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Edward Nygma who doesn’t know what bisexuality is

Edward Nygma who thinks you either like boys or you like girls

Edward Nygma who knows he likes girls but thinks he might like boys and is confused by that 

Edward Nygma who forms feelings for Oswald Cobblepot but has no idea what they are, what they mean

Edward Nygma who thinks Oswald has feelings for him but is still confused about his own feelings

Edward Nygma who, when he meets Isabella, projects all of his feelings for Oswald onto this girl because he knows he likes girls

Edward Nygma who, once Isabella no longer wants to be involved with him, comes to realize that his feelings for her weren’t genuine

Edward Nygma who realizes what his feelings for Oswald are, who no longer thinks you have to pick one or the other

Edward Nygma who doesn’t know what bisexuality is until he realizes and accepts what his feelings for Oswald are

Edward Nygma who shares this with Oswald

Oswald Cobblepot who only likes boys but doesn’t have a single problem with his boyfriend also liking girls so long as he likes him the most

Bisexual Edward Nygma who didn’t always know what his sexuality was but found it much easier to accept with the help of his boyfriend

Edward Nygma and Oswald Cobblepot in a healthy and supportive queer relationship

the monsters as wolfpupy tweets
  • neil: where people like you see a problem i see opportunity to create worse problems
  • andrew: i don't care one way or the other way, no matter what way i don't care
  • kevin: i'm not going to claim that i know everything, i am simply going to act like it
  • aaron: before anyone says anything i just want to leave so i am not around to hear it
  • nicky: if theres one thing i dont know about its everything
BTS REACT: To a new trainee

Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact:
Bts reaction when theres a new trainee who’s beautiful and have potentional and don’t know them?

Rap Monster: He would probably try to act cool and approach you right away. If you were a rapper he’d offer to help you out.

“If there’s anything you want to work on or need help with just ask. That’s what sunbaes are for.”

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Jin: I can imagine Jin being more inclined towards the less forward approach. He’d probably glance over at you a lot whenever you were in the practice room, and wait for moments where you were close enough and the situation was right so that he could start chatting you up.

When is she going to walk over?

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Suga: He probably wouldn’t approach you right away, instead I think Suga would be the type to slyly and discreetly try to get closer to you.

When discussing plans for a new song he’d probably slip in something about you.

“So um, that new trainee I think we can use her in the next project. She’s got a nice tone, it’ll match well with the vocal line. It’ll be good exposure for her too…what was her name again?” Trying very hard to be natural, ft. Jimin.

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J-Hope: You’d catch his eye while practicing a BTS choreo and he’d be really impressed. He’s a nice person in general but he’d be extra nice to you and offer to help you out with dancing if you wanted.

Maybe she’d like an album too, I should put one aside for her. The one where my signature looks the nicest.

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Jimin: When he noticed you practicing he’d be pretty impressed, and although a little shy he’d try and act cooler while practicing. During breaks when you were near enough he’d probably try acting all indifferent while addressing you.

“So you’re the new trainee huh?” (OMG Jimin, stahp. We all know you’ll turn squishy in less than 2.5 seconds.)

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V: Taehyung would be extra extra. He’s a social little alien so he’d have no problem approaching you first without any reservations and chatting you up. Be prepared for a lot of flirting!

“I haven’t seen you around before, what’s your name?”

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Jungkook: He’d most definitely be too shy to approach you on his own. Especially since he thinks you’re really beautiful and talented, so you’re extra intimidating. Although for him, girls are intimidating in general. He’d probably try being discreet about his interest in you, maybe asking the staff or waiting for an opportunity to arise on its own and secretly wishing you’d just approach him first.

“So um,” slides up close to the vocal trainer, “that new trainee, who is she?”

Trainer: “Why, you interested?”

“Ah…no just curious, she’s got a good voice so…ahem…excuse me.” Runs away.

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If dinner is what you want, then I can provide. And I can take you wherever you’d like to go. I can especially take you to the places that you DON’T want to go. It’s exciting… knowing that there are endless… possibilities waiting for you.
I’ve been waiting a long time to get some… personal time between us.
So, now that we’re here together, we can really get to know each other. You just need to let me in.
It’s as simple as that.
—  Darkiplier
RFA Reactions to Witchy MC

Disclaimer: They might all be a little OCC, theres some spoilers, some of them get fluffy and smutty. Mainly Sevens. Also don’t think anything I typed is the sole accurate representation of Witch craft. Pls, it’s just what I occasionally practice and I’m by no means the most informed.

