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My heart is pierced by Cupid;

I disdain all glittering gold.

There is nothing can console me

But my jolly sailor bold.

I’m trying to fight my art block and I received some lovely suggestions I’m going to draw.

Mer!Hanzo and Pirate!McCree was one of these.
@rebeza and @finchworks are my inspirations and I look up to their designs and AUs ‘cause wow.

Have you ever seen a prettier Hanzo?

My Favourite thing about Jack

Is that he doesn’t even have to do anything big to make a positive impact! Y'know you’ve got Mark and Felix and others who seem to all be as good as jack is as people but they always seem to do ‘big’ things? It’s weird because even though they’re doing really good things it sometimes feels a bit much having these massive projects coming from people all the time and thats why Jack to me is a beacon of what everyone should strive to achieve! Because while he works on big projects he always brings it back down to the simple points of doing what you love and being kind and you can tell that that’s genuinely where it comes from and that he loves it 💚
@therealjacksepticeye you are truly an inspiration

28/hopeless romantic/Lawyer (I like wearing suits. Just fyi If thats what you’re into)
My romantic soul is about to give up. I have been hurt a lot and i need someone who wants to settle down and have a serious long term relationship.
I sometimes write poetry so I will probably write about you. I like horror things, animals, conspiracy theories and Disney. Im only into femme girls, who like to be the little spoon type and i like when they’re super affectionate. You will be Minnie, I will be Mickey.
I need someone who is genuinely interested in getting to know me and have real conversations.  Im from Mexico, so, something important is that you dont care about distance until we can figure something out that will bring us together, because i think my soulmate can live anywhere in the world and it would be stupid of me to think she only has to live close to me.
I promise i will protect and love every part of you, the good, the bad and the things you´re self conscious about. Let me be the stars to your galaxy?

To read more exactly about what im looking for, go to my blog  http://loz452.tumblr.com/ or my insta www.instagram.com/lizselbor/

Father John Misty Talks LSD, Trump, Why Social Media Is 'Self-Harm'
Father John Misty talks to us about his daily LSD habit, his infamous Taylor Swift lyric and how pop music mistreats women.


On SNL, you sang the line “bedding Taylor Swift every night inside the Oculus Rift.” There was a lot of outrage afterward. You must have seen that coming.
The press won’t get people’s attention by writing, “Area man sings about the potential narcotic, soul-killing hazards of entertainment.” And who else’s name rhymes with Oculus Rift? I lost sleep over it because I knew what I was doing. I did all kinds of acrobatics in my head to find a way around it and change the lyric, but ultimately I had to sing what I wrote. Nothing I can do is going to please people who are determined to get bent out of shape about something. You have to be willfully ignorant of the fact the song is about more than that.

Still, it’s hard to think of a single person on Earth more likely to cause a bigger reaction than her.
Right, which makes it the perfect subject for a song. Even explaining it here, we’re turning this interview into an article about that moment. Even if it’s not written that way, that’s the way it’ll get picked up. At some point we all need to grow up. Willful ignorance is what children do. I mean, Bob Dylan would reference actresses by name in a surreal way to make a point about the culture.

Some critics are saying what you wrote is no better than what Kanye West wrote.
If you can’t see the difference between those two lines then you are a bullshit music writer. You have to think that is really a Trump-ian form of malignant self-permission where I wrote songs thinking, “What’s going to get the biggest reaction from the pearl-clutching brownshirt liberals?” That’s not how I do things.

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okay i'm a new panic fan so i don't really know anything about the drama™ // split etc, or what happened between the band members. can you break it down for me? or point me to a post which does that? also it seems that a lot of people actually think ryan and brendon were in a relationship for real?? and not just the usual shipping of band members thats in every fandom - why's that??

1. I’m honored you felt I am a capable enough of a person to ask such an important question
2. I just typed out a wonderful answer and I changed apps for a second and tumblr mobile deleted it so here I go again:

Welcome to the Panic! fandom!! I myself have only been around since like last August

Now I’ll set a scene: 3 teenage boys, Ryan Ross, Spencer Smith and Brent Wilson are starting a band and they need a guitarist! Brent brings in his pal Brendon Urie, and they realize his voice is A++ so Ryan promotes him to lead singer, but remains as the main songwriter and general band-leader himself. The boys get discovered (thanks to Ryan) and they blow up quickly. They also quickly realize Brent is a shit band member and he is fired (by a group phone call where Brendon did most of the talking). So they’re on the hunt for a new bassist and they bring in Jon Walker who they met while on tour with The Academy Is… when he was a guitar technician for them. The Golden Four have been created!

