if thats not love i donut know what is

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If you're considering doing coffee goals like caretaker, why not open the suggestion box to your fans? :) see what they might want as rewards? Although I know that might flood your inbox 😅

Oh hey! I don’t think something like this would be successful or anything, so I’m not sure about it…

But I’m happy to announce that I’ve somehow reached 103 coffees??? [spider donuts] I AM SO HAPPY AND I DONT BELIEVE IT!! Thank you SO much to Leafdragon for giving me a box of 10!!! So grateful <3 <3

I really want to thank you guys for being so nice to me, so SUGGESTIONS ARE OPEN!! What should I draw for you??

The Sideshow
Mistah F.A.B.
The Sideshow

Mistah F.A.B.- The Sideshow
hey yo trax, let me see what u got.
i dont rap if the beat dont knock,
i need bass, make it fast,
every girl in the place shakin ass.

yeah thats that bay shit, give it to her good that pussy stay wet,
i know what you want bitch, hook dont slap, you want that funk shit
well holler at traxamillion,
but dont fall in love n start catchin feelins,
he wont love you back, why would he?
flipped her n had a sideshow in her pussy,

wont stop doin donuts,
nothin goin change when the police show up,
burnin rubber in the streets of oakland,
bitch, what are you smokin??

Zootopia Spoilers/Theory

Gazelle is the main villain of Zootopia. the one behind the suspicious attacks caused by big cats going “savage” that officer Hopps is tasked to investigate.

lets look at the facts:

when i first heard about shakira being cast in the movie i assumed it would be more of a celebrity cameo but the more i think about it the less likely that seems. the way they talk about her give an essence of her being a much bigger part of the movie. why is she vaguely mentioned in so much promotional material without actually being present? and who the hell would cast shakira and not give her an important roll? not disney thats fore sure.

another clue is Gazelle’s association with big cats, weve all seen THAT screencap,

yeah that one. now i might be interpreting this wrong but something seems off about those male strippers (or should i say stripers) their faces to me just scream “im not in control” idk maybe its a stretch but you cant deny her association with them

another odd detail is that in the official “meet the cast” reveal where we learned a bit about the main characters Gazelle dosent make an appearance but is mentioned through officer clawhausers introduction, a cheeta, a big cat

“Clawhauser loves two things: pop star Gazelle and donuts.“ what an oddly specific detail for a seemingly unrelated character to have. a character thats new to the ZPD right as the attacks start taking place. is he a fly on the wall without even knowing it? who knows but that would make a great twist and i wouldnt put it past disney after the hans incident in frozen.

moving on lets take a look at Gazelles character design;

just look at her and tell me she dosent look the most like a disney villian out of ANY of the other characters. and another thing for a pop star character it would have made more sense to go with a cherry red or pink outfit but no, shes wearing DARK RED a color usually preserved for evil characters. her hair is also covering one eye, a common trope to subconsciously convey to an audience that a character is hiding something.

i dont know how but i am convinced that Gazelle is taking control over big cat species to drive a wedge between the peaceful social order of zootopia.

shes a perfect villain to compliment judy’s internal struggle of being just as good as any other animal. Gazelle is a “prey” animal taking over its “hunters”

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id be afraid too (thats the same character from the first picture, the one who attacked nick)

