if the human race was more like you then the world would just be smiles and rainbows

“Winn & Sanvers preparing for Pride Parade, Winn getting his nails painted with the Bi-flag colors as a coming out to his friends. (His crush on Superman has no hetero explanation to me)” from @draconicdivinity

He paces outside of Alex’s apartment for nearly ten whole minutes.

He paces and he breathes in through his nose and out through his mouth, his cheeks puffing up with the effort to calm himself.

“She’s your best friend. She’s your best friend, and he’s your best friend, and they love you and they don’t care that Alex and Maggie are gay, they love them both, and they’ll love you.”

But the thought of Kara and James only makes his heart race harder, scarier.

He tries a different tactic.

“They’re lesbians,” he mutters. “Alex and Maggie lesbians, they lesbian together, they invited you to get ready for Pride with them, they love you, and they’re lesbians, for god sake, of course they’re not going to care that you’re bi.”

But he paces, still, because in one of the homes he was in as a kid, well… being bi was one of the main reasons he got shifted around so much.

They’d wanted to know why he couldn’t just pick one. Even the gay kids. Sometimes, especially the gay kids.

Even in college, it had happened.

Even in college, he’d gotten raised eyebrows and skeptical sound effects.

He’d stopped telling people, because what was the point, really?

If no one would believe him, either way.

So he paces, his hand tight around a plastic bag he’d picked up with a hammering heart and sweaty brow at the pharmacy.

Because he’s been to another planet, and he’s the tech support for not one, but two, superheroes, but coming out?

God, coming out is so much scarier.

So he paces.

He paces until Alex wrenches open the door and gives him a partly concerned, partly annoyed look.

“Dude, Kara says you’ve been pacing out there for ages. You okay?”

“Where… where is Kara?”

“Showering,” Alex shrugs, tugging him inside.

Tugging him inside to where he’s greeted by James – in a tight black t-shirt with Tolerance is Not Enough emblazoned in rainbow print across the front – and Kara’s yell of greeting from the bathroom and a half-dressed Maggie, rainbow belt on denim shorts, barely buttoning up a short-sleeved flannel.

“Ooh, look at my favorite pool shark, looking all sexy!” he grins, and Maggie shoves him gently before pulling him into a hug.

“Not wearing anything special for Pride, Schott?” Alex asks, that concerned look still in her eyes.

“Actually, I um…” He fidgets with the pharmacy bag he’s carrying. “I thought maybe – oh, hey Kara.”

Kara’s hair is soaked and her skin is still dripping slightly, towel draped around her body. Winn and James both carefully look anywhere but her.

“It’s Pride! Give me one second to put clothes on, and I’ll – “ She speeds her way into her outfit, scattering Maggie’s case files and Alex’s medical journals with the rush of wind she creates.

“What’s wrong?” she mirrors her sister’s concern, stepping closer to Winn at more human-like speed.

“Nothing. Nothing’s wrong, I just thought… I bought these.”

He spills the three small bottles of nail polish he’d picked up from the pharmacy from the bag. They clatter slightly onto the counter, and Maggie gets it first.

Her eyes find his over the bottles of pink, lavender, and blue nail polish, and she recognizes the tears she sees there. The terror.

She smiles softly and she nods almost imperceptibly, because she knows this feeling, and she knows, better than he does at the moment, that his sisters and his brother will love him all the more for it.

She certainly does.

“I thought maybe someone could paint my nails. For Pride. For me.”

“Cool man, uh – Kara, are you any good at that? I don’t imagine Alex would be – “

“Put a lid in it, Olsen, I can hit a moving target at – “

“Yeah yeah, but can you paint nails with precision, though?”

“They’re bi colors, Winn! Did you know that? Is that why you got – oh. Oh. Oh. Winn!” Kara stammers, and Winn’s stomach twists.

James and Alex stop their playful bickering, faces suddenly sober. Eyes suddenly locked onto Winn’s face.

“Winn?” Alex asks, her voice full of empathy and support and something that sounds an awful lot like deep, powerful respect.

“I just thought someone could paint my nails with the bi flag colors. For Pride,” he splutters, his face bright red. “Because that’s me. I’m bi.”