If you like it pls let me kno am desperate for deh reveews uwuwuwuwwu and if you do let me know if you want the minor trio.

Lmao ok I’ll stop being garbage I’m sorry.


  • He didn’t know cause you never told him. You weren’t really scared of telling him, but there never seemed to be a time to mention it
  • He never noticed how many different pendants and gemstones you had, and if he did he just thought they were an ~*aesthetic*~ choice
  • You didn’t pay much mind to him not paying mind, and you didn’t try to avoid doing witchy things around him, you just tended to do them more when alone
  • So one day while Yoosung was at class you were feeling the ~vibes~ and decided to do some sachets of assorted herbs and stones for any number of purposes. You were planning a luck one, a happy feeling one, maybe even a love one for the bedroom.
  • You lost track of time and Yoosung came home to find you sitting at the kitchen table with a bunch of plant leaves, rocks, and tiny felt bags.
  • You just looked up and “Oh, uh, hey Babe”
  • Yoosung didn’t really know what he was looking at and just “Hey Babe……”
  • …….
  • “Whatchya doin?”
  • So you told him. You make sachets and charms and occasionally meditate and try to open your third eye and you believe in any number of things that are considered supernatural and-
  • Yoosung loves it immediately.
  • “Oh my god my babes a witch! You’re like, a real life mage! Oh my god so you cast spells and stuff???”
  • You chuckle “Well sometimes yeah but I’m not vanquishing monsters I’m usually just like, trying to make myself feel more creative”
  • He still loves it. He wants to learn things. Teach him the things.
  • He ends up sitting at the table with you and you tell him what all the different plants and stones are for. He gets super into it.
  • He joins you for witchy activities once a week now.
  • Whenever he cooks he gives you the leftovers and you put it out as an offering for any deity of your choosing.
  • You make him a jar stuffed with assorted things that are supposed to bring success and victory. He keeps it next to his computer and everytime he wins a tough battle he yells a thank you to you and kisses the jar.
  • Does not stop bragging to his online friends “My sweetheart is basically a mage. How cool??”


  • You knew Jaehee was sorta religious and you were scared to bring up the whole “Hey I participate in witchcraft thing”
  • You constantly ran the conversation over in your head “Hey Baehee, I uh, I’m a witch. Now contrary to popular belief, Witchcraft isn’t a religion! It’s just a practice…like…yoga. Kind of…So…cool?”
  • No not cool You couldn’t convince yourself to talk to her about it.
  • She’s really level headed…but you were so scared to ruin things with her.
  • So you just resolve to bottle it up and handle it another day and keep all your witchy shit packed up until you figure out what to do.
  • But one day you come home from shopping and find Jaehee holding a box of Tarot cards
  • Yours
  • Shit shit shit shit shit
  • She looks up and sees you ghosting in the doorway
  • “MC!”
  • “Please don’t break up with me” It just kinda fell out of your mouth
  • “What” She looks confused for a second “If anything I should ask you not to break up with me. I didn’t mean to go through your stuff, I was trying to clean the shelf and I was too short and I reached for a box and all your stuff fell out, and, I’m sorry it all just looked so interesting…”
  • Does she know? Baehee do you know? Speak to me.
  • You just stare at her for a second
  • “Are you mad?” She asks
  • “No…..are you?”
  • “What? Why would I be mad?”
  • “That I do, like, witch stuff?”
  • “Oh what? Not at all, I think it’s very interesting. I was at a coffee shop once and ended up meeting a wiccan actually. She and I talked for a bit. Are wiccan and witch the same thing?”
  • “Oh actually-” And the two of you fell into conversation, you explaining the ins and outs of everything, what’s this and what’s that, how to do this and how to do that. Baehee is fascinated. Fill her thirst for knowledge MC. Fill it.
  • From then on whenever she sees you doing stuff it’s a one sided game of 20 questions, but you don’t mind at all.
  • You start brewing her coffee every morning, stirring clockwise and pouring positive intentions and love into it.
  • Jaehee wants to know the science of witchcraft because she swears she can taste the love.


