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“the federal government cannot use dropbox” - my professor, explaining why we have to hand-deliver a flash drive containing all our exhibit graphics files to the national park.

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My partner came out to me as genderqueer today. We have been together since we were 16 and are now seniors in college. For as long as I’ve known him, he’s been very traditionally masculine. But he admitted to me that he truly hates feeling uncomfortable expressing any femininity and that he no longer wants to identify as “man.” He wants to continue to use he/him/his pronouns and does not plan on coming out to anybody else. I’m just looking for resources on supporting him and similar stories.

We answer a similar question in our faq for cis people here! In short, theres no real way for us to give you resources tailored to the needs of you and your partner. Everyone needs different kinds of support, the best way to find out what works for the two of you is to talk it out with him. Research always helps, things like the kind of issues nonbinary and genderqueer people face, so you’re armed with information when the need arises- as for similar stories, this isn’t really the place to find those, we’re a resource blog after all. You can find them all over tumblr if you look, you can find them in nonbinary forums, believe me there’s no shortage with just a little digging! Good luck to the both of you x


Eyeless Jack owns at least two cockatiels, and a conure, and nobody can convince me otherwise. He’s a bird-lover.


I made a pixel art project last year and I missed that stuff soooo I made my own pixel version for the Phantom Thieves ☆

I may do some designs later with these (like keychains, patterns, etc) so hopefully I’ll post something about it soon! (x)

Well this guy clearly doesn’t watch Doctor Who or he’d know that none of the doctors can park the tardis anyway because they always leave the brake on hence the tardis sound.

  • Hufflepuff: Hey, how are you today?
  • Ravenclaw: Eh
  • Hufflepuff: The weather has been nice and sunny at least!
  • Ravenclaw: meh
  • Hufflepuff: Well I hope you enjoy your day!
  • Ravenclaw: kay

 Don’t be happy, worry. 

edit: I forgot I posted a version with Suzu’s normal shirt and suspenders on twitter