He forces himself to look at each of his friends – each of his siblings – in turn.

Kara’s eyes, bright and proud and teary, with a dash of recognition so strong he thinks that maybe, just maybe, she’ll want to paint her nails with the bi flag colors, too.

James’s eyes, dawning comprehension and full-throated acceptance and deep, deep pride in his best friend. His brother.

Alex’s eyes, glistening under the glitter her sister had put on her face, knowing that feeling so damn well.

Maggie’s eyes, soft and earnest and excited for him.

“So there are three colors and four of us,” Kara starts, a huge smile beginning to form on her face as James steps forward to crush Winn in a hug. “Maggie, Alex, maybe you guys can share lavender? I’ll get blue, and James, you wanna do pink? We can all paint your nails together, Winn.”

His chest wracks with a sob and he darts forward to pull Kara into the hug with James, laughing and crying at the same time.

Alex joins at Kara’s urging, and Maggie hesitates, but Winn reaches to pull her in, too.

When they settle – when Winn’s tears are reduced to mere sniffles and he thinks his ribcage might not be able to tolerate being hugged by so many superheroes at once for much longer – he puts out his hands and spreads out his fingers.

Maggie opens the windows and blasts queer summer jams for the world to hear, and all Winn hears is the laughter and the love and the happiness of his friends as they take turns transforming his fingernails, one color at a time, into signs of his own laughter, his own love, his own happiness.


Courting A Fairy (Loki X Fairy!Reader)

Character: Loki X Fairy!Reader, Avengers X Fairy!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Getting injured, a bit of blood.


Request: Could you write one where the reader is a fairy and was lost on Asgard? Thor and Loki (because I want good guy Loki) bring her to earth because she never saw humans before. The avengers thought she was too adorable and didn’t want her to leave so she agrees to stay. Wanda takes an extra liking to her and ‘steals’ her constantly. Reader and Loki end up falling for each other

Originally posted by maryxglz

Asgard had a lot things in it. A rainbow road, literal gods, Mythical weapons, fairies… wait, fairies?

Yep. And you’re one of them. You had wings that turned F/C when they hit the light. You were clearly shorter than the gods, and your wings made it evident of your race. However your race were known for being shy and the Gods themselves were sure you died out. At least until Thor and Loki found you.

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dating V (BTS) would include:

