if their faces and genuine words don't give you feels then idk what

why you should love seventeen
  • choi seungcheol: because even though he's the leader he knows every member of the group is important and he will never try to take anything away from his boys. he looks out for them and cares about them and is really generous with his affection. also cheesy af and if you're into that kind of thing he's perfect for u
  • yoon jeonghan: because he's so incredibly patient and kind, and he looks out for his members (just look at him explaining stuff to minghao :-) ) also he's gorgeous and probably actually really sassy. his voice is amazing and if you don't know it yet I'm gonna redirect you to their predebut performance of mirotic
  • joshua hong: because he is a crazy talented musical creator. he can write and compose and rearrange and play the guitar and what more do you want?? his voice is so gentle and soothing and so so lovely to listen to (he's also really lovely to look at he's basically model material) also bboys but I'm gonna just let him battle this one out with minghao
  • wen junhui: because this boy is more than a triple threat he acts really well, can play the piano also really well, is REALLY academically intelligent, pulls off dance like its nbd and has had to learn Korean and can now be the chi-kor mc if he needs to. pls don't underestimate jun because underneath all the good looks he also has so much more to him. warning bc he can also be greasy af but other than that he's good
  • kwon soonyoung: fun fact you may know him as svt's impossibly talented choreographer but know that he could have been placed in vocal unit but decided to be put in performance unit so he could choreograph. also remember that he's a '96 liner with such a huge responsibility but he still pulls it off with a smile and for a boy his age to be doing all this is just so humbling and amazing?? he's also really funny and is really such a warm member of the group. also remember everything revolves around him i'm pretty sure 10:10 has become pledis' auspicious timing
  • jeon wonwoo: because you may think this boy is really quiet and might be cold but he's really not that. he's passionate about what he does, and always gives his 200% no matter what. (he's going to be that one seungcheol has to yell at to go sleep or take a break bc he's sick and will want to keep working) his voice is deeper than the ocean and when he smiles it genuinely feels like nothing could be wrong in the world and it'll make you question why you ever thought he could be a cold person. also be careful bc his jawline could cut through diamond
  • lee jihoon: because this boy is the reason why we have amazing songs we can use to introduce these 13 idiots to our friends. he works so. incredibly. hard. and is so dedicated to his work and puts so much pressure on himself to give nothing but all of himself and if you ever think he's only that kid with the coloured hair who's cute i will sit you down and change your mind. reminder that he's still so young, with so much responsibility i'm just really in awe of him
  • lee seokmin: because this boy is literally a ray of sunshine LOOK AT HIS SMILE. he's also hilarious(go watch andromeda episodes with him in it and slowly fall in love) and has such an impressive set of vocals on him seriously you need to carefully listen to this boy. idk why he's so underrated because he's actually got everything going on for him. also his face is literally so aesthetically pleasing ill just stop before i embarrass myself
  • kim mingyu: because this boy is a hUGE DWEEB. his height is insane idk what he eats but dAmn. pretty sure he's the definition of gentle giant because even though he's the tallest he's also so adorable and warm and deserves to be on the cover of gq and all the magazines. he also loves eating and can manage to look chill af even when he's in an eating competition (which he won btw go watch svt's qmentary)
  • xu minghao: BECAUSE THIS BOY IS THE EMBODIMENT OF ADORABLE. he works really hard to improve his korean and is that one who's really quiet but he catches everything. he's super supportive of his boys and will always be prepared to shoot anyone a supportive grin or nod or just any affirmation because he's so full of love. also loves dogs so he'll probably adopt 10 with you if you're willing. but underneath everything also watch out for this boy bc he's also a gangster (redirects you to all the photos where he's pointing the middle finger) and his b-boying will literally take ur breath away be careful
  • boo seungkwan: because he's so precious. he's the moodmaker of the group and is the reason why we get to learn so much about svt?? think about how effortlessly he can helm an interview or run andromeda and it's really through him that we get to see who seventeen is. not everyone can help bring 13 people to life but seungkwan does that so easily. also his vocals are to die for he's seriously SO talented and he deserves all the happiness. he also works really hard for what he wants,and i just know he will succeed. he loves his mum a lot which is so precious
  • hansol vernon chwe: because he's such a distinctive rapper and again, he's really dedicated to what he believes in and what's he's passionate about. he will fight for what he wants and won't simply keep quiet about what bothers him. this boy has a fire in him and he's really brave (although idk this might get him into trouble some day lol) he's also a really sweet boy to be honest, despite everything.
  • lee chan: because this boy is an amazing dancer. seriously, this kid is only 16 but the way he dances makes it look like he's been practicing for 20 years and his passion is so so admirable. he can choreograph, and does help soonyoung with it, which is amazing?? he has so much potential to go so far and really, if we're lucky enough to watch him grow older and as svt gains more experience, we'll get to see so much of Chan. he's also actually really cheesy and can be a romantic so ~

