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Jikook has been escalating these days and today at that fan sign...Tbh I'm just waiting for a full blown kiss at this point. I mean the "event" had my brain short circuiting but Jin's reaction killed me...As certified Jikook trash, I shall add this to the list of moments I will never be able to get over.

I don’t know how I’m supposed to function properly after this.I’ve watched the moment about 788 times and there’s nothing chill about it, even Jin was more surprised than me (he was taking a selfie so he probably saw what was happening through the screen).
It looks like Jimin touched Jungkook’s ear before his neck and as soon he did so Jungkook reacted instantly, he closed his eyes and his face just… look if this is how he reacts whenever Jimin touches him I now understand why he behaved the way he did when he was younger.
And it also looks like Jimin blew two kisses real close to his face and Jungkook just smirked like it’s a totally normal thing to do.

i know guardian angels are the most cliche, dead, unoriginal things on this god forsaken planet but. stan’d probably be like “whats the answer to ___” and kyle would give a whole spiel on how cheating is “wrong” and “academic dishonesty” and then 5 seconds later say “….c”

This is @lillotte17‘s doing. General Lavellan AU, as in the happy offshoot where Aili finds a baby. 

Uthvir belongs to @feynites.

Adannar returns to work two years after his second son is born. 

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i loved this scene in the manga and i’m so, so glad they kept it in the anime adaptation and that they did it the way they did….. although i guess i made a few modifications here in my redraws lol…. i love these two sm 😭🙏💥


just in time for valentine’s day, jojolion cards in good taste for you and your friends~


I’ve seen excellent depictions of the Undertale cast in Disney animation or anime styles, but please consider: an Undertale movie done in LAIKA stop-motion. 


There’s a place you can’t reach unless you have a dream too large to bear alone.

prints and stuff (redbubble)

Y'know, normally I make portraits based on photos, so this drawing was like a long and bumpy ride through hell, but in the end I gotta admit…… I enjoyed it. Very much.