  • let us all take a quick breath and prepare ourselves for the slaying of feels that is about to happen because dating taehyung would be reserved for someone who had saved multiple countries in a past life
  • he has the best reactions to everything, oh you started your period today hey that’s your uterus letting you know you aint pregnant let’s get some candy
  • if there are any children in the vicinity, cover your eyes because seeing taehyung with them will make you wish you were pregnant because he’s a ray of sunshine and should not be allowed near tiny humans
  • you are literally the adult in this relationship, he will come to you and ask you things like why do i need health insurance and you have to explain that someone has to pay for hospital visits it’s not free
  • and he gives you that betrayed and shocked look because he thought everything in life was free
  • living together will be hazardous to your health because he has no idea what he’s doing, he thinks the only grown up stuff he has to do is perform on stage you better get an accountant
  • he’s all squish and rainbows except when sleeping proceed with caution it don’t matter how much he likes you if you wake him up he will be very offended and you better have food ready
  • but holy smokes he knows how to spoil you and he wants to go on dates all day every day, restaurants and traveling and shopping put on some running shoes
  • if you had a bad day he’s the type to sit in your lap and give you aegyo and if that don’t work he’s gonna grab your boobs because if he can’t make you smile then he’s gonna make you scream instead
  • he’s also the type to fill a bathtub with lukewarm water and throw some daisies around and call it a romantic evening
  • the boy can kiss like nobody’s business, get an oxygen tank because at times he will hold you sweetly and just give you feathery little pecks and rub your noses together but most of the time he’s gonna crush you against the wall and makeout with you until you’re begging for some mercy
  • he’s also very inclined to a lot of skinship with no sexual motivation behind it, like you’re laying on your stomach reading a book and he just waltzes in and lays on top of you because he wants to play with your hair and be close to you nothing to see here please keep reading
  • he is fascinated with how you always manage to smell good, early in the relationship when he would randomly sniff you it would startle you a lot but now you’re so used to it you know every time you go out with him he’s gonna take a whiff of whatever perfume or lotion you’ve got on
  • he is not good at arguments or fighting, if you are angry or upset he will cave in and give you whatever you want to make things better again, but very rarely if you are out of line he will stand up to you and from then on you will rethink ever arguing with him again
  • if he’s emotionally drained and stressed to the max, he will very politely ask if you could put on that cute pink lingerie and ride him until the headboard snaps off the bed and he may even leave you a thank you note in the morning
  • he’s surprisingly maternal in a way, like if he’s away for a bit he’s gonna text you to see if you’ve gotten enough to eat or if you’re getting enough sleep
  • and he will spill everything about his relationship to the hyungs because he seems to think he’s not doing well when it comes to taking care of you so he’s always asking for advice but there is little to no friction or stress in this relationship he has nothing to worry about
  • it doesn’t matter how long the two of you have been together, it always feels like the early stages, he flirts with you and he romances you because he has to have those flames going at all times
  • and unfortunately for you when taehyung hears pieces of namjoon’s conversations he comes right up to you and asks babe what is (insert really kinky sexual subject here) and you’re like namjoon stop corrupting my innocent little pineapple i’m gonna fight you
  • he says really random things sometimes, like he struggles to convey his feelings, he’s told you at least twice that when it comes to humans you are one of his favorites and if there was a fire in the building he would probably save you first
  • and all you heard was what do you mean ‘probably’ and ever since then you give jimin the stink eye because he would probably get saved first and your ass would fry
  • when you make him food his jaw scrapes the floor and when you feed him snacks he falls a little more in love with you
  • you spend most of your time protecting this precious peanut because taehyung is too pure for this world and you shake your fist at the universe like i’m gonna stab you if you hurt him
  • sasaengs are terrified of you because you’ve threatened to harvest their livers but taehyung must not know about this he will apologize for your violent behavior and that undermines your intimidation tactics jungkook approves
  • he is prone to bad dreams and this is very painful for you and there are times you have to wake him up and stroke his hair off his sweaty forehead and cradle him back to sleep his mind races a lot
  • nicknames are his favorite thing and he’s always coming up with something crazier and in front of the members, like my snuggle honey bear is looking good today but yesterday you were his queen of the unicorns or some other mythical beast
  • to be honest being with taehyung is like living in the honeymoon phase and it never ends, because he just wants happiness and joy and you are always willing to move mountains to make sure he has it

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @chariotdunord 

The family computer is finally free so here’s your belated (ish?) present, hope you enjoy it! ^_^ 

Summary: Instinct is: 1-a natural or intuitive way of acting or thinking. 2- a natural propensity or skill of a specified kind. 3- The reason why Akko meet Diana. (Photographer!Akko, Modern Au)

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Words; 2,274

Pairing; jimin x reader

Warnings; slight angst, fluff, soulmate!au

A/N; ahhh this is finally finished!!! this is officially the longest part so far in the soulmate!au series, so i hope you all enjoy it!!! i’m actually very proud of this and i worked very hard on it, so your feedback is encouraged! separate requests are currently closed, but requests for the soulmate!au’s are still open!! namjoon, hoseok, taehyung, and jungkook are still open for request! thank you so much for reading this and supporting me, i love you all very much! ♥

P.S; if anyone seemed to be confused by the timer’s format, it goes years:months:hours:seconds, if there are any more confusions please feel free to ask!!!!

