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@prxncelucas asked for something related to mtf trans!draco <3

so the idea here is that draco wasn’t feeling confident enough to buy herself new clothes in public just yet, so Narcissa saved the day with things she used to wear when she was Draco’s age :’)

I really really wanted to do something positive, I hope you like it!

hi hello!!!!!!!!!! im ilke/liz/1iwoo and today is the end of my third month since i remade!!!!! plus ive reached 800!! ive been planning this ff for like….. a month and🎉here it is🎊!!!!! anyway im very lazy to check if im still mutuals w everyone so if were not anymore you can ignore and im sorry if i forgot you its probably bc u changed urls or remade and i didnt see that pls message me if thats the case!!!! also message me if were not mutuals and i included you!! also message me if u want to talk!!! i love talking (once we get past the awkward and nervous stage ill never shut up lmao) anyway i love yall 

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I just got my Sangwoo phone case from Redbubble and I'm patiently waiting on the day someone sees it and gives me that, "Holy shit they like Killing Stalking", look on their face.

ok wait you bought a sangwoo phone case

anonymous asked:

Do you have any thoughts about Calitin Snow's classism elitism or prejudice? With Lisa and Jax. I don't mean in a 'let's bash CS way' I mean I think it is real character flaw that is part of her. Flaws are good because they for complex character. They only become bad if they are never address. CS classism showed up Lisa with drives license & her prejudice of life criminals are bad cause her miss Lisa trying tell them her father abused her. Elitism & classism cause CS betrayed with Jax

Yeah it’s not a bashing thing, it’s acknowledging a character flaw, one that’s no doubt deliberate on behalf of the writers with how consistently it’s been played. And the majority of the characters have some consistent and similar biases of some nature or another so it’s actually something I think the writers have done well?

But yes, she’s classist for sure. Caitlin has a ridiculous amount of privilege - she’s white, presumably grew up fairly wealthy (I mean, look where her mom works, and her education), is well education, is attractive, is (so far presented as and implied to be) straight, is able bodied, etc etc.

So her classism comes, most likely, in part from that, in not acknowledging that many people haven’t had the same opportunities as her and that doesn’t make them lesser in any way. 

And I mean, you hit the nail on the head with the best examples of it. When Caitlin was surprised at what Lisa had to offer to the team and then pouted about it, and the way she asks in 2x03 if it physically pains Lisa’s family not to steal things?

Caitlin sees criminality as a choice that people make, and probably on some level (though not consciously, I imagine, but more implicitly) believes that people choose that life if they aren’t smart or ‘good’ enough as people to get ‘respectable’ work. She doesn’t acknowledge the systematic elements at play or how it’s really not an inherent reflection of a person’s worth.

Her classism showed up again with Jax and Henry Hewitt, like you mentioned. Jax is a young mechanic who hasn’t been to university and Henry is a scientist, educated and working in a field that garners more social prestige. So Caitlin not only assumes that Henry is more compatible with Martin (which, on the face of it, scientist to scientist, is a reasonable assumption) but pretty much shuts down the possibility that Jax could be compatible, or that a young mechanic could be anything but underachieving and un (or even anti) intellectual. The possibility of Jax being a ‘fit’ with Martin genuinely runs contrary to her worldview.

And it’s good that her worldview is being challenged, ultimately. Like you said, character flaws are bad when left unchallenged or unchecked. Caitlin’s classism ends up putting her in situations where it stands out in a negative way and where she can learn from it. The narrative doesn’t reward her for it? 

I think exchanges with Lisa Snart and meeting Jax will help challenge her to grow as a person, and hopefully she’ll get to a point where she starts to challenge her own classism. Where she’ll look at fit tall blond (white) men like Hunter Zoloman and won’t associate their outward presentation and career (science) with “goodness”, and won’t look at the career and choices of a mechanic and make assumptions about morals or intellect or opportunities. 