  • Zen found out rather quickly
  • He was running late to a rehearsal and he was going to take his bike, which you thought was wicked cool, but it also scared the shit out of you because this boy
  • Oiiiii
  • This boy sometimes forgets his helmet he’s in such a rush. And he fkn speeds. 
  • You just got really nervous and called for him to wait.
  • “What is it MC? I’m sorry to leave so soon but the Director just called and they need me-”
  • “No I know just-” you were fishing around in the bag you usually carry around with you. “I just want to give you something”
  • “Is it a goodbye kiss?” He smirked and sauntered over to you, he took your shoulder in his hand and went to spin you around and kiss you, but as he spun you, you put a little bag in front of his face. He just stared at it for a second.
  • “MC…is this…pot? You want to smoke with me befo-”
  • You blushed so hard “No! It’s sage, and lavender, and theres a charm fo-” You shook your head as if to physically clear your thoughts. “It’s just…a little ‘Safe Travels’ bag. I know it seems silly but I’d feel better if you took it cause I kno-”
  • He cut you off with a really strong kiss and took the sachet out of your hand. When he pulled away he had a big smile on his face and he looked so happy. “I’ll always keep it with me then. Thank you, Love.” And he put it in his jacket pocket and zipped it up, gave it a pat, grabbed his helmet, and headed out the door. But not before winking at you. And blowing you a kiss. And telling you all men are beasts. And asking if you ate. And-
  • When he got home from practice that night you guys ended up talking about your whole witchery thing
  • You told him you like to do a lot of divination. Palm reading, tarot reading, tea leaf reading. Sometimes when you have someone to do it with Ouiji board
  • Zen they’re dead pls
  • He really likes you reading his palm. Even though you say the same thing most of the time. You realize later he just likes you holding his hand. Goddammit Zen.
  • But he’s really supportive, it doesn’t hurt his ego feeds off of your readings telling him he’s going to do well.
  • “Do the tarot cards say I’m hot?” “Zen that’s not really-” “They think I’m ugly???” “…Oh look uh….Nine of Wands. That means uh…ur so hot. Yeah. You got it.”
  • “You know what card I think is better?” He smirks. “What card?” You ask
  • Like a fucking magician, without even looking he pulls a card out of the deck and says “The Lovers” AND IT’S THE FUCKING LOVERS CARD
  • WHAT
  • ZEN
  • ARE YOU?
  • Kiss.


