if that wasn't a mistake though

Haikyuu!! Valentine's Day HCs
  • <p> <b>KageHina:</b> Hinata tries and fails to make an aesthetically pleasing chocolate for Kageyama. He's in tears as he gives it to Kageyama because it looks so strange, but Kageyama honestly only cares about how amazing the chocolate tastes. Hinata kisses Kageyama using the excuse that he wanted to taste his own chocolate.<p/><b>AsaNoya:</b> Nishinoya takes Asahi to a dinner date, wearing a sophisticated suit. He keeps trying to act cute in front of Asahi to make him all flustered, and believe me, it works. Little kids in the restaurant start to ask them what sort of relationship they have, and Asahi pulls out a cute ring saying, "He's my beautiful husband!" Nishinoya almost short-circuits.<p/><b>DaiSuga:</b> Suga makes chocolates for everybody in the team, but he has a special one just for Daichi. He keeps telling Daichi terrible puns "I'll be your Suga cube" and Daichi just sighs at him. Suga purposefully leaves chocolate on his cheek so that Daichi can kiss him. Mama is very crafty.<p/><b>TsukkiYama:</b> They go shopping together and Yamaguchi won't stop with the public displays of affection. Tsukishima is embarrassed at first, but he eventually goes along with it. Yamaguchi takes Tsukishima to the CD shop where they pick out albums and headphones for each other, before they exchange chocolates. Yamaguchi won't stop telling Tsukishima how cool he is, which leads to a very red-faced Tsukki.<p/><b>IwaOi:</b> Neither of them knew where to go so Oikawa just invites himself to Iwaizumi's place. Oikawa's chocolates look so perfect that Iwaizumi suspects that he bought them and didn't make them by hand, which leads to Oikawa pouting at him. Iwaizumi tells him he's trying way too hard to be cute, but kisses him anyway.<p/><b>YakuLev:</b> Lev drags Yaku to the amusement park and points to height limits just to piss him off. He tries not to go on too many scary rides, but he doesn't try hard enough and he ends up giving Yaku a piggyback. Lev takes Yaku to his house and feeds him his mother's warm Borscht and his handmade chocolates. His kisses tasted like beetroot because of this.<p/><b>UkaTake:</b> Ukai brings Takeda to watch a romantic movie, except that it wasn't really a romantic movie. At all. In fact, was Tarzan because there was a mistake with the tickets. Takeda still enjoys the movie, though. Takeda gives Ukai the ear piercing accessory he wanted and they go to a chocolate café to eat.<p/><b>HanaMatsu:</b> Matsukawa gives Hanamaki shop-bought profiteroles, because he attempted to make some at home and his mother banned him from the kitchen for the next three months after that. They both have a movie marathon at Matsukawa's house while snacking on the profiteroles, and have a dance-off to Disney songs.<p/><b>BokuAka:</b> Akaashi has been dropping hints that he wants to go on a date with Bokuto, but he completely forgets about the fact that it's Valentine's Day until Akaashi reminds him casually. Bokuto starts to panic because he feels like it's his job to make Akaashi happy, and literally every place they can think of is fully booked. They settle on taking a walk through nature while talking about how much they love each other.<p/><b>KuroKen:</b> Kuroo has everything planned out to perfection. They start off the day by riding a hot-air balloon, which was surprisingly well-liked by Kenma. They go on a small shopping spree and before Kenma gets tired, Kuroo takes him home and the two chill out at each other's houses for the rest of the day. Lots of affectionate bodily contact and hugs, mostly initiated by Kuroo.<p/></p>

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A customer tried to get me fired because I told her to fuck off. Except, I was in line because I needed my tips and get some stuff togo. I wasn't clocked in. She was talking about how everyone in there was incompetent and she likes to make them think they make mistakes so it knocks them down a peg because they all think they're better than the customers. Still have my job though, because none of my managers cared because I wasn't clocked in!!

--All I Need

            Bail Organa sighed heavily, and massaged his temples tiredly. It had been at least thirty-six standard hours since he had last slept, possibly longer—in the flurry of frantic activity after the birth of the twins, Padmé’s death, and the rushed flight from Polis Massa, keeping careful record of the last time he had slept had not been at the top of his priority list—and he was beginning to truly feel the effects of the long hours awake. Closing his eyes, the senator allowed both of his hands to fall to the desktop with a quiet thud, his chin drooping to rest on his chest.

            His exhaustion ran deeper than mere lack of sleep, however. The last week had been one terrible, horrifying nightmare—and Bail knew it was only the beginning of the darkness. The future stretched out before them, and for the first time, Bail found that he could not see how the next day, the next week, the next month would be shaped. The dance of politics that had wielded the galaxy, shaping and molding, was no more. The puppeteer’s strings had been cut. Now there was only a twisting, confusing mass of tangled knots and empty, fluttering strings. Now there was a new puppet master, and all the rules had changed.