Originally posted by kva-231

“The countdown starts at zero, and it should count the time until you meet your soulmate.” The teacher’s words didn’t seem to faze anyone else in the room, but it definitely struck something within you. This was a lesson everyone was taught, being almost the equivalent to your normal algebra class. It slowly grew to become a required class, especially for kinds about to graduate. You remember not exactly having to take this class, because it was not like you needed to anyway; but now that you were about only days away from graduating, it had become expected from you. Soulmates had become a part of normal life in the last couple decades, slowly climbing to the top priority of most people; even more so than electronics. It became one of the most important parts of society, and you had somehow spaced out while learning about it? Almost anything could’ve distracted you at this point, you were completely bored of the class. It was all because of the timer on your wrist, 17:12:05:46 it read, and it just made you want to get out of this damned closed space called a classroom and venture throughout the world to find him. The timer was something that everyone on this whole entire plant was born with, and they would have it for the rest of their lives. It even came with an annoying ticking noise; you were never able to hear it outside of your body, meaning you couldn’t hear anyone else’s but yours. The sound traveled through your arteries, exactly like your blood did, and they followed right into your brain. Sometimes the sound was minor, something that wouldn’t bother you often; but it was when your heart began racing, when you could feel your head just pounding in pain. You stared blankly as the seconds passed by on your arm, and all that went through your head was one question. When will I meet my soulmate??

You listened as the teacher droned on in front of you, watching as she paced back and forth in front of the lecture hall. Words like time, countdown, and soulmate fell out of her mouth over and over, and you just wished you could pay any less attention than you currently were. The noise in the classroom had been completely cut off, the only audible sounds the chirping of birds from outside, or the steady breathing of the person right next to you. Only seconds ago were people chatting back and forth, ignoring the teacher just as much as you were actually listening; until the really interesting question was asked. What happens when you don’t find your soulmate? In the world we have been dreaded to live in, finding your soulmate was just like a game. A game just like Where’s Waldo? , except your game board is the entire world and you’re being timed. Numbers had stained your arm your whole life, but no one really wanted it; it was almost like tattooing your ex’s name on yourself. But yet again, it was still worth it for when you really met the one. It seemed that everyone was only half a man without their soulmate, the part of you you’ve been missing ever since you were born. The clock reminded you of when you met that one person who completed you, something nostalgic for the both of you.

Now, finding your soulmate was one thing; one of the greatest things in the world in fact. It wasn’t so simple, yet, it’s so worth it. Because not finding them, is a whole other world. The world isn’t perfect, and neither are the humans that inhabit it. “The system is flawed.” The words caught everyone by surprise, of course, this isn’t something people were told everyday. Some believed it was for their own safety, while others believed it was necessary for their children to know the consequences of their actions; and in this case, they were both. “There are consequences when you don’t find your soulmate.” The teacher’s actions seemed to fit both perfectly. They told you that danger was coming, but they left out one important detail; what was the danger?

Cheers echoed from throughout the field, tears of joy and sadness were all shed. It was the last day of school, we’d be free. Or that’s what everyone thought. Students rampaged through the hallways, trashing math books and notebooks all the way until they got outside. You smiled back and forth between your group of friends, wishing them all goodbye before taking a step outside of the school gate. You felt like you were walking on rainbows, almost like the busy day you’ve ever experienced so far; until you felt a sharp pain in your wrist, right where your timer was.

It almost felt like a stab to your wrist, but you looked to see you were greeted by no blood or knife. You hissed in pain and you went to examine your wrist, you hadn’t run into anything so you had no idea what it could have been. You had become so focused on the pain that had struck you, that you seemed to fail to notice your timer beginning to count down from it’s previous place; and of course this scared you enough, plus the fact that it was counting down really fast. Minutes began to count down as fast as seconds, the constant changes of numbers was making you go dizzy. Pain was now coming from both your head and wrist, you held your head with your wrist as you tried to call out for help. Your eyes were clenched tightly in pain, but when you opened them to search for help; it was like you were looking a mirror. Fellow students around you were the exact same, some whining in pain while others tried helping out as much as possible. A loud piercing siren began attacking your ears, driving you even more crazy. Your knees began to sink, your body falling even closer and closer to the ground. You let out one last groan before you finally hit the ground, your vision disappearing with it.

You had finally woken up from your daze the next day, your eyes first met by a plain white and dotted ceiling. The constant and quite memorable ticking of the timer on your wrist was the only audible sound in the room. It slowly became obvious to you that you were in a hospital room; to you, hospitals were always easily told apart from other buildings. It wasn’t the huge letters in front of the building that said Hospital on them, or the any of the distinct physical features in general.

