if that's the tag for this crossover idk

        – SHORP. small psa on fighting threads ( seeing as how i think i’ll have to deal with a heap of ‘em in the future, given ‘kuzu’s personality )– i don’t want to play the ‘ my muse is op ‘ card but, imma lay it out for you that kakuzu is strong. maybe not the strongest out there, but most certainly not the weakest.

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anonymous asked:

Have you ever considered drawing crossovers? Maybe, Connor and Percy? (Sorry for if that did not make senses, English is not my native language)

Don’t worry your english is fine! :) It’s funny that you ask this because I actually drew this very recently but never uploaded it because I’m not sure I like how it turned out, but I’ll take this opportunity to post it anyway! :D

No fandom is complete until it has a pjo/godly parent AU, right? I think Connor would be a son of Hephaestus because he’s always fixing and tinkering with things, Hayden would be a son of Hermes, idk I just feel like the humor and deviousness are similar, and Risa would be a child of Athena! So she and Annabeth are making battle plans for capture the flag lol

sidenote: I cannot figure out who I think Lev’s godly parent would be. Thoughts anyone? 

I wanted to draw a bunch of Yosuke’s, so I drew all the different AU’s that I have, including a horror crossover Yosuke that abutart is designing (but yet to finish, but I’ve been helping out with the plot and damn I wanted to draw him and everyone else when theyre done)~