if there was someone to get me drawing again

to other mentally ill artists who are obsessed with getting better

- Finished Pieces TM are NOT the only works that matter. That half-lined sketch is good. That page of nothing but shapes and doodles is progress. If you’re doing whatever it is that you CAN do that day, you’re doing well

- take. BREAKS. as often as you need to. stop when you gotta. if you try to dig into tomorrow’s spoons to finish something, trust me, you’re going to hate yourself and whatever you’re working on later

- if you really want to, you CAN draw (or paint, or sculpt, or craft etc.) every day

- everything counts. everything. can’t draw for more than 20 minutes today? you drew. less than 5? you drew. take a pencil and draw three different circles on a sticky note. you drew. lay out your arm and trace whatever comes to mind with you finger. everything counts.

- if you drew SOMETHING today, you gained more experience than someone who did not

- draw whatever you want

- reward yourself for it

- don’t get so wrapped up in something that you forget to eat, drink water or sleep please. if you can’t make yourself care about what it does to your body, remember it WILL affect your productivity, which will lead to Bad Times, again, trust me

- you are SOMEONE’S art goals

- your art is good

- “this person doesn’t know me or my art, how do they know it’s good-” shh. doesn’t matter. its good

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  46. Opinion on aliens?
  47. What’s your favorite planet?
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  49. What’s your zodiac sign?
  50. Would a person’s zodiac be a deal breaker when it comes to dating them?

it’s not a big deal but my entire life when i was funny i was sassy. i think about that a lot. about how sometimes my brother would tell the same stories, same inflections, same characters - but he was clever, he was funny. i was just… sassy. my sarcasm and sharp tongue and wit were always whittled down into kind of a bitch. when he was the class clown or a riot or a great guy, i was a problem student who couldn’t shut up, a disruption, an attention whore. i talked less than him. kept the ice to a minimum. pulled the bow of my arrow voice a little shorter than he did. he could step over lines and dance between them with entire rooms laughing. but when i did that, i was kind of full of myself. i was seen as loud, overly dramatic; my humor too dark or too quick or too feminine.

there’s power in making people laugh. it draws you into them. it’s a good thing to feel you’re making someone happy. i watch boys at parties who are so funny and everyone loves him and how they cackle and howl and never worry they’re taking up too much of their audience’s attention. how when i chime in, when i’m just as funny - if not funnier than them - all hell breaks loose. how fast they get vicious to me. how fast they turn their comments onto my personality. how fast they scramble to be the center of attention again: in an instant, the funny stories become snide comments. and i’m quiet again. 

sassy girl gets told to sit down. she gets called up to the front of the class because oh, if you’re so smart, why don’t you teach the lesson. sassy girl gets cast as villain in all her musicals, because princesses don’t use the bitterness in their souls. sassy is ugly ursula, is wicked witch, is snide sidekick. sassy girl makes you laugh when you’ve been crying so much you feel sick. sassy girl listens to you while you spill your secrets, knows when to make a joke and when to take thing serious. tell the cuban girl she’s sassy, watch her eyes roll, watch her heat up, use that latin anger that whips in octopus tentacles out of her. she takes everything so seriously. she needs to calm down, practice ladylike, less swears and less blasphemy and less sassy.

my brother easily relates to “funny.” my brother and most boys i know pride themselves on their humor. they know they can throw a comment into the air and have it stick to the wall of their peers, they know even if it doesn’t land, everyone will just cover their ears. it’s not a big deal. it’s just if you have two people in equal situations, like a brother and a sister both with the same shared timing and humor and stories - some even stolen from each other word for word and with exact phrasing - and if one of those people is treated differently, usually something strange is happening. it’s not a big deal. it’s just i don’t really ever hear girls called funny. 

“sorry i’m thinking about cats again”

(based on something that happened between a friend and myself, except that i was watching dog videos)

(also im sry i changed my url haha sweats)

Looking back on 2016, I’m very glad that I was dragged into Mystic Messenger hell towards the later part of the year. I was able to somehow stick and develop an art style that I really had fun with. I love splashing colors and details around, and I’m glad it fits so well with the crack comics I’ve always been wanting to do. On another note, people say I also look like my art ((im guessing it’s mostly the meme faces maybe HAHA ♥))

I’m very delighted and honored to be able to make you all happier with my art ^__^ Thank you so much for all your support ♥ I hope you will continue supporting me for the next year as well! Happy New Year, everyone, and stay safe!

Some thoughts under the cut to keep things short ♥

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sisyphuscourgie  asked:

(wow, me again) hey, i was wondering if you have any tips on drawing wings? i love your style and i could really use some reference/style tips for drawing them. sorry if someone has already asked this!!

Sure! My style would be much better but I end up getting lazy at the wings despite them being one of my most commonly drawn things lmao. Anyway, here are some tips!