It was the way you felt once you walked into the hospital, it was the heavy air that carried such emotions; depression and despair, or happiness and joy. The cries from down the halls would echo into every bit and corner of the hospital, it almost seemed to bring tears to your own eyes. It was the smell; not the smell of disinfectants, but the smell of death. The kind of thing that will stick with you the rest of your life, that’s what a hospital was.

You could hear voices from probably a whole crown od people from inside your room, commotion from outside seeming to spiral out of control. Finally, after a while of sitting through the noise, was when a doctor had finally came in to inform you of what has happened; and finally you had figured out the danger, the one no one was told about until it happened to them.

It happened to everyone was what you had been told, in fact, apparently almost a hundred people your age were admitted into the hospital the exact same time you were. You wouldn’t say it was a curse or just plain bad luck, but it was similar. When one reached the age of 18, your clock resets in a way. It stops at 18:00:00:00, and begins to count down at what the doctor said was a normal pace; but you remember exactly how fast yours began to count down, and you knew for sure that wasn’t normal. “I’ve never heard of this happen to anyone before Miss, but I would assume it means your soulmate is near.” You were beginning to drift off, not pay attention to the doctor whatsoever; but at those words your ears seemed to perk up. “Since they are closer to you, it may seem it will be easier to find them, but please keep in mind the consequences.”

Oh right, there are consequences, you thought to yourself. Just like the teacher had said only hours before, they system is flawed and the universe is sadistic. It’s like you could see it right before your eyes, death. That was the consequence, if you don’t find your soulmate before your timer reaches zero; guess what? Both you and your soulmate die instantly, isn’t that quite pleasant to hear when apparently have only an hour left to find your soulmate? 00:00:01:27 was the time stated on your wrist, counting down at a normal pace. “Well, I just lost 18 years of my life,” you muttered before getting up from your hospital bed and ripping out your IV.

Luckily for you, due to the large amount of people coming in to the hospital, you were allowed be discharged earlier. You had dropped into full panic mode once you left the cluttered and stuffy building, breathing in the fresh air to calm yourself down. The ticking of your timer was now pounding against your skull, the constant sensation began giving you a headache. Despite your growing pain, your feet began to lift themselves, and you began to run. You were stumbling over everything; rocks, cracks, maybe even your own shadows. Your arms pushed out frantically, moving pedestrians out of the way to find him. They told me he was near, you screamed internally. At this point, the only thing you could so was run; run until your hands and feet were full of scars, run until your heart stopped beating. You had become so lost in your own fear, your own despair that you didn’t notice the black haired boy running the opposite direction of you. He was practically mimicking your actions, he ran full force throughout the crowd with his hand held against his head. His eyes were shut tight in pain, but he pushed on; in fact, it looked as if he were about to run right into you.

As the time got even closer and closer to zero, your vision began changing. You began to see beautiful things, almost resembling a heaven of some sorts. Your memories resembled flowers, all lining up behind you as you continued to run; but once they got far enough from you, the began to dry and crumble up. The boy running at you, had become a butterfly; and you were determined to chase it for its beauty. And the ticking of your timer, it had become a beautiful melody, one that may as well put you to sleep.

I wasn’t until the butterfly finally landed on your finger, that you finally realized none of this was real. Your mind began tearing down the perfect heaven you dream of, and suddenly you were back in the middle of the sidewalk. The headache was still there, but you head realized that there was no ticking of your timer.ou quickly peeled your own eyes open and checked your timer, it stopped. 00:00:00:01 was what it said, and you had never been so confused in your life. Was it all just a silly joke?

“I still haven’t found my sou—wow”, your mind had begun running wild and you had become physically breathless at the sight in front of you. You were sat on the warm, concrete floor as if you just fell; well, you fell on top of a beautiful boy first.You were just running a minute ago, and now you were faced with a an extremely good looking boy? Your mind was still working to take everything that just happened in, until it finally clicked within you; this boy is my soulmate.

The first thing you thought of doing was checking his timer. You grabbed his wrist gently, noticing both of your hands were still shaking. You read the time on his clock aloud as you lined it with your own, 00:00:00:01.