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Are you self diagnosed autistic? Or in what level of the spectrum are you? Because my brother is autistic and we have to fight a lot for him to be accepted and seeing people just saying "I'm autistic" for I don't know what reason without really being is not even offensive is hurtful. If you really are I apologize and if you can explain how you deal with it maybe that will also help me to understand my brother more because he can't talk and say how he feels

in 2010 my little brother was diagnosed with asperger syndrome and during the process with the liverpool asperger team my mum began to realise that both she and i had almost precisely the same traits that lead to my brother’s diagnosis

some time after that i was diagnosed with asperger syndrome too, and had semi-regular meetings with representatives from the liverpool asperger team up until midway through last year when it became, frankly, exhausting to see them because one of them would repeatedly show up at my house on monday mornings without telling me he was coming

after that, when i went back to university (LJMU) after dropping out the first time around because i literally had a meltdown because of sensory overload every time i walked into any of the buildings, i started meeting with the disabled students advisory service there to make the process easier for me, including giving me an audio recording thing so that if i was having a bad day in regards to asperger syndrome and couldn’t focus on lectures in the same way as somebody without autism could then i could just record it all and listen to it again later to make notes from properly

i’m lucky in that close family members have aspergers too, and that my best friend has aspergers, and that extended members of my family are elsewhere on the spectrum, and that i can contact the DSA at JMU

for everybody else, it’s incredibly difficult to explain, so i try to memorise basic definitions of problems i experience and then direct them to more detailed resources online or in books, though usually those are made by people without autism which is a shame

but i’ve found it’s easiest to just have a word that encompasses all the feelings that come with it, because one word is easier to express than all the different potential variations on words to describe feelings in depth. by which i mean, when i’m not experiencing any problems i’ll explain the problems i could potentially face and then say something like “but if it happens i’ll just say i have a headache and you’ll know i actually mean i’m having sensory overload”

i don’t talk about it very often on here for several reasons- the first is that i dated multiple people who were, in retrospect, utter douches and every time i vaguely mentioned something to do with aspergers they would get angry at me as though it was my choice to not be able to deal with certain situations.

the second is that in much the same way as semi-regular meetings with the liverpool asperger team were exhausting almost immediately, talking about these same concepts over and over is incredibly tiring.

the third is that whenever i do people assume i’m lying or tell me flat out that i’m lying- which isn’t what you did, you were just making sure, so you’re cool don’t worry

long story short

1. i’m not self diagnosed, everything i experience has a diagnosis, but i am in favour of self diagnosis because honestly a lot of the time people can’t get a diagnosis for many reasons but that’s a talk for another day

2. i would never arbitrarily say i experience a problem i have no business claiming to know about

3. i deal with it by forming a strong support system of friends, family and professionals which, if you support your brother as much as the very sending of this message implies that you do, your brother is well on the way to having already

it’s not easy to deal with. it’s never easy and people assume that there’s a miracle that makes it simple one day but there isn’t. it’s constant, never not affecting me, but there are ways to make it easier when it’s at its hardest points and i’ve learned the best thing is to have people around you who genuinely understand, though that can be difficult