Art is all about creating what can be seen, even if you imagine it (bc how can you imagine something without having seen it (and no, mythical creatures are made of concepts you have seen don’t pull that on me)). So, LOOK AT WINGS. KEEP LOOKING. Notice three (3) lines that make the top arm. NOT TWO.
 T H R E E

don’t let that professional artwork of angels with two line wings fool u. They kinda knew what a bird looked like. LOOK AT BIRDS AND WINGS AND FEATHERS AAAAAH

2.) Think about the functionality.
Would a wing of x size be large enough to lift whoever you’re putting them on? Don’t make your wings too small unless magic is involved. Because otherwise they would be useless for flight. It sucks having to fit such large things in your art but it is a sacrifice we must make. I usually go by the 2X the height rule for the wingspan + like a foot or two on each side 

ex. Avian is 6′1 and her wingspan is 14-15 feet. So each wing is 7 to 7 ½ feet long. 

3.) Practice.

I know this is in like?? every art tutorial but guess what; there’s a reason for that. Keep drawing even when you feel frustrated or like you’ll never improve (you will). Try different angles or positions! Watch videos of bird flying or moving.

4.) Have fun!!!!

Got7: dating Jaebum would include

•  listen I know he seems all mysterious and charming and all
•  but he’s a grandpa
•  like falling in love w/ him won’t be hard bc he’ll make you feel like the literal sun………….. he’s an old soul
•  first things first, he’ll befriend you
•  and yall would become each others besties in no time bc he’d literally trust you w/ his precious life
•  but that’s where things get tricky bc he’ll realize this is what falling in love with someone feels like
•  at first he wouldn’t approach you about his feelings bc he’d think it might be just an infatuation
•  and the fact that you might reject him makes him stomach drop
•  but then again it’s like……‘when am I ever gonna find someone who feels this comfortable and carefree around me?? Who’s ever gonna make smile as much as y/n does??? Am I really whipped? ’
•  and then Bambam is all like “grow some balls jfc” and that’s where he draws the line
•  he’ll set up a nice dinner one night and tries to impress you with his cooking skills
•  like he’ll probably spill water all over the table bc he can’t contain his anxiety “omfg y/n, I’m so sorry

•  his heart legit aches when you admit your own feelings and he’s finally able to kiss you
•   let’s just get this out of the way tbh the other members will be teasing you nonstop
•  ????? Ofc they will
•  ‘hey our leader is finally is in a healthy relationship with someone, let’s make his life a living hell whenever he’s with them :^)’
•  but tbh Yugyeom will be like your baby bc he’ll always come to you if him an Jaebum had any sort of argument and thinks of you as his older sibling
•  lazy dates are kinda your guys’ thing
•  like you don’t even gotta plan anything for a date, just being with him is entertaining and spontaneous enough
•  not to mention he’s somehow able to give you butterflies with the simplest things
•  Jaebum in a sweatshirt? Turn on. Jaebum’s sleepy voice in the morning? Double turn on. The way he snakes his arms around you and kisses the nape of your neck when you’re looking out the window? L o r D help you.
•  the way his voice can lull you to sleep is something you’re eternally grateful for bc it’s so soft and soothing
•  lazy dances in the living room
•  lazy kisses when he’s too tired to get up in the morning
•  lazy naps bc nothing feels better than to unwind next to you and tell you all about his day
•  I know nicknames would probably be cringy coming out of anyone’s mouth
•  but hearing him call you all sorts of cheesy romantic nicknames makes your heart flutter, don’t even deny it
•  long drives late at night bc there’s nothing better to do
•  making memes of each other and sharing them with the members bc they have no humour
•  none of your close friends believed you never dated til now “yall are always all over each other tho” tru
•  Jaebum staring at you for no reason then pressing a kiss to your cheek “You’re cute, and you’re MY cute” okay  ???
•  tbh tho he wouldn’t even get jealous or posessive
•  he loves seeing other people trying to get your attention, and the look of disappointment on their face when you only have eyes for him
•  him just genuinely being supportive and loving in everything you do
•  be he knows how hard it is not to have someone to push him and encourage him when he’s really struggling
•  so he really found a pot of gold when you came into his life 💜

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guess who got a huge burst of inspiration during class today!!!

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Happy (late) Anniversary, Asagao Academy!  I didn’t have time to draw something brand new, but I did give this one a fresh coat of paint!  This game is what helped me break out of my shell and not only start drawing again, but also start sharing my works with you fine people.  Without the sweet and encouraging people behind these characters, I would still be hiding on my side of the screen with the occasional half-finished doodle and not enough confidence to finish it.  It’s slow work, but I’m going to continue to work and get better and believe in myself knowing that someone out there thinks it’s worthwhile.  Thank you again to all the beautiful people who made this game possible!

