed away last month and it hit me pretty hard. I’ve been pretty down in the dumps and unmotivated. Things are getting back to normal though so expect more content. I got a promotion at work and will be moving in December so good things are coming :)

I’ll probably do a test run of adoptables, actually draw some of the requests in my inbox and a few test commission slots. Let me know if theres anything different you want to see on this blog, too!

you know that trope in shows or movies where the evil character is in captivity and starts talking to the Heroes to try and mess with their minds, and starts analysing them going “face it you’ll never be good enough” … “you try to act tough but inside you’re broken” … and the Hero gets really rattled and upset.

well i want a scene like that where it doesn’t work

Villain: “You have a darkness inside of you. You try to hide it, but it’s there–”

Hero: “Yeah that’s the depression, there’s pills for that.”

Villain: “You try every day to make your mother proud. Even after death, it still haunts you. But she’ll never be proud of.”

Hero: “Well yeah, she was an emotionally abusive narcissist, she was never proud of anything I did, what else is new.”

Villain: “You put on a good show, but deep inside I know you don’t feel worthy.”

Hero: “I know, man, I’ve been trying to work on that in therapy.”

Like… give me characters who know they’re mentally ill and traumatised who can’t have it used against them because they’ve fully accepted it

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is it possible that plants have consciousness?

this is actually a small sub branch of botany thats been growing and gaining some recognition in the past 5 years or so called plant cognition! we’ve been thinking about if plants can possibly be intelligent to any degree for centuries, but the main paper that started up this huge discussion in the modern era was one called Experience Teaches Plants to Learn Faster and Forget Slower in Environments Where It Matters by Monica Gagliano, a plant researcher in Australia who specializes in it. because the results indicated that plants were possible of learning and retaining information in a kind of memory in response to environmental changes, it received a lot of backlash and denial- generally in science, that kind of intelligent reaction to an organism’s environment is a good indicator of cognitive behavior in the organism. it got rejected by 10 different journals before being published in 2014. 

the experiment worked like this. i’ve talked before about mimosa pudica, a tropical plant that curls its leaves back when touched (they go back to normal in a few minutes):

this is to help deter predators among other things. but in this experiment, Gagliano used it as an indicator of stimulus and to test cognitive function. It’s well known that pudica has a rudimentary nervous system that can even be temporarily inhibited using anesthetics (just like ours can!). she hooked up a ton of these plants in pots to identical rail systems that allowed them to be lightly dropped in an identical way, juuuuust heavy enough to trigger the stimulus so all the leaves drop down when they hit the bottom (a piece of foam so they wouldn’t actually hurt the plants). every time the plants would be dropped, they would close up. 

but after the plants were dropped about 60 times each, they stopped responding to the drop. 

they remembered that no harm was coming from this action and decided that it was against their best interests to keep expending energy closing their leaves. they 200% learned to stop. 

she decided to test it further. she put some of the plants in a shaker and let them receive a more jarring response; the plants closed up as usual. then, she put them back in the droppers and dropped them again. they didn’t close up. they had remembered that response. this dispels the obvious rebuttal to this experiment of the plants just being tired; they still closed up when stimulated differently.

they just chose not to close up when they hit a stimulus they remembered. 

it turns out that not only could they remember to keep their leaves open when dropped on the apparatus, but they remembered after 28 days when she kept testing it!! apparently by the end of the experiment, all the plants had decided to keep their leaves open when dropped!!!!

how do they do this?? we literally dont know. they have no central brain, only a basic nervous system. can other plants do this??? 

well, adding onto that, venus fly traps can count! like. they have three hairs inside their traps, and all three must be touched within 20 seconds for the trap to close. once closed, those three trigger hairs must continue to be stimulated by thrashing prey, or the trap will reopen. 

so yeah like. basically ‘are they sentient’: apparently to an extent???? we dont know exactly why or how but they are??? maybe???? sort of????? at least some of them are?? but they dont have a brain so everyones like????????????????????? maybe its through a signaling network????????????????? but like how would that even work?????????

plant consciousness is still new enough to be dismissed as crazy by a lot of biologists but like. the evidence is there. we don’t know a whole lot and its clearly a radically different kind of intelligence than we know in animals, but it’s there and we 200% dont know how it works yet or even the full extent of how plants use this intelligence (for example: does a redwood have the same intelligence as a venus fly trap?? how does it learn things and use that knowledge???) 

national geographic wrote an awesome article visualizing the experiment here if you want to read more!

