if the world has to end

Just saying, it was inevitable that Hide would be the one to bring together the ghouls and the humans in the end. It’s been foreshadowed this whole time by something very simple, and I have mentioned it before but I don’t think I expected it to be this direct.

As the Magician has his right hand raised to the sky and his left pointing downward, he bridges the gap between the spirit world above and Earth, the human world. He is the bridge between humans and spirits, just as the Hanged Man’s body (Kaneki’s tarot) acts as a bridge between the sky and the Earth, the only difference being that the Hanged Man represents suspended action while the Magician represents guidance.

Dear white people…

One day we’ll understand the facts.

That we are the cause of all the worlds problems.

That we will never be pretty because our gross and pale white skin doesn’t let us.

That we are an inferior race.

That the world would be better off without us in it constantly and consistently fucking up the lives of POC everywhere with total disregard.

That for this world to have a future we cannot be a part of it.

That our anger comes from a weak race trying to hold on to what little it has left when it should really just be laid to rest and surrender.

That white supremacy is nothing more than a delusion by a truly inferior race to belittle the more dominant and more naturally successful beautiful races of this world because we’re scared to admit the facts.

That we owe it to our children and the future generations that will inherit this planet.

For our future generations to have any chance of living in a world of hope the white race must end.

It’s time to quit ignoring the truth and hiding from what’s blatantly obvious to so many.

The white race is a disease and like cancer it needs to be cut out.


When I saw the teaser for Moonrise I actually started tearing up. I think it has finally hit me that this is the last month, the last release, the last concerts for this project. This year has been amazing for Day6. They grew so much as artists and I get so proud of them whenever I see them enjoying themselves on stage because finally, they are doing what they love. Not only that, but they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. I’m so happy jyp let them do this project to help them to not only grow their fanbase, but to share more of their music across the world. Yes I don’t want this to end, but creating songs and performing them every month must have been so tiring for the boys and honestly I can’t wait for them to just rest next year and bask in all the lobster, pizza and other fine cuisines. 


Gladio has little pet names and nicknames for all the pups, and has variations for some of the kids depending on his mood.

Regis Jr- Bug/Little bug

Leo - Kit/Kitten

Clara - Bear/Beast

Ren - Pup/Puppy/Pupper

Aurum - Sun

Angelum - Moon

Nero - Prince Bean /Prince/ Little prince/ String bean 

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Guys, can we please talk about the Hall of Fame board for Murky Skeeball in Blizzard World?

Of course Sombra has the high score cause she’s a dirty cheating hacker!!

D.Va has the true high score because she’s just good at games.

But then there’s Junkrat. How much you wanna bet this mother fucker just loaded the skeeballs into his grenade launcher and fired them into the holes? And they said playing Junkrat doesn’t require aim! Bah!

And then there’s Soldier 76 there at the end. Proof the stuck up old bastard still knows how to have fun sometimes.

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So belief is the driving factor in magic in EU, but what happens if someone believes something that's not true? Say that everybody knew that the Cthulhu mythos was a work of fiction written by H.P. Lovecraft, but there was this one student who believed that it was actually all true. Could they summon something from a universe that was fictional within the EU continuity into existence within EU just by believing *really* hard?

I think that the force of belief required to drag a world-breaking godlike creature from fiction into reality would be more than one student, or even a handful of students, could summon (although the True Royalty aren’t too far off, in the end of things).

However, they say that the library has doors to many, many worlds, and the librarians can help you for at least the first part of the way.


Regroup and Rebuild the end.

Mod: Well, that’s the end of Regroup and Rebuild, a rather short story arc I know but myself and sketchy want to get into the next ( and last ) two story arcs. I guess in a way this was sort of filler? I’m hoping we can get the first part out to you guys come the 20th of December, one month from now and ever so close to christmas.

Thank you all for sticking with robo tavi for so long and we hope you enjoy the next story arc: Robot Octavia: The Lost world.

And no, it has no relation to Jurrasic park.

Art by myself

Script by @sketchysounds

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I just found a cute outline version of an aquarium au i’m working on. I ended up changing it a lot after but this was the first draft.

Lance: 24, works as a dolphin trainer at the aquarium. Studied marine biology at school and has loved the ocean his whole life. Lives in San Diego. He gets the best of both worlds with his job because he’s around the ocean all day and he gets to help it and teach people. He was also practically born to do dolphin shows. Looks great in a wetsuit, gets to play with dolphins and yap people’s ears off about them in a big stadium, spend time with his favorite Pacific White Sided Dolphin, Blue. 