AFYSCO comes and goes and the boys head back to work on their next album. Now Ryan has gained more confidence vocally and he wants to sing more, and Brendon wants to contribute more lyrically, and the two have a hard time compromising on this. They do somewhat, which is how we got I Have Friends in Holy Spaces and Folkin’ Around (written by Brendon) and how we got Behind the Sea, She Had the World, and Mad as Rabbits (Ryan’s vocal debut on an album). All seems fine and dandy as they release Pretty. Odd. and take it on tour, where they seem like a wonderfully united front. Unfortunately things must not have been so great because come 2009, the boys are seen together less, now split in their infamous pairs of Ryan and Jon, Brendon and Spencer. Rumors fly until the split is officially announced. ‘Musical differences’ cited as the reason. Ryan and Jon run off to create The Young Veins, while Brendon and Spencer add the exclamation point back to Panic!’s name and keep running with it. They add Dallon Weekes for a brief time as a songwriter, but eventually he is demoted and Spencer leaves to deal with his struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, both of these things happening around/shortly after the release of TWTLTRTD. That’s what got us to the Brendon! Show, but let’s not talk about my feelings about that right now.

As far as Ryden is concerned, the relationship between the two is honestly baffling, and it’s kind of hard to brush off some of the things that fall together in their timeline.
I’ve already typed so much, so instead of going into even more painful detail, I’m going to suggest browsing through the ryden tag, looking at Ryan’s Myrtle Beach livejournal, and checking out other blogs. Or maybe even ask me on another day, because these are both huge topics that I could talk about for ages but I don’t want to annoy people too much.

I didn’t even get to cover some of the juiciest Panic! drama, there’s still so much more to know but I hope this helped some anyways :-) thanks again for asking this was a grand opportunity!!

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Hey any tips for starting vegan? Especially nutrient realted, cause i tried veganism once for like 3 weeks and got really low on nutrients. Yes i know it's not veganism but my diet but thats why i want tips for when im able to try again

Hey again everchangingfangirl ;)

My biggest advice is to start learning about nutrition, about how our body works, is not just eating foods that we think are healthy, is how we combine them and how we prepare them what counts the most. Take your favorite dishes and start looking for the plant-based options so you can start trying new flavors. Add more greens, vegetables, and fruits to your diet, but especially greens, greens combined with vitamin C will prevent you from having anemia.

Also try to take the transition as something fun, as if you were experimenting with something new that you know is going to be good for your life. Don’t see it as a deprivation of the foods you like, or that it is too hard because negativity can bring you down in seconds.

You can start cutting out the dairy and animal by-products. You can try with one at a time so it won’t be so overwhelming. Examples of animal by-products are gelatin, glycerin (unless specified that it’s from plant sources), cochineal, casein, whey, etc.

Try to make your meals at home. You can make cooking fun by inviting some friends over and doing it together. Search for your favorite recipes, there are tons of blogs of vegan food that you can check. I recommend you Healthy Vegan Cooking and one of my favorites is Vegan Yums.

Watch a few documentaries, join local groups of vegans/vegetarians or just vegan groups in general, you can learn a lot from them!

Hope this helps! :)

WHENEVER i see vagues or namedrops about me it honestly inflates my ego to the size of the moon because im so .. Honored ….. surprised … thankful …….. that people actually care about me and Notice me enough to just say the name cyan and know whats going on …. KFHDDKHFK i think thats one of the hardest parts about not using tumblr that much ? like … not having the constant affirmation and attention thats like Ah Yes . I Exist … people care ….. LIKE i could readthe meanest vague ever and probably still be like “oh my god idont mean to sound sarcastic but thank you for .. wanting me to be a better person the dact that you cared enough to write this shows how compassionate you are thank you so mu

So obviously I’ve now listened to “Unlove You” about 2983656328 times since yesterday and I just thought it was important to share my favorite lines because reasons…

If I were twenty-five
I know just what I’d do
I would have already kissed
Till I was drunk on your lips
A thousand times too few
But we have other lives
And we know it ain’t right
This is going nowhere
If I’m with you I don’t care
Take me nowhere tonight

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I feel like anyone who is touchy (right or wrong) about CSA/child abuse in general shouldn't be in the tg fandom. If you can't handle something then don't be around it.

Yeah it really does make sense, mainly in terms of your sensitivity. If you cant cope in the slightest just KNOWING of it being mentioned in the series, it just aint the series for you.

In tokyo ghoul there is evident content of CSA, Abuse, Rape, and a tonne of other ‘triggering’ content (theres cannibalism for fucks sake). Like, come the fuck on.

I can understand someone wanting a “safe fandom environment” but thats really REALLY not what TG has in store for people. Itd be like joining the Undertale fandom while having a phobia of Skeletons and getting upset seeing people talk about the canon storyline pertaining said skeletons. You cant avoid it.


“Eugh what do you want Charley I’m not in the mood!”

“Thats exactly what i want to talk about, you’re hardly ever in the mood for anything. And when you are you’re bouncing of the walls like a puppy!”


“No its my turn to talk Cedric! Ive made you and appointment with our GP! Were gonna get through this Ced, I wont give up on us!”