  • You know Jumin grew up going to church. You know he’s not suuuuper devout. But Catholic enough that you reallllly don’t want to tell him. You only wear subtle things, bracelets and stuff that could pass off as just decorative and not really “Hey I’m a Witch”y
  • All your stuff is in storage. The cards, the stones, the jars. Almost everything aside from a few pieces of jewelry and ‘decor’ pieces.
  • You’ve actually been feeling pretty down about it. Your energy is at an all time low if you’re not with Jumin because in your free time this is what you’d do. But you love Jumin so much you can’t risk losing him.
  • You resolve to meditate still. You don’t have to be a witch to meditate.
  • So you get into the habit of meditating quite often. While you feel happy you can focus on searching your soul and strengthening your mind, you still miss everything else.
  • But you don’t have time to miss everything when there comes a week where everything is just going wrong for Jumin. Work his hard, his Dad continues to stress him out with a new girlfriend, and V is being realllly elusive again to Jumin’s dismay.
  • Whenever he’s home he’s in his office or pacing around the room trying to find something to distract himself. When he snuggles with you, you can feeeeel the stress radiating off of him. Even Elizabeth isn’t calming him.
  • So you decide it’s time to do what you do best
  • Spiritual healing
  • One day while Jumin’s at work you go out and get a bunch of candles. Like a ton. Like you just made a small business owner a very happy person. You got mostly lavender and jasmine. Both are supposed to help promote feelings of caaaalmness.
  • You set them all around the bedroom because it was the place most closed off from technology, people, distractions in general. You also made some tea, set it with intentions to calm, and put it on the bedside table just as Jumin was walking in the door.
  • “Honey your home!” You walked into the living room. Jumin kissed you on the cheek “Hello Kitten, how was your day?” You totally ignored his question and just “I have something for you. I noticed you’ve been stressed lately.” “MC you shouldn’t ha-” “Shush and just come on” You took his hand and led him to the bedroom.
  • Once you were in there he just looked around in amazement. The room was completely dark except for the light of the candles flickering off the walls. The smell seemed to cradle the both of you in a really nice feeling.
  • You looked at Jumin and realized his suit was not going to be comfortable. Without saying a word you undid the top few buttons of his shirt and started untying his tie.
  • “Well Kitten, I have to say you certainly wanted to surprise me” He had the voice. Why does he have the voice?
  • He grabbed your waist and pulled you close, his sultry fucking voice in your ear “All these candles, we’re going to have fun tonight huh?”
  • Well I mean the idea certainly seemed to put him in a better mood so maybe you could just do that inste-
  • No MC! We are sticking to the plan but maybe later
  • You put your hands on your chest and slowly push him back “N-No Jumin that’s not why I did this”
  • What? Jumin Han does not compute. What are candles used for in the bedroom aside from really kinky-
  • You took a seat on the bed cross legged and gestured for him to sit across from you, which he did (even though he seemed a little confused and disappointed)
  • You handed him one of the tea cups as you took a long sip from yours. He copied your actions but kept his eyes on you. You put your cup down and so did he.
  • “I want us to meditate together” You said. He just kind of stared at you. “You’ve been really stressed out lately and I think this could be really good for you!”
  • He let out a long breath. You could tell instantly he was not feeling it. “MC I appreciate it but I don’t think sitting in the quiet is going to help me right now.”
  • No but pouring hot wax on me would?
  • “Please Jumin. I know it seems really silly to you know, but you’d be surprised how good you can feel after.” He pursed his lips. Time to pull out the big guns “Please? For me?”
  • He held his breath for a moment and sighed. Hook line and sinker.
  • “Alright. What do I do?”
  • Your face lit up and you let out a little squeal and clapped. You turned on some white noise that sounded like ocean, straightened your back, closed your eyes, and let out a deep breath.
  • “So first, your breathing-” And you began walking Jumin through the meditation process. You used your instructor voice, calm, slow, relaxing. You’d occasionally open your eyes to peek at Jumin and make sure he was actually doing what you were saying and not just pretending. To your pleasant surprise, he was. And he genuinely seemed to be doing better than before. His whole aura felt lighter, more organized.
  • After about an hour of sitting together, at least 20 mins of it were just silence, you start to bring him back to the real world.
  • “And open your eyes when you feel grounded”
  • He took a minute and opened them
  • You could see a hint of amazement in them
  • “Well…I actually do feel very….relaxed.” You clap, ecstatic. “MC, this is…strange. I’ve sat in the quiet before but it’s never felt so good…How did you do that?”
  • Meditation became a common thing for the two of you. So common Jumin renovated a room to be your personal meditation place. He said being in the bedroom with you and candles could be verrrry distracting sometimes. He had the room set up with very comfortable mats, a little table that would sit between the two of you with tea and whatever post meditation snack you chose, surround sound for your white noise or music, and basically anything you could ask for.
  • More and more you incorporated your craft into your own personal meditation, never wanting to force it onto Jumin, but when he’d question the gems surrounding you you didn’t hesitate to tell him. You felt meditation had brought you two even closer and you knew you could trust him. So you told him all about your witchy shenanigans.
  • “Kitten, you thought I wouldn’t accept it?”
  • “I was scared. So scared of losing you, just over some personal beliefs…”
  • “Kitten, even if I was to disagree, I could never leave you just because our spiritual beliefs don’t line up. I would respect that you have your practice and I have mine, simply because that seems like the adult thing to do, but also because I…I love you.”
  • You may have teared up a bit. Maybe. I dont know I’m a bitch with a kink for understanding and accepting partners ok leave me alone