It’s legal to require women to wear makeup at work, and fire them for failing to adhere to this “dress and grooming code” in the usa. like noah fense but uh makeup legitimately is a thing that should be talked about in regards to women NOT having to wear it. 

like i get it some of yall genuinely enjoy wearing makeup, great cool, but women legitimately lose their jobs because they don’t want to wear makeup. 

And like theres so many reasons why a woman wouldn’t, or couldn’t, wear makeup, ranging from disability to mental illness to fucking anything. AND THIS HAS FUCK NOTHING to do with if they can or can’t do the job. that’s fucking absurd. The makeup industry is shitty towards women. It is. 

And like you fucking know it’s sexist when men are reprimanded for wearing makeup, and women lose their jobs for NOT wearing makeup lmao.

Water signs: I want to spend hours together talking about nothing

Air signs: I want to spend hours together talking about everything

  • Aries: You'll be as bright as the sun and make the most difficult choices in your life soon. Chin up, spit the blood, and fight for your beliefs.
  • Cancer: Maybe things seem pretty rough right now. Think about what you want for the long run, maybe it's not what you want now. Where are you in 10 years?
  • Taurus: You're always so nervous and tedious about your work. You know what? If you're trying to impress something or someone to get what you want, maybe it's not for you. Because if you're not doing what you love to impress people, screw that. Do what you want.
  • Gemini: Oh boy. You have no idea. You have such big dreams and so little time. Go with what you want and don't let anybody get in the way of it. You're really never late to anything. There's time, just a limited amount.
  • Leo: Summer down, maybe your dream when you were little won't work. Maybe it will, who knows? The thing is, don't live your life in solitude, find someone to adventure with and show your colors.
  • Virgo: My dear, don't be afraid of society's rules, they're meant to be broken. Prove your point. Be an example. Break the glass.
  • Libra: You've been told what to do and how to do it for too long. Stop obeying and start pioneering your own future. Dream for yourself.
  • Scorpio: You think you have it all figured out don't you? Just know that life throws curveballs all the time. Be ready for anything darling.
  • Sagittarius: Maybe you don't know. Maybe you know. You're in the dark yet you see light. I promise it will become clear for you one day when you probably least expect it.
  • Capricorn: You're ambitious but not supported. I'm sorry. Put yourself in a healthy group of people and environment and you'll grow as fast as time passes.
  • Aquarius: You can not see the future and there are things you won't be able to predict. Stop trying so hard and let go. You'll find your success elsewhere. Don't expect a pretty platter of success to be handed to you.
  • Pisces: You fall but you need to get back up. Don't loose sight of what's important to you and your journey. You've grown so much in this period of time. Keep it up and success will be great.

“To die-to sleep, No more; and by a sleep we say to end the heart-ache and the thousand natural shocks” ~ Hamlet, Act 3 Scene 1

Lancelot Fluff Fanfic Rec List

I decided to make a list featuring a few of my fluffy favourites for Lotor x Lance. All fics are rated Teen or General unless marked otherwise. I tagged everyone’s tumblrs that I could find.

Single Chapter:

Spa Date with a Prince by @deecherrywolf
Lance is captured and held captive by the nefarious Prince Lotor.
Prince Lotor can’t help but notice how amazing his prisoner’s skin looks.

It’s So Hard to Be Beautiful by @stopmeplease
Lance and Lotor meet at a spa and find they have some things in common.

Of braiding hair and apology cards by @lotorn
(Explicit) Lance’s long fingers thread through the soft locks gently, his nails scratching on the scalp. Lotor purrs. (okay so, not exactly fluff, but it is for this ship tbh lol)

Small Series:

Little Blue by @shiirxtakashii
“Wait, are you flustered? Are you blushing?” Lance asked, leaning over to try and get a closer look at the other.
“Flustered? Blushing? What are those?” Lotor asked, his head turning back, the flush still there slightly.

T'is the Season by Quillaninc
(Christmas Fic) 'Why-“ Lotor drawled, sceptical ”-would you have a gift for me?“

nobody even says wooing anymore by silverliningsgirl
Lance gets hit on and Shiro goes into Dad mode that’s it that’s the story.


Moonflower by @noir-wing (yup, this one’s mine)
(WIP) “Don’t swear at me in Galra,” Lance glared.
The prince smirked, “Oh, it wasn’t an insult. If you were to translate it into your tongue… I suppose the word would be: darling.”

The Promised are Bound, Mr Gonzalez by Levis_turtles
Lance makes a promise to Lotor, not realising that the promises made between Galra (or, in this case, Galra and Human) are as inescapable as they are binding.

The Flirtation Situation by Levis_turtles
(WIP) Lance is in a battle against the Galra when he is approached by the commander of the galra empire, Prince Lotor.