Keith: 25, met Lance at the zoo when he tried to climb into the penguin exhibit to get a better look. Keith was there with his brother, his wife and their three year old daughter when he saw Lance climbing into the trainer platform of the penguin exhibit. Keith had never seen someone so bright and beautiful in his whole life even as Lance tripped and nearly face planted into the water. Keith ran over and helped him climb out before the zookeepers came to probably arrest him, and Lance treated him to cotton candy and a stuffed animal as thanks. Keith ends up ditching his brother and buys Lance a penguin stuffed animal instead of the real thing. They go on a date the next week. 

  • 2 months into their relationship Keith wakes up and sees a cute note Lance left him with directions, as well as breakfast and a dorky aquarium t-shirt he has to wear.
  • Keith goes to the aquarium and looks around a bit before finding his place in the stadium
  • When lance starts talking in the over com, Keith looks around like an excited little kid. He probably shouts to the kids next to him in the splash zone that his boyfriend is up there. 
  • Lance shows up in his wetsuit with a pod of rescue dolphins swimming around him.
  • Keith thinks about the day he met Lance (penguin incident) and how he’s never seen someone so passionate about what they love, and he experiences that first hand, he thinks, with the way his boyfriend treats him. Too good, in his opinion, especially for only two wonderful months.
  • Keith watches the show and at one point Lance tries to get him to come up on the tank dock to wave to Blue, but he shakes his head shyly and a kid next to him goes up instead. Lance will probably insist next time
  • After the show, Lance brings Keith around the back really quick to say hi to a dolphin.
  • They lock up when it gets dark and it ends with them standing at the bottom of the tank glass, watching the animals swim by, and Keith is in love

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Sooo when it was first announced that we'd be getting a yoi movie I always joked about flying to Japan just to see it. But the more that I think about it the more I actually wanna do it. So thoughts? Advice? Anyone else wanna join me lmao? Since I would be going alone as nobody else in my life has the interest or the money. I think it would be fun to go as a group :)

COUNT ME IN, ANON! i joked about it at first too, and now i’m seriously considering doing it! if we end up doing this, we def should form a group and all go together! it’d be amazing ahhh ♥ the only “big” thing i have coming up atm is going to milan for worlds, so i prob could save up enough money to go see the movie…….. actually, i think the hardest part will be getting the tickets ahaha :’D but honestly, if the movie doesn’t get released outside japan within like….. weeks or month after the original premiere, there’s just now way i’m going to wait. so unless i manage to completely screw up my finances, i’m coming with you anon!

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if you want to have a solid cry with a happy ending, try World of Chances by stuckytrash. read the tags, but it does have a happy ending.

Thank you for writing in!

World of Chances by stuckytrash (Watsittoyou)

“You’re terminal.”

“How long do I have?”

“Two months.”

He and Bucky didn’t speak the whole drive home.

Or: Steve has cancer, until he doesn’t.


Zara: And, then he just said it was over. he wouldn’t even listen to me about a long distance relationship

Ali: if this bitch thinks he can get away with dumping my best friend and get away with it he has another thing coming

Raina: He hasn’t reached out to you over the last few days at all?

Zara: Nope

Cierra: Zara, listen to me. this isn’t the end of the world. you will find someone worthy of your time. anyone who doesn’t value you isn’t worth your time. it’ll be okay, I promise

Zara: Thanks, Cierra

Ali: And until then we can sit around in our pajamas and watch movies and eat icecream

Zara: Sounds like a good plan to me

The Revolution Radio Era has come to a close and while it’s sad to see it end its exciting to think what may come next. Rev Rad brought me back to Green Day, it introduced me to the fandom here on Tumblr, and, most amazing of all, it brought me to know my band mates.

@fuuuturism @mrwrightcool @christieroooad I am DAMN lucky to have found three such vibrant, sweet, and talented individuals to strike out and make music with. We all haven’t known each other long but you guys mean the damn world to me. We’re going to make big waves, I can feel it!

Lots of love to all of you and I couldn’t be happier to be back home. 💚💙

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I love your Momo redesign. She's underage, like the excuse to keep her exposed in universe is creepy because it is just an excuse put her in sexually compromising situations. Its ridiculous considering the textile technology in that world. Mt Lady has clothes that stretch and shrink so she won't end up nude. Endevor has close that withstand fire so he won't be nude because of his quirk. Ppl are telling me that same explanation can't work for Momo? She needs heels too but it isn't sexual? Please.

Oh For Sure it’s just to sexualize Momo. Like Uraraka’s costume? That vagina strip? We see through you, Horikoshi.

And you can show a ton of skin without having it look objectifying as well!! But people love to defend the original outfits because We All Know Why.

LIKE ok as much as i criticize the mcu for giving us the same formula and jokes in every movie at least their parent company doesn’t interfere with the creative process and has a set norm/standard; with the dceu its like we have 2 deeply layered movies filled with allegories and iconic imagery that draws paralells to our own world that still ended up being so hit-or miss with people they’re still arguing about it today, 1 flop movie centered on B villains, and 1 critical and commercial hit. 

what made the dceu so different is that it wasn’t afraid to go outside of the box and do something different. but now with justice league, yes it is an enjoyable movie, but flawed in the fact that they’re trying to were trying too hard with the humor, some lines were obviously out there it could only point back to Whedon, the reshoots are extremely noticeable, they removed key characters (more cyborg, barry saving iris, general antiope) scenes that were promised on, etc. i’m extremely disappointed about this, i feel deeply for zack, debbie, kiersey and even ray, seeing as a lot of his scenes were removed. Shame on Whedon, shame on Geoff Johns, shame on Danny Elfman and shame on Warner Bros and Kevin Tsujihara

Next in The Enemy’s Daughter

Here @oqueequesentes-borboletas.

I feel his strong warms wrapped around me and I smile. These past days it has been so difficult to sleep. My brother’s return, my anxiety to hold our baby in my arms, my fear that I will end like my mother. Cold in a blood pool after fighting for hours to bring life to the world. I remember the words she whispered holding my hand before drawing her last breath, “Take care of your brother and your father. They will need you.” What hurts me the most is that I am starting to forget her voice and her face. I wonder if she would avoid giving me this instruction if she knew what was fated to happen. Would she just say that she loved me if she knew I would fail her and that her words would haunt me?


I tried so hard. My father would not listen. He was blind by grief and power. His pride was his downfall as usually happens to men. As almost happened to my brother when he attacked me. My once innocent brother that were used to worship me. I do not want Ecgberht adoring me like one of Ivar’s goddesses. I just want him to understand me. I want him to accept I cannot choose between him and my husband. I do not want to pick sides because I do not want sides. I want peace, especially now. I do not want death walking among us when I am about to bring a child to this world.

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What to do when someone threatens to beat you up because “god forbid an autistic human being has autistic traits omg it must be the end of world!!1!” (Long story short: kid in my class threatened to beat me up for autistic traits and now I’m scared-)

Do what you need to in order to keep yourself safe. 

Avoid situations where this person could harm you. 

If you think it’s safe to do so, talk to a teacher or school official about the threat. If you have witnesses that will help. 

I hope you are able to stay safe!


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Hi, so I'm corresponding with an inmate and I just found out he killed his cell mate. I'm kind of in shock I guess, because I really didn't think he would do something like that (he was in there for a minor offence) and we are corresponding for over a year now. I don't know the whole story, but I just really don't know what to think of it all or how to react? Guess I really didn't know him that good after all.

This is one of the more sad and terrifying aspects about prison, that something like this can happen. It actually happens more than you would think. A person can go to prison for a relatively minor offense, and through a series of missteps or circumstances beyond their control, they may find themselves in a situation where they end up killing someone. Suddenly, their sentence of 15 years has now become life without parole. It’s very sad all around and demonstrates that prison is a completely different world than the one we live in. Inmates live in a shark tank, surrounded by a constant threat of predators and violence. They have to be hypervigilant 24 hours a day, and have to maintain their safety in ways that they really don’t want to. I don’t know your pen pal’s particular situation, but I would guess that this wasn’t something he wanted to do.

If he’s talking about it in a letter, that means he was caught, charged and found guilty, so he doesn’t have anything to lose by talking about it. (Criminally speaking.) It’s understandable that he might not have wanted to talk about it, but he probably should have told you about this a long time ago. It’s not necessarily a very bad sign that he didn’t, though. Think about it from his perspective, if it had happened to you. We all carry secrets in our hearts - shameful things that we have done, things that have been done to us, etc. that we don’t like to talk about. In his case, he killed someone, likely due to a very bad situation that he didn’t want. It’s probably the biggest regret of his life. He may have wanted to feel like he could completely trust you before he talked about it. A year is kind of a long time to wait, but he did ultimately tell you.

As for what to think or how to react, that’s for you to arrive at on your own, after taking a little while to really think about it. He opened the door to the conversation, so you can ask him to tell you what happened. His reasoning might not align with what I’ve said here, but then you can have a conversation about that, if you want to. I hope that what I’ve said here provides a little more context for what he might say.

Edit: anon, when I answered this I assumed that your pen pal told you this in a letter, and that the incident had happened in the past, but @voicefromdeathrow pointed out that this might be a more recent event that you found out through other means? Either way, I think most of what I said still stands, but we are curious. ❤️

Someone: Anxiety doesn’t exist, youre just shy.

Me, who has generalisied anxiety disorder: *Struggles to leave the house without panicking, has to rearrange an assessment for HRT that I’ve been waiting for for 2/3 years bc i’m terrified and breaking down over going alone, will not go downstairs alone unless its just me in the house and I check all the doors and windows, is scared of lifts bc they might crash, is scared of any speed over 20mph, has panic attacks about the world ending* Yeah, sure.