            So much is lost, he thought despairingly. Amidala. The Jedi. The Republic. And there would be more death in the days to come. More sorrow. More tragedy. More fire and blood and the shattering of hope. How did it come to this? How did we fall so far, so quickly?

            “Not so quickly,” a quiet voice whispered in his thoughts. “The first cracks were visible years ago, the rot growing right beneath your nose. But none of saw it; all of you were blind. Even you. Especially you.”

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  • Robert: It wasn't your fault, all right? I won't let you blame yourself, okay? I did it. I made a mistake and if you can't get past it, then that's on me.
  • Aaron: Yeah, well, I knew what I was doing when you came in to visit. I didn't exactly make it easy for you. I pushed you away cos it was easier.
  • Robert: I shouldn't have let you.
  • Aaron: You can't always be strong though, can you? Like you said. And I will always make it hard for you. I did try to warn you.
  • Robert: You'll keep getting help. I'll do it with you. I'd still choose messed up with you over anything else. I'd still choose you every time.
  • Aaron: Would you, though?
  • Robert: I'm still here. I stayed, didn't I? You told me everything in the end and I'm still here. You are it for me. You're all I want.
  • Aaron: People don't stay with me.
  • Robert: And people don't forgive me. Not for this.
  • Aaron: I do.
Langblr Accent Tag - French

Ok, so I don’t think anyone are really doing these anymore, but I regretted the fact that I never did this in French, and I needed something to distract me from exam revision so here it is! (Thank you @languageoclock for creating this tag and for giving me this opportunity to bless you all with my accent)

Don’t hesitate to correct me if there are any glaring mistakes, I love constructive feedback c: 

(Désolée d’avoir tué cette belle langue avec mon accent ^-^’’)

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Book description: Amythest's soothing voice and contagious smile gave the impression that they had infinite stores of patience. That wasn't entirely the case, but they had enough patience to navigate a world that screamed at every turn that it was built for a different sort of person, and that was frankly a little more patience than it deserved. They *liked* being kind and helpful, but bristled at people mistaking their kindness for permission to keep doing the same horrible things.

Wow, this is sweet and insightful, and also so good! Do you write fanfiction or books, or anything you want to pop back in my inbox and share? No pressure though! Thanks, anon friend, I love it.

When September Ends

Calum Hood Imagine

Words: 900+

Rating: fluff + real life feels/problems

Warnings: a smol sad Calum

“Calum?” You called out, waiting for an answer. The door shut quietly behind you as you began trotting to the stairs to find him. Maybe he fell asleep?

The answer never returned, and you began to get worried. Normally, when you got home, Calum was like an over-excited puppy bounding over and jumping all over you. He would cover you in hugs and kisses murmuring about how much he missed you. You would just laugh, hug him back just as tightly, and say, “Cal, it’s only been a few hours.” He always responded with, “That’s a few hours too long.”

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“It’s too late.” Beca grumbled as she stared longingly at her best friend from across the living room. The Bellas were scattered across the living room chit chatting as music played in the back ground. The redhead was currently talking to Stacie with a wide smile on her face and a yellow cup in hand.

“No it’s not.” Amy countered.

Beca tore her gaze from the ginger to look at the blonde next to her. Amy had known about her crush on Chloe way before Beca had even come to the conclusion. It was only after she broke up with Jesse that the blonde helped Beca opened her eyes to her repressed feelings.

“She spent so much time waiting for me and I always ignored her advances.” Beca said with a sigh.

“I swear shawshank if you don’t talk to redhead…” Amy made a wild gesture with her hands and Beca could only frown in return. She did not know what exactly she was being threatened with but knowing the Australian she was not going to risk finding out.

“Fine.” She muttered hoping it would make her friend back off for a while.

“Now.” Amy ordered loudly with wide eyes.

“In a few minutes.” Beca replied as she took a step back.

“Stacie!” Amy hollered across the room.

The girl turned and exchanged a knowing glance. A mischievous smile covered Stacie’s face as she grabbed Chloe who yelped as she was carried and thrown into the nearby closet.

Beca did not get a chance to react before a pair of string arms were wrapped around her and she was lifted off the floor.

“Hey what are you doing? Put me down Amy!” She protested as she struggled fruitlessly while she was being carried toward the same closet. The door was opened, she was thrown in and the door closed quickly.

“Amy, Stacie, open this door right now!” She shouted as she banged her fist against the door.