She’s not there yet, but there’s absolutely room for her to get there in the narrative. Because she grew up that way but I don’t think she wants to be that way. Killer Frost aside, Caitlin has no desire to harm others, and classism is harmful.

(Actually, Killer Frost is classist too. Her comment at Central City University when they track down Tracey, something like “admission here is so easy, they let anyone in” is elitist as hell. So, more growing to do on all fronts yet.)

tips for the new year

stop arguing extensively with people online as a hobby:

  • its boring and isolating
  • its a cheap way to get a short burst of self esteem in something thats not actually fun or encourages your own growth
  • the likelihood that you, a complete stranger, will change someone’s mind if you just tweet at them enough is close to zero
  • you should take time to think seriously about how you want to engage with the world and develop your opinions based on varied, new experiences
  • if you ignore shitty people it makes them go so ballistic they meltdown spectacularly, pretty much every time without fail
  • no one is impressed by your internet text victory. in the rare cases where someone is, its impressive for the 3 seconds it took to read the tweet
  • when i have to scroll past your 120000 word nerd slap fight it mildly inconveniences me
  • just play a video game

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There's literally never been a case of a pedophile being reformed. Ever. In the history of psychiatry. That's because it's not possible. They don't need help. They need to be quarantined.

Then what do you think the solution is? Yelling about how pedophilia is wrong at pedophiles who already know it’s wrong, locking them away for a few years and then releasing them again for them to just go abuse again? Bc that sure as hell isn’t it. You can’t just defy human rights even for gross people like child abusers you simply can’t do it. You’ve got to try something, because the current system is ignoring the root causes and is not stopping anything and simply ‘quarantining pedophiles’ isn’t going to happen bc basic human rights exist and you can’t go against those regardless of what someone does even if you want to.

reminder that i rarely reply to replies bc idk, avpd/anxiety idk it just kinda freaks me out a bit so i dont reply to them but i appericate when ppl reply and if u have ever replied to a post pls kno i am replying to u in my heart. ty 

theyoshiterminator  asked:

Interesting question that's been on my mind, Mettaton says in the Genocide Route that Alphys safely and Quickly evacuated everyone to a safe place (Presumably the true lab) But if that's the case, why are there still 40 monsters roaming around Hotland? Muffet explains that she just flat out ignored Alphys but the rest aren't.

(undertale spoilers)

Mettaton never says Alphys evacuated everyone, but that she was “evacuating people to safety.” Whether or not she got to everyone is not something Mettaton ever confirms nor states. 

The one who says Alphys would evacuate everyone is Undyne, but that was what was said rather than done. Considering the monsters that are found are random encounters, it’s possible Alphys just wasn’t able to run into all of those in time. She likely went for people she knew would be hanging around in certain places, such as Sans’ hot dog stand and the MTT resort. These would be the NPCs.

rindearest  asked:

*someone* showed me your art and claimed it to be theirs, so i got into a heated argument with her about stealing art. she wouldn't back down bc "there aren't any proof that you drew it, since there are no watermarks or your signature". In the end I walked out on her. Yes she's at fault for claiming your work, but maybe you'd consider putting watermarks or signatures on your artworks? ^^; It might help.. Just a suggestion from a concerned fan ^^ Feel free to ignore this, have a great day, ilysm!

Did this happen in person or online? It’ll be the first time I heard of this happening irl if thats the case haha. If it’s online well…I appreciate the argument but it’s very hard to reason with people online. Lots of scum here lmao.

I used to put watermarks on my work religiously but reposters tend to crop it out and I never liked putting watermarks on top of my work but I guess I’m going to have to do that now.

Thank you! Love you too! 

Originally posted by yorozya

anonymous asked:

I'm curious what your take on the dynamic between Keith & Lance in vld, bc there's a lot of conflicting opinions I see. Frequently it does seem like ppl hold Keith with some kind of blame for Lance being hostile towards him at times, but I feel like that's ignoring that not only what Lance has said at times to him hasn't been friendly -but also that to Keith Lance was a stranger before Voltron. I get the urge to put equal blame on both parties, but it doesn't feel like that works in this case.