(And the matching Mai + Hidden Block Club picture is still coming eventually I promise!)


this one’s sorta based on my personal experience playing pyro. sometimes you get called useless, other times you get thanked by the engineer for helping them defend the last point.

New commission sheet for 2017!

I’m not working right now and I REALLY need some way to make rent and pay my bills. Rent and vet bills are very expensive for someone who is not working, so you guys are my only hope until I get my hands on a job. ♥
In the past, many have donated a great amount, which I appreciate. You may do so again if you’d like (email is the same as paypal) or commission me! Don’t worry for those who have already commissioned me, I’ll finish yours first!

If you cannot do either, please spread the word. It would mean a lot!

Commission Details:

- Payment after I finish
- Armor, weapons, and the like will cost extra
- Will draw anything, including gore and NSFW
-I allow my OCs with yours - get $5 off 

Thanks so much everyone!!

Kintsukuroi [BYG] (M)

↠ yongguk x f!reader; 13.3k; he might have fallen for the most dangerous woman in the country, and you’ve fallen too
↠ au, potential triggers (mentions of murder), yongguk is actually a cutie and y/n is badass, enjoy inexperienced yongguk~ also a lil smut in the middle

Kintsukuroi (きんつくろい) - the understanding that a piece will be more beautiful once broken

“It’s because I’m honest with you.” There’s a slight smile on your face as you look up to Yongguk and shrug your shoulders. “Like you said, honesty is good. Befriending you was a good decision and I don’t regret it, nor do I think i will ever regret it in my lifetime. I like hanging out here, it’s nice.”

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Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts Chapter Title Music

·       Burning in the Skies by Linkin Park – Chapter 1: Prologue (Bridges I Have Burned)

·       Fire Meet Gasoline by Sia – Chapter 2: Burn With You Tonight

·       Nicotine by Panic! At The Disco – Chapter 3: I Taste You On My Lips (And I Can’t Get Rid Of You)

·       Stay The Night by Zedd – Chapter 4: You Kill The Lights, I’ll Draw The Blinds

·       You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To by Dinah Shore – Chapter 5: You’d Be So Nice (You’d Be Paradise)

·       Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade – Chapter 6: Tonight Will Be The Night That I Will Fall For You (Over Again)

·       You’ve Haunted Me All My Life by Death Cab For Cutie – Chapter 7: You’ve Haunted Me All My Life

·       The Greatest Bastard by Damien Rice – Chapter 8: Letting Go Is Not The Same As Pushing Someone Else Away

·       Chapter nine – It’s a secret ;)

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The Kane Chronicles is just a really great book, I love them so much!!

Here is a little Sadie from me, sorry it was a bit quick made, but I don’t really have so much time, since school is starting tomorrow and I’m trying to get ready, hehe ;;

Again, Thank you for finding my blog! <3

Blaire White Vs. Onision

I knew Greg would show up in some kind of “outfit.” The blood on the face counts. 

The first thing he brings up is the picture Blaire drew of her and Greg “Having sex” you can’t really see anything. But you take away from it that she’s butt fucking him. I don’t find those kinds of pictures funny but it was clearly a joke and to get under Greg’s skin which it did. He states that rape is not funny. Yet he has made rape jokes before and has admitted they are funny. He has also shown photoshopped pictures of him and Dan that were about equal with Blaire’s drawing. He also brings up her getting banned from Twitter over this drawing like somehow that proves it was so awful. I’ve been banned from twitter for literally saying, “You two are playing stupid to this situation.” The word stupid directed at someone got me banned.

He brings up the picture again later in the debate trying to ask if he drew a similar picture would she be more offended by that than by him posting the picture of a 13 year old in her sports bra. He then calls himself a victim to the picture. Again I’ll bring up Dan saying he doesn’t want people to use his or Phil’s name to get attention. So I would think in no  way would he be okay with the photo shopped pictures of him and Greg. And I’m pretty sure Andy wasn’t okay with the whole doll video. Greg does not get to play victim in a situation where he has put others and has been way worse in those situations. 

(He literally asked for pictures and put them in a video. There are worse pictures that are not included in the video.)

She brings up that his channel is hurting and he can’t really get views anymore. And he brings up a video that got a lot of views. It was his video about Shane Dawson’s weight. The only reason it got views was because it was about Shane Dawson. Honey your views don’t count if you’re putting big Youtuber’s names in your titles and talking shit about them.

(Shane Dawson’s Weight (Part 1) 147,708. Goodbye My Old Friend 115,006 (A video about Cyr) They Posted A Drawing of Me Getting R**ed 111,248 (A video about Blaire’s picture.) He has to mention other Youtubers to break 100k. 

