if that's fin then fin is me

Marauders at the beach
  • James: *splashes Sirius' hair*
  • Sirius: Peli-can you not?
  • Remus: fuk not again
  • James: sorry, padfoot. It's nearly shrimp-possible for me to stop. I can't kelp it.
  • Sirius: that's not true you're obviously doing it on porpoise
  • Remus: why
  • James: Gil-ty as charged, I guess.
  • Sirius: oh my cod my hair is gonna be so salty!
  • James: I'm reely sorry
  • Remus: I'm leaving you people I can't handle your puns right now.
  • Sirius: what a fin-tastic day for going to the beach.
  • James: it's simply fin-credible weather.
  • Sirius: I think we can count this as a day whale-spent.
  • Remus: I hate my life.
Leaked Scene from Episode VIII
  • Rey: (About running away from him) You know why I did it, Kylo Ben?
  • Kylo: I'm not gonna answer to Kylo Ben ...
  • Rey: Because I wanted too! And what are we fighting for when some little transparent guy named yoda just saved us by kicking all the Knights of Ren's tails!
  • Fin: How little?
  • Rey: (Causally) I, uh, I don't know, like this? (Makes an inch with her finger and thumb)
  • Poe: A little one inch guy saved you?
  • Rey: Well if I were closer I'm sure he'd be bigger!
  • Kylo: Yeah ... that's how eye sight works, you stupid scavenger.
  • Rey: Don't call me Scavenger!
  • (Awkward pause)
  • Kylo: You're right, I'm sorry, I took it too far ... I meant Trash Panda.
  • (Another Pause)
  • Rey: (Innocently) Is that better?
  • Fin: (Just as innocent) I don't know?
  • Kylo: (snickering) It's worse ... It's so much worse!
  • (Rey slide Tackles Kylo)

I drew me a mermaid. 

She’s got lots of bodyfat to stay warm in cold water, dappled skin for camouflage, various fins that fold up and down for when she’s crawling on land/going fast or slow, strong arms and pectorals from when she’s using her upper body to swim/climb/dig/lift/fight/break open shells, wide eyes and a flat nose that are good for sensing food in the water but are hydrodynamic [i think thats the word], and the overlapping fins on her head sense changes in water direction/temperature and function similarly out of water. They and her other fins occasionally fan out while she suns on rocks to vent heat while she’s getting that vitamin D. She also has a set of clear eyelids that cover her eyes while out of the water, but they only keep her eyes hydrated for a certain period and leave her vision cloudy. To avoid this, she and others like her prefer to just lay close to water and dunk their heads under every few minutes.

I just wanted to draw a bulky mermaid ok lemme have a big mermaid


Guess who was productive today

Not me

I had a dream last night that I was on a date with a cute girl at the beach, but then a dead shark washed up on the shore with its fin cut off and I got really upset because shark finning!!! and the girl I was on a date with was like, maybe it happened from natural causes, like maybe another animal bit it off? But I knew! It had been cut off!! Sold for shark fin soup!!! And the rest of the dream was me angrily rambling about shark finning at this girl who would probably not go on a second date with this crazy shark lady.

It always makes me nervous when people say they have goldfish
  • Me: Rambles on about fin rot.
  • Them: Hmm, that's really interesting. So that's why my goldfish get tears in their fins sometimes
  • Me: Every time someone says they have goldfish I have a mini panic-attack.
  • Them: lmao why?
  • Me: What size tank do you have?
  • Them: Well there's a three gallon with two small fish but idk what type they are and then a thirty gallon with the goldfish, zebra fish and sucker fish
  • Me:
  • Them: What?
  • Me: First off, a three gallon tank is too small for anything other than a single betta fish. By sucker fish I assume you mean plecostomus? Well one of those can get over a foot long, and the goldfish well fit way too big too and produce a lot of waste. You either need a way bigger tank or you need to rehome your fish. Two goldfish and a plecos are way too much for a thirty gallon.
  • Them: I don't have two goldfish
  • Me: Okay but still-
  • Them: I have six
  • Me:
  • Them: And two plecos
  • Me:
  • Them: Mould it be better if I just moved the goldfish into an empty ten gallon?

I recently bought this baby (named him Karamatsu…) and I knew his fins were torn, but I didn’t realize how badly until I looked up his breed on Google, he’s a butterfly male, which is supposed to look like this 

(he’s supposed to have big butterfly-like fins)

 But it’s fine, I bought him bc I was afraid no one else would and I found him charming ❤️

((*EDIT* YES i know the tank is too small, honest to god thank u all for informing me. This was taken the day I got him, I was completely ignorant about betta care and bought into all that pet store propaganda. He’s now in a 15-gallon tank, split between him and another betta with a divider, so they have 7.5 gallons each, filtered and heated!!! they’re doing well, ive bought aquarium salt and betta fix, so hopefully kara will have his big ‘ole fins back soon!))


I was way to excited too wait until he was 100% finished to show you all how he looks. Just finished sewing up the body last night. He measures from tip of his tail (not the fin) to the tip of his nose, 93 inches in length. 

While I’m super happy on how he looks, the mouth really bugs me, i wasn’t able to get it to line up just right. Ah well, i love him none the less. All thats left is to make straps for his tail fins, and install his claws and ear nubs when i get them.