“H-here, let me help you up.” You stood up first, lending the boy your hand and bringing him up to your height. He wasn’t much taller than you, his hair was a shade of jet black, and his complexion one of a kind. “I’m Y/N,” you held your hand out one last time to properly greet him. Instead of shaking your hand, he just casually laced his fingers with yours, a playful smirk displayed on his face.

“I see I’ve finally met you my love, could you see that I was ready to die for you? Aish, oh how you scared me darling, but at least we’re not dead right? Let me take you home, I’m Jimin.”

Loki Laufeyson imagine - Child

Originally posted by croixdemoisson

Requested by an anon who is turning eighteen soon! Happy birthday! I hope you enjoy this little piece for you.

A/N: This is simple and I wrote this quit quickly so isn’t great but I hope you like it. 

Summery: Odin forbids Loki to see you because he believes you are too young and naive for Loki to truly love. But a few months later Thor reunites you and him. 

Warnings: None

You will never forget the moment you first laid eyes him, the moment you heard him speak, the moment where you shared the first passionate kiss, you will never forget the feeling of his body pressed against yours whether it’s in sweet embrace or hot activity.

Loki of Asgard, he called himself. You didn’t understand what that meant at first, not until you two grew close together and he explained everything about his past. You have never seen him more open and sincere in any other moment with him since that day.

Loki was often closed up, sinister, cruel, dominant, violent, angry but behind closed doors he was soft and kind and everything you knew he’d be when you first met him, or he was dark, even more dominant and full of lust and mischief.

The day he met you was on your eighteenth birthday, you had become instantly attracted towards each other however your natural mind automatically told you to play hard to get which didn’t last very long at all.

You had no clue what he did to you, but you knew you were crazy about him.

When Loki had tried to take over New York, you two grew distant but your feelings never faltered as much as you wanted them too. When he was caught, when he lost, he only got to say goodbye for two minutes whilst he was observed from a distance.

On that day he promised he be back for you, he promised you wouldn’t be alone like the way you were before you met him. Then he kissed your forehead, due to the surveying eyes he couldn’t do much more, before he reluctantly pulled himself away.

Thor took Loki back to Asgard that afternoon, that was the last time you were going to see Loki for a long time.

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Woozi Fic 2

Hi again, yeah I’m in a woozi craze lately so uh heres another fic/fluff thing XD

“Come on, baby! You’re so slow!” Woozi cries out to you.

You finally catch up to him and hunch over, panting and clutching your stomach. You swing your arm around without looking up, trying to find his hand. He laughs and takes it. Still bent over, you ask, “Why…did you have to run?”

Woozi laughs. “Hey, you wanted me to plan the date, so that was the plan.”

You snap back up and glare at him. Clutching your back, you complain, “I never said I wanted you to plan this. But thank you for the surprise…I guess.”

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Dean/Cas: Gift from God (Part 1)

SPN Writing Challenge | @sparksflycastiel vs. @patchworkgirlfriend
prompt: fic trope - kid fic  
pairing: destiel
word count: 3,728
tags: canon divergent (alternative course for MoC resolution/season 9)

summary: The gates of Hell have been closed. Heaven is finally in order. Dean, cured of the Mark of Cain, finally admitted his feelings for Castiel and was relieved to learn the angel felt the same. Just when things seem to be settling down, Dean and Castiel are summoned to heaven and given the shock - and gift - of their lives. 

This is the first part of a multi-chapter fic. More parts to come! 

Read on AO3

“Cas, what’s happening?”

“I don’t know, Dean.”

Dean was panicked. If Castiel didn’t know what was happening, then that was really not a good sign. He felt the ground fall from beneath his feet, a familiar tug at his midsection indicating that an angelic force was transporting them elsewhere.

Castiel quickly surveyed his surroundings. He immediately registered that they were no longer on the earthly plane. Furthermore, he deduced that their journey was not yet over. More alarmingly, he realized they were being sent where humans were not allowed to exist.

“Dean,” Castiel’s tone was demanding and urgent. “Close your eyes. Right now. DEAN, CLOSE THEM!”

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milks-ears  asked:

I have a prompt for Malora. Aurora is constantly asking Maleficent to leave the moors just for a moment with her so she could finally show her her kingdom and finally after a little persuasion she agrees but only for a little while.