“Well… I trust you. You know me better than I do…”

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You have the best taste in music and I would love if you reviewed projects or albums on here! Like what you liked about songs, analysis about the artist's style, sampling, etc

awe omg thank you!! i think about doing things like that a lot tbh thats nice to know that someone would be interested!!

Would You Like To Super-Size That Whoops?

This is just a simple message to cast out there where folks can see it. I’m not tagging anyone so there isn’t any shit-flinging, but if you follow me, you know who you are.

While I can confidently say that I had fun and I was thoroughly inspired by the ideas and the writing of the ones that chose to reach out to me, It’s apparent that I overstepped my boundaries once more- not as Leah, but as the player behind Leah this time.

I apologize if my actions came about like arrogance or inflexibility. Such was far from my intention, and I could have done something about it. As the one with the least experience and the most to be careful of, I should have spoken up and asked questions as ideas arose- I failed to do so, and I feel I may have disappointed some others with my careless RP.

I don’t condone metagaming and I try to avoid it, myself. Obviously I certainly don’t look that way right now, but it was entirely just my intention to have a bit of fun, continue telling an amazing story set up by fantastically creative people, and poke a bit at them with a resistant character.

In the end I think I caused more problems than I should have. I stirred up a bit of shit with my careless behavior. I’m somewhat certain I put off some people that I look up to, which isn’t a cool thing to do. I can only hope that I’ll continue to get better with time and experience, and this instance of awkward toe-stepping will continue to guide me forward with an idea of what to be more careful of in the future.

Thank you for your consideration.

Regular posts will resume shortly, and my slice of the recent event will be posted following peer review and approval.

I know I have some overdue asks. Don’t you worry, I’ll get to them soon!

Next year when I live in my own apartment I’m going to buy a really ornate sugar bowl and keep it somewhere where everyone who walks in can see it and I’ll never touch it, never look at it, never say anything about it, but if anyone reaches for it I’ll slap their hand away and say “NO YOU CAN’T HAVE THE SUGAR BOWL IT’S MINE, DO YOU KNOW WHAT I HAD TO GO THROUGH TO FIND THIS THING?????” 

Nikola Tesla is the greatest b/c he loved pigeons and science and wanted to provide people with electricity at low cost but he was also lowkey trying to build a death beam. 

i can’t stop thinking about what kind of criers dan and phil would be. i feel like dan’s crying would be a slow build up. his eyes just get watery at first, and he tries so hard to keep it in, but eventually the tears start cascading down his cheeks. he’d get a runny nose and his forehead would crease out of frustration because he hates crying, but he does it all the time. when his crying hits its peak, he’d be a blubbering mess, wiping furiously at his tears and constantly blowing his nose. he doesn’t like to be comforted while he’s crying, but when he’s finished and all that’s left is tear stained cheeks, he’d cling to the closest thing, preferably another person that would play with his hair, rub his back, and comfort him quietly.

phil on the other hand is a quiet crier. it happens really suddenly because he’s not afraid to be emotional and soft. his tears build up and he doesn’t try to hold them back. his eyes get red and puffy, and he tries to wipe away the tears quickly with his sleeve. he gets sniffly, but hides it by taking deep breaths through his mouth. his eyes are glossy and doe-like when his crying reaches the climax. he likes to be held the whole way through, even if it’s just someone holding his hand or resting a hand on his knee. physical contact calms him down and helps him feel more real. his favorite thing is when people rub their fingers up and down his arm, it nearly lulls him to sleep, but it distracts him from whatever it is he’s crying about.


GET TO KNOW ME MEME  [1/5] Favorite Relationships Joana & Rafael (3%)

“Joana we may have gotten where we are doing things the wrong way but I believe we’re doing the right thing now. In our own way. I don’t know what you did or what you saw in the tunnel. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t wanna know. I know, I feel  that you’re a good person. You’re the only one who doubts that.”

something that always struck me as odd about the prequels is how palpatine was able to forge a relationship with anakin in the first place.

this is definitely my biggest problem with the jedi, in relation to anakin: they let palpatine, a middle aged man, get anakin, a child, alone. the fact that palpatine’s even insistent on it at all should be ringing alarm bells. there should be Stranger Danger warnings going off, people! you’re dropping the ball, men!

and i understand that, according to the comics, palpatine threw his political weight around, saying that the senate has total control over the jedi. that you can’t deny the chancellor. but that’s incorrect - the republic is corrupt, but it’s not a dictatorship yet. as anakin’s legal guardians, the council has the full right to refuse palpatine access to anakin - it doesn’t matter who’s knocking at your door, you’re supposed to protect your charge. 

but the jedi handed him over. the second palpatine pressed, they folded; and no one tried to curb anakin’s interaction with palpatine, even though it should be clear that an old man wanting to talk with a minor day after day after day is suspicious. especially since the jedi were suspicious of palpatine anyway