“Beca?” She heard Chloe call from behind her. She could not see the girl in account that it was dark in the closet.

“Yeah.” She affirmed her presence as she turned to where she guessed the girl was.

“Why are we in here?” Chloe asked curiously.

“You know why shortstack?” She heard Amy yell from the other side. She glared at door even though the Australian could not see her.

“Get on with it or you’ll be in there all night.” Stacie ordered. She heard footsteps walking away and sighed knowing she could not put this off any longer. She wracked her brain for ways to approach the situation but everything seemed terrible and her nerves weren’t helping at all.

She reached out and grabbed Chloe’s arm. The girl didn’t pull back as she slid her hand down to Chloe’s own. She moved Chloe’s hand towards her sweater and placed it there.

“Feel my sweater?” She asked timidly.

Chloe laughed and Beca tensed. “Beca, that’s your boob.”

“Fuck, I’m sorry!” Beca apologized as she took a step and was pressed against the door. Chloe’s hand dropped and she felt her breath quickened, she was going to mess up her only chance.

She took a deep breath before trying something else. “Is your body from McDonald’s?”

“Excuse me?” She heard Chloe reply with an offended tone. She could only imagine the redhead, arms cross and a glare on her face.

“Because ‘I’m loving it’.” She stuttered unsurely.

“What are you doing?” Chloe asked but there was no anger in her voice.

Beca groaned and passed her fingers through her hair in frustration. She could only wonder how the hell Chloe made it look so easy. “I’m flirting with you.”

Silence. She really wished there was a light in the room so she could see Chloe’s reaction because at the moment she just wanted the earth to swallow her whole.

“Chlo-” The words died in her throat, a body crashed against her, pressing her onto the door and she felt a pair of lips on her face. The lips quickly moved and found her own. She closed her eyes and responded, lips moving fervently. She felt elation and the butterflies in her stomach didn’t make her feel like she was drowning.

Finally they separated and Beca was left breathless. Her chest was heaving and she could feel her face burning. There was smile on her face and she noticed her hands were now gripping Chloe’s waist.

She felt Chloe’s lips ghost over her ear, “Took you long enough.”