Well then. I said 100-500 words and I wrote 2000. I hope no one complains. Thank you blueheartofdiamonds for this prompt which inspired me way more than it was supposed to, and I hope you don’t mind that I took it in a totally different direction than even originally intended. 

Title: Glass and Iron

Pairing: Malora

Summary: Technically what the above prompt asked for, just with a bit more angst than originally intended. Aurora finds out just what it means to be the queen of two kingdoms, and ruling half without Maleficent at her side may prove more than she is prepared for.

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Sam finds it grossly unfair that dragons always get the short end of the stick. Because yeah, sure, they’re kind of destructive and rude and too loud on their New Year and when they’re in the village the air mostly smells like metal and smoke all the time, but that’s just their way. It’s not like they can help it. He kind of wants to ask people if they’d like being judged based on their body odors or how much hair falls out when they shower or whether they get that disgusting flaky film over their front teeth if they eat too much, but he figures no one would understand the point he was trying to make.

His dad fought dragons on principle when he was alive. Dean used to as well, until some point last year when the village guardian made it a law that dragons and humans have to get along. Sam knows it’s really only applicable to most of the villagers when the dragons are in their humanoid forms, but—whatever. There’s less bloodshed and less screaming all around. It’s kind of refreshing.

He’s sitting outside the hut one afternoon, sky hanging gray and cold around him as he draws absent loops in a circular motion over and over in the dirt with a stick, when he hears footsteps behind him. Unfamiliar heavy set to the sound, accompanied by this faint scent of atmosphere, and Sam thinks, dragon, and can’t decide if he should be wary or excited.

“What are you doing?” asks his companion after a period of silence. Rough uncertain voice, too low on the vowels and swallowing the consonants just a little. Typical dragon accent, and Sam’s lips curve into a tiny smile before he can stop himself. Dragons don’t really like talking to humans despite the new law, they know most humans hate them and the feeling is pretty mutual, but Sam’s spoken to a few over the course of his life and they’ve always gotten along okay. Once everyone can forget that Sam is permanently stationary whereas his dragon companion could sprout wings and scales and horns at any time and take off.

“Drawing,” Sam says, and moves a little to the right, an invitation.

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Cherry on Top

Longest text in history 😂😂 thanks to @mermaidsocks

It wasn’t wrong was it? This feeling of worry and regret? Was it wrong of her to force her further surgeries on karev so she could hop into her room car and drive?

*Took Sofia to her favorite ice cream place. Penny is with us…just so you know.*

She checked the text multiple times, her fingers consistently swiping back and forth, teeth harshly biting into her lip as the thoughts and images of her child enjoying their favorite treat made her heart race. She was jealous, at least she thought she was.

The rain pittered and pattered on her windshield, the wipers squeaking and resonating in her ears.

*…just so you know.*

Her eyes tore away from her phone so she could start the car, her stiff fingers turning the key roughly, her foot slamming on the gas.

She could feel her cheeks turn a dusky red, the blood from her heart staining her cheeks, the thought of her daughter happily eating such a simple treat without her pulling at the still fast beating organ.

Was it wrong of her to just tuck of a few pieces of hair behind her ear? Should she have planted more kisses? Whispered a few more encouragements? Her daughter had fallen, and she felt she didn’t pick her up like she should have.

The moon shone brightly, her blue eyes glimmering almost as much as the rain, tongue licking her lips when she turned and parked into the familiar lot.

she could see her daughter take a spoonful of her favorite: vanilla ice cream with rainbow jimmies. the cherry she always have to her still sat on one side of the cup, a smile tugging at her lips. Sofia always saved the cherry for last, because she knew her mother loved them.

“Just try it, Sofia!” The younger version of Callie scrunched her nose and shook her head at the red fruit. “Callie, don’t you think…” She trailed off when she saw an equally disgusted face set on her wife’s. “You don’t like cherries either?”

Callie smirked knowingly. “There’s only one cherry I like. But it’s not that.” She chuckled.

Arizona smiled sadly at the memory, her eyes darting in search of Callie. She was smiling, but it didn’t reach her eyes. She turned her head to look at Sofia when the tiny human ate her last spoonful of ice cream, a lone cherry held between her sticky fingers. She pondered and wondered what they were saying, the movements of their mouths somethings she was unable to translate. She looked back down at her phone.