Altean! Lance AU Drabble by @raphidae
Lotor and Allura are engaged in the name of an alliance, but neither want to wed one another. So what happens when Lotor meets her younger brother?
(I’m putting this in multichapter because it’s a really long drabble series so it’s basically a fic)


Honestly Bakugou would be the best sparring partner for Uraraka since he won’t hold back at all and recognizes her strength anyways! Also my excuse for wanting to drawing those pants cause I love doing that in my own pair … Ehehe

Also bonus!

star trek captains ranked according to cooking ability
  • Sisko: grew up working in a restaurant. 11/10. the absolute best. makes non-replicated meals for his family and senior staff in the tradition passed down by his father. delicious. blessed. an emissary of flavor.
  • Kirk: can grill anything and has a mean pastry game. 9.5/10. definitely the guy you want on a camping trip, and would win any episode of chopped based on how he dealt with the gorn. if you take care of the judges with a makeshift cannon then there's no judges to say that you lose.
  • Picard: probably knows some French classics, but is decidedly rusty. 6/10. likes tea and wine more than food. makes a mean cucumber sandwich tho.
  • Archer: spent more time making models than learning how to cook. 3.5/10. his food is edible, but there's a reason they hired a chef to cater diplomatic dinners. has to consciously remind himself not to lick his lips whenever Trip mentions fried catfish.
  • Janeway: burned something with a replicator, which was not malfunctioning at the time. -8472/10. just eat her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. it's safer.

It’s because he’s a model and a weeaboo obviously

I just want more of the squad hanging out like normal teens okay

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trans/queerphobia is not limited solely to the actual murder of people it also includes but is not limited to:

  • casual cissexism (ie. “girls are so strong dealing with their periods!”)
  • denial of privilege (ie. “yeah gay people might have it hard but i have it hard too and im straight!!”)
  • trivialization of oppression (ie. “not all cis people are like that!! theres a few assholes out there, but most people are accepting!”)
  • passive bi-standing (ie. not actively oppressing trans/queer people but also not DOING ANYTHING when they are being oppressed)
  • refocusing attention onto the privileged party (ie. “yeah you may get called a [t slur] but you called me a cishet which is bullying!!”)
  • weaponizing support (ie. “now that you were mean to me i dont know if i want to support queer people anymore”)
  • invalidation of anger (ie. “just because youre oppressed doesnt mean you can just bully people!”)
  • simplifying oppression (ie. “lets all just be nice to each other!”)
  • erasure of identities (ie. “just stop labeling yourself and you wont get oppressed!”
  • speaking over an oppressed party [whether for profit or not] (ie. MACKLEMORE)
The Signs As Bad Lovers (aka the negative side of the signs in love)
  • *Requested--- Use Moon or Venus*
  • Aries: Self-absorbed and Immature. Theyre selfish and look out for themselves before anybody else, including you. They tend to come off as insensitive and have a "suck it up" attitude towards emotions. They anger easily and take out their frustrations on you.
  • Taurus: Stubborn and Lazy. Incredibly scared of change to the point of controlling behavior. Too stubborn to let anything go, using it against you every chance they get. They'll hold a grudge through the whole relationship. They need complete stability and feel threatened by even minor changes.
  • Gemini: Flighty and Argumentative. They need constant change and variety resulting in dismissive behavior. They hate being tied down and fear commitment. They'll pick fights just to get a debate out of you. They spend more time charming new people than spending time with you.
  • Cancer: Moody and Defensive. They take everything you say personally and jump to conclusions. Incredibly jealous and manipulative. Theyll victimize themselves anytime you do something slightly upsetting. Theyre childish and quick to upset.
  • Leo: Overdramatic and needy. They do anything to get your attention, including acting out or purposely pissing you off. They'll try to make you jealous and if you point out their behavior, react unreasonably.
  • Virgo: Picky and Boring. They always have to be right and never let an argument go without proving you wrong (even if youre not). Theyre over critical of everything you do and say. If theres a flaw, they point it out.
  • Libra: Flaky and Flashy. They jump from lover to lover. They have to show off their partner but quickly move onto the next. Theyre incredibly indecisive and generally dont really know what they want, causing problems between both of you.
  • Scorpio: Possessive and Jealous. They're incredibly paranoid of their lovers and it results in jealousy. They accuse their lovers often and refuse to show remorse, often using excuses to justify their intentions. Theyre not emotionally accessible. and keep everything to themselves.
  • Sagittarius: Self-righteous and contradicting. They dont want to be held down as theyre free spirits at heart yet they dont want you to be flighty. They jump into things headfirst without thinking it through, including decisions involving both of you. They can be rather dismissive, hurting your feelings by disregarding your thoughts.
  • Capricorn: Harsh and Insensitive. They tell the cruel truths that you dont want to hear. These truths can even be downright mean. They know the time for work and the time for play and scold you if you dont. They set higher than achievable standards for you making them difficult to please.
  • Aquarius: Distant and Aloof. They seem cold, keeping their emotions deep inside rarely letting you catch a glimpse. Often times, their feelings are a guessing game and you find yourself questioning their love. They act as though theyre better than you and others.
  • Pisces: Manipulative and self-victimizing. They need your attention and affection constantly. If they dont get it, they immediately victimize themselves and guilt you into feeling sorry. Theyre incredibly clingy and are hurt easily, even if youre just pointing out a minor bad habit. They talk more about their feelings than they listen yours. When theyre upset they turn to unhealthy cooing mechanisms and blame you afterwards.
  • *Remember to check out the original post, The Signs As Lovers*
  • *And remember, these descriptions are only for bad lovers, not all people.*
  • Naruto: So, like, ever since Hinata confessed to me, people have been like- ya know
  • Sasuke: Hn
  • Naruto: And I'm just- I don't, like, I can't- ya know
  • Naruto: But I should, right? There's no reason I shouldn't, uh, ya kn-
  • Sasuke: Dobe, if you say "ya know" one more time
  • Naruto: I can't help it, I'm just so, so, ya know!
  • Sasuke: Why are you talking to me about this, idiot?
  • Naruto: You're the only one who hasn't said anything, ya know. Sakura-chan, Kakashi, Ino, Iruka, even Kiba have been on my case non-stop.
  • Sasuke: It's your life. Your choice. Do what you want. It makes no difference to me.
  • Naruto: But, but Sasuke, I'm just so... Ya know.
  • Sasuke: Fine, usuratonkachi. We'll talk.
  • Sasuke: Do you think she's pretty?
  • Naruto: Eto... *squints* I guess so.
  • Naruto: Actually, now that you mention it, Hinata's kind of a looker, huh
  • Naruto: But she's still not as pretty as- *glances over* Uh, other people.
  • Sasuke: Like who? Sakura?
  • Naruto: Yeah, Sakura-chan and... Someone else
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sasuke: So the problem is that you have feelings for another person
  • Naruto: *blushes* Um... I guess, but I doubt you- I mean, this other person will ever, ya know, feel the same way, so I should just
  • Sasuke: Have you said anything?
  • Naruto: Well, no
  • Naruto: But after everything that happened, you- I mean, this person should get it by now, and if y- they don't, that probably means it's one-sided. Right?
  • Sasuke: Maybe
  • Naruto: Oh
  • Sasuke: Unless I -I mean, this 'other person' was thinking the same way as you
  • Naruto: Really? You Were?
  • Sasuke: Were what? I'm talking about this mysterious 'other person' who's apparently prettier than Hyuuga Hinata, which is -mmmphmm!
  • Sasuke: What was that, you moron?
  • Naruto: It's called a kiss, teme.
  • Naruto: Something two people do when they like each other.
  • Sasuke: ...
  • Sasuke: I'm not familiar with the concept.
  • Sasuke: Maybe you should show me again.

make me choose:
↳anon asked jihan or jicheol [cr. 1]

q: jisoo do you have something you want to say to jeonghan?
joshua: i love you ♡ (trans)

☁️ = fluff
💧 = angst
💋 = smut
(M) = mature read


~ coming soon ~

You Deserve Punishment (M) ft. Jimin 💋💧

In which you find out the dirty little secret of your old teaching assistants; Ms. Min Yoonji was actually a man, who was the lover of Park Jimin.

part 1 | part 2

 Take it like a Puppy (M) 💋☁️

In which you are a cat hybrid, while your best friend Hoseok, was a dog hybrid. What happens when one of you unexpectedly goes into heat?

~ coming soon ~

Tease (M) 💋

Your best friend gets a new job, but tries to keep it a secret from you. You manage to find the address to his work, but why did it lead you to a strip club?

part 1 part 2

You Deserve Punishment (M) ft. Yoongi 💋💧

In which you find out the dirty little secret of your old teaching assistants; Ms. Min Yoonji was actually a man, who was the lover of Park Jimin.

part 1 | part 2

Forgotten (M) 💧💋

After years of wanting Taehyung to return your affections, you finally saw the look of love shine on his eyes - but it wasn’t meant for you. No, it was meant for her… 

Angel in the Darkness (M) 💋💧

You naively agree to a patient’s request of helping his friend. Little did you know, that he was sending you to meet a dangerous prostitute named Jeon Jungkook.

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 | part 8 | part 9

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