Holly Sucks at Small Talk
  • Lunchbox: I have a question for you.
  • Gail: We haven't talked in over a year but sure, knock yourself out.
  • Lunchbox: Such a trooper. Here goes: If you could have one superpower what would it be?
  • Gail: That's it? That's what you wanted to ask me after all this time? Not, how's work? Are you seeing someone? Murder anyone lately? Do you miss me? Did you ever get that piercing we talked about?
  • Lunchbox: I was leading up to all that.
  • Gail: You are so weird.
  • Lunchbox: So I've been told, but it always meant more coming from you.
  • Gail: You can't see my face right now but I'm rolling my eyes.
  • Lunchbox: You forget that I know you, you are also blushing and smiling like an idiot.
  • Gail: Shut up! Am not.
  • Lunchbox: Sure, sure. Back to the question then.
  • Gail: Fine. The power to time travel.
  • Lunchbox: Interesting. I could have sworn you'd choose something to do with mind manipulation.
  • Gail: Why's that?
  • Lunchbox: So you can make your friends fetch you things, like donuts.
  • Gail: I already do that anyway. Or at least try to. They are far less compliant these days. Well that and I no longer eat donuts.
  • Lunchbox: I'm sorry... I think my brain just short-circuited. Really? No donuts?
  • Gail: No lol. Still as gullible as ever, I see. You know my grave will read: She Loved Donuts. (Oh and Lunchboxs' boobies)
  • Lunchbox: How could I forget that conversation?
  • Lunchbox: So what time would you travel to, and why?
  • Gail: I can't believe you just made me math. I'd travel back 14 months, 11 days, and roughly 5 hours to tell the woman I love that I loved her - I would tell her that I loved her and that I was sorry. For everything. Then I'd beg her to stay.
  • Lunchbox: lol is that all?
  • Gail: Yeh, that's the gist of it
  • Lunchbox: I imagine you'd be very hard to say no to. This woman you loved was very lucky and obviously a complete idiot for ever leaving in the first place.
  • Gail: Love. Present tense.
  • Lunchbox: Gail...
  • Gail: Lunchbox...
  • Lunchbox: I have another question for you.
  • Gail: Shoot.
  • Lunchbox: Did you really get that piercing?
  • Gail: Come visit me and you can find out ;)
  • Lunchbox: I'll be there in 6 minutes.
  • Gail: Maybe your brain really did short-circuit, I think you meant 6 hours. Or do you have a superpower I don't know about? Oooh do you have a one of those tight fitting costumes too? Because that'd be sexy af.
  • Lunchbox: I'm in a hotel around the corner.
  • Gail: Shut up, you are not.
  • Lunchbox: I beg to differ.
  • Gail: Seriously?
  • Lunchbox: Seriously. Meet me half way?
  • Gail: I'll see you in 3 minutes.
  • Lunchbox: Kiss you in 1.5 if we run.
  • Gail: Better not, just ate 4 donuts. But you can tell me you love me in 4.5

+ Tip for the followers

Here’s a lazy update because I just wanna spread a message.

When asking questions to a ask blog keep in mind that there are factors that makes it get answered. 50% of asks from followers are usually hugs and so try to be creative with your choice. Give the artist something to work with and brainstorm. Remeber thou if its a random ask blog like this one don’t try to write a essay. ((I can’t even read a book))

Asks that can only be answered with a drawing of their oc, Please oh please have a reference of your charecter lying around, and have a theme where we can navigate ,right click and copy images. Lookin at you mister stripcomet. This also applies to anyone asking for drawings of their Oc, a ref would make the artists day oh so much more easier.

And for questions that anyone might have asked already like “What is your cutie mark?” Make sure the blog hasn’t already made a post about it, probably will be deleted on the spot. So keep in mind what you have at your disposal.

Anyways thats about enough ranting from me. The more you know!

(( Striker I apologize if I couldn’t draw your horse with a cutie mark because after 10mins of looking, I gave up. Love ya))

The thing that gets me the most with Ichabbie is how intimate they are. 

Its not only the fact they share a house and their destinies are tied to be the witnesses (if you don’t think thats enough already) . Its Abbie buying him donuts from the “fancy gourmet donut shop” because she knows thats the one he likes. It’s Crane spending time to learn how to make coffee from a machine out of his time just to make coffee for Abbie, because he knows it’s been some time since she had her last coffee and he wanted to make something especial for her.Its the way they both made a gesture, as small as it seems, to make eachother happy before entering the underworld.

 What I love most about Ichabbie is not just the fancy words Crane use all the time to profess his undying love for Abbie (and yet he still didn’t actually telled her anything yet), but the little things they do for eachother, because that’s what love is about, the little things, the small gestures, the secret smiles they share, the intimacy they don’t share with no one else.