  • [Before Asahina and Isaka get together]
  • Takano: Well, I wasn't the one who was making a scene by having a tiff with my boyfriend
  • Isaka: Asahina is not my boyfriend
  • Asahina: [Handing beer to Isaka] It might be a bit warm, the cooler's off
  • Isaka: Thanks babe
5987) my family refuses to acknowledge me as trans and considering how they were so dotting on me when I wasn't out, I feel like it was a mistake to ever bring it up. I've considered to just pretend to be a girl so I don't have to hear their transphobia but sometimes when i think about stuff like this, it sends me spiraling into a depressive mode in which I feel completely ostracized by society and boy, oh boy. It's okay though, I freak out sometimes but I got this!! I can do this. I'm just nervous.
Weak || Blaine & John
  • Blaine: couldn't wait for the moment he stepped off stage, because he had missed a few of his lines during the show and felt as though he didn't cover up as well as he could have. He wasn't sure what it was, but tonight he was more anxious than he had been before. Part of it probably came from exhaustion, as he was still adjusting to this new show schedule, but he blamed himself for not being good enough. He thought of better ways to correct his mistakes, which left him feeling frustrated later. He was excited about the show before, but now he didn't think he was the right fit for Hedwig. He didn't know how he would break it to his boyfriend that he was considering dropping out, since he didn't want to hurt his feelings or lose him. However, he felt very overwhelmed and thought it would be for the best. Then he wouldn't have to ruin his favorite musical anymore. He ran to his dressing room after he took his final bow and started to strip out of the costume he had left on. He threw his robe on before sinking into the couch and starting to cry.
  • someone: oh cool you like breaking bad, what's your favorite episode?
  • me: well i don't know really, i love "ozymandias" because the acting is honestly stunning and it's pretty much the climax of the story
  • me: actually, "blood money" is really incredible because that's when things really start to break down
  • me: come to think of it, "fly" is super important for character development and has a lot of comedic value too
  • me: if we're only talking about intensity and production, "face off" is way up there
  • me: i can't forget about "4 days out" though, it's such a classic, the way jesse makes a mistake and walt overreacts
  • me: wait, "pilot" has gotta be it, if it wasn't so exciting then there's no way i would have kept watching
  • me: i don't know though, in "peekaboo" jesse tried to act so tough, also who could forget that atm scene
  • me: you know, "mas" was what really kept it all going, it introduced gus's lab, what would have happened without it???
  • me: "dead freight" is really cool too, i mean the action and the suspense made it so exciting, and then that tragedy?? wow
  • me: oh and "shotgun" was great too, walt was a mess without jesse around and jesse was just doing his best
  • me: and "kafkaesque" wow, jesse talking about that box just spoke to me somehow
  • me: i'm not totally sure though
  • someone: haha ok, yeah say my name bitch, yeah science
Those 3 little words.....
  • Sarada: Mama, It almost 5 o'clock. Papa is waiting for us.
  • Sakura: Okay, I just have to finish this pile of paper work and we can go.
  • (Knock knock)
  • Sakura: Come in.
  • Male Nurse: Dr.Uchiha, can you look over this patient medical file again. I think there is a mistake on this.
  • Sakura: Sure.
  • *While Sakura was checking the file.The male nurse was making eyes on her. Sarada caught this and wasn't happy at how he was looking at her mother*
  • ×××× Outside ××××
  • Sarada: .... Mama, you love Papa right?
  • Sakura: Of course, why would you ask that?
  • Sarada: Just checking....
  • Sakura: *giggles* Even though your Papa never told me that he loves me back....
  • Sarada: What?...
  • ×××× Uchiha Household ××××
  • Sakura: We're home!
  • Sasuke: Welcome Home.
  • Sarada: ............
  • Sakura: I will go start making dinner~
  • *Sakura left the room*
  • Sarada: ...... Papa.... we need to talk.
  • Sasuke: What is it?
  • Sarada: Do you love Mama?
  • Sasuke: .........
  • Sarada: *kicks him hard but have no effect* What if Mama leaves you for someone else?
  • Sasuke: !!! ..... That will never happen Sarada. Just because I never told her doesn't mean she will leave.
  • Sarada: Are you sure? At the hospital, a male nurse came in to have Mama check a file. When Mama wasn't looking , he was making eyes at her and if he tells her he loves her just because you never did. Mama will leave.
  • Sasuke: ........ Sarada, you are too young to understand how I feel about your mother. When your older, we will talk about it then.
  • Sarada: ........Let see if Mama will stick with you then. *walking away to the kitchen*
  • Sasuke: .....
  • ×××× Night time ××××
  • Sasuke: *thinking*
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun, is something wrong?
  • Sasuke: Sakura, would you ever leave me for someone else?
  • Sakura: No, why?
  • Sasuke: Sarada, told me at work today. Some male nurse was making eyes at you.
  • Sakura: I am look at all the time having these hair and eyes colors. Being second to Lady Tsunade. But mostly it the fact that I married the last Uchiha. Sarada probably misunderstand since she still young about what it really means.
  • Sasuke: Sarada said that just because I never said those 3 words. That when the male nurse does say it to you. You will leave me for him.
  • Sakura: Hahaha Sarada have been spending a little too much time with Ino.
  • Sasuke: ......... Sakura.
  • Sakura: Yeah?
  • Sasuke: ....... I...... I
  • Sakura: I love you too Sasuke-kun~♥
  • Sasuke: You could have let me say it.
  • Sakura: It call taking baby steps Sasuke-kun.
  • Sasuke: Sakura?
  • Sakura: Hm?
  • Sasuke: I Love You. *pulls her in and started kissing her*
  • (Outside the room)
  • Sarada: ....... Look like Papa can really say it to Mama after all.
People think the Marisol/Ava thing wasn't important...

…or that it should’ve been cut in favor of keeping the Rilucas bit, but…um…can we talk about how it’s a running mini-arc about two girls who are a lot alike even though they’ve had exactly zero influence on each other? And how Topanga thought it wasn’t possible for there to be two people like that and she was proved wrong? And then in the very next episode, Topanga is pretty clearly in the wrong in terms of her control freak tendencies?

aka Topanga, like Cory, is capable of being wrong/making mistakes in judgment?

Jussssst sayin’.

  • GoT fans: Stannis, you just got your brother killed because you wanted a throne.
  • GoT fans: That wasn't that good.
  • GoT fans: He was your brother, you know.
  • GoT fans: Not too nice of you.
  • GoT fans: Oh well, though.
  • GoT fans: Honest mistake, we're good.
  • Stannis: Melly, you can light up Shireen, it's not like she's my only heir and the only thing I ever loved and cared for, LOL

[Leo’s Message from the Fancafe]

Hello this is Leo.
Yesterday was our 3rd Anniversary and I spent the day going through our busy schedule with my fellow members,not unlike other days.Although it was a normal day,it seemed to be filled with my gratefulness towards Starlights and to my members too.I had been constantly thinking it over,that though we can understand each other well even without words,I am (still) sorry that I always seem to be not good with expressing myself.So here I am spending time to leave a message.I am always thankful.I will be back.
Best Regards,
Jung TaekWoon