Baeyoung/707/Luciel/Love of my Life

  • I feel like Seven would figure it out quick and wouldn’t even be phased
  • “Boy MC you sure like mason jars”
  • “Uh” O shit that was fast
  • “And gems, and plants, and pentagrams, and- oh. I get it. You’re a witch?!”
  • “Yeah…” Is…Is he cool with it
  • “Neat!!!”
  • 707 witch fanboy confirmed
  • He starts talking about all the metaphysical health benefits of all your stuff
  • Seven I know it’s my stuff
  • Yeah but get this- Then he drops mad knowledge on you that you didn’t know.
  • “How did-” “Witchcraft always struck me as really cool, so I researched it in my free time a lot when I was younger….MC do you know what this means?” What does it mean Seven “We’re getting a cat” Seven I don’t need a ca- “No you need to have black cat to be a real witch” Seven I think you just wan- “And if our cat is all black it’ll look extra cute when she plays with Elly~” I don’t think Jumi-
  • You guys got the cat. His name is Yin. Jumin is really confused as to why Seven starts calling Elly ‘Yang’ but that’s for another time.
  • You never really address Seven’s feelings on witchcraft vs his upbringing. If he’s happy you’re happy.
  • He’s very happy. He loves watching you do witchy things. He usually sits there with a dopey smile on his face. He swears he’s so in love with you and everything you do and ugh, you’re his little Witchy Babe <3
  • He has at least 3 charms on him at any point in time that you made for him.
  • During hugs he loves taking long whiffs because you always smell good
  • You guys go stargazing a lot and look at constellations. He liked doing that even before he knew you were a witch but now that he knows you guys talk about the gods and myths they align with and astrological meaning and what not.
  • Seven keeps joking about how cool it’ll be when you guys get married on the moon because you’re gonna be a Space Witch.
  • Seven programs a little digital alter on the computers in the house. They’re so cute and thoughtful and interactive it’s so neat.
  • He also makes you the coolest witch blog the internet ever did see.
  • You always get random spells forwarded to you by him
  • Suddenly he goes on a ‘Bath Magic’ kick. Literally all day “Yule time bath” “Self love bath spell” “Protection from bad energy bath”.  You’re at work so you just text him back “Whats your obsession with these lol?”

  • “I was hoping we could do them together ;)”
  • Ohgodohgodohgod don’t blush at work.
  • You get home that day and you hear running water upstairs. You know immediately. You go upstairs to find Seven waiting for you at the door of the bathroom, wearing nothing but a towel around his waist and a couple necklaces you had made for him, his glasses slightly fogged up from the steam of the bath he just drew
  • “My Love?”
  • Insta melted heart oh mah gawwwwwww
  • Red candles light the room and it smells amazing. What is that? Seven what did you mix holy shit. And then, of course, rose petals floating in the tub and littering the floor.
  • You two slide into the bath after Seven takes his sweet time stripping you down, kissing you here and there
  • The second you hit the water you feel relaxed. Hot baths are nice. Hot baths with a hot boy are double nice. Hot baths with a hot boy catering to your Witch vibes? Fkn fire.
  • “Saeyoung,” he knows you’re feeling good when you use his real name. “What is this for? I mean, roses? Red candles? I already love you, you goof ball.”
  • “I know. It’s…It’s a few things I guess. It started as a self love thing.” What. “I know you hate it when I’m hard on myself, so I try not to be but sometimes I just…can’t help it. So I looked up some self love charms and what not and I found a bath spell and figured it was worth a shot…” Your heart broke a little. You couldn’t take your eyes off the water. You thought he had been feeling better since saving his brother. You never noticed…oh god you felt so awful you could cry. You felt like you failed him.
  • You turned your head to him “Seven, I’m so sorr-”
  • “I’m not finished.” You looked at his face finally and a small smile played on his lips. “And I kept looking at bath stuff and there were couples ones too and I realized that whenever I’m sad. Whenever I feel unworthy…you’re there for me. You always make me feel loved and make me feel worthy. And that as long as you’re by my side…everything will be ok. So when I found a couples bath and realized it had a lot of the same ingredients as the lonely one I figured…why not do both?”
  • He pulled you close, mouth so close his breaths kept grazing your ear and sending a shiver down your spine. “And let’s face it… bathing together with rose petals and candles is pretty fucking hot”
  • “And I put sugar in the water” he ran his tongue across the back of your shoulder “It makes you taste pretty fkn good”
  • M e l t e d
  • Ok I’m done being a garbage can bye

Heeeeey guys!! I hope 2017 has been treating you well so far!!ೕ(•̀ᴗ•́)

Seeing as a lot of my followers want to learn Norwegian due to Skam, I figured we could kick-start the vocab-lessons with a list of common spices in Norwegian, in honor of oh-boy-you-know-which-couple. Sooo let’s just get right to it!