He then blames Blaire for him getting called a pedophile. She never stated that he was in fact a pedophile, but that he was a creep for using a 13 year old’s picture. She was in sports bra. And no matter what it’s weird for a 30 year old man to comment on her appearance in any way shape or form. Even if she asked him to. As an adult he knows not to do that. But he still does. It’s inappropriate. 

He also states that there are rules on his website. Like that matters? He used an inappropriate picture of a 13 year old and he put her in a video. He broke his own rules. So now children know that he doesn’t care if the picture goes against the rules it still has a chance of getting noticed.

(Here is a picture where his doesn’t even state rules for the submission. They might have been posted somewhere else. But if you’re going to post about submitting you still post the rules with it.)

Blaire for a split second brought up Shane Dawson and he then said they’ve been emailing for weeks. That doesn’t say what the emails are about or anything so it’s not relevant. Continuously attacking Shane’s weight is wrong. He has struggled his whole life with it. Greg only makes the videos to get the views. His friend is living proof of that. “Billythefridge” is never addressed in Greg’s videos.. It’s because he is irrelevant. He also got very concerned when she said she had heard something about the emails that were being sent between Greg and Shane. 

(Shane clearly has a hard time with his body to talk about his weight is fucked up.)

He literally brought up taking things out of context and saying it’s not honest. All his videos about his debate with Joy, Jeff, Jaclyn, and Richie were all taken out of context. His response to Jaclyn Glenn’s video awhile back where he said she said transwomen aren’t women because she said a man in a dress isn’t a woman was literally taken out of context. He just admitted himself that it is dishonest. 

(Edited video by Greg of the debate. 7minutes 9seconds)

(Full version of the debate. 31minutes 46seconds)

(Pretty sure this is a video of Greg taking Jaclyn out of context.) 

They bring up how old Greg was when he got with Lainey and how old she was. She was a teenager. I think he got with two other teenagers as well. Yes he has dated people who were not teenagers and that’s fine there is no problem. Oh and don’t forget Billie she was a teenager as well. The fact is he was in his mid to late 20′s and now in his 30′s and he is still attracted to teenagers. That’s weird. 

He then brings up the whole, “Everyone lies about their age on the internet thing.” Which he knew she didn’t literally mean everyone. And then she says she only see’s kids defending him or people who do not have full mental capacity. He wanted to use that as something against people with disabilities I just know it. But she didn’t let it happen. He couldn’t have even done that without looking like a hypocrite because he literally calls people retarded and retards all the time. He also brought up at one point that dwarfs are somehow like underdeveloped women. That point was just sad and honestly did not help him in anyway. 

Greg thanks Blaire several times for the debate. I believe he did this for a couple reasons. One he was trying to make himself look better. He can now go back and say, “I was nice to her. I even thanked her for the debate.” At some point he might actually try to edit the debate or at the very least take parts of it out. And he honestly believes that this “debate” will somehow fix his channels. It’s not going to. His channels didn’t die the instant Blaire’s video came out. It was months after that. His channels didn’t die because of her. She informed people of the 13 year old’s picture. But Greg himself killed his channels by only starting drama, and recycling the same shit over and over.

Blaire brought up that he was doing the debate now probably because his channel was dying but not earlier when they were doing fine. He said that wasn’t part of it. But yes it was. He thinks that this debate will somehow save his channels. Blaire hasn’t said much about Greg since the video was posted months ago. He brought it back up after not getting enough drama from other people. He thought this would help him. Bit it hasn’t. I also believe this is why he brought up that “Shane has been emailing him”. I think he is trying to get in a video with Shane to try to become relevant again. Like the first time.

(I’m guessing this was the video she made about him.)

(His views were fine at that time.)

(He started losing views about 3 to 4 months ago.)

And last the fact that he had to look up the definition of collect was a joke. He knows exactly what it means. He did in fact collect the pictures. The pictures are still technically collected because they still remain on his channels in his videos. Greg is a joke. 

Don’t request the same thing to a bunch of people at once, geez, people.

[shaky off-tune kazoo version of the jaws theme playing in the distance]

Hello, everyone.

First of all, I’m so incredibly sorry for just vanishing for more than half a year, especially because I realized my last post was about a hospital stay (which I did mention was harmless, but probably still looks pretty ominous as a last post.)
I feel terrible for making people worry, especially since there’s already enough upsetting stuff happening :c 

To be honest I’m a little nervous writing this post right now after being gone for so long, but I really wanted to give a life sign! This weekend I finally checked my inbox, and I was incredibly touched by all the sweet messages. I can’t get back to everyone so let me just thank all of you who sent messages or replies, or even just thought about me! I cannot put into words how much it means to me ;-; It made my heart hurt in a good way, and I hope good things happen to you!

(Personal stuff behind the cut)

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