if that's fin then fin is me

im also anxious because theres this sudden influx of people into the heathers musical fandom and i just know theres going to be a hundred kids yelling about people who like jd because “hes a bad character”

hes done some shitty horrible awful things and yeah he was abused and thats not an excuse for what hes done but ive already seen people getting angry and shitty to those who ID with him

hes a really important character for me and dealing with my abuse and im just so afraid of people taking the enjoyment i get out of his character away from me

im also afraid of people taking JD and just. turning him into some dark edgelord (more than he is in canon lmao) and thinking ohhhh jdonica is SO romantic i want a relationship JUST like it

like the whole harley quinn/joker situation 


Guess who was productive today

Not me

anonymous asked:

could i make a request bc nobody draws me right? im eridan and i was short, curvy, and chubby with really curly hair that was always down? i usually dressed kinda androgynously (mainly croptops and high waisted shorts lmao) and my fins didnt have spines they were more one big fin with two smaller ones near the bottom. sorry if thats too much info lmao i just nevver see myself drawwn Correctly,,

!! hope this is alright! 

- mod sol,