Krydder - Spice/spices

Allehånde - Allspice
Anis - Anise
Basilikum - Basil
Dill - Dill
Einerbær - Juniper berry 
Estragon - Tarragon
Gressløk - Chives
Ingefær - Ginger
Kanel -  Cinnamon
Kapers - Caper
Kardemomme - Cardamom
Karri - Curry powder
Karve - Caraway
Koriander - Coriander
Laurbærblad - Bay leaf
Muskat - Nutmeg
Nellik (Kryddernellik) - Clove
Oregano - Oregano
Paprikapulver - Paprika
Salt - Salt
Svart pepper (Sort pepper) - Black pepper
Rosmarin - Rosemary
Safran - Saffron
Stjerneanis - Star anise
Timian - Thyme
Valmuefrø -  Poppy seeds
Vanilje (Vaniljestang) - Vanilla (Vanilla bean)

i just want you all to know that caspar lee loves and appreciates his friends a lot and is not scared to express his affection and tell everyone how proud he is when his friends do great things, and he’s full of compliments and hugs and love and he is also a little awkward bean and a giant dork and he just wants to make people laugh and smile and doesn’t take anything for granted because he’s so constantly appreciative and in awe of his fans and everyone who supports him and i love him so much


girl: i have to work harder at sticking to this diet!!! i hate it so much…
me: youre on a diet??????????????? why!?!?!?!?!?!?!
girl: my mom is making me. i don’t really want to be, but y'know…
me: if i were you, id tell her to fuck off. you’re seriously beautiful.
girl: *blushes adorably*
me: …
me: …
me: *o fuk*
me: *sweats* butimeannotasbeautifulasthatguyrightthere?? o n theboard there??? imeanlookatthoseh airyarms!1!! amiriteoramirite!?

nirvana (m) pt.2

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summary: the need for something that isn’t yours, yet all jungkook wanted to do was take and you willingly gave him everything and anything.

rated m for mature themes - pwp. word count: 1,318

Jungkook finds nirvana between your legs. A taste of sin that drives him wild with lust and greed his tongue twisting and flicking with practiced ease, every sensitive area of your body long since committed to memory. No longer angry he instead feels a sense of desperation, his hands gripping tightly at your thighs as he places them on either side of his head.

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jim and spock both agree to not do anything for valentines day but both sneakily do something anyways so that night jim comes in to their room blushing and is like “hey babe i know we said we weren’t gonna do anything but………. i made you this card and also bought you some of that orange-chocolate you really liked on your birthday for us to share and that eyeshadow you’ve been wanting please accept it even thou-” and spock looks so happy and is just shyly like “i admit i have a gift for you too jim, as i wished to express your importance to me, though it is only a card….” and he hands it to jim and the handwriting is neat and precise and theres a little drawing jim and spock together and also its literally covered in glitter and inside are little coupons that say things like “good for one back massage” or “good for one day without spock attempting to get you to fold your clothes” and jim almost starts crying (also: “spock how did you keep this glitter from getting everywhere” “i…… did not” “oh?” “i fear i will be constantly finding glitter everywhere on my body for the foreseeable future”)


you gotta speak up, you got to shout out. and you know that right here, right now, you can be beautiful, wonderful, anything you want to be … little me.

unholy boy

a void ghoul bein a fckin loser
i finished this at 3am idk what is goin on

heres the process>> X

[Hi! <3 I’m Ryn and I decided to create a smol blog for all of my frequent doodles of my favourite smol floof-haired assassin! 
I’ll try my best to queue posts so that theres a new Killu everyday! 

Feel free to send in asks or prompts or anything really if you enjoy this blog! <3 Hope you enjoy my doodles!
This blog shares a similar theme with @dailysmolgon which is run by a friend of mine! 

Inspired by:
@dailymeruem , @dailykomugi , @dailyshaiapouf​ , @dailykirua{I hope this blog is alright with you! Please let me know if there being multiple daily killua blogs is a problem & if you want me to change the URL so I can talk with you about it!}

I’ve been seeing rumors flying around that Melissa and Chris are dating irl now and, while I haven’t seen anything that 100% proves that (you know, like one of the two of them actually telling people), I do want to put this out there:

The Supergirl fandom is big on hating Mon-El. Like, the vast majority of this fandom is down right nasty to him. I don’t care if you like him one way or another, that’s your opinion, whatever, you’re entitled to dislike whatever characters you want. I personally don’t mind him as a character, but again, that’s my opinion. 

But we as a fandom need to remember that Chris and Melissa are REAL PEOPLE, not characters. 

So I don’t care how much you dislike Mon-El’s character; if they actually are dating, you are NOT allowed to let that hatred of his character boil over into their actual relationship. You do not get to send him hate mail for taking away your “ships,” you don’t get to talk about him like he’s the scum of the earth for dating Melissa, you don’t get to treat him the same way you treat Mon-El. If he and Melissa want to and are dating, that’s their choice, not yours. 

Mon-El is a fictional character. Chris Wood is not. Treat him like the human being he is.