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Sexting; N.M.-Part 8

Warnings: swearing??


I nodded and took a deep breath, “can I change first?” He chuckled sarcastically, “go ahead, it’s not like im stopping you.”

I bit the inside of my cheek and walked passed him to my bedroom. A few tears escaped my eyes but I just wiped them away. I quickly changed in my black leggings and PINK hoodie.

I went into my bathroom and and took of my makeup, in case our conversation led to my crying again. Which I hope wouldn’t happen.

I made my back into the living room where Derek still was, with his head in his hands while his elbows rested on his knees.

I decided standing would be the best in this situation, so I lent against the wall. I coughed to get his attention.

He looked up at me for a second and then looked back at the carpeted floor and rubbed his eyes, “tell me why you would fuck TWO of my best friends and not tell me about it. And don’t sugar coat it either. I’m not playing around Carter.”

I took a deep breath, “I fucked Jack when I was drunk from that stupid party we went to after graduation. And then tonight.” I said, trying to hold back my tears, “I slept with Nate so he wouldn’t tell you about what happened that night. I’m so sorry and I didn’t want you to find out this way.”

“Wow!” He breathed in a laugh, “wow…”

I didn’t know if he was shocked or hated me right now, “I’m so, so, so sorry”.

He rose to his feet and walked over to me.

He grabbed me and pulled me into a hug and kissed my forehead, “I love you Carter, but I just can’t be with you anymore.”

I watched him as he walked to the door and grabbed the handle. He looked back at me from over his shoulder, he sent me and weak smile and walked out.

I walked over to he couch were my phone was buzzing. It was Nate.

When I didn’t answer, he blew up my phone with texts.

Nathan😒🚫🖕🏼: Carter??

Nathan😒🚫🖕🏼: I’m sorry

Nathan😒🚫🖕🏼: please don’t ignore me…

Nathan😒🚫🖕🏼: and please don’t do anything stupid.

Nathan😒🚫🖕🏼: all I need is for you to text me and make sure you’re alright.

Nathan😒🚫🖕🏼: please

I rolled my eyes and powered off my phone before heading upstairs into me bedroom. I flopped on my bed and turned on the tv. I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that I just lost the most important thing in my life. I ended our relationship all because I chose to trust Nate. I’m so fucking stupid.


I laid back in bed while watching an episode of Teen Wolf. I was sickened by Liam and Hayden’s relationship. It’s been about a week since I stopped talking to Nate and since Derek and I broke up. It’s been hell for me. I hate not talking to Derek. I hate it that he hates me.

I would have never thought that this would have happened.

“Ok” Johnson said, grabbing the remote and turning the tv off. “You are going to get off you ass, go take a shower, and we are going to go out.”

“No” I said, protesting. “I don’t want to.”

“You know what? I’m am basically the only friend you have have right now. So I would back talk me now GO!”

“Nope.” I said, grabbing my blanket and turning over so my back was facing him. “Oh, by the way, Nate is in the living room.” He said

“What!” I said, sitting up so quickly I got light headed.

“Now, go take a shower and go talk to him.” He said, still trying to persuade me to get out of my bed. “I’m still not getting up.” I said, laying back down.

“Fine… Then I’ll just get him to come in here.” He said, grabbing the door handle.

“Fine! I’ll get up.“ I said, throwing the blanket off and sitting up.


About 10 minutes of procrastinating in the shower, I walked out and into my closet. I quickly pulled on a pair of black skinny jeans and a long sleeved white crop top.

I put on some eyeliner, a little bit of mascara and a nude lipstick. I put my hair in two fishtail braids, before slipping on a pair of black ankle socks and grabbing my phone.

I walked out into the living room where Nate and Jack were. Nate was sitting on the couch while Johnson was on the phone, probably ordering a pizza or takeout.

“Hi” I said lowly.

Nate rose from his sitting position. “I usually don’t listen to people when they tell me to not talk to them.”

I laughed and slipped my phone isn’t my back pocket. “I can see that.”

“I’m sorry for ending your relationship with Derek. I truly am.” I only nodded and crossed my arms over my chest.

“I just don’t want you to stop talking to me…” He said, with sad eyes.

“Why are you so obsessed with me?” I said, getting angry.

“I’m just looking out for you!” He said. “Well I’m a big girl and I can I can take care of myself!” I yelled at him.

“I do t need you hovering over me every second.”


“See…” Johnson said. “I swear to god Jack if you don’t shut up I will fucking slap you!” I yelled.

“She’s not kidding…” Nate said, “she would”

“How the fuck do you know?” Jack questioned.

“She hasn’t slapped me, but she threw a shoe at me and honestly it hurt like hell.”

He said.

I rolled my eyes, “that’s because you’re just a pussy.” I said

“See… She can insult you but if I were to you would beat my ass.” Johnson said, smirking slightly.

“I’m a fuckboy Jack, I dont stick one girl…” Nate said, walking out of the house.


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