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dear budding freelance writers

first off: i’m not a lawyer. this is all accurate to my knowledge but i’m not formally educated or trained in most of this, i just work around it and pick some stuff up

look i’m currently suffocating under crushing debt so i was like ‘hey i’ll see if there are any magazines taking submissions’ cause i may or may not get chosen but at least its something i’d be doing anyway and timelines and genre restrictions never hurt a girl

i ended up on this page (upwork) looking for “ghostwriters” and it’s laughable to downright insulting.

such as: “Hello, I produce [REDACTED]. So if you are looking for a recurring job as a freelance writer you came to the right place! Here is what I need: Someone who can be a good researcher. Don’t plagiarize. All books are run through plagscan and copyscape. They need to be 100 percent original. Timeliness - The faster you produce these (with quality) the more jobs you will get. This job will be recurring if you do a good job. I will pay a maximum of $10 per 1000 words. Lastly, by accepting this job, I will own all the rights to the book. This includes characters, places etc. I own all the rights. Thank you!”

there were SO MANY OF THESE. look. i work in intellectual property for my day job. so here’s the thing: if you, a creative, does a “work for hire” agreement, like the one above, that means anything you produce under this agreement does not belong to you. you have effectively “sold” your intellectual property aka the story and all is defining characteristics - people, places, plot.

WORK FOR HIRE AGREEMENTS ARE NOT BAD! i see a lot of pushback against them on tumblr which is baffling to me because in the real world they’re how many creatives make money - by selling their creativity. with tv shows, for example, their characters and plots and what not do not belong to the creator of the show. they belong to the network of the show because they paid for them. writers of episodes don’t own the creative content of those episodes - the network does. because the writers are “work for hire” aka they’re getting paid specifically for their creative content.

work for hire agreements are usually the most advantageous when the payer is hiring the creator for the execution of a project rather than the creation of it. for example: hiring a writer to create a story out of a detailed outline, or an artist to draw something under strict specifications. the more creativity aka intellectual property the creator must generate and ultimately sell the rights too, the higher the pay should be for the work. (should. i’ve seen instances where pay is less but something else is gained - like different rights or credits - and that’s equally as acceptable as long as it’s what the creator wants. the creator should gain something equal to the value of what they are selling. obviously)

so the idea that $10 per 1000 words of pure original content is in any way shape or form acceptable is absolutely ridiculous. most literary magazines, which pay way more, get some form of publication rights but you the author retain all ownership rights. they’re not paying you for your intellectual property, only their right to display it without you suing them for infringing on your rights as a creator and owner of original content.

know your worth. know your value. i don’t know how many of these ridiculous ads actually get takers, but please do not answer any of them.

your ideas and writing and talent are worth more than pennies

Neat Gold

Otayuri Week
Day 2: Celebration

Summary: A eulogy for the living, or maybe the monsters inside his mind.
Content/Warning(s): Underage drinking
Word Count: 800 approx.

Otabek finds him on the rooftop of the hotel one hour into the closing banquet.

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Imagine Loki running with you through a hilly country side, one or both of you trip, grabbing the other for dear life as you roll to the bottom. The two of you land in a heap, you straddling Loki as you slowly look down at him while attempting to straighten yourself. Loki looks up at you, a look on his face daring you to make the first move - or else he will.

Because mood

I was tagged by @consoledacup​ and @leggypeggys, who may or may not have known that I could never resist a music tag. ;) Plus Janelle’s addendum gave me an extra challenge, which I welcome wholeheartedly. Post-Challenge Note: This was actually a lot harder than I anticipated and a lot of it is S2-related angst, so…..sorry about that???

Rules: spell your URL with song titles (only using each artist once) and tag 10 people

*Janelle’s Addendum: Only include songs that could be related to FitzSimmons! (Ohhhhhh yessss here we go.) 

Medicine by Daughter (x)
Saturn by Sleeping at Last (x)
Drown by Marika Hackman (x)
Element by Matthew Mayfield (x)
Volcano by Phillip Phillips (x)
I Found by Amber Run (x)
No, I Don’t Remember (Unplugged) by Anna Ternheim (x)
Drops of Jupiter (Tell Me) by Train (x)
Army by Ellie Goulding (x)
Now & Then by Sjowgren (x)
In My Veins (feat. Erin McCarley) by Andrew Belle (x)
Echo by Jason Walker (x)
Lean On by Lennon & Maisy (x)
Little Do You Know by Alex & Sierra (x)
Every Day in Between by Chloe Wang (x)

I’ve seen quite a few of these floating around, but if you would like to participate and haven’t been tagged yet, feel free to say I tagged you so I can see your songs! :D

really don’t understand the thing where people assume that any and all depictions of female suffering are probably because the author enjoys watching people suffer or doesn’t care about their female characters, given that when I identify with a female character I have to make a special effort not to, like, have someone cut her tongue out or something just so she can be Badass and Persevere and I can Vicariously Persevere through her

When people act like its canon that Kylo Ren was being corrupted by snoke still in the womb and was abused, feared or ignored by his family when these are both fan theories and not at all confirmed to be the correct interpretation of the scenes that they are drawn from and use that to prop up their “Kylo doesn’t know any better” crap as if anyone who disagrees is stupid…

anonymous asked:

what are the Nordics favorite sports?

Norway: Nor likes skiing!

Sweden: Tennis in summer and ice hockey in winter

Finland: Ice hockey for sure!

Denmark: Mmm soccer probably

Iceland: Soccer or lacrosse (I don’t know why the lacrosse thing, I just see him playing it for some reason)

-Mod Amanda

Apparently Marvel has partnered with Coca-Cola to make some Christmas-y videos featuring some of the Avengers’ firesides (…as to why, your guess is as good as mine).

So far we have Iron Man’s Manhattan Apartment, Thor’s Asgard Home, Ms. Marvel’s New Jersey Home and Captain America’s Brooklyn Apartment.

Here’s a screenshot of Steve’s apartment according to the video

How adorable is that he keeps pictures of Peggy, Bucky and his mom (? I guess) by the fireplace in his apartment ;o;

Steve, you big softie ♥

God bless all the Japanese speakers who translate interviews for the Yuri on Ice fandom

We’d be missing out on so much information from the creators if it weren’t for you guys and you just deserve all the gratitude this fandom can give.

You’re doing a very important job and I just wanted to say that it’s very much appreciated.

Thank you for everything!




Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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Yuri on Ice, skaters in their younger years ♥

Nobody asked for this I just wanted to have them all in one spot.

Bonus, the reason we even have this show: