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too real to fake it by thealmightyavocado

      harry styles/louis tomlinson. chaptered. 5/5. 82K.

             ↳a sequel to: fake it till you make it

With seven years of blissful marriage behind them and four wonderfully unique kids to brag about, Harry and Louis seem to finally have life all figured out and under control. How much more real could it get?

Very real it turns out, when Harry reluctantly leaves home for a 5 day business trip leaving Louis to manage their rambunctious, hyperactive household. Do they really have it all under control or are they just faking it?

Featuring all the usual suspects, inside jokes, embarrassing moments and of course, Harry and Louis’ wild antics + the addition of their four equally wild and outrageous kids.

Louis is a single dad and Harry works at the newly opened bakery down the Street.Louis might have a problem.
Said problem lies entirely in the fact that he can’t seem to avoid Harry Styles, The Ex-Boyfriend That Broke His Heart and World Famous Popstar Sensation. Everything is only made more complicated by the fact that he doesn’t really want to avoid Harry either, even though they’re supposed to mean nothing to each other.
Another tiny problem may also be that Harry has no idea that Louis has a daughter now.
Yeah, he’s screwed.Louis runs a record label and Harry is his daughter’s new nanny. Over the course of a year, Harry helps Louis learn what it really is to be a father and somehow they find an unexpected home in each other.
Or, the kid fic where Louis wants to make Harry a star, Zayn just needs everyone to stop being stupid, Niall laughs his arse off at everything, Liam attempts to keep things in order and Harry takes a chance.When Harry’s son came home from school crying he didn’t think things could get any worse. Lucky for them, things were just about to change for the best.
Harry’s son get bullied until Louis’ son shows up :)the one where Louis’ pretty sure he’s already loved and lost his soulmate, and then he meets Harry.the one where Louis’s a dad in desperate need for a new nanny. Harry’s perfect for the job.the one where punk Louis likes to think he’s not clumsy, but he suspects he’ll have to accept it when he falls face first into a relationship with a head full of curls and his tiny human.harry is a photographer who’s trying to find his place. louis is a single father with a smile that feels like home.Louis never intended to fall in love with Harry: not five years into their time together in the band, not when they’re living on opposite continents, and especially not when he’s the new dad to a tiny human with way too much personality for anyone under nine pounds. Yet somehow Harry manages to worm his way into Louis’ life with every bit of weird affinity for Swedish homegoods and expensive baby clothes that you’d expect.Harry and Louis are separated, but for the sake of their two sons, they choose to spend Christmas together. It may just lead to a Christmas miracle.Harry’s near fatal accident exposed the cracks in his and Louis’ eleven year marriage. A serious error in judgement by Louis shattered it completely.Louis and Harry have been divorced for almost a year and apart for nearly three. On the paperwork, it says the grounds for their divorce were living apart for more than two years, but there’s more, that’s only what they’ll admit out loud.
Louis didn’t want to agree and sign the paperwork. He wanted to fight but he couldn’t confront the real reason for their divorce and a Harry who seemed so apathetic. Yet now that one of their children is sick, they’ll have to put their insecurities aside.au where harry plays rugby at uni, louis needs to hire a nanny, and life is one big cliche.At the age of twenty, Harry deals with things expected to occur at his age: student loans, instant meals, electricity bills, and the constant, incessant presence of never ending coursework.
That, and the job of raising his six year old daughter and avoiding the charm of a young, successful, and very off-limits Louis Tomlinson.“So let me get this straight. You took Mr. Squiggles from the classroom habitat, took him with you on your fieldtrip to the zoo, and released him in the aviary?”
Harry Styles is a single father, just trying to keep his life organized after losing his husband four years earlier. Between his daughter, Liam’s hellion twins, and Sophia throwing him into any romantic tangle she can think of, life gets a little crazy. Of course, everything changes the moment Lo and the twins get interested in their school musical, The Wizard of Oz. Because the new director, Louis Tomlinson, is just about the most attractive man that Harry has ever seen.
Featuring adorable Dad Harry, hotshot actor Louis, three sassy kids, a badass Sophia Smith, and a Liam who just wants all their kids to be well behaved.Louis sighs and gives himself a mental pep talk as he smooths his jumper down over his hips. He can do this. He can resist the draw of Harry Styles, because he is a responsible, mature adult, and as much as he wants to tangle his fingers in that mess of hair and map those ridiculous tattoos with his tongue, he does not want to get his daughter’s favorite teacher fired.Harry is just trying to figure it all out and Louis is just the person to help him do that.Louis has a 3 year old son and works at a daycare while getting his education degree.
Harry’s a fresh face Popstar with the world in his hands.
They meet over applesauce and hide n’ go seek.

“Shiro,” Keith breathes, completely and utterly floored.

Shiro, tiny Shiro, gasps. He scrambles at the back wall, pressing himself further into the corner as he stares up at the four shell-shocked Paladins with desperate, naked fear. He chokes out three lost and miserable words:

“Who are you?”

First glimpse of smol!Shiro from @butteredonions‘s killing-me-softly fic, The Size Of Our Actions. More forthcoming.


Marks and Rec: Misc #429

(When Normal Boots has a ghost infestation, who ya gonna call? …These dudes, apparently.) (Dialogue from Supernatural.)

anonymous asked:

Why do you suppose that there a next to no fics on the topic of damen and laurent's baby/heir?

Hello anon!

To tell you the truth, I don’t really know why ;;; It’s an interesting theme though, on that offers many possibilities. The idea to write a fic about it might not cross everyone’s mind (in my case the problem is I have little time to write fic /sobs), but I think I’ve read quite a few headcanon posts about this? And there’s definitely also art about Damen and Laurent as parents! kjdfhekjh I feel like I’m not answering your question properly, and I apologize for that, but it’s just that I have no idea and I can’t really speak for every writer.

Anyway, getting this made me want to compile as many fics I could find about it, to see if it motivates other people to write more about this! 

Note: I have not read any of these (now I do plan to, though), but I researched them thoroughly and only included fics specific to this theme + set in the world of CaPri.

“Two years after his marriage to Damen, Laurent has his heart stolen by an infant found in one of his diplomatic travels.
Gradually, he and Damen must learn how to be parents to the heir to their kingdoms.”

“Damen still has a little family left, after all. And he does need an heir. But Laurent is not easily convinced.” 

““The Empress sends her wishes for your happy and long union.” The Ambassador waves forward a box, “And a gift that your lines might continue this happy union of nations.”

Damen raises confused eyebrows at Laurent in the throne beside him.

“We send our heartfelt thanks,” Laurent says calmly. “We shall have to find a way to repay such a generous gift.””

  • Rasasvada, by AngelycDevil (General, ~1.2k words)

“Their baby takes his first step. Damen cries a little.”

“It had been five years. Things were starting to look up. The impossible was possible for the two. Assimilation was tangible, and it was there. Undeniably in Akielos, and in the beginning stages in Vere. Damen weighed the notion relentlessly for the past year. What Laurent meant to him. He arrived at the conclusion that Laurent’s existence by his side was worth far more than silver, gold even. More than a kingdom. More than two.”

“Their daughter was four the first time she asked about Damen’s scars.”

I hope at least one of these is a fic you’ve never read, anon! As for everyone else, since it’s highly possible that I missed some fics….

…feel free to reblog and add your own! Or to send me a link so that I add it here!

What I read last (last) week


Some re-reads, new (for me at least) and just in general good stories.

Hopeless Opus by Casspiration
Summary: Scott may or may not have angered a witch and gotten the entire pack turned into tiny toddlers bundling with energy and Derek is absolutely terrified of children.
Or The fic in which Stiles is good with kids and it makes Derek want to press him against every available surface.

This is Not Coercion by ShineeRedKookie
Summary:  Sometimes a packaged Deal is better than just a deal. As he stared down into two sets of liquid brown eyes. Eyes that thought he was a Superhero in real life. Eyes that seemed to think the world of him … Derek wouldn’t have traded anything for this moment. Nor the smile that covered the lips of the male standing next to him. Derek Hale was home.

Once again, in a little while by adeepeningdig
Summary: Parrish is holding the infant like a fullback carrying the football, tight and close to his body, as if he’s afraid someone’s going to strip it away from him at any moment.
“Sir,” he whispers, “this baby is running hot.”
“So call the paramedics, get Sally on the line. For heaven’s sake, Parrish, this baby needs a hospital, not the sheriff” The baby is hot to the touch but his pale eyes, when they blink open, are clear and he’s not flushed like a feverish infant would be.
“No,” Parrish hisses, “I mean this baby is running hot. I don’t think he’s human.”John looks at the priest, still standing in the aisle, hunched in concern. He looks at the baby in his duck onesie and little yellow hat.
“Oh, fuck,” he says.

Just a Spark by MyChemicalRachel
Summary: “A bird, okay? I heard something on my balcony and when I went out to see what it was, this giant ass pelican dropped the kid and flew away.”
Stiles feels frozen again for a moment before a grin forms on his lips and he’s clutching the baby to his chest, shaking with laughter. “You’re telling me a stork brought you a little werewolf child?”
Derek frowns, folding his arms stubbornly across his chest. “I told you you wouldn’t believe me,” He grumbles.
“Oh no,” Stiles says, trying to catch his breath and talk between spurts of giggles. “I totally believe you. That’s just fucking hilarious.” 

Your Taste by redeyedwrath
Summary: In which, Derek is Stiles’ online boyfriend - even though Stiles doesn’t know what he looks like - and they meet for the first time

5 times the pack almost finds out, and the one time they don’t need to by sterekanigans
Summary: Stiles and Derek didn’t mean to keep their relationship a secret, but they just haven’t gotten around to telling anyone yet.
These are the five times someone from the pack almost finds out, and the one time they don’t need to.—
“What are you still doing here?” he hears Stiles hiss. “What if my dad had walked in?”
‘I thought we weren’t trying to keep our relationship a secret?” the mystery person hisses back.
“Yeah, except for from my dad. Because I’m still in high school, you’re you, and my dad’s the Sheriff!”

Tumblr fic of Babysitter Stiles by Brooksbutler
Summary: Fic based on lovely fanart by Indecentdrawer

I’m clumsy, my head’s a mess by twisch
Summary: “Valentine’s day is on Friday.”
“I know…”
“Do you have plans with anyone?”
“No, Stiles. I don’t have any plans.“
“I was thinking… do you, maybe, want to do something with me?”
“Sure. That sounds nice.”

“Oh, shit, I’m so sorry Stiles. I forgot to tell you.”
“Tell me what?”
“Erica’s date bailed, and she had these reservations… if she doesn’t go she’ll have to pay for cancelling so late and she didn’t want to go alone.”
“Erica’s date bailed? What a jerk. Okay so…”
“I’m gonna go with her.”
“…you’re gonna go with her?”

OR: The one where Stiles asks Derek on a Valentine’s date and Derek just… doesn’t get it.

Have your cake and eat it too by cloudyskiesandcurlyfries
Summary: The one with cookies and first kisses


Six from 2016: Nonfiction for Youth About Resistance, Struggle, and Survival

We Will Not Be Silent: The White Rose Student Resistance Movement That Defied Adolf Hitler, Russell Freedman

“In his signature eloquent prose, backed up by thorough research, Russell Freedman tells the story of Austrian-born Hans Scholl and his sister Sophie. They belonged to Hitler Youth as young children, but began to doubt the Nazi regime. As older students, the Scholls and a few friends formed the White Rose, a campaign of active resistance to Hitler and the Nazis. Risking imprisonment or even execution, the White Rose members distributed leaflets urging Germans to defy the Nazi government. Their belief that freedom was worth dying for will inspire young readers to stand up for what they believe in.”

March: Book 3, John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, Nate Powell

“Welcome to the stunning conclusion of the award-winning and best-selling MARCH trilogy. Congressman John Lewis, an American icon and one of the key figures of the civil rights movement, joins co-writer Andrew Aydin and artist Nate Powell to bring the lessons of history to vivid life for a new generation, urgently relevant for today’s world.”

The Plot to Kill Hitler: Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Spy, Unlikely Hero, Patricia McCormick

“Perfect for fans of suspenseful nonfiction such as books by Steve Sheinkin, this is a page-turning narrative about Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a pastor and pacifist who became an unlikely hero during World War II and took part in a plot to kill Hitler.”

Uprooted: The Japanese American Experience During World War II, Albert Marrin

“A close look at the history of racism in America and carefully follows the treacherous path that led one of our nation’s most beloved presidents to make this decision. Meanwhile, it also illuminates the history of Japan and its own struggles with racism and xenophobia, which led to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, ultimately tying the two countries together.”

Let Your Voice Be Heard: The Life and Times of Pete Seeger, Anita Silvey

“Pete Seeger was an internationally honored folk musician and political radical who devoted his life to furthering humanitarian causes and getting people to sing. This biography traces his musical career, including the period when he was blacklisted by the House Committee on Un-American Activities, and the growth of his conviction that freedom and justice had to be defended and that the power of song could be used to fight back when these ideals were threatened.”

Sachiko: A Nagasaki Bomb Survivor’s Story, Caren Stelson

“This striking work of narrative nonfiction tells the true story of six-year-old Sachiko Yasui’s survival of the Nagasaki atomic bomb on August 9, 1945, and the heartbreaking and lifelong aftermath. Having conducted extensive interviews with Sachiko Yasui, Caren Stelson chronicles Sachiko’s trauma and loss as well as her long journey to find peace.”

Maple Frosted

Title: Maple Frosted
Author: angryspaceravenclaw
Rating: Teen and Up Audiences
Warnings: None Apply
Completed: Yes
Word count: 2672
Summary: Neighbourhood baker and “cookie guy” Eric Bittle sees a distressed stranger trying to manage three children. When he offers to help, he does not expect more than a friendly thank you. He certainly doesn’t expect the kissing. Or the date.

Most memorable line: “But I was right, right? Tell me I was right, you fucking know how much I love to hear it.”

Viktuuri/Victuuri/Victuri/someonefixtheshipname fic rec

Bless this fucking fandom because I have never seen this many quality fics pouring into ao3 in just a matter of 12 weeks and counting. I remember when there was only like what, 2 pages worth of fics in ao3 of this ship, I literally saw the baby steps of this ship and fandom and I am so blessed. This will be quite long so bear with me.

Keep reading