My read on it is more or less:

I think Lance is a middle child in a big family and while his family is very affectionate it’s easy to feel outshined or overshadowed, and part of getting into the Garrison was him working hard and trying to feel accomplished and valued.

Keith, meanwhile, seems to have a lot of talent and possible soft-precognition (or some kind of supernaturally expanded awareness) so not only was it hard for Lance to deal with always feeling like Keith was one step ahead of him, but the fact that Keith didn’t really seem to work hard at it.

Keith is also introverted and fairly socially oblivious, can be sarcastic at times, and mostly just wants to try and operate on his own. I doubt he ever actually meant badly to Lance, but Lance may have come away with the impression that Keith was haughty or deliberately ignoring him. (Lance expected Keith to know who he was and suggested Keith was “always trying to upstage me!”)

Meanwhile Keith is oblivious to Lance’s existence at that point. It isn’t that Keith doesn’t pick up a competitive streak when he is aware of Lance, it’s just at that point? He really wasn’t.

I think the problem is the way we see Iverson frame the situation definitely sets it up for Lance to be jealous of Keith. The way Lance’s rightfully earned position in the fighter class is framed as Keith’s spot.

But it’s also unfair to act like Lance is just picking a fight with Keith for no reason. It’s a matter of, initially, where they came from put them at odds- Lance’s feeling like he needed to prove himself and that he was pushed to compete with Keith, vs. Keith’s general social obliviousness meaning he didn’t even know who Lance was.

When they’re actually interacting with each other, and put on equal footing- we see that they actually don’t dislike each other that much. They struggle the most early on, and the more they get to know each other, the more it actually feels like they actually compete sometimes and not in a particularly harsh or judgmental manner. 

anonymous asked:

I feel like jin clings onto worldwide handsome because other aspects of him are either unappreciated or hes teased about them. His voice is ignored and he's teased for his dancing so he calls himself worldwide handsome because he feels thats all he has :(

i feel like that is the case too. he started calling himself that because he hoped people would find it funny and that way he would make a name for himself. and it worked! people started calling him worldwide handsome and he got more recognition.

anonymous asked:

so im new to comics and i feel like i really like wanda maximoff, but i still cant really get a grasp on her personality, so i figured why not as the comic genius herself what she thinks of the scarlet witch and her personality ilyyyyyy

tbh @rubberbandgirlme is the true wanda aficionado here but imo she’s very mature because of how she’s used to be treated like a child or like she’s “””too powerful””” or dangerous or whatever. so she kinda has to ignore all that shit and decide what she’s capable of herself?? but she’s also kind of… miserable, and even canonically depressed in her most recent solo but she’s introspective abt it in the same way she spends a lot of thought n effort on her romani roots and mother figures?? even if it makes her this witchy pariah. she’s kinda connected to them in ways she doesnt 100% get but she wants to.

i feel like a lot of people boil her down to being a mom and family oriented but imo thats not….. 100% the case?? like she wants to be a mother, she really does but she doesnt know how because she has so many issues of her own. and i feel like she distances herself from billy and tommy because she doesnt wanna risk transmitting her issues to them. like she is super caring and kind but not by default?? she’s not dumb, she’s nice to/cares about people who deserve it?? tl;dr, she’s such a fundamentally good person but she’s got a lot of shit to deal with, she’s deeply troubled because of it and if people used her for her as a person rather that just her powers, a lot of those problems would be solvable. but the avengers are dicks!!!!

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ffff do u take requests??? can i ask that u draw mikoto??? sksdakli rlly love ur art style (ps. im sorry if you dont take requests plz just ignore it if this does end up being the case)


“You can just ignore it and enjoy the music!”

First video on autoplay to come right after his new video. A video—conveniently uploaded exactly a week before—of a WOMAN being “wooed” by a child (yikes!) that leads you to a playlist talking about her and then their relationship. Just in case you don’t know who she is already.