*…just so you know.*

Spontaneously, Arizona released her tight hold on the car keys and shut off the car, the white of her knuckles fading into the sudden darkness of the car.

Callie was now talking to Penny, the red head laughing at something she said.

What did Callie say? Did she ramble another one of her jokes? Did she say something interesting? What words slipped past her lips, rolled off her tongue, that made the red head laugh so freely?

She sighed. She shouldn’t be jealous. She wasn’t jealous.

Arizona opens the car door and took a carful, knowing step onto the uneven ground. The trio still hadn’t become aware of her presence, so she decided that she should take another moment to decide what to do. She squinted, the sight of Penny reaching for the ice cream stained cherry in Sofia’s hand making her heart finally stop. Well, just for a second.

Sofia’s smile suddenly went into a straight line, her dimples going into hiding. She could once again see her lips move, but she also, again, couldn’t understand what she said.

She didn’t want to see her baby sad, her world, the reason she breathed. So, with sure and (crap I forgot the word sorry lol) steps, Arizona now found herself face to face with the group of women.

“Hey…” She made herself known with a cheery voice.

Sofia’s head whipped in her direction, the bandage on her head the first thing Arizona noticed. “She’s okay,” she thought. “It’s just a little cut she’ll be fine.” Meeting her daughter’s gaze, Arizona bent down to catch the energetic girl in her arms.

“Hi, mama.” Her brown eyes, oh her brown eyes that were an exact copy of her mother’s, were bright with joy– or sugar, Arizona couldn’t tell.

“Hi, baby.” She set her down after a gracious kiss to her cheeks and looked at Callie. “I know you wanted to spend time with…” She looked at Penny and smiled. “I’m sorry, I just got worried about her. And I heard you were having ice cream.” She looked back at Callie.

“Mami said I can have ice cream since I was sooo brave today.” Sofia beamed.

“You WERE brave!”

Sofia went back to her seat and retrieved her almost empty bowl of ice cream. She took a step closer to her mama and gestured for her to come down so she could tell her a secret.

“Penny likes cherries but I couldn’t give her mine. I always save mine for you.”

Arizona held back a gasp. She licked her lips and couldn’t help but embrace her daughter in the warmest of hugs. “What if I never came? You know you can share with more than just me, right?”

Sofia looked down at the ground and glanced at her mother and Penny, the two seemingly preoccupied in their own conversation. “I knew you would come.” She whispered. She held up her bowl and plucked the single cherry out. “I always save these for you.”

Arizona felt a tear slide down her cheek and she took the cherry and chewed on it slowly. She tasted the memories she shared with her daughter, the sugary kisses that would be left on her cheek when her daughter would thank her for ice cream. “Thank you, baby,” she hugged her once more and walked over to help clean her face.

After Sofia was clean, she looked at Callie once more, the softness of her chocolate eyes telling her everything. She wanted to take her hand and hold her, voice her fears of their trauma today. She needed someone to hug her and assure her that everything was going to be okay, that Sofia would be okay. Their eye contact become almost too much, her blue eyes breaking the hold and she quickly wiped her eyes. She sat down, Penny coincidentally getting up saying she had to use the bathroom, and Callie, Sofia and herself were left alone.

She felt a hand cover her own, the slight chill to Callie’s fingers from holding her own bowl of ice cream still warmer than anything she’s ever touched. “I’m glad you’re here.” Her hand squeezed Arizona’s harder.

They locked eyes once more, the two of them speaking solely with their hearts. They both felt it, that familiar spark, the love they both shared for their child.

Right now, this was enough. Her daughter was alright.

“Here,” Callie brought her own bowl of half eaten ice cream in sight. “I just couldn’t…” Arizona spotted the cherry and knew what Callie was saying. She took it and slowly bit into it without losing eye contact with the brunette.

This time she could taste memories with Callie, the kisses they would share, the spoonfuls of pure sugar they’d feed each other.

“No one else can have my cherries.” Callie winked.

Yes. This could be enough for Arizona. This could be enough for now.